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BTS Reaction to: Their Girlfriend Being Bisexual

Can you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend being bisexual ?

Jin: When you told him, he mulled over what this meant. He wondered if you would somehow be less loyal. But that idea made him giggle. Not only is he the King of Visuals, but he’s the type to judge on personality. You’ve shown him nothing but loyalty and love, so although this new information does take him back for a second, he ultimately doesn’t care.

“Okay, cool. Do you want to play Mario Kart? And maybe order take away?”

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Suga: Min Yoongi, a Bi Messiah, does not give a f*ck. Gender and sexuality don’t matter to him. Yes, he is glad to date someone who understands him, who doesn’t think “Why can’t you just pick a side?” or that being bi “is just a phase.” And that’s it; he doesn’t think any more or less of you because of it. He would love you just the same if you were straight or pansexual.

Love is love, at the end of the day.

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J-Hope: Ok, so just hear me out,,, but in my most humble opinion, I think that Hobi’s bi too or at least curious about experimenting. So this news only makes him excited. He thinks all sexualities are normal and that it’s okay to have sex with whoever you want, as long as it’s safe, consensual and you’re legally an adult. And he’ll ask you about your past experiences, not to fetishize you, but just out of curiousity. I really do think he’s experimented with boys before (I will die for Sope) so it’s an open, comfortable conversation that brings you closer together. He might even suggest a threesome, purely joking and not in any way trying to force you into anything. But if you show interest, he’ll be so elated.

“Wait, really? Hell yeah!”

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Rap Monster: ngl this boy immediately started imagining you going down on some hot girl. But he also takes your words very seriously. He hates if ppl make bi jokes or are like “Ayy your girl’s bi, how do you know she won’t cheat?” and all that crap. He may not understand from a personal viewpoint but he knows that bi’s are a “grey” area in the LGBT community and get a lot of hate from ignorant ppl. So he’ll never reduce your sexuality to a joke or try to use it against you. You can be open and comfortable around Namjoon, who loves you for you. You being bi doesn’t change that.

But it does give him something great to fantasize about on tour …

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Jimin: Not for a second does his view of you change. He has friends that are bisexual *cough* Suga *cough* and even follows a lot of openly bi artists. So this information doesn’t bother him at all. He is, however, hyper aware, on days when he’s feeling self conscious, of all the attractive ppl around; wondering sometimes if you’ll leave him for them. But that’s not an issue with you, that’s his personal insecurities talking. As long as you prove your loyalty and remind him of his beauty, both inside and out, those moments pass quickly and ChimChim is nothing but loving to you ~

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V: “What’s that?” Listens to you explain your sexuality, never interrupting or judging you. He just nods along. “That’s cool. So do you want to go get strawberries?” As long as you love him, that’s all that matters … Until a few days later when he suddenly realizes;

“Wait, have you had sex with girls?”

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He doesn’t ask this to be creepy. He asks only because it makes him realize that out of everyone in the world you could be with, you chose him. And that makes him melt.

“Awww, my heart is fluttering ~”

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Jungkook: tbh Jungkook takes the news the worst. Not because you’re somehow “gross” but bc he’s young and not very experienced. Although he looks cocky on stage, under that persona is that shy, young boy from Busan who admires his hyungs. So he feels unworthy of your love, comparing himself to your exes, thinking that if they couldn’t keep you happy, how could he? He can’t stop imagining you with another girl, thinking that no one understands a woman’s body like another woman, right? How could he compete with that?

You need to explain to him how dating girls is the same as dating boys; there’s good, bad and ugly relationships. The only difference is the gender. As he learns to understand your sexuality more, he realizes that he worried for nothing.

“How foolish was I? Thinking you’d leave me, when I’m the greatest there is? Boys and girls don’t stand a chance against me.”

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A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 133

-Which one of you scientoasts let fruit become sentient and gave them a gun

-Urie: im over being a terrorist I’m gonna become a leaky faucet

- Papa Brows uses You look like your father trope it’s super effective in lighting his own cremation fire

-Bujin enemy zoned

-Furuta doesn’t know how to deal with tattle tales cause it’s usually him

-Not even death can stop a D&D campaign

-Hajime stop killing and take your killer talent and turn it into an act for brats


-Touka and kids gonna play the most deadly and epic version of hide and seek

-Awww Fruit bringing people to circuses before they die like the make a wish foundation

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: think on the bright side guys at least they will be more food to go around when everyone dies

Kiwi (Part 3) - Harry Styles Imagine

Words: 2,039 

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drugs and alcohol

Part 3 of ‘Kiwi’ -  Part 1 - Part 2

Her life was on track, complete track, she was proud of it, she was far from the mistakes of the past. She realised that she was closer to her son’s first birthday, then her past with Harry, Scott, drugs and alcohol, and she kept that mindset.

Having a child was hard, they tell you that, you ignore it, and then you live it, and realise it is hard. But she worked through it all, she did what she did best, and just lived. She loved Noah more everyday, she took off time from work, and lived as a single mother, no father in his life, she raised him, and proud. He was too young to know what a father is, she just gained the love more from him, without someone there.

Noah was six months, a perfect mix between the two, Harry and (Y/N). But he was six months when a Styles member contacted her, it was casual, she found, it was not a anger message, but a simple check up. Gemma Styles called her on a Tuesday morning, and it took her by surprise. Of course she answered it, Gemma and her were like sisters back then, Gemma helped her through it all when Harry just left, and now her best friend was calling her, after not talking for years.

It was simple, a hello, and a how are you, just checking up and all. They told each other of their lives, and their jobs, especially, but she never mentioned Noah to her at all.

“Harry told me that you left him a message, about a pregnancy, light me up on it.” She simply asked, it was not nagging her or pressuring her, it was a simple topic question, that they should empower on.

“Yeah, I’m glad he has not contacted me, Noah is amazing, he is six months now, and he is just beautiful, I’m so proud to have him, he is just amazing. I’ll send you a picture, if you want, but he has these amazing green eyes, and he has brown hair, he is just beautiful, I feel complete, you know what I mean?” She replied, starting to feed him, placing him on her chest, feeding him, with the phone between her shoulder and ear.

The conversation went on, what she loved the most was that Gemma did not talk about if the baby is ok, can Harry come in, is she good and all, she loved that about Gemma, she never pressured you to say anything. But what took her by surprise is a question, “I’m in New York in a few months, mind if I pop by?” (Y/N) knew how to respond, she knew how to tell her that she is always welcomed, and she knew that Gemma respected her decision.

When Noah turned 8 months, she came over, she looked different from the high school version of Gemma, she aged, she became a beautiful young woman, she noted that she looked very independent. When she walked in, it felt like old times, having a glass of wine, talking about each other’s stories, while she held the little guy, she called him her nephew, which broke her heart.

“Look at Auntie Gemma, look at me, baby, awww, come one, smile!” She would say, it broke (Y/N)’s heart seeing her falling so in love with her baby, but having the father’s sister in his life, but not the father himself. But she told herself, if Harry wanted to be part of her life, he would find a way to get there.

It was late at night when her little boy was sleeping that they got into serious discussions. She always felt like she could talk to Gemma without it being awkward or embarrassing, so they talked deeper things.

“Is there any male individuals in his life?” The question was broke up, Gemma was taking sips of wine, and she helped herself to a cup of water, one glass of wine a day is all she needed. (Y/N) felt fine with the question to be honest.

“There are some, not a father figure, I don’t think he needs one at this point, but my two gay friends, Luca and Alex are helping me raise him a bit. They are a couple and love him to bits, they would come through my door with new ideas of outfits and they love taking him out, so there are males, but I don’t clarify them as his father. But, he does have male people in his life.” She simply said. Both of them sat on her patio, watching the city below themselves, the car honks and little chatter, it made her feel happy, in a way, to have Gemma back in her life.

“He wrote a song about you.” She said out of the blue, (Y/N) turned her head towards Gemma, giving her a questioning look.

“He thought the message was fake, so he wrote a song about you and the message. It is called ‘Kiwi’.” She said, looking at her, they both gave each other a blank expression.

“Of course he thought it was fake, I went through such a hard time, that I resulted to drinking and drugs, and he was just there, and I use to lie and shit, so of course he does not believe it, I don’t blame him.” She said, taking a sip from her water, Gemma still looking at her, not knowing what to say. She took her phone out and googled the song, listening to it. Gemma studied her expression, it was not showing a sign of anger nor embarrassment, she started to laugh.

“The song did sum me up pretty good, ‘Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect’, oh my, so true, and the chorus is what I sent to him in the voicemail. I went home to a cactus, true, my fucked up ex-husband, he is great at this songwriting, I always knew.” (Y/N) said after listening to the song, laughing, Gemma started to laugh with her.

The night ended well, Gemma went back to her hotel and the two of them said they would meet up again, one day, and she went on. She told Gemma everything that happened, and Gemma simply said, “I don’t blame you.”

Harry was in New York with Gemma, he was doing a promotion project with his new album that came out, while Gemma just wanted to tag along and visit some friends. But what he did not expect was a post on instagram of a child, when she was suppose to meet up with an old friend. He studied the picture then looked at the caption, “So glad to finally meet this little guy, he may look big and tough, but really is a sweetie. So proud of you @yourinstagram.”

He felt broken looking at that picture, it was true, he really has a baby in the world and he doubted it the whole time, and his sister was the first to meet him. He has a baby boy, has his eyes, but her hair, nose and lips, but the eyes were the exact to his, and he felt in love, and he has not even met him. He needs to see him, he wrote a song, thinking it was all a lie, but really it was not, so he did what he thought was right, he called his sister.

Gemma answered straight away, she was driving he took note, but he needed to talk to her about his son, and he needed to find a way to meet him. She started a conversation about a wine she had at her friend’s place, noting that she was to saying her name, and he had to stop her.

“Gemma I know you were at (Y/N)’s, I saw it on instagram.” He started. She started to ramble about how she knew how he felt about her, and the baby, but she had to find out.

“What is he like, what is his name? How is she, (Y/N), is she fine, is she ok with handling it all. Shit, Gem, I feel so bad that I never believed it. Fuck, Gemma, I have a kid, and I need to see him and—” Gemma stopped him, having enough of his self pity.

“He is beautiful, his name is Noah, Noah Alfie (Y/L/N) and he is an angel, he is so like you. He loves (Y/N) like no tomorrow, he would not let her go. But she is fine, she is on track with her life, she drank tonight, but she had half a glass of wine and called it a night for that, she just hit a rough patch and you were there to make her feel better. She went to rehab, and she is fine. I told her about your song, ‘Kiwi’, about her, she laughed, god, Harry, I miss her laugh.”

“I know me too, I need to see her again, she seems fine, she seems like herself once again.” He said, Gemma replied with a ‘yes, better than herself’ and just chatted since they have not seen each other all day.

It was two days later when he saw her again, she was at a café sitting by herself, with a baby on her lap, she smiled and giggled with him, and he fell in love all over again. He looked from afar not knowing what to do in that situation. She was clean cut, she wore a white blouse, and jeans, her hair was braided and she was smiling down at her little baby, their little baby. He wanted to see her, to hear her, and he wanted to hold him and to tell him that his daddy will protect him no matter what, because he was perfect already, he has not met his son yet and he knew already that he was perfect. So he watched, watched their actions, never once she went up to flirt, nor look at her phone, she placed all her attention on him, reading to him, playing and caring for him, while having a scone and a tea. She use to love having tea and scones in the morning, the mixture together, he remember. He remember she use to dunk them together and eat them, he remembers how much he loved her, so his feet took over and he slid in front of her, holding his cuppa.

“Hey!” She said smiling to him, it was not cold or anger, it was welcoming, it was like she forgot the past they had, he just waved.

“Did not know you were back?” She said, starting the conversation, he sat there for at least half a minute, and she only looked up twice, still placing her attention on her baby, who was now playing with her spoon.

“Yeah, I produced album and it’s out, so just doing promo. Look, (Y/N)—” He started, but he got interrupted.

“Do you want hold him?” She said, finally looking up for a long period of time towards him, he nodded, she went up and sat next to him, placing him in his arms.

“It was wrong for me to cut him out of your life, Harry, I’m really sorry. His name is Noah.” She said, still taking her distance at the seat, he looked over at her, she was smiling, she looked beautiful, he looked beautiful. He looked down at his baby, who was still hanging onto the spoon, he fell in love, with both of them.

“It’s fine, you were mad, I was mad, and we acted on it. I’m sorry too, (Y/N) for everything. I still love you, you know it, I’ll forever love you, because you just do this thing called existence that makes me go crazy for you.” He said looking at her, she smiled, pushing back a piece of hair, and giggled.

“I love you, too. How about we start from a fresh beginning, Hi, I’m (Y/N).” She started, placed her in front of him to shake, he smiled, placing his in front of him, shaking hers.

“I’m Harry.”

Finished the series, woohoo! Please request ideas, I love to hear them. But, thank you for all the great comments and likes, it really made my day and helped me continue this series. 

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you’ll always be number 1 in my heart

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member: lee daehwi
genre: fluffy
summary: you’re on pd101 s3 and you’re from bnm and come in 3rd place people just like daehwi and a few incidents between you two cause an uproar in the fandom will this turn into a scandal or a happily every after??
requested: yes

  • you were overwhelmed with just pure happiness
  • you were finally debuting!!!
  • you burst into tears and all your trainee friends were hugging you and encouraging you to go on stage 
  • you walk to the stage trying to wipe your tears away 
  • you make your speech sweet and short which just consisted of you thanking everyone that got you to debut
  • you make your way up to third place while hugging all the girls who you’ll debut with 
  • after you sat down in your seat everything was a blur 
  • you cried and said hello and goodbye to the rest of the trainees 
  • your family also came to congratulate you and it was soooo great to see them and you knew they were proud of you 
  • rhymer comes along after you talked with your family and all the backstage footage was filmed 
  • “i’m so proud of you, you made it third place, our only female BNM trainee” he said proudly 
  • you were brimming from happiness from the whole evening 
  • “also the BNM boys are here and they’d like to congratulate you” he smiled while opening the door 
  • your heart quickened you were huge fans of your sunbaes 
  • you trained with the boys for only a few months before they went off to produce 101
  • but you didn’t have much time to interact with them only exchanging polite greetings
  • the door opened with four incredibly good looking guys coming in all with adorable smiles 
  • they chorus together “CONGRATULATIONS!!!" 
  • you bow basically 90 degrees and say respectfully "thank you so much! i’ll make sure i work hard and hopefully one day become as successful as your four" 
  • "i’m sure you’ll do amazingly” donghyun reassured 
  • before you know it daehwi has an arm around you and says friendly and jokingly
  • “since we were both third place that means we’re already best friends right?”
  • you laughed softly making daehwi suddenly blush and his heart warm at the sound of it
  • “of courseee” you say sweetly 
  • you were trying to act all cool in front of your bias but it was reallyyyy hard 
  • all you wanted to do was fan girl over him but you promised yourself to be professional
  • suddenly youngmin butts in and says “excuse daehwi he’s on a bit of a sugar high" 
  • "HEY! I AM NOT!!” he denied outraged
  • “you are and you would of been bouncing off the walls if donghyun didn’t stop you” woojin interrupted 
  • “w-well” daehwi started then just stopped and pouted 
  • donghyun laughed softly at him and said “daehwi-ah you’re acting like a child”
  • “thats cause he is one” youngmin smirked
  • “why is everyone bullying me?!!” daehwi whined
  • you watch amused knowing it’s just friendly banter 
  • and you couldn’t help but admire the way daehwi just lifted everyone’s moods 
  • before you know it you ask trying to wind up the other boys “daehwi-ssi your hyungs are just too wound up would you like some chocolate?”  
  • “HEY WE ARE NOT WOUND UP!!” woojin, youngmin and donghyun shout together 
  • “well you guys are the ones shouting” you say smirking 
  • “Y/N IS MY FAVOURITE FOREVER AND ALWAYS, i can’t believe it she’s talented, funny, nice and beautiful inside and out” daehwi nonchalantly said while instantly hugging you
  • you quickly reciprocated and you instantly relaxed 
  • in daehwis arms you genuinely felt relaxed and cared for 
  • something which was hard for you to feel with all the pressure to debut 
  • and your heart suddenly quickened and you blushed a tomato red 
  • “t-thank you daehwi-ssi” you muster out while handing him the chocolate bar 
  • “don’t call me daehwi-ssi wayyy too formal call me daehwi please” he says sweetly and you just nod while saying 
  • “then call me y/n”
  • you hand him a chocolate bar and he accepts it gratefully then frowns “wait sorry y/n i can’t eat this i’m on a diet”
  • “what diet??!!! daehwi you’re too skinny already!!” donghyun exclaims worriedly
  • “well not necessarily a diet but i need to gain muscle manager hyungs said so. so chocolate doesn’t help whatsoever with that” he says a bit upset 
  • you frown at this and your heart breaks you want him to be able to eat whatever he wants not to be pressured into a diet
  • “no no no please eat the chocolate daehwi seriously you’re absolutely perfect in my eyes and in the eyes of all your fans you don’t need to gain or lose weight at all” you plead softly 
  • daehwi’s heart warms at your caring sentiment and he knows it’s secretly true
  • “thank you it means a lot” he says sweetly back at you giving you the nicest smile you’ve ever seen 
  • it literally just instantly makes you feel happy
  • so he opens and eats the chocolate bar which you happily smile at and all daehwi could think was 
  • “if i can ever make her smile like that again i better do it”
  • the boys stay for a bit longer and congratulate you again before leaving 
  • you were still in awe you met one of your favourite groups of all time
  • and all of them knew of your existence and talked to you 
  • you couldn’t help but think of daehwi 
  • his sweet smile and his adorable and hilarious personality he was also sooo good looking 
  • you were disappointed you probably won’t talk to him again for months
  • for the rest of the night you couldn’t help but think of daehwi
  • and every single time you did you couldn’t help but smile 
  • you secretly knew it but you would never admit it to yourself 
  • you were falling for daehwi 
  • daehwi on the other hand also had the same problem but it was worse
  • he literally wanted to see you sooo badly and talk to you again
  • you were so caring and sweet towards him and not to mention you’re absolutely stunning
  • he was so glad that he hugged you he remembered it perfectly 
  • you reminded him of all your favourite things 
  • all the guys were teasing him for it 
  • “daehwi youre whipped and you only talked to her for what 30 minutes??” woojin said smirking 
  • “did you at least get her number?” youngmin asked and daehwi said no
  • “kids these days no game whatsoever” said youngmin shaking his head
  • “daehwi just ask like our manager to get her phone number from her manager” donghyun helpfully suggested
  • “isnt that being too desperate?” daehwi asked
  • “yep definitely just wait till the next time you see her” woojin says 
  • the next day was super chill and you spent time with your family since you got a day off before recording 
  • the second day though you wake up to SUCH A HUGE SPAM OF COMMENTS 
  • you scroll through and you’re freaking the fuck out 
  • with the picture of daehwi hugging you and also the one with his arm around you 
  • you were crestfallen this scandal could affect the debut of the group and daehwi and you 
  • you brace yourself for hate comments 
  • but you were so surprised most of it was positive 
  • “awww i hope this is true they both such bubbly and sweet personalities!”
  • “yall i’ve shipped them since day 1 please if this true imma cry”
  • “they’re both too young for dating they should focus on their careers”
  • “their personalities, their looks, how talented they are and they’re both third place! it’s a match made in heaven!!!”
  • “no no this better be false y/n doesn’t deserve daehwi at all she’s all fake and annoying”
  • “ahhhh i hope this is true both of them deserve so much happiness and love”
  • you were shook at how much people shipped it 
  • and super happy that people thought you guys would be a good match
  • you thought your career would be super damaged by this 
  • but apparently not 
  • you automatically call your manager and rhymer to see what’s happening 
  • they were both pretty chill with it saying it isn’t bad press since you guys are actually being shipped and you always have been 
  • you sighed in relief but you knew it would blow over soon 
  • by next week most of it blowed over and you were super relaxed and happy about debuting but 
  • just as you went about to sleep
  • your phone went off with a million of notifications 
  • you open twitter quickly and see
  • at first you literally squeal at the fact daehwi asked you out??!!! 
  • you’re really surprised and you were totally taken aback BUT YOURE SOOO HAPPY 
  • you did a silent happy dance on your bed at like 3 in the morning sincr everyone in your room was sleeping 
  • you knew your crush on him was big and you thought you had no chance whatsoever but apparently you did!!
  • you didn’t actually think daehwi would ever  even like you in that way 
  • but hey since he does you weren’t complaining whatsoever 
  • you clicked on the video showing him and the boys at a interview 
  • they were asked to choose someone as an ideal type who would it be and why
  • daehwi blushed and said your name 
  • making you squeal a little again he then continued by saying 
  • "i actually met her a few days ago and she already is the sweetest person i’ve ever met. she was so caring towards me and in person she was even more beautiful than on camera which i didn’t think was possible. she’s also extremely talented and produces music like me so i could talk about that with her as well. but yeah y/n would definitely be my ideal type" 
  • the mc automatically teases him by saying "well doesn’t daehwi have a little crush” daehwi blushed bright red and the other guys laughed
  • “but y/n and you were recently said to be dating. is this true??” the mc asked daehwi
  • before daehwi could even stop himself he said “no it isn’t but i wish it wa-” then his face automatically changed to a 
  • and all the guys were wide eyes and shocked 
  • you couldn’t help but laugh at their expressions
  • the mc awkwardly chuckled and tried to diffuse the situation and said 
  • “well since that’s the case how about you ask y/n on a date cutely with all your aegyo" 
  • daehwi agreed reluctantly but he really wasn’t worried about him but you
  • he really hoped you wouldn’t get any hate for this but he focused ON ACTUALLY ASKING YOU OUT??!!
  • then his brain had a brain fart and he was like 
  • "ahhh okay then uh uh uh AH" 
  • "y/nnn pleaseee will you go on a date with meee?” he said so cutely with heaps of aegyo 
  • your heart melted so quickly you couldn’t believe that actually happened you dropped your phone 
  • the video ended and you really weren’t bothered reading the comments
  • all you could think was daehwi asked you out ON A BLOODY BROADCAST!!
  • but you were happy even if you had to deal with all the hate 
  • you were trying to think of all the ways you could reply back 
  • and just as you were your phone dinged 
  • “y/n i’m sure your probably have seen the video and i’m so so sorry about the whole mess i made”
  • you automatically knew it was daehwi
  • you suddenly got a bit excited at the fact he’s texting you but snapped out of it but before you could reply he sent another text
  • “but every word i saw was true and this 
  • isn’t the way i wanted to ask you but”
  • you already knew what he was going to ask you and your breathing got more ragged and your heart started beating a million miles an hour and just as you thought you were going to have a heart attack your phone dinged again
  • “y/n will you go on a date with me??”
  • and your heart basically bursted in happiness seeing the question 
  • you automatically type
  • “i’d love to" 
  • and daehwi also did a happy dance at his dorm and screamed "SHE SAID YESS!!”
  • and all the guys came into his room and did a group hug/huddle and were squealing like little girls and were bouncing up down 
  • you knew you had to sleep since you had to get up in two hours so you quickly type 
  • “i’m sorry daehwi i need to go to sleep i have a schedule early in the morning”
  • “oh of course thank you for saying yes again and please sleep well sweet dreams!!”
  • your heart warms again at his sweet text and you reply back quickly before turning off your phone and having the best two hour sleep/nap of your life 
  • “you too please sleep tight dream of me ;)”
  • “but daehwi”
  • “i would say yes to you any day”
  • these texts resulted into a lot of squealing more bouncing up and down and ALOT of cringing from the guys
  • but daehwi really did sleep thinking of you
  • but your cheesiness never stopped in the relationship
  • and in a few months time you were cuddled up with him at the dorm 
  • and before both of you could sleep 
  • you felt a peck on your head and a whisper in your ear 
  • “we might of been the third place couple but you’ll always be number 1 in my heart" 

i’m going on a positing spree in like 30 minutes i’m posting daniel prince pt 3 as well and then i get to start writing my angst and my enemies to lovers the last few days i’ve been struggling with how my blog has like gone down and like even thought of not doing stuff but i decided i should work through it and keep pushing 

but first daehwi scenario not amazing i know hope you get fluffy feels for daehwi thooo 

I know @lawschoolruinedme used to do this excellent piece on sexism in the workplace where we all chipped in with our experiences surrounding our professional outfits.  I had a recent message that I want to follow up on with the larger community.

What do you do with comments about “how young you look”?  This is a two parter.  My personal struggle is A) awww.  You look 16.  Are you REALLY an attorney?  It’s patronizing and stupid and it leads opposing counsel/client/whomever to take me less seriously.  This comes from both men and women, but it is definitely more aggressive an insulting from the men.  Part two is from the message I got.  B)  How do you respond to older attorneys who aggressively hit on you because you look young? This isn’t an issue I have had.  I’m told it is because I have a hardcore resting “don’t fuck with me face.” I’m not sure.  You’ll have to ask @lawschoolruinedme or @marendezvouspoint who have both witnessed me interact with real humans.  However, I do know it’s a real issue.  I know @marendezvouspoint has had peers and contacts flirt in a professional atmosphere, what’s your advice to our lawblr friends navigating internships? 

Below, here’s a snippet from someone who does experience this.  I’d love some of my lovelies who are out and slaying dragons in practice to let some of our interns know the tips they learned. @permanentlawbraryresident, @pdxjenni, @a-necessary-dream, @lawschoolruinedme, @marendezvouspoint, @notttreason.  I have left the URL out from the quotes below, but feel free to claim yourself if you’d like.  

I had someone message me about being new to her internship and having male attorneys hit on her at work.  “one male attorney asks me to go to dinner with him that night in front of the judge I’m working for!”  She goes on to explain she’s struggling with male attorney’s treating her as a young pretty thing that can be flirted with and intimidated at will.

So lawblrs,  what do you do when you’re patronized with awww you look 16!  You’re so impressive for your age.  Or, oh honey, it’s a compliment.  When you’re MY AGE you’ll wish people thought you were 10 years younger.

and B) when dumb ass male attorneys forget you’re an actual professional and try to treat the workplace like their own personal dating app.


You Owe Me - Part 4

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,712

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Oh, my god. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” You laugh hysterically.

“Be nice, Y/N!” Jensen pouts adorably.

He is finally making you watch the pilot of Supernatural and it’s so entertaining.

“Dude…you sound twelve years old! It’s funny!”

“Well, it was like eleven years ago!” He says dramatically.

“No shit. I can’t get over how young you and Jared look. It’s almost distracting.” You smirk.

You look back over at Jensen and he’s still pouting.

“Awww. Jay, you’re not old.” You say cupping his cheek with your hand.

“What?!” He exclaims.

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We All Want Love - Chapter Two

Roman Reigns/OC

Author’s Note: The visit to Jon’s house is cut off for a reason! Is there really a lot between None and Some? Tags: @lavitabella87 @macfizzle @thenamesaj @cool-snowball-22-blog @romanempressfics

March 1, 2017

Atlanta, GA – Esperanza’s Condo

3:45 pm



Esperanza lie across her king-sized bed listening to her best friends, Angel and Monroe go back and forth about what they were doing for her upcoming birthday. She never got a say so in what they did, she liked what they had come up with in the past. While they talked she checked in with Kyla who was at cheer practice for their upcoming competition. It had been a few days since Esperanza had heard anything from Joe but she wasn’t worried, Kyla was worried enough for them both. If he was meant to find her again, he would. And if not, then so be it.

“How about we go out to Cali? Go to the beach, do some sight seeing.”

Angel rolled her eyes for the tenth time in the last twenty minutes at Monroe. She didn’t like any of Monroe’s ideas, as usual.

“Cali? Who is she Kyla? She needs a real trip out of the country, Roe.” Angel explained thumping the younger girl’s forehead. “Somewhere like Barcelona or Brazil.”

“Do you really think she would like that? What about Germany?”

Angel looked to Esperanza with an exasperated sigh, “Please get your girl. This fool wants to take you to Germany.”

‘You guys know we don’t have to take a trip every time one of us has a birthday,” Esperanza laughed dropping her phone onto the bed. “We could just go out here or drive somewhere close.”

Both Angel and Monroe laughed at her suggestion. The trio had been taking birthday trips ever since their businesses took off three years prior. They hadn’t spent a birthday in Atlanta since.

“Oh please. You can’t be serious, Es. I don’t agree with that ragamuffin very often but we agree on this. Birthday trips are our thing, we’re successful we deserve it.”

“You got one more insult me and I’m knockin’ that cute little accent out of your mouth, Monroe,” Angel playfully threatened. “But she’s right. We’re going. You just worry about packing some real cute shit and we got the rest.”

Angel was the friend with the potty mouth. She cursed like a sailor and had no cares about anyone who didn’t like it. She was the oldest of the trio, which made her the protector. When they went out they had no worries, they took care of each other and she took extra care of the two of them.

“We’re gonna take you to a nice island, get you drunk and get you a man cause, chica, you need it.”

Esperanza rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Shut up, Angel. I do not need a man for nothing.”

“I beg to differ,” Monroe laughed, “You need one for a few things.”

“He can’t do nothing for me that I can’t do for myself, Monroe.” Angel and Monroe shared a glance then looked at Esperanza and fell out laughing. She pouted a bit not needing the same lecture from her friends that she had gotten from her mom of all people.

“When was the last time you were with a guy, Es?”

“That’s none of your business, Monroe. That’s personal.”

“Esa mierda,” Angel groaned holding back a laugh, “The last time you got some dick was when you were with Rodney’s cheating ass.” Monroe’s eyes got big as Esperanza playfully slung one of her decorative pillows Angel’s way.  “Girl that was over two years ago. That’s a long ass time.”

“That’s why she’s so feisty all the damn time. She needs some,” Angel joked blocking yet another pillow.

“I hate both of you. And I’m not feisty, Angel.”

During Angel and Esperanza’s bickering Monroe’s phone pinged letting her know she had a message. She quickly gathered her belongings and headed for the open bedroom door. “I’ll see you ladies later. My man is on his way home.” She blew kisses on her way out of the room.

“Now that she’s gone, I can tell you what happened,” Angel said once she heard the front door open and close. “And before you say anything I didn’t want to say anything in front of her cause I didn’t want her to corrupt you into going back.”

“Just tell me already.”

“So, yesterday I’m at the salon working on this wig for a client when my receptionist comes and tells me I’ve got an appointment. So I’m like bring her back, I never really paid attention to the girl’s name when I saw it in my book,” Angel explained quickly. “So, she gets back my private booth and she’s talking her ass off. Telling me about how her baby’s daddy made her this appointment cause he wanted her to look good on their little date for some party they’re going to. And you know me,” she joked, “I wasn’t feeling it but I’m faking it, She pulls out her phone to show me pictures of him and the child. Guess who it was, Es. It was Rodney’s ass.”

Esperanza screwed her face up wondering why Angel was even telling her that. She hadn’t talked to him since their break up and she changed her number. He was in her past, that’s where she wanted to keep him.

“So once I’m done I walk her to the front to pay. When we get up there, Rodney’s raggedy ass is sitting out there with this big ass smile on his face. So me being me, I asked him what the fuck was so funny. He tells his little girlfriend to go on to the car so he can pay. And then he tells me how good it is to see me again and asking me about you.” She scoffed flipping her hair over her shoulder. “He was close to me pepper spraying his ass. Talking about he misses you and wants to know if he can have your number like he didn’t just have his girlfriend sitting in my chair.”

“And you told him what, Angel?”

“I told him kick rocks and to go back to his busted ass girlfriend.” Esperanza stared at her waiting for Angel to say whatever else she had said to Rodney. “What,” she snapped rolling her eyes. Esperanza raised her brows giving her a knowing look. “Okay, okay. I told him if I caught him anywhere near you or anything you own I would cut his balls off with nail clippers.”

“You know you don’t have to threaten him every time, Angel. I’m over all that shit. It’s in the past.”

“I wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t, Es. You may be over it but I’m not over how he made you feel. It hurt me to see you like that.”

“Awwwe, look at you, Angel, being all soft.” She joked hugging her best friend tightly. Angel pushed her off with a laugh of her own. “Yeah, yeah. Cut that cute shit out. “


March 4, 2017

Atlanta, GA – Esperanza’s Condo

8:30 pm



Kyla had been in contact with Joe again through Twitter ever since the night he day he left Atlanta. It was small things, him checking up on Kyla and Esperanza and making small talk with the young girl about her and her sister.

Esperanza and Kyla had dubbed Friday night their Sister’s Night. Neither of them worked and Kyla didn’t have practice—it was their time to take a breather from their responsibilities. They were supposed to watching ‘Dear White People’ but Kyla had her nose stuck in her phone.

“Little girl, if you don’t get off that phone. Those Tumblr girls can wait.”

Kyla laughed as she locked her phone. “I wasn’t on Tumblr this time. I was texting this guy.” Esperanza eyed her sister at the mention of a boy, her sister had never openly admitted to texting and talking to boys on her phone even though Esperanza already knew. Kyla caught her sister’s look and shook her head. “He’s not my boyfriend. He’s more like my brother—big brother.”

“Look here, whoever this boy is does not want to be your friend. He’s only saying that because he thinks it’ll get you comfortable with him so he can sleep with you, Ky.”

“It’s not like that. Seriously. He’s a brother to me.”

Esperanza scoffed pausing the Netflix series. She turned on the sofa so she was facing her sister. “And what are you to him? Trust me, Kyla. I’ve had my share of boys who say they’re my brother and then try to fu—sleep with me.”

“He’s way too old to be into me, Es. I swear it’s not like that.”

“How old is way too old, Kyla Lolita Harris?”

Kyla ran her hand down her face in frustration. This was not the plan she had worked through with Joe. It sounded so much better in texts, leave it to her to mess it up. “Look, I’ll just call him and you can talk to him. He’s more into you than me, I’m sure of it.” Quickly, she went through her contacts, finding Joe’s name so she could FaceTime him. “See,” Kyla sassed passing her phone to her sister. Giving her sister the side eye, she snatched the phone waiting for him to answer.

She smiled upon seeing Joe’s brown eyes staring back at her. “Kyla, I’m gonna kill you,” she mumbled, “And you too, Joe. I know you put her up to this.”

“It’s good to see you too, Tesoro della mia.” His voice was even deeper through the phone, it was nice to hear it again.

Esperanza allowed herself to dial back her excitement. The last thing she wanted was for Joe to think that she was waiting on him. “What does that mean, Joe?”

“It means treasure of mine.”

“Mmhm. You think your Italian is gonna win me over?” She asked raising a brow. “Cause it’s not.” Joe laughed heartily, he started to move around with his phone cuffed tightly in his hand. From what Esperanza could see he was in a hotel room, a nice one. He plopped down onto the full-sized bed still staring at Esperanza.

“From your smile I think I already have, Doll. You look beautiful by the way.”

“You almost got cursed out,” she said honestly, ignoring his compliment. “Had me thinking some guys was tryna give her some game about being her brother. And she said he was older than her. You almost got the business, Joe.”

“You tryna give me the business already, Doll. It’s like that?” Esperanza covered her mouth to contain her laughter, Kyla stood up ready to excuse herself that was much more than what she wanted to hear.

“Well, alrighty. I’m just gonna go to my room before I lose my dinner all over the floor.”

“Damn, little sister,” he laughed, “I didn’t know you were still in the room. You were too quiet over there.”

“Don’t worry, Joe. I’m leaving,” she giggled. “Can you call him on your phone, Es? I need my phone.”


Esperanza didn’t plan on staying up as long as she did with Joe but he wouldn’t let her hang up. He only had a flight in the morning so he was in no rush. The two of them traded jokes and stories back in forth, their laughing kept Kyla awake but she was happy for her sister. It had been a while since her sister had genuinely laughed like that.

“I should’ve asked before but do you have a girlfriend, Joe? Cause I’m not trying to be your little road side piece.”

He smirked rubbing his tired eyes. “Nah, no girlfriend, Doll. Unless that’s your way of askin’.”

“Nope it’s not. But you look tired, you should get some sleep.” He nodded then bid her good night, ending their call.


March 10, 2017

Orlando, FL -  Disney Coronado Springs Resort

6:45 pm



Kyla’s cheer competition had brought the sisters down to Orlando for the weekend with Kyla’s team. Since Kyla would be with her team the whole weekend, Esperanza and Joe made plans with each other before and after the competitions. They had plans to got to his cousin, Jon’s house, for a little get together during their time off.

“You’re staring again,” Esperanza laughed snapping her fingers in his face. He grabbed her hand, placing a light kiss on her knuckles. “Can’t help it, Doll. I finally have you in front of me without starin’ a hole through my phone.”

“Stop it. Flattery will get you nowhere,” she told him moving from their spot on the bed. She wanted to change clothes before they headed out for his cousin’s house. Joe couldn’t help his wondering eyes, he had been watching her every move since he got to her hotel room over an hour ago.

“I think it could if you gave it try.”

“I’m not fucking you in a room filled with Mickey mouse heads, Joe,” she laughed taking her clothes to the bathroom. “Not even if I actually wanted to.”

“Trust me, baby. If you let me in, you wouldn’t be worried about those damn heads,” he yelled out to her.

“Am I gonna have to put you out, Joe? You know I will.”

“You’d really put me out,” he asked lying back with his hand behind his head.

Esperanza snatched the bathroom door open, giving him a mocking smile then went to tuck the clothes away in her bag. She didn’t want to put him out, she was enjoying his company far too much. Even when she acted like she didn’t want him there, Joe brought more laughs and smiles out of her. Joe eyed her as she approached the bed. He knew she was watching him watch her but he had not a care in the world about it. He never made it a secret that he was attracted to her.

“I didn’t invite you over here for that. If you keep this up you’ll be going to your cousin’s place alone.”

“Plans change, Es. For the better.” She rolled her eyes trying to pull him up from his spot on the bed. The pair fought back and forth even though Joe could’ve easily overpowered her, it was more fun to watch her try. “We could both just stay here and enjoy each other’s company.”

“Not happening. I’ve gotten dressed to go out and that’s what we’re doing, mister.”

“Doll, why go be annoyed by my cousins, their wives and our friends, when you can stay here with Daddy,” he asked grasping her chin with his free hand. Esperanza smirked as she looked into his eyes. She couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t tempting her.

“I’ll make a deal with you, Joe. We go to your cousin’s house and have a good time now,” she said lacing her fingers with his, “And I’ll show you a good time later. Deal?”

He twisted his lips, thinking about her deal. “What kind of good time, Doll?”

“I’m still not going to fuck you in this Mickey Mouse room,” she giggled.

“Mmm, I’ve got a better deal. We go to my cousin’s house for a little while and afterwards we go to my house, I can make you some dinner then you can make me some sweets. Deal?”

“As long as I’m not the sweets, Joe. I’m not fucking you in your house either.”

“No one said anything about fuckin’. Just dinner and somethin’ sweet.”

Joe grabbed Esperanza’s wrists as she got ready to get out of his blacked out Tahoe. Their drive to Jon’s house was quiet but comfortable. Outside of Joe quietly signing along to the radio and Es laughing at him.

“I’m gonna warn you, Es. My cousins aren’t like me.”

“What does that mean? I’ve seen them on television, they are not that bad, Joe.”

“No, seriously, Doll. Josh is alright but Jon is,” he paused trying to find the right word. Before he could, His door was snatched open. Joe groaned as his cousin pulled him out of the driver seat, Esperanza laughed as she grabbed the keys from the ignition before getting out. She walked behind them as they play fought all the way up the curved driveway. Esperanza noticed there were about five or six cars. More than what she thought would be there. They stopped once they were on the porch when Joe was finally able to get out of his cousin’s hold.

“This is my cousin, Jon,” Joe said slightly out of breath, “Jon this is, Esperanza. My Doll.”

Jon gave him a cray look as he pulled her into a big hug, spinning her around in a circle until her back was to Joe. Jon looked over her shoulder at her butt with a goofy smile then gave Joe a thumb up. He tried to take a swipe at his cousin but Esperanza ended up getting in his way when she pulled away from the hug. She took her place at Joe’s side, holding on to his arm.

“Nice to meet you, Jon. Joe told me some stuff about you,” she giggled.

“Likewise, Esperanza. And whatever Uce told you, it’s a lie he’s a hater,” he laughed.

“Get your crazy ass in the house before I get Trin on your ass.”

“Whatever, I ain’t scared of her,” he sulked walking them into the house.

Joe wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her from the back. She giggled feeling his beard tickle her neck. “Stop it, Joe.” She wiggled against him trying to get out of his hold, he groaned in her ear at the feeling. “You better stop. Keep that up and me fuckin’ you in a Mickey Mouse room will be the least of your worries, Es.” At his words, she stopped her movements feeling her cheeks heat up from his words. “That’s what I thought,” he mumbled as he let her go and grabbed her hand.

“Bout damn time,” Jon complained as they entered the large, open living room. “Alright, yall this is Esperanza, the doll.”

“MY doll,” Joe playfully glared at his cousin.

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway. Esperanza, that’s my twin Josh, his wife Kecia, my wife Trinity and our ugly cousins. Come on, Uce.” Jon spoke quickly, grabbing Joe’s arm pulling him away from Esperanza. Before she could ask where they were going, Joe, Jon and Josh were out of sight.

“Girl, come have a seat. They won’t be back for a while.” The woman she remembered as Trinity patted the spot on the sofa beside her with a welcoming smile.

The woman to her left put a hand to Esperanza’s knee, garnering her attention. “Joe didn’t tell us he was bringing a guest with him. I’m Tamina by the way.”

“I’m sorry if I’m intruding, Tamina. He told me it would be alright if I came,” she explained confused.

“Girl, we’re not upset you’re here. Hell, we’re excited he brought you with him,” Tamina laughed slapping hands with Kecia.

“Why’s that?”

“Cause he never brings girls to meet us. He hasn’t since his developmental days. He usually just sleeps with them then never talks to them again.” His other cousin added earning glares from her other cousins. “What? It’s the truth and you guys knows it.”

“Yeah but you didn’t have to tell her that, Nia. At least wait until you’re sure he’s told her that,” Tamina stressed giving her leg a slap.

Esperanza sat uncomfortably watching them go back and forth, she was glad to hear that Joe hadn’t done to her what he had clearly done to others but on the other hand she wasn’t sure if she liked that he had that in his past. What if it came back to bite him in the ass somewhere down the line? Or what if he left her in dust?

“Don’t worry about what Nia said. She has a habit of putting her foot in her mouth,” Kecia assured.

“You guys know him best, it’s better to hear it from you than anyone else.”

“No,” Tamina asserted, “It’s better to have heard it from Joe. His past relations are none of our business. We shouldn’t have brought it up, especially not on your first visit.”

“Yeah hopefully we haven’t scared you away from him. Joe would kill us.”

Esperanza laughed waving Trinity off. They looked extremely worried. “Trust me, him and his mouth will run me away before you guys would.”

“His mouth?” Trinity asked carefully.

Esperanza laughed thinking back to their conversation in the hotel, their phone conversations and texts. He had been throwing out innuendos at her, Joe was good she had to admit but not that good.

“Joe is just good. He’s a smooth talker and I bet he’s even smoother,” Esperanza caught herself before she could utter the rest of her words. “Sorry, I don’t want to make yall uncomfortable and we barely know each other.”

“Trust us nothing you could say could make us uncomfortable. We’re all family, hopefully you’ll stick around and become family too.”


Joe brought Esperanza to his home, getting her settled in his living room while he changed clothes. Him and his cousins had smoked a cigar and the smell had seeped into his clothes. While she waited for him to return, she called to see if Kyla and the team had made it back to their hotel.

“We’re still out, Es. I know that’s what you want,” Kyla laughed into the phone.

“I just wanted to check on you, geez. I haven’t heard from you all day.”

“Because you’re with Joe. I want you to enjoy him without interruptions.”

“Enjoy him,” Esperanza laughed. “Girl, what do you even know about that?”

“I’m 16, not 6. I know what couples do when they’re alone. They have sex, Es.”

“We haven’t had sex, Kyla Lolita! You and I are gonna have a long, long talk,” she scolded playfully.

“Have fun. Practice making me nieces and nephews,” Kyla blew kisses into the phone then hung up.

She laughed tossing her phone onto the coffee table. She couldn’t believe her sister was pushing her up to have sex with Joe. Albeit, she was thinking about it but she didn’t need anyone influencing her. It’s the reason she hadn’t told Monroe or Angel about Joe period.

When she looked up, Joe was coming around the corner, heading towards his kitchen. She followed him, wanting to know what he planned on cooking.

“Doll, come wash your hands. I’m puttin’ your pretty ass to work,” he ordered popping her butt.

She poked his chest with her index finger. “Hands, Mr. Anoa’i.” He held his hands up surrendering with a laugh. Moving around her, Joe begun taking the pots out he would need and ingredients he had gotten before going to Esperanza’s hotel room. His mom had given him the recipe to her tomato sauce and meatballs, she was sure he could handle boiling noodles. She wanted to know who her son was cooking for but he had given her some lame excuse about wanting to learn Italian dishes.

“What do you need me to do,” Esperanza asked softly.

He had started to open the cans of tomato paste and whole tomatoes. The muscles in his arms were flexing, catching Esperanza’s eye. “Fill that pot with water and add some salt and butter for the noodles for me. Turn the stove on 5, if you will.” They moved in silence, Esperanza finished her task and stood to the side watching Joe chop onions and add them to his pot along with the paste, tomatoes and seasonings. “Come closer. You can help me with the meatballs.”

“I’ve never made them, I’m not really sure how.”

Joe rolled his eyes pulling her to him by her wrists, until she stood in front of the counter. He stood behind her, his hands moving ingredients closer to them. “Alright, so we’re gonna crumble the bread first. Like this,” he demonstrated, “Got it?” Shifting in his arms a bit, she nodded trying to focus on the task at hand and not the body heat blanketing her own. Quickly and efficiently, the five slices of bread were crumbled and added to a large mixing bowl full of ground beef. “Next, we need to add an egg. Think you can handle that,” he teased. She pushed back against him laughing then grabbed the egg from him. She broke the egg, tossing the shell into the Walmart bag Joe had thrown the other trash into. “Add some parsley, pepper, garlic powder and parmesan,” he whispered pointing to each. His hands over her hand as she added seasonings to make sure she didn’t overdo it. “Now the fun part—mixin’. My mom says the trick is mixin’ it with your hands.” Without any hesitation, Esperanza dug her hands in, pushing and mixing the ingredients arounds. It felt cold and mushy in her hands but it was kind of cool to her. “Slow down, Doll. You’ve gotta be gentle with the meat. Let me show you,” he spoke moving his body closer to hers and putting his hands atop hers once more. Joe had her body pressed against the counter by his body, his face right beside hers. Cheek to cheek. “See, you don’t have to move so quick. Fast is cool but sometimes it’s better to go nice and slow, Esperanza.” She looked over at him, catching the focused look on his face. The way his jaw clenched and unclenched as they moved the meat around. The focus he had was putting her hormones into overdrive though she wasn’t entirely sure why. “It’s time to roll the balls, Es. Look at the meat, not me,” he joked squeezing her hands.

Joe placed a handful of meat in her hand then some of his own, showing her how to make a perfect ball. Setting his aside, he watched her do her own. She bit down on her bottom lip, concentrating hard on making hers as perfect as his was.

“You’re cute when you’re concentratin’,” he whispered pushing his cheek against hers.

“I just want them to be perfect,” she laughed, “No one wants lopsided balls, Joe.”

“Mine isn’t perfect, Doll. We’re gonna eat them no matter what they look like.”

She pouted setting her meatball on the tray beside his. They both did two more before putting them into the waiting tomato sauce. The pair washed their hands, splashing water and suds on one another until they both gave in. Joe led her back into the living room with him, while the food cooked. They sat on the floor in front of his sofa. The Game of Thrones marathon playing before them.

“My balls are gonna be so ugly,” she pouted.

He laughed pulling her into his lap, he knew she had been sulking over that since they had left the kitchen. “Babygirl, they’ll be fine. The only balls you need to worried about are right here.”

“You’re nasty, you know that, Joe.”

“I know it, I’m tryna make sure you know it.”

“You’re too much. I’m not going there with you,” she laughed pushing at his chest.

“You’re stallin’ but I’ll go along with it. I see how you look at me when you think I’m not lookin’. If you didn’t want me then you wouldn’t be here.”

Esperanza had gotten lost in his eyes as he spoke, moving her gaze between his eyes, his lips and his jaw. This man was more than attractive and she knew that he knew it. She bit her lip trying to think of ways to distract herself, reasons not to sleep with him while the food cooked.

“You wanna kiss me but you won’t. You wanna touch me but you won’t. Why.” He asked dropping his tone.

She sighed playing with her fingers in her lap. “I don’t want to be like those other girls. I’m not some little jeva that you can parade around cause I look nice on your arm and in your bed. I’m not a jungle gym, Joe.”

“Where’s this comin’ from, Doll?” Her tone of voice concerned him. Joe didn’t want her to be insecure this early about him, they weren’t even in a relationship yet.

“Just answer my question, Joe. Is this going somewhere or do you just wanna sleep with me? I’m a big girl, I can take the truth.”

Tesoro,” he called out softly. With his index finger under his chin, he brought her gaze back up to his. “If sex is all I wanted from you, I would’ve gotten it the first night I met you. While I’d love to lay you down right here, I’d love to get to know you and make something of this even more.”

“You’re sure, Joe? Cause honey it’s going to be a long while before you get any of this.” Rolling his eyes dramatically, Joe kissed behind her ear down to her collar bone. “Are listening to me,” she giggled pushing him back, “I said you weren’t getting any.”

“I heard you loud and clear, Doll. However, there’s a big gap between none and some,” he whispered turning her in his lap. They sat noses to nose, her arms wrapped around his neck.

“Uhn uhn, Joe. Once that motor gets running, it’s not gonna stop.”

Their eyes met once again, a smirk on his lips. He knew the food needed another hour and that was all the time he needed with Esperanza. He had been itching to get his hands on her. “Well, there’s only one way to find out. Let’s take your theory for a test drive and find out.”

Prompt #1

1. “For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating” for

The first time Alec meets Catarina Loss, it’s because he’s meeting Magnus at Taki’s and the woman is sat at the bar with her old friend.

They’re both chatting enthusiastically and they’re sipping pale pink cocktails as Alec approaches them, slightly nervous to meet The Catarina Loss and he’s also totally lost because, was he supposed to meet Catarina? Magnus had said it would be a “casual date”, but he never said anything about Catarina and this potential meeting, letting Alec wonder if this was planned beforehand.

He always feels underdressed next to Magnus, but now looking at his boyfriend and his friend, he feels downright ridiculous.

Magnus is wearing a golden shirt with floral embroideries and black leather pants that holds all his curves perfectly. His eyelids are decorated with sparkling black eyeshadow and mascara, making his brown eyes shine. Catarina is gorgeous next to him, her blue skin is put on display under her black backless dress. They look powerful together and Alec feels very small.

Magnus looks up from his cocktail to meet Alec’s hazel eyes. He smiles and puts his glass down as he stands up to greet the Shadowhunter.

“Alexander !” He says happily, “You’re right on time.”

“Hi.” Whispers the younger man and Magnus can feel the tension in the air as Catarina’s eyes meet Alec’s.

“Cat, meet my friend Alexander Lightwood.” Exclaims Magnus, “Alec, this is Catarina Loss, one of oldest friends.”

“Quit introducing me as old, Bane.” Says the warlock as she extends a hand to shake Alec’s. “Nice to meet you Alexander.”

“Call me Alec, please.” Answers Alec as he takes a deep breath, his lungs are frozen in his chest but he tries to smile through it. “And the pleasure is all mine.”

The rest of the night is a blur, Alec sits between Magnus and Catarina and is mostly silent,only humming when Magnus asks him a question about the food on his plate.

My friend Alexander Lightwood, my friend Alexander, my friend, my friend, my friend, friend, friend, friend.

Magnus offers to take him back to the Institute by portal and Alec accepts, the night is still young and he wants to talk to Magnus. Alone. Where he can feel at ease.

He needs to talk to Magnus because the word friend is chanting in his mind, haunting his thoughts and making him shiver from the cold in his veins.

Which is why he feels suddenly angry when Izzy, Jace and Clary are just waiting there. Interrupting Alec’s plan with amused looks and giggles of “Awww, had a nice date?” Izzy is always the worst when it comes to her big brother’s love life, she can probably see how embarrassed and mad her brother looks, but she keeps pushing.

“You two are the cutest boyfriends ever.” She laughs and Alec feels Magnus move next to him before he snaps.

“For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating.”

Silence fills the room as Alec feels his blood boil, his goes vision red because they’re not dating, they’re friends, friends, friends.

“We’re not?” Asks Magnus, almost offended as he stares at the man next to him. “You go on dates with all your friends, Alexander?”

“No!” Shouts Alec, “But apparently you do!”

The three other Shadowhunters look absolutely horrified to be there, Clary is playing with her hair like no one is there and Jace plays with his stele as Isabelle twists her hands with embarrassement.

“What is that supposed to mean, Alexander?” Says Magnus, his eyes narrowing with anger. “Is this about my bisexuality?”

“What?! No!” Shouts Alec, “This has nothing to do with that.”

“Then what are you on about?”

“You said I was your friend.” He cries out, unable to keep looking at Magnus. “You told Catarina I was your friend, not your boyfriend. Your friend.”

The High warlock stares a few seconds, Alec can feel wheels working in Magnus’ mind and he can see when it finally sets.

“Oh, Alexander.” Breathes Magnus, “It was just by force of habit, my dear. I haven’t had a boyfriend in years, almost centuries. I am a bit rusty with all of this. The word still feels a bit strange on my tongue.”

Alec feels like his heart can finally beat again as Magnus caresses his cheek with his fingertips. 

“But I will gladly use it for you, boyfriend.”

(Send me prompts for Malec, guys. I am very bored and very open to requests)
  • Me looking at Nowi's Halloween design: Awww...look at my girl. She's so adorable~!
  • Snob: Oh my god! Look at her design! It's so sexualized for a girl who looks like a young child!IS and Nintendo at it again with sexualizing female characters!
  • Me: You guys have been complaining about this long now? Here's something that my dad told me one time; if you hate a practice being done in a game so much, get a degree and create a game yourself without implementing the practice you hate, or get the actual job of drawing the female characters. The sooner you do this, the sooner I don't have to listen to your endless bitching towards a brick wall.

[170514] WEIZHOU weibo update
✩ Trans: Wish every mom in the world have a happy Mother’s Day (especially thanks my beautiful mom).

→ He sings 2 songs with his mom: Invisible wings + Dust. Guys come and see your mother-in-law, she looks so young and elegant ♡

A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys
A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

“Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”

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How would the axis react to opening their front doors and seeing lil kiddos asking for candy while dressed up in shabby Halloween costumes?

Awww the little kiddos are doing there best! I had a couple of shabby halloween costumes too so i feel

Italy: Veee ciao ciao piccoli mostri! Here here candy for all!<3

Germany: It is good to see the young enjoy themselves. Here is some Kinder bars, they are both tasty and better for the body than other candies. Have a successful night young ones and be careful for any danger.

Japan: Ah, you all look great. May I suggest a few things? While giving out tons of candy to tide them over, gives them a few simple advice on how to improve their costume for next year. He is a cosplay master

Romano: Here you are little brats. Enjoy the candy. Acts grumpy, but is smiling. He loves Halloween night, seeing all the children prancing around in happily in cute outfits. Even tad shabby ones are great to see, shows that they are trying and deserves lots of candy

Prussia: KESSESSESS HEY THERE LITTLE KIDOS! HERE HERE TAKE THIS! gives them candy AND a roll of toilet paper so they can TP a house. All fun stuff. Next day Prussia will go around and help clean up the TP mess in the neighborhood tough, he is coughsomewhatcough responsible

Austria: Will be working with Hungary. They will both be outside and she’ll pass out candy, and if cold night, cups of hot coco. Austria will be playing the piano, nice background music for a fun night. What the kids don’t know is that there are a few jump scares (remote control,they don’t want to scare little babies) and when they see someone coming up, Austria will pound at the keys, scaring the kid and bomb jumpscare will pop up! Those that don’t run away gets lots of candy, but Austria will randomly pound at the keys again freaking the kids out thinking something else will jump out.


You actually get to see what Monkey!Chase and Monkey!Clay look like here, (though they never appear in the show).

This is concept art for the Xiaolin Showdown PS2 videogame.
As far as I understand. each character and skin featured is unlockable through gameplay.

Here is how you unlock each skin:
Temple outfit: Generic.
Monk Outfit: Reach ‘Monk’ rank.
Robot: Reach 'Martial Artist’ rank.
Showdown: Reach 'Wudai Warrior’ rank.
Urban: 'Reach 'Grass Hopper’ rank.

Jack Spicer: Beat 'Jack Spicer Robot Fight’ in Adventure mode.
Chase Young: Beat Mala Mala Jong in Adventure mode.

Monkey forms when using Monkey Staff Shen Gong Wu.

This is the highest quality image I could find.


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It’s plenty sweg enough! I love this!


It’s been a few weeks since Jiho and you had gone public about your relationship. Both of your fans had been very understanding, and supportive however it seems that they were more infatuated with how random it seemed. Jiho had more of an intense, tough rapper image. The image of a member of Buckwilds crew and Block B. You had the image of the sweet and cute singer from a girl group. Your concept had a tendency of being flowery and colorful.

The two of you had a date, and for the first time you could actually wander around the city. Hand in hand and sharing the occasional sweet kiss. Not caring who saw you or got a photo of the two of you. As you wandered down the streets of Hongdae you cheered seeing and ice cream cart. “Oppa! look they’re in the shape of roses”

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callout post: you're someone i look up to and whose blog i peruse to find information about topics i'm not educated in >:|

Awww! Come sit with me, and let me discuss the mechanics of haute patisserie, and also how the anti-yaoi and anti-hentai movements of my child and young adulthood can be drawn in parallel to a lot of the anti “yaoi is just fetishizing gay men” rhetoric.


CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor

AUTHOR : loricameback

GENRE : Smut





“Thanks a lot. Have a good one!” I slipped a dollar in the tip jar before leaving Starbucks with my iced coffee. As I walked out the door, Sebastian was coming from across the street. Luckily there were a few people to block his view to give me time to run down the sidewalk into a crowd of people.

Moving out of the way to avoid getting trampled, I looked back just in time to see him go in and stand in line. Damn he looked good. Wearing the Straight Outta Romania shirt he got at Wizard World in Tulsa and ripped blue jeans, and Lord, his thick hair just made me wanna…mmmm…ok calm down woman.

He chatted with the barista as she made his coffee, then he sat down. Hmmm, resting today baby? Yeah well not for long. I kept my eyes on him, dirty thoughts already going through my mind as I pulled my phone out of my purse and started texting.

\Hey baby, I figured you’d be on a break by now. Are you?\ I watched him pick up his phone off the table, grin and text back.

\Damn woman, I just sat down. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d be watching me.

After I read it, I bit my tongue and waited. Three…two…one…yep, there it was. He lift his head, narrowing one eye, and he typed \Payback, huh? Ok brat, where are you?

I covered my mouth with my hand so no one would look at me like I was crazy for laughing. \I can’t tell you honey, but I wish I could straddle you right there in Starbucks and put my hands up your Romania shirt as I suck on your neck.\ I smirked as I waited for his reaction.

Poor Sebby. Looking out the window, and agitated. \That’s not very nice doll.\

Awww, I pouted with a smile. \I’m sorry. How about I get naked from the waist up for you and let you knead one breast and bite the nipple of the other. Make me hurt for being such a bad girl!

I laughed out loud for that one. I’m gonna pay for that one!!! Sebastian threw his head back and covered his eyes. Two young women approached him then. “Oh my god! This is perfect!!” I didn’t realize I said that out loud until people were looking at me like I was nuts. Screw you, I thought. You’d be laughing too!

He was doing great with them, smiling and talking, so I thought, alright Sebby, let’s see how you pull this one off. I was giggling so much I could barely see. \Mmmm Sebby, can we have them watch? After I sent it I wondered if he would even look at it. He knew it was from me and the subject matter, so why do that to himself in front of two women?

He was signing autographs and taking pictures, then they left before he picked up the phone. DAMNIT! He read the text, then a huge smile came on his face. I narrowed my eyes. Either he liked the idea or he was trying to piss me off. I chose the latter. He wouldn’t do that.

//You’d like that wouldn’t you. You’d do it with Chris and me. Yeah, Chris in your mouth and me deep in your cunt. If you come out now, I just might ask him.

I almost dropped the phone. Son.of.a.bitch! He had a huge shit eating grin on his face. Oh Sebby, that was low! \You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather Scarlett suck you off as I watch?// I sent it and damn if I wasn’t making it worse. I would LOVE to see that happen!

Oh, he liked that. He sat up slightly as he discretely put pressure on his groin. This was going to be ending quite soon. I watched him text. As my phone buzzed, I was afraid to look, but with shaky hands, I did so. \I never brought this up to you, but Scarlett has a crush on you and well, there are things that she’s willing to participate in.

Fuuuuck meee! I fell against the wall and was basically panting. \Are you trying to get me to show myself or are you being serious?

I could barely see at this point, but I looked up and saw him blowing a kiss to me through the window.


We didn’t even make it home. He pulled the car onto a path off of the highway and I jumped on the hood of the car, he amost ripped off my pants and panties and his mouth was on my clit sucking hard. “Damn Sebby!” His tongue circled around my pussy as he grabbed my ass cheeks. A few laps from bottom to top had me pushing his face in and arching my hips. “MORE!” Two fingers entered my cunt, pumping quickly, scissoring until he found my sweet spot. Lapping my clit and teasing with his fingers started a hot, thunderous orgasm shaking my entire body. I grabbed Sebastian’s hair and he sucked my clit, moaning my name which started another amazing orgasm that continued when he climbed on top of me and thrust deep in me. Never mind wondering when he took his pants off, I didn’t care.

He bit my earlobe and growled, “You are a bad girl and should be punished for teasing me.” His thrusts became faster and harder.

I threw my arms up over my head and moaned loudly. “I like…your punishments!! More Sebby!!”

He sucked on my neck, marking me, his thrusts not slowing. “Mmmm baby you’re so wet. So horny and so bad. Maybe I’ll punish you when we get home.” Sebastian was in balls deep when he began cursing into my neck, then came inside me, flooding like a dam burst.

He lay limp on me, his shirt sticky from sweat. Not looking up he mumbled, “I love you babe…I really do.” He held out his hand without looking up. “Now gimme your damn phone!”

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Approximate Age Comparisions of the Gems (based on our current information)


Centipeetle - Was among the original explorers & collonists to discover Earth and settle/build there, and was already a high-ranking, experienced officer at the time. Positively ancient. 

Bismuth - Apparently worked on many different colonies before Earth; Was involved in the early days of the Earth colony - and the rebellion, when it was still an idealistic movement,  and describes Rose’s humble bginnings as “just another soldier made right here.”

Pearl - Claims to already have been a few millenia old when she learned to fight in “Sworn to the Sword” and was already widely feared as a ferocious assasin in the Rebellion’s early days, though she’d still consider herself ‘young’ when she started doing fightey stuff. She probably spent a long time as an actual slave before that, has strong memories of homeworld itself and spacetravel (see: space Race)

Rose - Was made on Earth, so she must be younger than Centi and Bismuth, likely even Pearl(!). Started the rebellion and is thus logically older than anyone made during or after it, but was likely pretty young when she started, probably beginning it as an idealistic movement & being graually forced to transistion into a shadier general/politician.

Lapis - We don’t really know how old she was when she visited Earth, nor has she really referenced her life before very much (either because she was young & impressionable, or because the subsequent traumas drowned out its imfluence), but she was present when the war first broke out, captured at the start of it, spent the 1000 years of the war being interrogated and the years afterward trapped. So the homeworld she remembers is not just from before the war ended, but from before the war. No wonder she didn’t reconize anything. 

— Rebellion Starts —

Garnet - The war had not yet full-on escalated and were just a persistent annoyance at this point, though persistent enough for Blue Diamond to get involved and for Rose & Pearl to have fearsome reputations. We don’t really know how old Ruby & Saphire were individually, tho, though Ruby seemed to be the ‘reasonable one’ on her team. 

Eyeball - Existed when the war escalated, saw Pink Diamond killed, heared the tales of Jasper’s creation and famed post-emergence rampage and must therefore be at least a little older than her. Maybe she was never promoted because she was part of the Squad that was supposed to protect Pink Diamond? 

Jasper - Was made “halfway through the rebellion” after the war had already turned way ugly. The war went on for another 500 years, during which she presumably fought the rebellion. 

—war ends —

Amethyst - Emerged some 500 years after the Prime Kindergarten was last in use, when the war was over and it was pretty much abandoned. Lived there on her own for a while until Rose & co found  and ‘adopted’ her. So Amethyst and Jasper could be exactly (only…?) 1000 years apart despite the latter’s more mature appearance. 

Peridot - Was definitely made way after the war, in a time of ressource shortages. Describes herself as “new”, though given that Pearl described over 1-2000 as a ‘tender age’ in Sworn to the Sword, Peridot may still be in the quadruple digits. 

Rest of the Ruby Squad - We don’t know when exactly they were made or how their exact ages relate to Peridot’s, but Eyeball seems to be the grizzled veteran of the group and she’s the only one who remembers the war so they’re probably all Era 2 productions. One would assume that Doc is a bit older since she’s the commander.

Steven - Exactly 14 years old as of ‘Steven’s Birthday’.

Leggy - considered a ‘Newbie’ by Doc and on her first real mission out according to production notes, or, at very least hasn’t been in service for very long. Does act somewhat like a mildly curious but distractable little girl. Steven sympathizes. Awww. 


This is actually a tad thought-provoking when you look at it like this. Pearl is the oldest Crystal Gem despite her clinging uncertain personality (probably a good indication of how slavery fucked her up), Amethyst isn’t that young, Rose isn’t that old etc. 


KING: Talking about doing things differently, I thought we had a nice moment before you came on. We have all the monitors up. And there’s a picture of David Duchovny who we all know you were married to. But you looked and you said ‘is that David?’ You said 'I like that guy.’ Most people don’t say that about their ex-husbands. I thought that was a nice thing to say.

LEONI: Listen, you know David gave me the two best gifts ever so I adore him.  

GLOR: He gave you advice before the show started.

LEONI: He did. Well at one point I called him because I was like first of all this is not so relevant for him but my feet were killing me. I just want to call Hillary and say good lord, woman, how do you people, I mean, I don’t know how John Kerry is doing it at all. But you know, the hours were so different and David has been through this a few times. And he said, oh, you’ll get used to it.

Téa Leoni on CBS This Morning. September 18, 2014