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.:Imagine Poe being possessive, and sticking up for you:.

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Gif not mine. The man isn’t mine either. Which is a shame.

I kind of changed it up a little bit, because I’m in a protective!character mood.
Possessive has to be written the right way for me or else it kinda comes off creepy, and Poe’s a gentleman, and he loves you, but he’s not creepy, ya know. But yeah. There ya go. I’m really proud of this.

The Resistance had finally won. You’re boyfriend Poe being a huge help with it. The Resistance threw a little celebration to celebrate. (That was awful I’m sorry)

You didn’t get to dress up a lot, due to being a fighter, but you liked it when you did. It was a good change from the everyday.

You looked at yourself in the mirror. You were wearing a beautiful black dress that went to the floor, that held onto your curves in a pleasing way. Not to flashy but lovely. You felt beautiful and let out a deep breath.

Poe came into your and his room to see you looking in the mirror at yourself. You looked wonderful. He smiled and walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“You look amazing, Y/N,” he said kissing your cheek. You turned around in his arms.
“Thanks.” You said nervously.

Poe looked at you with concern. “Hey what’s wrong?”

You looked down, “I’m just nervous I guess. This doesn’t happen a lot and I don’t know what will happen.”

Poe hugged you. “Don’t worry so much, okay? It’s gonna be fun, and if anything happens I’m right beside ya, okay?”

You looked up at him smiling, “Thank you, Poe.”

There were a lot of people. It was a little overwhelming, but you were glad to have Poe right beside you.

You both sit at a table and you look around at everyone that was there.
“Hey I’m gonna go get something for us to eat, kay?”

You nodded quickly. “Please do. I’m starving.”

He smiled and left the table.

You followed him with your eyes as he went over to the bar. You realized how lucky you were to have him in your life.
Just then Leia saw you, and came over to talk to you.

Poe ordered a drink for you and him and was waiting for them. A man came up beside him, a little tipsy.

The man nudged Poe’s arm with his own. “Hey, you know that Y/N girl? She looks so hot tonight. Her ass looks amazing in that dress.” Okay so he was more than a little more than tipsy. He was very drunk.

Poe stiffened. Only he could talk about Y/N like that. But he would never, ever, do it in a way that would be disrespectful. He loved everything about her. Yeah her body was amazing, but there’s so much more to her.

“Hey man, that’s my girlfriend. Don’t you dare talk about her like that.” He said calmly, looking at the man with a stern look on his face.

The man smirked. “Your girlfriend, huh? Bet you fuck her real nice, don’t you? Bet you bend her over and ju-”

His sentence didn’t last long, because Poe just punched him in the jaw angrily. Almost everyone looked up to see what happened, including you and Leia. The man fell down to the ground, and Poe grabbed him by the collar of his jacket.

“You say one more degrading, vulgar, thing about my Y/N, it will not end well for you. I can promise you that.” Poe was angry and it was written all over his face. He shoved the man down and walked away.

You didn’t know what just happened but it wasn’t good. Leia stood up and walked over to him, and put a hand on his shoulder, but Poe shook his head and walked towards you.
You stood up and he came over and hugged you tight in his strong arms. His warmth overcame you, and holding you made him calm.

He took you out and back into your room. You walked in first and he turned around and slammed the door, and put an arm against it, and leaned into it, replaying what the man was saying about you. His Y/N.

“Are you okay, babe?” You asked walking up to him and placing a hand on his shoulder blade.

He quickly turned around, grabbing your arm and pulling you closer to him and kissed you. This kiss was different from what you have felt before. It felt passionate, a hint of lust, and almost predatory.

He pulled back quickly. “You know I love you right? And that you’re mine. I love you so much Y/N. That man was saying terrible things about you and I just didn’t put up with it.”

“Poe. I love you more than words can say. You’re my everything.” You rested a hand on his cheek and he leaned into your soft skin. “I’m always yours and you’re mine.”

He smiled and repeated what you said quietly.

Always mine….


When you can’t stop thinking about the Malec kiss.

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"Bucky I swear I'll divorce you if you keep using all my shampoo without telling me." "Baby, doll, we're not even married yet," Bucky chuckled, kissing your cheek. "I'm just thinking in advance, Bucky." "Awww, you wanna marry me?" He cooed. You shut him up with a kiss, "you use up my shampoo again and you're dead." "Then I'll die a happy man, babydoll."

I wonder if you found out because Steve and Bucky were training and Steve said “Why do you smell like coconut?”

Fluffy Friday™



“Where’d Sirius go?” You ask the three boys walking with you.  You’d taken the quartet to a Muggle mall, where you’d grown up shopping as a kid.

“Who knows.  Five galleons says he’s flirting with a girl,” James pipes up, a smirk tugging upwards at his lips.

You felt eyes on the back of your head.  Turning, you see Sirius sitting on a bench, smirking.  He was wearing a Muggle leather jacket, the tag still on it.  “Sirius?” you ask, raising a brow.  He was very attractive, but you’d never admit it.

“How do I look?” he asked, his smirk only growing larger and more pronounced on his tan face.

“Like a pompous brat,” you said back jokingly, winking and starting to back up.  “Now let’s get back, the boys are probably down to the ice cream alre-” you began, though you cut yourself off.  “Would you stop looking at me like that?” you cried out as he sent you what only could be described as a ‘smoulder’, and licked his lips.

“Not until you say I’m good-looking.”

“Fine, you’re good-looking.  Let’s go, Leather Jacket,” you responded, rolling your eyes with a playful smile.

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Omg you're adorable, i love frost so much and you ARE frost... 😍marry me

awww youre a cutie anon ! but that frost is not me!! credits will always be in the descriptions of posts <3

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I'd like to see a Warstan chat from you, please. It would be awesome.^_^

well, since you asked so nicely and they are a severely under appreciated canon couple, I suppose I could. how about pre-warstan? where they’ve just met and he’s completely smitten and tries to ask her out…well, there’s your little summary anyway, I hope you like it xx

John: *watching Mary, his head propped on his hand*
Mary: *writing; smiling* Have you actually done any work today, Doctor Watson?
John: *snaps out of it; shuffles papers to look busy*
John: *blushes* Um, if you must know…I’ve had some patients, Miss Morstan.
Mary: *looks up* It’s Mary.
John: *smiles* And it’s John.
Mary: *smiles down at her writing*
John: *smirks; gets up from his desk and approaches her* Um, you should know my wife’s name is Mary *hands her his paperwork*
Mary: *slightly bitter* Oh, I didn’t realise you were married *snatches the papers*
John: I’m not.
Mary: *grins; leans forward* So, now what?
John: *leans forward, against the reception desk* Dinner?
Mary: *feinging worry* Hmm, I’ve heard bad things about getting involved with colleagues.
John: *nods* Well, that’s true.
Mary: *swallows* …


*raises an eyebrow* We’re still going to go out anyway, though?
Oh, yeah, of course.