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4 O’Clock (Taehyung x Reader)

- pt 1 -

genre: angst

length: 3,518

a/n: let me know what you think, and feel free to request a part 2 :-)

summary: you view him as your world. he views you as just a fan.

You had always been there for him since day one. You made him meals, took care of him whenever he was sick, brought him his favorite food and drinks, offered him emotional support. You defended him against haters, gave him advice whenever he messed up on something, encouraged him to move forward instead of dwelling on meaningless mistakes.

You believed that your relationship with him was something much more than a relationship between an idol and a fan. After all, you had given your support to him since he had become a trainee, way long before he had debuted as BTS.

You went to all of their concerts, all of their fansigns, and all of their award shows, even when they were hard to get into. He knew who you were; he’s had conversations with you before. You’ve hung out with him a bunch of times when he was a trainee. You would even go so far as to call him a friend.

But that’s where it stopped there.

Because everyone, including Taehyung himself, knew that a healthy relationship between an idol and a fan should just continue to remain as it is, especially since he was still on his dating ban.

He had told you that he had a dating ban on his contract, so everybody knows that he had been off limits. But somehow, he always managed to keep in contact with you.

In fact, you two had shared a little secret that no one besides the other members knew. Every so often, the two of you would meet up at 4 o'clock in the morning at the park when no one was awake. You knew that he would get in trouble if people found out that he kept meeting up with a girl, so it absolutely had to be a secret.

You two would talk about how things were going on in his life; in BTS; his worries; his hopes; his dreams; how much he loved the dazzling sky laced with pale blue azure and the gleaming moon above. However, your meetings would be cut very short because once it turned 5:30AM, he would leave immediately in order to prevent the risk of being caught.

You found the way he spoke and his philosophical approach on life very intriguing though. He pulled you in so much that you wanted hear him talk and talk for hours without end.

You were so utterly in love with him.

You were sure he had to feel the same thing for you as well. After all, you had been there for him since the beginning. Why else would he allow you to get so close to him and his members? Why else would he ask to have secret meetings at the park at 4AM? Why else would he make sure to wave to you at a concert or a fan meeting, knowing very well that you’d always be there? You were 99% sure he must feel something special for you.

It had been a month since you’ve last seen each other. You had made up your mind to tell your feelings to him the next time you two saw each other. You recalled the last time you talked to him.

“Hey, y/n,” he called your name. You two were situated next to each other on the wooden bench.

“Yes, oppa?” You responded.

“I can trust you right?”

You blinked at his question, “Of course you can. You know, I’ve never leaked out any of the secrets you’ve told me.”

He smiled gently as you, “Yeah, you’re right. We’ve known each other for years, and I know you’re not that kind of person.”

“Why do you suddenly ask?”

“I’m not really supposed to tell anyone this,” he looked a bit hesitant, “but I’m sure it will be fine.”

You remained silent, encouraging him to go on.

“… It’s been four years since we’ve been BTS,” he started explaining and then chuckled, “but I’m sure you already know that. Our contract is getting renewed in a month.”


“Yeah, Yoongi-hyung read the new contract to us and explained all of the differences between the old one and the new one.”

“What are they?” You immediately added, “-if you want to tell me.”

“No, I want to tell you. You just have to keep it a secret because I’m not allowed to disclose it.”

“I promise I won’t! I’m a very loyal fan, and you know it!”

“Thank you,” he gave you a cute smile before continuing. “I don’t want to get into too much details, but a lot of things are going to change for us. I think we could use those changes as an opportunity to grow though.”

“Yes, that’s true. I don’t know what they are, but you and the other members have worked so hard the past few years, and I know for sure that you can make it through!”

He stared at you for a moment, trying to take in your words before he broke out into a big smile. “Wow, you never fail to amaze me. Our fans are amazing, and I’m glad to have them, and especially you, to support us.”

Your heart raced at how he added that “especially you” part. But a part of you also thought about he still grouped you as part of those fans, how he still sees you as only a fan.

“It’s cute,” he added. “You’re so, so cute.”

“Ah, oppa, don’t try to flatter me,” you said flustered and playfully pushed him.

“It’s true though,” he defended and let out a laugh. “I do want to tell you an important change that was on the contract though.”

“What is it?”

“The dating ban will be lifted.”

Those words alone brought you hundreds of mixed feelings- good and bad.

“So you and the other members can date now?” You asked.

He nodded but he didn’t look too happy about it.

“I feel like if I dated, I’d hurt so many fans. I don’t want to do that,” he told you.

This was one of his traits that made you fall in love with him. He was always thinking about the fans.

“Well, if you dated,” you started, “I’m sure a lot of fans would be devastated. If they were your real fans, though, they would continue to support you and your music.”

“Do you really think so?”

You nodded, “I don’t think it really matters if an idol dates. There are a lot of fans out there who are possessive of idols, and there are those who aren’t. I think, overall, fans just want the idols to be happy. And as your fan, I would want you to be happy, too, and find someone who you really love. Just know that there will always be fans out there to support you, even when there’s so much hate going on.”

He listened to every single word you said before he smiled. “When you explain it like that, it makes me feel much, much better about my own thoughts and feelings.”

You didn’t mention the fact that you would be one of those fans who would be devastated. But if he dated, regardless, you would continue to support him. Your love for him, after all, was much more complex than just a simple crush.

“So,” you started and wiggled your eyebrows, “do you have someone particular in mind once the dating ban is lifted?”

You were begging to hear his answer. You prayed that he was going to say no.

“I do,” he admitted.

You heart started beating louder, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

“Who is it?” You pressed. “You know I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know,” he laughed, “but I’m going to keep it a secret just for a little bit longer.”

“Awww,” you said, a bit disappointed. “At least tell me what kind of girl she is? Do you talk to her now?”

“Yeah, I’ve known her for a while now,” he replied and looked at the pale blue sky that lit up a bit from the rising sun. “I always feel very comfortable around her, and I feel like I can tell her everything. She’s beautiful like the moon, and she shines brighter than any sun.”

“Taehyung-oppa…” you said astonished at the way he looked while he was talking about her. It seemed like the girl who he was talking about had completely captivated him; that at that moment, he imagined her smiling and laughing with him in his head.

You were hoping he was talking about you. You weren’t confident because the description was very broad, and you didn’t want to be too cocky to think that it was about you. You could only hope.

You gulped, waiting for him to say something else.

“She’s my first love, I’m sure of it,” he said. The nameless birds started chirping as the sky lit up some more. He then looked at you and asked, “Do you know that feeling when you can’t stop thinking about a person? When all you want to do is stop whatever you’re doing and just hold that person in your arms? When all you want to do is see their smile and listen to their voice all night long? Do you know that feeling?”

You blinked, startled at his passion. But you gulped again and worked up the nerve to nod and reply back, “I know the feeling.”

“You do?” He asked back, surprised. “You’ve been in love? This is the first time I’ve heard about this.”

“I’m in love now,” you admitted and your heart was beating so loud at that moment that you swore it could cause an earthquake anytime soon, “with a guy who I’ve been talking to. He’s my everything. I feel the same thing for him like you had described.”

“Are you going to confess to him soon?”

“I-I don’t know,” you stuttered and looked away. If you told him you were talking about him, you were sure you were going to run away from embarrassment.

“I think you should. I’m sure he feels the same way,” he gave you a gentle smile that made you melt inside. “Here’s some advice from oppa: if he wants to keep talking to you, then he’s probably interested in you too.”

“I… I hope he likes me back then,” you said shyly. “He’s my first love too.”

He grinned, “then we’re both the same.”

“Yeah,” you agreed, your heart still beating like wild. “You should confess to that girl too. I’m sure she likes you back.”

“Do you really think so?” He asked with wide eyes. “I’m going to be really nervous, but I plan on asking her out after I sign the new contract and the dating ban is lifted.”

You smiled back, “Of course. You’re Kim Taehyung after all. Any girl would be lucky to have you.”

He let out another smile. You loved it when he smiled. “Thank you. That was what I really needed to hear.”

“I’ll be cheering you on, oppa,” you told him, praying that it was you who he was talking about.

“Thanks, I’ll be cheering you on too! Let’s confess to the people we like at the same time, then.”

“Sure! Taehyung-oppa, fighting!”

“Yeah! Y/N, fighting!”

His words repeated in your brain, “if he wants to keep talking to you, then he’s probably interested in you too.”

That was the reason why he kept wanting to talk to you, right? Why he kept on wanting to meet up with you? Right?

You had begun to doubt yourself. Taehyung hadn’t responded to your texts in a few days. Usually, he would respond back quickly. The other members were responding to you just fine.

The other members definitely knew who you were. You were their most loyal fan, after all. You formed a friendly relationship with all of them, but you were just the closest to Taehyung.

You wanted to ask the members how Taehyung was doing, but you felt like it wasn’t any of your business. Even though they all treated you like a normal friend, you still felt like there was that barrier between you all; the barrier between an idol and a fan.

You then got a text message.

Taehyung: Hey sorry I haven’t been responding

Taehyung: We’ve been busy trying to renew the contract and making sure everything is okay

Did that mean that the dating ban had been lifted? You quickly responded, glad that he was texting you again.

You: It’s fine!!

You: How have things been lately?

You waited for a response back. It took ten minutes.

Taehyung: Good!!

Taehyung: We just signed out contracts

Taehyung: Let’s fulfill our promises soon okay??

You smiled at the text. He didn’t forget and you were so, so happy.

You: Sure! Do you wanna meet up soon, then?

Taehyung: Yeah, let’s do it this Tuesday

Taehyung: Same place, same time

You let out a breath. That was in a few days. You needed to prepare yourself. You wanted to look extra special just for him.

You went out to buy a new dress and even some new makeup. You didn’t want it to seem like you were trying too hard though, so you planned on keeping it casual.

Then, the morning that you and Taehyung were going to meet came.

You woke up early, got ready, and ventured out to the park that was all so familiar to you. There was something ominous about the world that morning, though. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it. The moon was concealed underneath the clouds that covered the entire sky. The street lights slowly started to dim as the gray sky brightened from the rising sun. All thoughts ceased, however, once you approached the bench and noticed Taehyung’s broad figure that sat upon it.

You straightened your back and breathed out, ready to admit your feelings to him.

He looked very nervous, staring at his phone as if he was waiting for a text or a call. He didn’t even notice you approaching the bench. When you called his name, he looked up, startled.

“It’s been a while, oppa,” you said and sat down next to him.

“Yeah, it has,” he said shortly before turning away to look at his phone.

“How have things been?”


He was definitely nervous. And you were nervous too. Your heart was pounding, unsure of how to continue the conversation. You wanted to tell him your feelings, but what if he didn’t feel the same way? What if he loved someone else?

“This guy you like…” he started, and you looked at him startled, heart thundering a million beats per second, “How have things been with him lately?”

“Ah, pretty good,” you said flustered, “H-he hasn’t talked to me in a while, but we recently connected again.”

“And do you still have feelings for him?”

You immediately nodded and he stared at you, an inscrutable expression on his face.

“I’m still in love with him,” you confessed. You wanted to stop there, but once you got it out, you just couldn’t find yourself to stop. “I’ve always been in love with him since we met. He-he didn’t used to be confident before, but I wanted to keep supporting him because I knew how talented he was. He treats me kindly and pays attention to everything I say. And when we talk, I want to keep talking, and I want to keep listening to him. He’s everything to me. Actually, oppa, this person is…”

You hesitated. Your heart was pounding rapidly and you felt yourself getting sweatier. You were so, so nervous. You clenched your hands together. You had to tell him you loved him. You promised to yourself that you would let him know.

You took a deep sigh, making up your mind and said, “The person I love is-”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to tell me,” he said right as you were about to say it. He gave you a gentle smile, “I can tell he’s a great guy, judging by the way you talk about him. You should tell him all of that, not me.”


“I feel the same way about Kim Mi Sun,” he admitted, interrupting you again.

It was then that your heart dropped.

Kim Mi Sun? The lead singer of that new kpop girl group that had just debuted? That same Kim Mi Sun?

You didn’t reply. You didn’t know how to reply. It felt as if everything had just came crashing down.

“I know a lot of people will be against our relationship,” he commented, “but I just know that she’s the one for me. She’s my first love.”

“You…” You struggled to get the words out, not sure of what you could possibly say. Your heart had torn into a million pieces at then, and you wondered if this was some sort of sick joke.

You were about to cry and run off, but then, his eyes made you stop.

Yes, it were his beautiful eyes that made you stop from doing so. The way his eyes glistened, piercing right through you, desperately waiting for your response.

It was then that you realized that you had to put your feelings aside and to support him. You could cry about it later because if you told him about your feelings now, it would just ruin things. He was counting on you to be there for him; you promised him that.

“You two… would look really good together,” you forced out and faked a smile, blinking back tears.

He let a sigh of relief and his tensed shoulders slumped. “Thank god you like her. If you like her, then I’m sure the rest of the fans will too.”

There he went again, grouping you with the rest of the fans. That was all he saw you as. There was nothing more to it.

You gulped down that feeling and leaned over to pretend you were interested, even though you felt like breaking down. “Tell me more about her. How did you two meet?”

He smiled, a smile that you had seen once, which was while he was talking about the girl he loved the other night. Mi Sun.

He told you about how he met her a few years ago after BTS debuted. She was struggling being a trainee, and he gave her a lot of advice on how to make it as an idol. Even though she had the chance to get to know any of the members, she stayed close to him only. He felt like it was a dream to have such a beautiful girl as one of his best friends. She was talented, funny, and had similar interests as him. They continued talking for the next few years and met up in secret. He was really in love with her.

You wondered why you hadn’t heard about her at all. But you realized that right after BTS debuted, you had lost contact with him for a while because he was really busy. He must have used most of his time off to be with her

“She reminds me of the pale blue sky that appears just right before the sun rises,” he stared off into the distance, “and the bright moon, too. She lights up all these feelings inside of me.”

You remained silent. The cloudy sky brightened slowly, but everything still looked gray. There were no birds chirping. There was not a single sound besides the drops of rain that fell down one by one.

Or maybe those were just your tears.

He didn’t notice. He just looked up and said, “Oh I didn’t know it was going to rain.”

“When are you going to tell her your feelings?” You asked quietly, ignoring what he just said.

He turned to you, eyes widening once he saw the tears pouring down your cheeks.

“Y/n?” He called your name in concern, “Why are you crying?

You wiped your tears away, sniffling before you gave him your biggest, fakest smile, “Make sure you tell her today, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, “but what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

You shook your head. You weren’t going to tell him your feelings. Not when he was so in love with her. He’d just feel guilty if you said you had been in love with him since the beginning.

“I wish you luck, Taehyung-oppa,” you said and got up. “You should get going now before the rain gets heavier.”

“Wait-” he called out but it was too late because you had started running.

You ran and ran until you were panting. You stopped at some random corner of the park and then looked back. He was nowhere in sight. You then crouched down, trying to catch your breath before you let out a loud sob. The rain was pouring at this time, ruining your makeup and wetting your new dress. But you paid no attention to the inconvenience, only one thought racing through your mind.

It wasn’t you. It wasn’t you.

It was never you who he loved.

okay but think about konoha 12 snapchatting

naruto would send tons of pictures of ramen. also extreme close-ups. he would take pictures of any inappropriate looking thing and add hilarious captions to them. he would send videos of dangerous stunts.

sakura would be. really normal about most things. pretty sunsets over konoha. sending ino a picture of a pig with caption “reminded me of you”. taking pictures of reunited families/patients because it just made her so happy and she hAD to share that happiness even for like three seconds.

sasuke would hardly ever touch his snapchat (which his friends yell at him for cause “it SAYS delivered but you never OPENED it”.) whenever he would break down and use it he would send pictures of. weapons. just weapons. “look how sharp this kunai is”.

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10 reasons Shin Hyuk is better than Ji Sung Joon in ‘She Was Pretty’

1. 10 reasons Shin Hyuk is better than Ji Sung Joon in 'She Was Pretty’

I rarely get second lead syndrome and I am a big fan of Park Seo Joon, so you know Shin Hyuk (Siwon) is seriously the better character if I’m rooting for him over Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon). He’s a sweet, compassionate guy while Ji Sung Joon is… handsome and all, but man, he can be a jerk! All his co-workers hate him for a reason, you know? In the end, he might be the perfect person for Kim Hye Jin, but let’s look at some of the reasons, Shin Hyuk might just be an overall better character in 'She Was Pretty.’ Go go!

2. He thinks of fun nicknames


3. He knows how to take care of a gal (without yelling at her later)


4. He makes the best facial expressions


5. He knows how to make your life fun


All jokes, this one. There will never be a boring moment in your life.

6. He’s got your back


Knowing you’re having a hard time after getting fired for no reason, he finds a way to help you out.

7. He will like you for you


She might be red-cheeked with crazy hair, but Shin Hyuk still finds her beautiful - more so than the sky because he can’t take his eyes away from her to even look out the window. Can we get an “awww”?

8. He’s in tune with his feelings - not emotionally stunted


He realizes his feelings - says it then and there without meandering around. Straight to the point!

9. Favor? No problem!


Even if it means taking care of an ill person… well not even taking care, just dropping off porridge, but he’s too nice to leave Ji Sung Joon like that…

10. He’s resourceful


“Oh. I need new panties… aha!”

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werewolfchaos  asked:

Mable trying to take Pacifica on a cute date but it rains.

Admin 2: Two for two, haha! :> Here you go friendo.

“Come on, Paz, It’s gonna be great! It’s Saturday, the birds are singing, and the sun is shinin-”

“Mabel, I don’t know what world you’re in, but the sun is anything but shining.”


The brunette tugged her sunglasses down and peered up at the sky. Immediately her wide grin was replaced by a pout. “B-but, the weather said it was supposed to be sunny all day!”

“Really?” Mabel turned to look at her girlfriend. Pacifica had an unimpressed look on her face, she pulled out her phone and tapped at it. “The weather app has been saying that we’ve got a 100% chance of rain since like Monday.” 

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Meryl and Maks Recap September 28th, 2014

*******Happy Birthday, Malia    hulagirlhawaii  **********************************

Hey everybody, 

My morning started with staring bleary-eyed at some kik messages from Becky about Maks’ new contact and the photos he was “liking”.  You should have seen me trying to focus, I’m sure it was hilarious!  

So once I was awake enough to focus I could see an interesting continuation of a trend.  Just like Johnny Appleseed it seems that everywhere Maks goes, up pops a new follower of an M&M fan site or a like of one of Meryl’s pictures or posts.  It’s happened so many times I don’t think even the naysayers can deny it.  So, here is Maks’ new friend:

This is Evan Golden, a south Florida Sports and Entertainment reporter.  After meeting Maks he liked these three photos:

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find it very interesting that Mr. Golden chose these 3 very romantic photographs to “like”.  There are literally thousands of photos of Maks on the internet.  Even hundreds of him and Meryl dancing.  But these 3 photos are more about romance than dancing or partnership.  There is a bit of a mystery to these photos.  All three were liked from the same IG page, Chuciandkathy.  The photos did not “tag” Meryl or Maks so we’re not sure how Mr. Golden found them.  Just chalk it up to another Meryl and Maks mystery.

It seems that during the night, Meryl was also busy.  She was finally spotted in a photo with her friends.  It seems she met them after the game.  She was up pretty late and she and Meryl were on SM at the same time.  Yet another familiar pattern.  

So, once the night’s activities had been reviewed, we started playing our favorite game.  We knew Meryl was in MI, so now “Where’s Maks?”  He started tweeting about football in the afternoon, so based on where the game was airing we were thinking probably NY, maybe even Michigan.  The game was also playing in Miami, but we all figured he had already left Miami.

Wrong again!! Ha!  It’s a good thing I don’t bet money on these things!  He posted this photo shortly after the football tweets:

So, Still in Miami!  He also posted this  photo from the event last night, and as you can see, Meryl liked it along with the sweetest picture ever of the Charlie, Tanith and the babies :)

Maks liked some photos today also:  Janel’s photo, Artem and Lea, and Alex’s TBT.  He also posted this photo referring to the makers of Yachts.  Possibly going on a cruise of some sort this evening?  Sea Salt and Pepper is a Miami restaurant.  The Maksyl CIA even managed to find a photo posted from the restaurant that shows Maks in the background.

As the day wore on We began to wonder if maybe Meryl could be on the move.  She posted the photo below with another lovely quote.  Although it is similar to Maks’ post in that it is a photo of the sky through a buildings, it certainly doesn’t look like Miami.  

I loved that Yaron liked it and left her such a nice message.  

Maks went on another liking spree and he also liked Meryl’s post, along with several other photos:

Meryl’s last post of the night was a “later-gram” of herself with some of her sorority sisters from their get-together last night.  It’s great to see her having fun with her friends and looking so fabulous while she’s at it!  I guess we’ll be playing our fun games all over again tomorrow :)

And my very last Item to report on tonight is this little twitter exchange.  I have no idea what she is talking about, or if we will ever even find out what she is talking about, but here it is anyway!  For your consideration ;)

Here’s hoping we see Maks on TV again very soon.  

Goodnight all!  Have sweet dreams and get ready to play “Where’s Meryl and Where’s Maks?” bright and early again tomorrow.


Strangers-Part 2-Taylor Caniff Fan Fic

Part 1


I woke in someone’s bed. Woah. My head was aching and hurt like a wrecking ball just smashed me in the head. The night went by so fast. I turn and see a boy with a bandana wrapped around his head and shirtless. Did we have..I’m so fucked up..I look down to see, I was in white over sized shirt and boxers. I shook him, but that didn’t work. I did what I had to do. I grabbed a pillow and whacked him with it.

“Taylor!” I whined. “Please fucking wake up!” Instead of a response he pulled me to his chest. I felt safe. 

“Good Morning Y/N.” He said with his morning voice killing me.

“Did we have sex?” I coughed the last part.

“No. You got drunk and were only in your underwear, so I helped you out and brought you to my dorm.” He said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Thanks Taylor.” I smiled.

“You wanna hang out?” He asked sitting up. I smiled.

“Sure.” Wait, does he remember me? Wait, Kirstin said to take it slow. But why did he forget so quickly. I’ll ask the boys later. I was snapped out of my thoughts.

“You gonna get up anytime soon?” Taylor smirked. I giggled and got up and went to the bathroom. I realized I had no clothes here. I open the door. “Taylor, could I go to my dorm first to get some clothes to change into?” I asked stepping out of the bathroom. He nods and I noticed his dorm is right across mine. I walked in and his face dropped.

“Your dorm is right across mine.” He said amazed. I laugh and get clothes to change into. I picked out a white yin and yang crop tee with light skinny jeans. Then black with white outlined vans. I put my hair in a messy bun. 

Taylor’s P.O.V.

Everything in Y/N’s dorm reminded me of Y/N. Like this morning, her giggle sounded just like Y/N’s. Ever since my accident and getting amnesia, I couldn’t really remember much.

-Flashback-(2 years ago)

After the airport, I decided to take a drive. All that went through my head was Y/N. I was all in my thoughts and suddenly a car crashed into mine.

-at the hospital-

“Taylor.” I heard. I peel my eyes open to see 12 boys surrounding me. 

“Who are you guys?”

“Bro. I’m Dillon, your best friend since we were in elementary." 

"Wait, what happened?” I was loaded with a lot of questions.

“Part of your brain was taken out so you have amnesia now.” A nurse said. I nod and laid back. I was missing something. Y/N.

-End Flash Back-

“You ready to go?” She asked me. I was snapped out of my thoughts. I nod and stand up. We got out and we head to the little cafe next to the campus. We got some coffee and head to a small park in the campus. There was a little pond infront of one of the benches. We sat there.

“You know what’s funny.” I say out of the blue.

“What?” She smiled.

“I feel like I’ve known you for a long time.” She nods.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“I feel the same too.” I say and sighed. Out of no where, rain started to pour. This reminds me of the time we kissed under the rain. Y/N stop thinking about the past! A voice in my head. Ugh. I got up and went underneath a tree.

“You okay?” He asked putting a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I’m fine.” I smiled. 

“Really?” He smirked.

“I’m soaking wet and were kind of far away from our dorm. I guess everythings doing dandy.” I said sarcastically. He chuckled.

“Wonder who made you that wet.” He muttered. I hit his shoulder playfully.

“Your disgusting.” I laughed. The old Taylor’s still in there. 

“What can I say. I’m always like this.” He said doing a cute pose. I laugh and sat down on the ground. I got on my phone and got a text from Kirstin.

Kirstin: where are you? Class is about to start!?!

Me: Oh god…I’m by the little pond and its pouring.

Kirstin: Look to your left.

There was a building right there. I saw in the window, Kirstin was waving. I waved and got up.

Me: I’ll be there.

“Taylor, we gotta go. We’re gonna be late for class.” He quickly got up and grabbed him and I’s bag. Our hands touched at once and the feeling lingers through out my body.

“Don’t you wanna change first?” I nod no.

“Class is way important.” I panicked. Taylor chuckled.

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go before Professer Dan kicks our asses.” I giggled and we looked at each other and looked up at the sky. He grabbed my hand and we ran into the building. We ran into the room panting. We sat in the same row as Kirstin. It was quite and people kept starring at us. Especially Acacia. She was giving me the death glare. I wave smile and wave. She flipped her hair and I roll my eyes and start to take notes. As we took notes a note was thrown at me. I unfold it and it was Taylor’s hand writing.

‘hey bestie. ;)' 

“Awww, he did the winky face!” Kirstin whispered with awe. I roll my eyes with a smile and write back.

'aye bestie.’ I throw it back at him.

“Y/N and Taylor! Pay attention.” He scolded us. He turned around and continued. We snickered and kept passing notes.

Acacia’s P.O.V.

That stupid whore, Y/N keeps passing notes to Taylor. Well, she better watch out from now on. 

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Class was finally over and I walked with Kirstin and Taylor. We heard whining trailing behind us. We all knew it was Acacia. We try to walk faster, but she came closer. We stopped in front of the fountain.

“What?” Taylor socffed. Instead of a response, Acacia preformed 'PDA’. Good god..Does she really have to do this in public. Taylor was trying to pry her off him and he was trying to push her off. “Stop Acacia!” He yelled. She tried to look innocent, but that obviously didn’t work. Taylor stormed off with Kirstin and I trailed behind him. He was heading to the lounge. I saw from the window, the boys were there.

Matt’s P.O.V.

“Hold up. Taylor doesn’t remember Y/N.” I butted.

“Remember, ever since the accident, he lost his memory and stuff. And thats why he is stuck with Acacia.” Johnson explained.

“Oh. Where is Tay-never mind.” I said. We saw Taylor storm in. He looked pissed.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Kirstin and I sat down with the boys in the lounge. Taylor drank beer and I drank root beer.

“What happened to him?” Nash mumbled.

“Acacia.” I replied. Taylor groaned as he heard her name. I looked at Taylor. He was pissed. Then someone walked through the door. And it was Acacia. She went over to Taylor and straddling him. Everyone groaned and got up.

“Could you not.” Kirstin scoffed. Acacia laughed obnoxiously. 

“Would you just shut it.” I mumbled, directing it to Acacia. 

“Oh look who finally speaks up.” Acacia said getting in my face.

“I said, Shut it.” I spoke. She almost threw a punch at me, but I caught it. “I said, shut it, and don’t you dare try to fight me.” I clenched my fist.

“Yeah right.” She said turning around. I whacked her head with my fist and everyone went hang wire. I clap my hands and grabbed my bags then walked to the library.

Taylor’s P.O.V.

Woah. Did she just knock out Acacia. Only person who would slay someone like Acacia is, Y/N.

“Taylor.” I heard. I looked up and see Aaron teasing me. I whacked him with a pillow. “Dude, that hurt like a train.” I chuckled sarcastically. He laughed even more.

“Stop it.” I said putting a pillow over my face. The gang laughs at me. “I’m gonna study for class.” I say standing up and grabbing my stuff.

“What class Taylor, or you just wanna study with Y/N?” Dillon smirked and lifted an eyebrow.

“A class…And no.” I said blushing.

“TAYLOR’S GOT A CRUSH!” Sammy teased. I roll my eyes and went straight for the door. Maybe I did like Y/N. But I had to brake up with Acacia first. I walk to the library. I rarely go here. I usually just study in my dorm, but in a dorm with Dillon, we would both end up messing up the whole room. My eyes roam the room trying to find Y/N, but I see her with Sam(Pottroff). I sat at the table near them and I was facing Y/N. She looked up and saw me and smiled. My face lit up when she smiled at me. Then I see Sam put his hand on her hand. My smile fades and I just stare at my book. Taylor she isn’t yours. She was never yours. What if she is Y/N?

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Sam and I continue to study together. Each time I looked at Taylor, he would always be looking down and staring at his book. I tried to study his expression, but his face was looking down. I wonder why. Was he jealous?


After we studied for a good 2 hours we head back to the dorm. I noticed Taylor left after the first hour. Sam dropped me off first.

“Thanks Sam, for the help.” I smiled. He smiled back and kissed my cheek, making my cheeks go cherry red.

“Good night.” He said. I smiled and head into my dorm. I sat on my bed and noticed Kirstin was still awake.

“How was your little date?” I shrug.

“We’re just friends. Sam is like a brother to me. Nothing more.” I smiled toothless telling the truth.



Taylor’s P.O.V.

“Dillon, did you hear that?” I asked. Dillon groaned and turned to me.

“Hear what?” He groans.

“Sam and Y/N.” He sat up.

“Is someone jealous?” Dillon lifted an eyebrow. I look down.

“Maybe.” I mumbled.

“You better get close to her.” I nod.


“Be best friends with her. Hang out with her. I don’t know. Be a person Y/N liked in high school.” He said.

“Ok.” I said laying back on my pillow.

“NOW GO TO SLEEP.” He shouted and I laughed. I slept and Y/N was going through my head.

Sam’s P.O.V.

I wonder if Y/N and I will work out. I wonder if she likes me? I better make a move before anyone else does.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

My alarm beeped a few times and I threw it at the door and the door swug open. It was Taylor. I rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

“Why are you here at..” I pause and look at my phone. “6:30 in the morning?” I yawned.

“Why can’t I see my bestie?” He asked sitting next me.

“I don’t know. You could’ve came around 9 or something.” I mutter. He chuckled.

“C'mon, lets get some breakfast.” He said reaching for my hand.

“Fine.” I get up and put my hair in a messy bun. “Please don’t tell me Acacia will be here.” I mumbled.

“I promise you. She won’t be.” He took my hand, sending energy through me. I look down at our hands and smile. I stop.

“Piggy back, now!” I demanded playfully. He chuckled. He squat down and I wrapped my arms around him. He grabbed my thighs to secure me and he ran. I squeal and he chuckled. We stopped in front of a yogurt place. I jump off him and ran into the yogurt the shop and got a cup. I filled it up and made it have a swirl on the top. I put sprinkles and all kinds of sweet toppings. I saw Taylor and he did the same. I laugh because he was trying to get a marshmallow. I grab a marshmallow and throw it up in the air and he caught it in his mouth. I laugh and I grab my wallet, but Taylor pushed it back. I roll my eyes and let him pay before we get into a small argument. Taylor and I sat at a table near the window and we talk and take selfies.

@Y/T/N: Besties. 

After I posted it, my twitter blew up. There were lots of mentions.

'Your not together anymore?’

'What happened!? YOU WERE MY OTP!’

I look at them and tuned off my twitter. I felt a cherry on my nose.

“So, how’s life?” He asked snickering.

“Lovely.” I sarcastically say. He chuckles. I get whip cream on my finger and wipe it above Taylor’s mouth, giving him a little mustache. “How’s your life?” I smiled while laughing.

“Great.” He said putting whip cream above my mouth and making a mustache. He got out his phone and went on shots. We take a selfie and he captioned it as,

'Mustache buds.' 

I laugh and grab my phone and go on Vine. Haven’t been active for 2 years.


“WE GOT MUSTACHES MOTHER FUCKERS.” I shouted. Taylor made a noise and screamed.

“COCK!” I laugh. Well he hasn’t  changed much considering he still says that. Nor have I.


We get up and clean up our mess. We leave a tip and we head to the lounge.

Acacia’s P.O.V.

I was in the lounge room waiting for Taylor and then I heard Y/N’s laugh. I groan. I turn and see her and Taylor laughing heading to the open seat. That bitch.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

We got to a seat and Taylor starts talking about his cars. Oh typical.

“Taylor, I think we all know you own 3 cars.” I say, but quickly covered my mouth.

“What?” He asked with wide eyes.

“I was saying your a cutie.” I covered up. He smiled.

“Well duh. I’m always cute.” He smiled cockily. I laugh.

“Cocky much?” I giggled. He chuckled, but our laughs died down when Acacia came over. What could she possibly want?

A/N: Hey angels! I hope you like part 2!! Sorry imagines are on hold :l But you can still request. I’m working on all of them, so don’t worry. I’ll post them all one day in mid August.

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Two Little Ducks Part 18

Selena POV;

“Nervous?” Ashley asked as we followed our security into the building where my audition was to be held.

“I don’t know. A little I guess.”

After Annabelle was born, it was easy to continue working on my music but my acting on the other hand came to a halt because of the demanding schedule. I couldn’t just spend a month or more on a movie set with a baby at home. And as much as I’ve missed acting, I miss Justin and the kids ten times more and I’ve only been gone a day; maybe this is some kind of indication.

“Do you want to run lines?” I nodded, flipping through my script in order to avoid stares from all the other women waiting to audition. I thought that by going early we would avoid the crowds but obviously not. Luckily it didn’t take long for me to tryout and within an hour Ash and I were on our way back to the hotel.

“Do you want to go shopping? Maybe grab a bite to eat?”

“Yeah. Meet me in my room in 15? I just want to change into something more comfortable and call Jay real quick.”

“Perfect. I told Ry I would call him too so I’ll see you in a few.” She walked down the hall towards her room, leaving me to my thoughts. I sighed, running a hand through my hair as I pulled out my phone and dialed Justin. The phone rang only twice before he picked up, his voice groggy.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey did I wake you up? I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, you did but it’s okay.” I heard him yawn, “I love waking up to your voice.”

“I can call you later,” I offered, still feeling bad. I forgot about the 3 hour time difference.

“Naw you’re fine. How’s New York?”

“It’s okay. I miss y’all.”

“Aww we miss you too baby.”

“How are the littles?”

“They’re good. I took them to Build-A-Bear yesterday which Ells loved.”

“I can imagine.” I giggled.

“How was your audition? You already had it right?”

“Yeah, it was fine I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I just don’t know if it’s something I want to do anymore. Maybe I like being a housewife.”

“Well it’s all up to you babe. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.”

“I know. I think I’ll just wait it out and see if I get called back or anything. It’s such a well written script and the role is perfect but I don’t want to be away from you guys.”

“We would make it work,” Justin reassured, “hey, don’t worry about it for right now okay? Go have fun with Ashley before you have to catch your flight tonight. If you go shopping use the Bank of America card. I just paid the bills with the Wells Fargo one yesterday.”

“Okay I will. Is Ashton awake? I can hear him crying.”

“Yeah, he’s up. I’m gonna go feed him.”

“Alright, I’ll call you later. Maybe we could Skype before you put the kids to bed tonight? My flight doesn’t leave until 11 so…”

“Of course! I love you gorgeous.”

“I love you too. Bye baby.”

“Bye beautiful.”

Justin POV;

“Morning daddy!”

I smiled at the pitter patter of Annabelle’s feet, shaking my head at the little monkey. Climbing out of her crib was her favorite thing to do as of lately and even as Sel and I continued to lower her mattress she still managed to escape. It’s probably about time we switch her over to a real bed.

“What are you doing up?” I asked her as she crawled onto the couch beside me, cuddling into my side.

“I not tired no more.” She smiled up at me, “what you doing?”

“I’m feeding Ashton.” He looked so sweet, laying against me with his lips puckered around the tip of the bottle.

“But why?”

“Because he’s hungry.”

“Mommy not feed him like that. You doing it wrong,” Ells accused, fiddling with the buttons on Ashton’s blue onesie. It was one of my favorites because it was embroidered with the words, ‘daddy’s little mini me’.

“What do you mean?” I fought to keep myself from laughing, knowing it would only upset her.

More times than not Sel would breastfeed Ashton nonetheless whenever she wasn’t available, she would use the pump so that I could make use of the many baby bottles we had laying around. 

“Mommy uses her this.” Annabelle pressed her finger against my chest, “but they’re bigga.”

“Daddy can’t feed the baby like that. I have to use the bottle,” I explained, throwing a cloth over my shoulder and burping Ashton gently.

“Why mommy have two?” She babbled.

“Two of what?” I shook my head in confusion.

“Two of this.” Once again, Annabelle pressed her little finger against my chest.

“Because everyone has two…” I contemplated as to which word to use, “breasts.”

“Oh. Is one for the hot food and one for the cold food for Ashton?”

I was nearly in tears at that point so I just kept my mouth shut, letting her decide for herself. Sometimes she was too curious for her own good.

When I finally found my composure I spoke up, “What do you want to do today babe? Do you want some breakfast?”

“I hold him daddy?” She completely ignored my question, her full attention now on her little brother.

“Hold still,” I instructed. She did as told, knowing the drill.

I carefully placed Ashton into her arms, adjusting her hands so that he was supported properly. He was getting to where he could hold his own head up which made it a bit easier for Annabelle to hold him.

“I love you Ashy.” She fixed his hat for him then pressed a kiss against it sweetly.

“Awww,” I cooed, pulling my phone out of my pocket hastily to snap a picture of the two. They’re just too cute.

After a mini photo-shoot, I took Ashton back from Ells, holding him against me as I rummaged through the kitchen for something to eat.

“Cookies!” Ells chanted when I reached for the familiar jar. I took a large bite out of a chocolate chip one before handing what was left over to her.

As I looked out the window, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was bright in all its glory. A perfect morning to be outside.

“I know what we’re going to do today.”


“Is it good?” I tightened Annabelle’s facemask so that it wouldn’t slip off. She nodded, giving me a thumbs up. I chuckled, placing a mask over my own mouth to lead by good example. I wasn’t one to wear one when spray painting but I didn’t want Annabelle inhaling any of the fumes, even though it was nontoxic, and I knew if I didn’t wear one, she wouldn’t.

I would probably be killed if something went wrong but what Selena doesn’t know won’t hurt her right?

“Shake this for daddy.” I handed her a fresh can of hot pink paint, letting her shake it while I set the baby monitor on the ground near the skateboard ramp where we would be busy. Ashton had just gone down for his nap so I knew he probably wouldn’t be up for a while but I still needed to know if he did awake.

“Okay, ready?”

“Yeah!” I didn’t want her using actual spray paint but I’d washed out several old cleaning spray bottles and filled them with a mixture of water and a variety of different colored paint so that she could have just as much fun as me. 

“Okay you gotta press this and then you can paint.” I took the actual spray paint bottle from her and handed her the kid friendly one, showing her how to work it.

It didn’t take her long to figure it out and before I knew it we were both busy on our latest masterpiece. Each time I looked over she was using a different color, her hands and clothes covered in more paint than the ramp.

“Are you having fun?”

“Hmmhm. Wook!”

“I see. You’re doing a good job princess,” I encouraged. A good 40 minutes passed before I heard Ashton’s cries through the baby monitor.

“Come on.” I stuck my paint covered hand out for Annabelle’s, leading her towards the laundry room. I wasn’t going to leave her outside by herself, especially with the pool not being gated. Sure we had a security system on it but I still wasn’t going to take any risks.

I scrubbed my hands with hot water and soap in the sink before locking the door to outside.

“I’ll be right back.” I told her, making her stay in the laundry room for just a minute because she was covered from head to toe in paint, “don’t go anywhere.”

“Okay daddy.”


“Pwomise.” I worried the whole way upstairs, moving as fast as I could. How much trouble could she really get into while I’m upstairs?  Unfortunately my question was answered when I walked back down the stairs, Ashton on my hip.

“Oh my god! What did you do!?!” Holy shit.

“I make Pickles bootiful!”

“That’s an understatement,” I muttered under my breath sarcastically. The dog looked like a fucking rainbow and was in the midst of leaving gorgeous paw prints all over the wood floor. I’m screwed; officially dead.