awww my poor baby

nt: awww my poor lil mentally ill baby im sorry ur feeling down rn let me make u some hot chocolate and run u a bath and put on ur fave disney movie

me: *is irrational and erratic* 

nt: yikes can u not 

The Chronicles of My Incoherent Thoughts of Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero: “Love it more the PJO. Less of a trope. These 3 are cute.

The Son of Neptune: "Oh I remember Nico, he was my favorite character in PJO. Awww Frazel.

The Mark of Athena: Ooooh Nico, poor baby boy, my child.

The House of Hades: Aaaargh poor Nico, my poor son. You’re the true hero.

Blood of Olympus: *sobbing* Just want my baby to be happy, I live for Nico and Reyna’s BROTP and Solangelo. *sobbing*

Rp with Whoreos420 🐥

Ciel nearly fell when he ran when he heard a door slam.
But even when he caught himself, he still fell.
At the fucking feet. Of his fucking worst nightmare.
His head snapped up when he recognized those shoes. Those nice, black dress shoes that were frayed slightly at the tip.
He took in a shaky breath, squeaking when he was grabbed by the nape of his neck, and hoisted up like a baby kitten.
Ears flat, he didn’t say a word. It fucking hurt, but he didn’t saw a word.
He gasped at the familiar, harsh hand.
“Nice clothes, Squirt.” Claude hissed softly. “I know I kicked you out, but the brat’s whining about it. Go return that shit to whatever store you robbed.”
He set the boy on his feet, and he doubled over, gasping.
“D-didn’t… Didn’t steal…” He panted.
He stole.
“Liar.” Claude hissed. “Return them; I’ll follow.”
Shaking, unsure what to do, he turned right around. He jumped, breathing hard when his hand came to rest on his shoulder. Probably so he didn’t run.
He walked quickly, weaving back the way he had come.
He wished he had done it sooner. Had taken all the pills he took before he left instead of waiting until he got away. That way he’d be dead quicker, and no one would have to deal with him.
He walked up the front steps of Sebastian’s door, before he was pulled back by the collar. He yelped.
“This is the house? You took from a /house/?!”
Ciel’s ears flattened hard to his head. His harsh voice ringing in his ears.
“Take them all off. Right now. Go stand by that bush over there; here’s my coat.”
Sniffing, Ciel immediately inclined his head, stripping off the sweatshirt and sweatpants, and snatching up the coat to cover his completely bruised body. Claude could only glare at him for how disgusting he was. And he was.
He would have glared, too.
He ducked his head in apology before scampering off to the bushes, tears in his eyes.
So this… Was his life again…
How fitting for a despicable person like him.
He hid while Claude knocked, squeezing out the tears. Hopefully Claude wouldn’t notice the medicine in those pockets… He would hate to get reprimanded for it. For trying to die…

rachel pre-season 3: what a bitch! can you just piss off and leave my babies alone just go away damn

rachel season 3: awww my poor baby shh shh don’t cry you just need love let me hug you i’m so sorry there there

cosima pre-season 3: my beautiful angel can do no wrong please don’t die i need you in my life someone save my baby

cosima season 3: i am so frustrated with you i know the love of your life broke up with you and you’re really hurt but she did it for your own good damn just stop being such a child and grow up and start working on the cure so you and you’re sisters don’t die ffs and maybe next time one of your sisters just disappears maybe tell someone who can do something about it and show delphine the damn cipher you’re not working on maybe she can help i mean the most she can do is help save your life again what are you thinking?!?!?!