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Butterflies (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 2,295

Warnings: Swearing?

Authors Note: I hate this fic. I think I did a terrible job and I’m so sorry. Regardless, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT! 

Request: Could I get an Anthony fic where the reader is in the Ham band & was in the 21 Chump St band (pref violin) so they became friends. He sings ‘what the heck I gotta do’ to her @ Ham but she is still oblivious until Lin points it out & they get together 

Btw ^^^ that was my very first cast request. It’s been a long time.


You walked into the Richard Rodgers with a duffel bag and your violin, desperately trying to get to your dressing room after the rough morning that you’d had.

“Here let me take this for you.” You heard a voice say. You peeked over your shoulder and you saw Anthony motioning at your bag.

Before you could protest, he took it from your grasp and hung it over his shoulder. You gave him a grateful smile and he returned one.

“So how was your morning?” He asked trailing behind you.

“It was the worst morning ever.” You groaned, turning around to point out the coffee stain on your sweatshirt. You opened the door to your dressing room and Anthony put your duffel bag down.

“Thank you.” You smiled up at him, he took his hand to move a stray hair away from your face, and you blushed slightly.

You guys had this friendship. You didn’t know what to call it. He was extremely flirty yet he was with everyone, so you couldn’t get your hopes up. He was obviously attractive and you had developed some sort of crush on him, but you made sure you kept your feelings in check. Your stupid crush wasn’t worth ruining your friendship.

The intimate moment was shattered when Lin popped his head into the dressing room.

“Hey -oh. Continue.” He giggled before running off.

A pink blush covered Anthony’s freckled cheeks and he pulled back, realizing how close you two were.

“Uh well, good luck with the show, although you won’t need it!” He said with an embarrassed tone, heading for the door. You wanted to stop him, and tell him to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach that he’d started, but all you could say was:
“You too!”

You sighed and headed for the stage, looking out for Alex.

Instead of Alex you found Lin.

“Hey Y/N” he waved, and you made your way over to him. “Did you finally kiss him?” he joked referring to you and Anthony. You shoved him in the ribs and groaned. Lin was practically like an older brother to you and he the only one who knew of your feelings toward Anthony. You had told him when you worked with him in 21 Chump Street and to this day, you regretted it as he never let it go.

“I never should have told you that I liked him.” you groaned and buried your head in your hands to hide the blush that spread your face whenever you talked about Anthony.

“Aw look! You’re blushing.” he cried out.

“I swear I’m going to kill you one day.” you replied dryly.

“Hey, one day you’ll be thanking me.” he said winking and walking away.

You headed down to the pit to set up for the show that day when you ran into Hope.

“Oh, Hey Y/N!” she said walking with you backstage.

“Hey, Hope. What’s up?”

“Apparently you and Anthony.”

“How the hell does news spread so fast in this theater?” you said shaking your head

“Well, personally, I think you’d be so cute together. He’s so sweet to you.” she said walking into her dressing room. You didn’t reply with anything but a grunt. “Oh and today after the show some of the crew and I are gonna go up to the roof, you should come.” she suggested.

“Maybe.” you mumbled as you walked away.


The show finished fast too fast and you decided you were going to go out of the theater. You needed time to think and to relax without being around the rowdy cast, and Anthony. Of course. You pulled on a sweater and were just a few steps from the door when you felt somebody grab you from behind.

“Ahh” you shrieked.

You turned your head to see Lin with a wide smile on his face.

“Where do you think you’re going missy?” he asked you, still carrying you.

“Away. From here. From you.” you groaned.

“I don’t think so.” he sang.

You didn’t know where he was taking you until the stairs to the roof approached,

“Oh, no. no . Hell no. If you think.” you began laughing but just then Anthony approached from behind Lin seeing you in his arms and laughing. He cleared his throat and Lin turned around causing you to hit your head on the wall as he moved too fast.

“Fuck.” he said as he heard the loud bang. He promptly put you down and used his hand to examine the damage done.

“Here, I’ll go get an ice pack.” he said rushing off.

“Wait. Don’t leave me here wit-” fuck.

“Are you alright Y/N?” Anthony asked, tense.

You rubbed the growing lump on your head, “I think?”

“Don’t touch it.” he said and he moved closer to you and you swore you couldn’t even feel your head. The only feeling was your heart fluttering and butterflies in your stomach. He gently cupped your face and tilted it down to look at the lump. You felt your face heat up at the contact and you felt your knees go weak.

“Do you still want to go up?” he asked and you couldn’t form words.

“I-I. um. I”

“Boy you must’ve hit your head hard.” he said pulling you in for a hug. This wasn’t your first hug, but every time your body ignited at his contact and you felt yourself wanting to stay there in his arms forever. You relaxed your head so that it was leaning on his shoulder.

“Are you going to be ok?” he asked when he finally pulled away.

“Yeah.” you whispered.

“Here, let’s go.” he said letting you go up the stairs first. His hand never left your lower back as he guided you up the steps.

Once on the roof, you found your spot next to Renee as you sat down next to her.

“Are you ok?” She asked noticing your change in your usual happy demeanor.

“Yeah. I just hit my head that’s all.” you lied. It was because of Anthony. It felt like you were in a dream from hitting your head too hard.

“Awww my poor baby!” she shrieked as she dramatically wrapped her arms around you. When you didn’t laugh she realized how serious it was.

“What’s wrong?” Oak approached you hearing Renee.

“Y/N hit her head and I can’t even get a laugh out of her.”

“I can change that.” Oak said

“Hey, Y/N, What did everybody say about the mushroom?” he asked.

“What?” you decided to play along

“That he was a fungi… Get it like fun guy?”

You sat and stared at him with your best resting bitch face.

“Oookayy. Maybe not.” he muttered.

“What’s going on?” Anthony asked as he approached you guys.

Before you could say anything, Oak beat you to it.

“Y/N’s being a meanie and not laughing at any of my jokes.” he said

“Oh, boo hoo.” you said, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Hey Ant, bet you can’t get Y/N to laugh.” Oak challenged.

You faced Anthony with a stone face and cocked an eyebrow at him as he thought of what to do. Just when you thought he was going to tell you a stupid joke like Oak, he began singing.

“What the heck I gotta do to be with you.” he sang and you instantly froze at the familiar song.

“What the heck I gotta doooooo to be with youuuu.” he said pointing at you and dancing in circles around you, slinking his body around. You couldn’t help the small smile that cracked your face as it eventually turned into a fit of giggles.

“See! I knew it!” He exclaimed as he clapped his hands together.

Once you had your laughter in check you saw Lin standing by the door with an ice pack in one hand and a smirk on his face. He gestured to Anthony with a smug look on his face. You couldn’t help the blush that spread your cheeks as you shook your head, laughing. Anthony, suddenly aware of your behavior, followed your line of vision to Lin. Of course. He tensed slightly before excusing himself.

“I’m gonna head down.” He said bitterly.

“Aw, Anthony. What’s wrong?” You asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

He looked over at you, a forced smile on his face.

“I’m just not feeling too well.” Not a lie, he thought. You and Lin seemed to be awfully close recently and he wasn’t sure what he was feeling until just then. It was jealousy.

“Oh. Alright then. Feel better.” You gave him a smile and let him go. On the way down he purposefully bumped shoulders with Lin and headed down the stairs as if nothing had happened. Lin gave him a dirty look and opened his mouth to say something when he closed it promptly, a devilish smile spreading his face.

“Are you and Anthony ok?” You asked, seeing the whole ordeal unfold before your eyes.

“No, but I know how you can help.” He said pulling you aside from the others and handing you the ice pack. You thanked him before pressing it to your head.

“How? Do you want me to go talk to him?”

“Not exactly” he said. “You need to tell him that you like him.” He blurted.

“WHA- no! No way!” You shook your head.

“Please Y/N our friendship is on the line!”

“Yeah well so is ours if you make me do this.” You challenged back.

“You don’t understand Y/N.”

“What? What don’t I understand? The fact that you’re trying to make me look like a fool?”

“He likes you.” Lin said softly and you felt your limbs go weak.

“What?” You said in a whisper.

“Don’t you see it? The times he takes your bag for you, when he always tries to make conversation with you before each show, when he gives you compliments, when he can’t take his eyes off of you, the physical contact?” He sighed when you still looked shocked. “I wanted you to find out for yourself or for Ant to grow a pair and tell you but you two have been beating around the bush for too long and I’m so anxious just watching you two. You all are like a bomb ready to explode.” He said.

You were speechless. You didn’t know what to say, but you didn’t need to say much as Lin already knew what you were thinking.

“So please. Just go talk to him.” He said pushing you to the doorway. You let your body take over before you could talk yourself out of it. The truth was, you wanted to tell him just for the small chance that Lin might be right and that Anthony might like you.

You floated down the stairs and to Anthony almost in a dream like trance. The door was cracked open and you gave it a soft knock.

“Listen, Lin I’m sorry man. I dunno what’s gotten into me… sorry.” You heard him make his way to the door and swing it open.

You saw him shirtless due to the NYC summer. His hair loose as he looked frustrated and like he had been pacing the proximity of his small dressing room. You felt your knees buckle and Anthony promptly grab you by your waist and hold you up as you stumbled.

“Woah, are you alright?” He asked as he helped you to your feet once more. “That head bang really must’ve done something to you.”

“No” you said in a quaver.


“It’s you.”

A look of confusion spread his face as he looked into your eyes to try and decipher what you were trying to say.

“I-I’m sorry? I dunno what I did but-” he started trying to make things right.

“Whenever I’m by you I get all light headed and my knees go weak. All I feel are the butterflies in my stomach whenever you touch me and I can’t stop the blush that spreads whenever you speak” you said almost in one breath.


“Wait… don’t. I’m not done”

He quickly shut his mouth but his grip on your waist tightened.

“And I don’t know how you can do this to me. And I don’t want to hide it anymore because I want all of it. I want to get light headed and weak kneed when you’re by. I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach when you touch me. And I want to be flustered when we talk. I want it because I love the way you make me feel.” You stopped to take a breath.

Before you knew it, Anthony pulled you in from the hallway and pressed you up against the door to close it. Your breath hitched. The space between your lips was almost nonexistent.

“How would you feel if I did this?” He murmured against your lips before pressing them fully onto yours. His hands were on your hips and your hands found their way to his curly locks. You could’ve sworn that you were in heaven the way his lips made you feel. One of his hands made it’s way to your face as he caressed your cheek and you went limp against the door.

He pulled back slowly his eyes still closed. When he opened his eyes, his hazel eyes had a spark in them as he looked into yours.



“You give me butterflies too.” He said before he closed the gap between your lips once more. You hummed against his lips happily as the butterflies in your stomach erupted as his lips moved against yours.

You could get used to this feeling.

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“>>>> where are you?!” Taeyong low voice echoed through the house. He dropped his bag on the floor and took of his jacket and his shoes before climbing up your stairs. You laid in bed all day watching reruns of you favourite shows and scoffing down a bunch of junk food.

Taeyong had a tight schedule for past couple of days which meant he couldn’t see you which broke his heart completely. He missed the way your eyes would brighten up whenever he bought you food or when he would shower you with kisses.

“I’m in the bedroom.” you muffled under your covers. You could hear his loud footsteps as he inched closer to your bedroom. He opened the door, only to be greeted by a litter of empty wrappers on the floor, tissues and clothes scattered all over.

“What happened in here?” Taeyong asked as he gently closed your door. Your had looked like a storm had hit it. “My period is what happened.” you grumbled. The last few days were complete hell, your brother broke your phone, exams were coming up and mother nature came to visit. At times like this you wished you could cuddle up in Taeyong’s arms and talk your life away, like you usually did.

“Awww my poor baby, ” Taeyong cooed at you. “Can you rub my belly?” you asked him, giving him the biggest puppy eyes ever.

He hesitated before saying “Yes.”

He climbed on to your bed and lifted up ‘your’ t-shirt, he gently drew circles on your stomach as he listened low voices of the people on the screen. He was about to say to say something when your stomach let out a huge growl. Embarrassed you hide your self under your duvets while Taeyong stared at you in assumed.

“Sounds like my princess is hungry,” Taeyong teased. “Stay here while I make you something to eat.”

“Its not like I’m gonna move anytime soon!” you snapped just as he closes your door. Whenever mother nature came to visit Taeyong would always pamper you with love and affection.

Taeyong rushed down your stairs and into the kitchen, he gathered up all the ingredients he needed to make your feast and got straight to work. He started of with the potatoes carefully dicing them to perfection, next were the vegetables he sliced them up and left them to fry evenly in the fryer. Using the advice, he got from Doyoung and your mom he seasoned the meat carefully, making sure he didn’t out too much or too little.

Feeling lonely, you decided to go downstairs and try and bribe Taeyong into come back to bed with you. “Baby come back to bed I miss you.” you pouted, wrapping your arms around his waist.

Taeyong turned his head and smiled at you petite frame. Your dark, skin highlighted perfectly through the sun’s natural rays. “I can’t princess, your hungry and if I don’t feed you your brother will kill me. ” he said knowingly. Knowing he was right you stayed silent.

“Why don’t you wait at the table while I finish preparing the food.” he said. Obeying his orders, you walked off and sat on table and waited for Taeyong to finish cooking.

“Its ready!” Taeyong yelled, carefully bring your plates to the table. You eyes automatically brightened at the sight if your meal. As soon as it was placed on your table you immediately dug into your meal.

“Wow baby this is amazing.” you moaned taking another bite into your meal. “I know, you could even say I’m better than Doyoung. ” he boasted.

“Don’t drag it.”

*First imagine it really sucks, sorry.*

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I heard that harry is sick and i can't help but to think about the missus taking care of him on tour xx

Nooooo! Is he? I did think he looked a bit peaky around the edges during his show yesterday… awww, my poor baby love. :’((((

Running him a warm bath and making sure she had a jumper and some comfortable tracksuit bottoms waiting for him when he was ready to climb out and dry off. Washing his hair for him because he’s feeling less than motivated to clean himself after his sweaty performance and scrubbing his face with one of her scrubs because the both of them loved how soft his skin felt afterwards. Sitting with him in the bathroom because he insisted he got lonely and he’s always clingy when he gets sick and wants nothing but the comfort of someone close to him… someone who he loves and feels comfortable around. Playing gentle music and humming to him as he laid beneath the water and tried to warm up. Making him warm cups of tea for when the show had finished and making him a couple of slices of dry toast for when he wanted a snack after coming off stage and wiping the crumbs from the corner of his lips as they clung to his stubble. Disappearing into the toilet with him and rubbing his back as a small bought of nausea sprung upon him and painted his edges a little green and made him wobble on his legs. Sticking warm socks on his feet because his toes felt like little icicles as they lay in bed together. Cuddling up close to him, as close as she possibly could, in bed because, even though he’s under loads of layers and wearing thick jumpers, he’s still shaking and shivering and sniffling. Giving his cheeks and his nose and his forehead and his jawline plenty of kisses and lots of love and letting him have full control over her laptop which was settled on Netflix. Rubbing his tummy and letting him be little spoon for the night because he just wanted to be held and looked after. xx

I Don’t Need to Pretend

A/N: I hope you guys like it! This has been floating around my head for a few days.

You were dreading this. The team was on a case in Florida. Ritzy town. Murder case. And Hotch needed at least two people in the The Gallery Nightclub, which was the last place the victim had been seen. You all suspected that the unsub would frequent the area’s nightclubs often in order to search for victims and that required at least two agents to go undercover to gather information. After throwing a slight tantrum to Hotch and Rossi, they convinced you to be one of the undercover agents. You were not the club type, and worse yet, Spencer was the other agent. He didn’t want to do this either, but probably not for the same reasons you were uneasy. He hated clubbing even more than you did, didn’t drink a lot, and wasn’t really comfortable dancing, but you and he were the youngest on the team, so Hotch felt it was best for you to be agents at The Gallery.

You didn’t want to do this because you would have to be alone with Spence…in a sexy nightclub… on Latin night. 


In the dark. Drinking, at least enough to keep up your covers, and dancing.


To Reid. 


This was everything you’d fantasized about, but you couldn’t risk getting involved with someone on the team, let alone your best friend. It wouldn’t work. Would it? Plus, he was just a month out of a bad breakup. He had no interest.

But you had to do your jobs - if this is what it took, then you figured you’d just have to work through it. As you stepped up to the entrance, you grabbed Spence’s hand and entwined his fingers in yours. God, it felt so right. 


You could tell he wanted to pull away. Hopes dashed. This was gonna be difficult. He was wearing a dark purple, buttoned shirt and a pair of well-fitted jeans. He looked divine. You thought you felt him looking at you as you approached the bar. You were dressed much differently than normal, wearing a plunging, red, halter top dress and strappy black heels, as opposed to your normal pant suits, camisoles, and comfortable, totally unsexy shoes.

He came up behind you and signaled the bartender, “Can I get a Yuengling on tap for me, and a Long Island Iced Tea for her?” He sounded so much more confident than he normally did.

As the bartender walked away to get your drinks, you laughed, “You ordered for me?” 

“Sorry, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear, “I thought it fit my cover.” He sounded really nervous now.

“No problem, Spence,” you responded, as you grazed his arm, assuring him there wasn’t a problem. “I’m surprised you knew what I wanted.” The bartender returned with your drinks and you both decided to observe the patrons from the bar first, trying to gather as much information as you could. You slowly sipped at your drinks and you leaned into him, attempting to look like a couple. You realized it came pretty easily for you and wondered how he was feeling. 

Once or twice you turned around to ask him if he wanted to move out to the dance floor. You’d both finished your drinks, and if you wanted to keep your wits about you, another drink was out of the question. He kept putting it off though. You knew he hated dancing, but damn, you had a job to do. Nearly 30 minutes after finishing your drinks, which took about 30 minutes to drink, you still hadn’t made your way to the floor. The only thing he mentioned was a man or two that could’ve fit the unsub’s profile. You needed to start observing from another angle. You grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go, Spencer,” but he stood as still as a board.

Exasperated, you turned to whisper in his ear, “Can you at least pretend like you’re into me for two minutes so we can do our damn jobs?” 

You felt fire in your eyes. This was hard enough as it was. You turned quickly to pull him to the middle of the floor and this time you felt him tug you back. You looked up at him in disbelief and saw the anger in his eyes, but somehow it was different than yours.

“I don’t have to pretend, Y/N,” he said hotly. “Don’t you realize that that’s why I didn’t want to do this?” You swallowed hard.

You hadn’t, really. You never thought in a million years that he reciprocated your feelings. You could talk about this more later, but right now you had a job to do. Some of the tension released from his body as you pulled him towards one of the possible suspects, starting to dance next to him. Spence had one hand at your waist and the other still entwined with yours. It looked more like formal dancing than club dancing. You needed to blend in. Turning around so that your back was to his chest, you smirked at him. “I know you’re going to absolutely hate this.”

As you grabbed both of his hands and placed them around your waist, you heard a frustrated grunt escape his lips. “You have to be kidding me, Y/N.” You reached one of your hands back to tangle them in his hair, swaying back and forth to the beat. For another 20 minutes or so, you took in your surroundings, zeroing in on a few possible suspects.

“Y/N..,” he complained, as you backed your ass into his growing bulge. “It’s getting extremely difficult for me to do my job.”

You threw your head back and laughed, “Awww. Poor baby.”

He turned you around to face him again; this time with his hands in your hair and your hands under his shirt. You desperately wanted to get out of here. You stood up on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Do you think we have enough intel for the team?” you questioned hopefully. “Maybe we can get out of here.”

Quietly, you recounted the information you gathered to each other. If the unsub did frequent this club, you figured you had enough information to work off of.

“So, you think we might be able to get the hell out of here?” you asked, raking your nails lightly against the skin at his waist.

With a distressed moan, he turned your body around, sauntered in front of you, and dragged you behind him through the crowd. As you reached the door, he turned to you and emphasized, “I told you I didn’t have to pretend, Y/N.”

Sing to me

A/N- sorry i have not updated in so long

pairing-Sebastian smythe x  fin  twin sister!reader

Sebastians P.O.V

Since Dalton academy has a day off today i decided that i would surprise (Y/N) at mckinley high. ( i know how unfortunate). I walk into this hell and head straight towards the choir room. When i get there i see that the New directions are sitting there miserably while Mr. Schue is talking about some 60’s showtune.

“Hello losers getting ready to lose?” i say while half way expecting (Y/N) to scold me.

“ What are you doing here? Kurt and I see enough of you at our house.Plus (Y/N) is not even here.” Finn says annoyed.

“Oh well where is she” I say snarkily(?)

“She is at home sick with a cold.” Kurt says

“ Finn, pull out your car keys and hold them by the house key.” I instruct. He does as i say but he kinda looks scared.

I take the house key off the ring and walk out. When i get to my car i drive to 7/11 and grab ramen, ice cream, Dr Pepper.

*At the hudsummle household*

I unlock the door and walk straight to (Y/N) room. When i walk into her room I see so many tissues wadded up on the floor and scattered around her on the bed. (Y/N) is curled up on her bed in a burrito of blankets, she lifts her head up to see who walked in.

“Hey ba-*intense coughing*

“Awww my poor baby” i cooed as i kiss her head. “I brought you ice cream, Dr Pepper, and lots of kisses” I strip off my hoodie and shirt and toss them in my corner leaving me in only my sweat pants. Then i climb into her bed and wrap my arms around her cuddle her like a teddy bear.She cuddles further into my chest and snuggles her face into my neck.

“Sing to me please” She says

This is nothing new to me, (Y/N) always asks me to sing to her i don’t know why but it is really adorable.

“What song?” i ask softly.

“Missing you by All time Low” she says in a small voice.

“ Okay baby” i say and start singing.

“ I heard that you’ve been

Self-medicating in the quiet of your room,

Your sweet, suburban tomb.

And if you need a friend,

I’ll help you stitch up your wounds.

I heard that you’ve been

Having some trouble finding your place in the world.

I know how much that hurts,

But if you need a friend

Then please just say the word” I sing into (Y/N)s ear until i notice that she is asleep

“Sweet dreams love” i whisper and close my eyes and let sleep take over my body.


Happy Birthday, Shigezane!
Per Tenka’s second year birthday tradition. He climbs the battlement and shouts out his wishes. It’s hilarious.

Hiromasa: Thank you for coming all the way to Omori castle!
Kojuro: Not at all. It’s a request from Shigezane.
Hiromasa: Yes, it seems that young master wants to make some announcement.
Masamune: But where is he?

Shigezane is up there in the tower, ready to express himself.

Shigezane: Today is my day! My time honestly–say–
It was not so clear to hear but they decide to humour him on Hiromasa’s behest.
Hiromasa: Let’s hear what he has to say.
Hiromasa, Kojuro, Masamune: whaaattttttt?

Shigezane: Jiya, you should do less ikebana lessons!
Hiromasa: Ah… that’s worrying…
Masamune: What is even…
Shigezane: Masamune, your voice is (too) small–
Kojuro: Hey, that’s rude! It’s you that’s too loud!
Shigezane: Kojuro, why are you always sweet to Masamune? Be nicer to me too—!

(Awww poor baby)

Masamune: Was my voice too small?
Kojuro: That’s…
Masamune: It’s true isn’t?
Kojuro: No, it’s Shigezane who is too loud…
Hiromasa: That’s right, it’s young master who is loud.

Shigezane: Heyyy what are you whispering about, listen to me–!
Kojuro: By the way, we brought some snacks from Yonezawa.
Hiromasa: Thank you, well, shall I show you inside.
Masamune: Much appreciated.

Shigezane: Heyyy, where are you going? Wait for meeee!

Awwww my poor baby Shiggy. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you today❤️ tagging @gobigforshigz2k17

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Random Headcanons: Yandereplier is one of the few egos that can cook decent meals. Yan loves to Draw and paint(mostly senpai). Yan loves to play video games (even if he isn't to good at them) Yan may be a lil' murder bean but he's very shy and insecure, he often feels that he isn't good enough for his senpai and because of this there are times he locks himself away in his room and just cries ~🐌

AWWW MY POOR BABY GOSH I can relate I love the boy

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I think that’s the dialogue if you haven’t done their counselling quest yet! He’s so sad he just wants to get with Craig again he miss him :(