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BTS Reaction to: Their Girlfriend Being Bisexual

Can you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend being bisexual ?

Jin: When you told him, he mulled over what this meant. He wondered if you would somehow be less loyal. But that idea made him giggle. Not only is he the King of Visuals, but he’s the type to judge on personality. You’ve shown him nothing but loyalty and love, so although this new information does take him back for a second, he ultimately doesn’t care.

“Okay, cool. Do you want to play Mario Kart? And maybe order take away?”

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Suga: Min Yoongi, a Bi Messiah, does not give a f*ck. Gender and sexuality don’t matter to him. Yes, he is glad to date someone who understands him, who doesn’t think “Why can’t you just pick a side?” or that being bi “is just a phase.” And that’s it; he doesn’t think any more or less of you because of it. He would love you just the same if you were straight or pansexual.

Love is love, at the end of the day.

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J-Hope: Ok, so just hear me out,,, but in my most humble opinion, I think that Hobi’s bi too or at least curious about experimenting. So this news only makes him excited. He thinks all sexualities are normal and that it’s okay to have sex with whoever you want, as long as it’s safe, consensual and you’re legally an adult. And he’ll ask you about your past experiences, not to fetishize you, but just out of curiousity. I really do think he’s experimented with boys before (I will die for Sope) so it’s an open, comfortable conversation that brings you closer together. He might even suggest a threesome, purely joking and not in any way trying to force you into anything. But if you show interest, he’ll be so elated.

“Wait, really? Hell yeah!”

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Rap Monster: ngl this boy immediately started imagining you going down on some hot girl. But he also takes your words very seriously. He hates if ppl make bi jokes or are like “Ayy your girl’s bi, how do you know she won’t cheat?” and all that crap. He may not understand from a personal viewpoint but he knows that bi’s are a “grey” area in the LGBT community and get a lot of hate from ignorant ppl. So he’ll never reduce your sexuality to a joke or try to use it against you. You can be open and comfortable around Namjoon, who loves you for you. You being bi doesn’t change that.

But it does give him something great to fantasize about on tour …

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Jimin: Not for a second does his view of you change. He has friends that are bisexual *cough* Suga *cough* and even follows a lot of openly bi artists. So this information doesn’t bother him at all. He is, however, hyper aware, on days when he’s feeling self conscious, of all the attractive ppl around; wondering sometimes if you’ll leave him for them. But that’s not an issue with you, that’s his personal insecurities talking. As long as you prove your loyalty and remind him of his beauty, both inside and out, those moments pass quickly and ChimChim is nothing but loving to you ~

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V: “What’s that?” Listens to you explain your sexuality, never interrupting or judging you. He just nods along. “That’s cool. So do you want to go get strawberries?” As long as you love him, that’s all that matters … Until a few days later when he suddenly realizes;

“Wait, have you had sex with girls?”

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He doesn’t ask this to be creepy. He asks only because it makes him realize that out of everyone in the world you could be with, you chose him. And that makes him melt.

“Awww, my heart is fluttering ~”

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Jungkook: tbh Jungkook takes the news the worst. Not because you’re somehow “gross” but bc he’s young and not very experienced. Although he looks cocky on stage, under that persona is that shy, young boy from Busan who admires his hyungs. So he feels unworthy of your love, comparing himself to your exes, thinking that if they couldn’t keep you happy, how could he? He can’t stop imagining you with another girl, thinking that no one understands a woman’s body like another woman, right? How could he compete with that?

You need to explain to him how dating girls is the same as dating boys; there’s good, bad and ugly relationships. The only difference is the gender. As he learns to understand your sexuality more, he realizes that he worried for nothing.

“How foolish was I? Thinking you’d leave me, when I’m the greatest there is? Boys and girls don’t stand a chance against me.”

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I know @lawschoolruinedme used to do this excellent piece on sexism in the workplace where we all chipped in with our experiences surrounding our professional outfits.  I had a recent message that I want to follow up on with the larger community.

What do you do with comments about “how young you look”?  This is a two parter.  My personal struggle is A) awww.  You look 16.  Are you REALLY an attorney?  It’s patronizing and stupid and it leads opposing counsel/client/whomever to take me less seriously.  This comes from both men and women, but it is definitely more aggressive an insulting from the men.  Part two is from the message I got.  B)  How do you respond to older attorneys who aggressively hit on you because you look young? This isn’t an issue I have had.  I’m told it is because I have a hardcore resting “don’t fuck with me face.” I’m not sure.  You’ll have to ask @lawschoolruinedme or @marendezvouspoint who have both witnessed me interact with real humans.  However, I do know it’s a real issue.  I know @marendezvouspoint has had peers and contacts flirt in a professional atmosphere, what’s your advice to our lawblr friends navigating internships? 

Below, here’s a snippet from someone who does experience this.  I’d love some of my lovelies who are out and slaying dragons in practice to let some of our interns know the tips they learned. @permanentlawbraryresident, @pdxjenni, @a-necessary-dream, @lawschoolruinedme, @marendezvouspoint, @notttreason.  I have left the URL out from the quotes below, but feel free to claim yourself if you’d like.  

I had someone message me about being new to her internship and having male attorneys hit on her at work.  “one male attorney asks me to go to dinner with him that night in front of the judge I’m working for!”  She goes on to explain she’s struggling with male attorney’s treating her as a young pretty thing that can be flirted with and intimidated at will.

So lawblrs,  what do you do when you’re patronized with awww you look 16!  You’re so impressive for your age.  Or, oh honey, it’s a compliment.  When you’re MY AGE you’ll wish people thought you were 10 years younger.

and B) when dumb ass male attorneys forget you’re an actual professional and try to treat the workplace like their own personal dating app.


[170514] WEIZHOU weibo update
✩ Trans: Wish every mom in the world have a happy Mother’s Day (especially thanks my beautiful mom).

→ He sings 2 songs with his mom: Invisible wings + Dust. Guys come and see your mother-in-law, she looks so young and elegant ♡

You Owe Me - Part 4

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,712

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Oh, my god. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” You laugh hysterically.

“Be nice, Y/N!” Jensen pouts adorably.

He is finally making you watch the pilot of Supernatural and it’s so entertaining.

“Dude…you sound twelve years old! It’s funny!”

“Well, it was like eleven years ago!” He says dramatically.

“No shit. I can’t get over how young you and Jared look. It’s almost distracting.” You smirk.

You look back over at Jensen and he’s still pouting.

“Awww. Jay, you’re not old.” You say cupping his cheek with your hand.

“What?!” He exclaims.

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A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys
A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

“Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”


You actually get to see what Monkey!Chase and Monkey!Clay look like here, (though they never appear in the show).

This is concept art for the Xiaolin Showdown PS2 videogame.
As far as I understand. each character and skin featured is unlockable through gameplay.

Here is how you unlock each skin:
Temple outfit: Generic.
Monk Outfit: Reach ‘Monk’ rank.
Robot: Reach 'Martial Artist’ rank.
Showdown: Reach 'Wudai Warrior’ rank.
Urban: 'Reach 'Grass Hopper’ rank.

Jack Spicer: Beat 'Jack Spicer Robot Fight’ in Adventure mode.
Chase Young: Beat Mala Mala Jong in Adventure mode.

Monkey forms when using Monkey Staff Shen Gong Wu.

This is the highest quality image I could find.


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It’s plenty sweg enough! I love this!


It’s been a few weeks since Jiho and you had gone public about your relationship. Both of your fans had been very understanding, and supportive however it seems that they were more infatuated with how random it seemed. Jiho had more of an intense, tough rapper image. The image of a member of Buckwilds crew and Block B. You had the image of the sweet and cute singer from a girl group. Your concept had a tendency of being flowery and colorful.

The two of you had a date, and for the first time you could actually wander around the city. Hand in hand and sharing the occasional sweet kiss. Not caring who saw you or got a photo of the two of you. As you wandered down the streets of Hongdae you cheered seeing and ice cream cart. “Oppa! look they’re in the shape of roses”

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[drunk text] have you ever noticed how cute our little yurio is? with his adorable angry face and pretty narrowed glare?

Was that for real now …? Usually Katsuki would only text him if he didn’t reach out Yuri (mostly because the young Russian was trying to ignore him due to … reasons?), but this sudden text message was … surely very odd.

Also … “our little Yurio”? Hopefully Yuri won’t ever get the chance to check out the Kazakh’s phone to read that conversation.

[text to: Yuuri K.] uuuuh ….
[text to: Yuuri K.] Are you drunk? Or are you and Victor trying to test me on something?
[text to: Yuuri K.] I’d honestly not say his angry face is cute when he intends to look “angry”

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Approximate Age Comparisions of the Gems (based on our current information)


Centipeetle - Was among the original explorers & collonists to discover Earth and settle/build there, and was already a high-ranking, experienced officer at the time. Positively ancient. 

Bismuth - Apparently worked on many different colonies before Earth; Was involved in the early days of the Earth colony - and the rebellion, when it was still an idealistic movement,  and describes Rose’s humble bginnings as “just another soldier made right here.”

Pearl - Claims to already have been a few millenia old when she learned to fight in “Sworn to the Sword” and was already widely feared as a ferocious assasin in the Rebellion’s early days, though she’d still consider herself ‘young’ when she started doing fightey stuff. She probably spent a long time as an actual slave before that, has strong memories of homeworld itself and spacetravel (see: space Race)

Rose - Was made on Earth, so she must be younger than Centi and Bismuth, likely even Pearl(!). Started the rebellion and is thus logically older than anyone made during or after it, but was likely pretty young when she started, probably beginning it as an idealistic movement & being graually forced to transistion into a shadier general/politician.

Lapis - We don’t really know how old she was when she visited Earth, nor has she really referenced her life before very much (either because she was young & impressionable, or because the subsequent traumas drowned out its imfluence), but she was present when the war first broke out, captured at the start of it, spent the 1000 years of the war being interrogated and the years afterward trapped. So the homeworld she remembers is not just from before the war ended, but from before the war. No wonder she didn’t reconize anything. 

— Rebellion Starts —

Garnet - The war had not yet full-on escalated and were just a persistent annoyance at this point, though persistent enough for Blue Diamond to get involved and for Rose & Pearl to have fearsome reputations. We don’t really know how old Ruby & Saphire were individually, tho, though Ruby seemed to be the ‘reasonable one’ on her team. 

Eyeball - Existed when the war escalated, saw Pink Diamond killed, heared the tales of Jasper’s creation and famed post-emergence rampage and must therefore be at least a little older than her. Maybe she was never promoted because she was part of the Squad that was supposed to protect Pink Diamond? 

Jasper - Was made “halfway through the rebellion” after the war had already turned way ugly. The war went on for another 500 years, during which she presumably fought the rebellion. 

—war ends —

Amethyst - Emerged some 500 years after the Prime Kindergarten was last in use, when the war was over and it was pretty much abandoned. Lived there on her own for a while until Rose & co found  and ‘adopted’ her. So Amethyst and Jasper could be exactly (only…?) 1000 years apart despite the latter’s more mature appearance. 

Peridot - Was definitely made way after the war, in a time of ressource shortages. Describes herself as “new”, though given that Pearl described over 1-2000 as a ‘tender age’ in Sworn to the Sword, Peridot may still be in the quadruple digits. 

Rest of the Ruby Squad - We don’t know when exactly they were made or how their exact ages relate to Peridot’s, but Eyeball seems to be the grizzled veteran of the group and she’s the only one who remembers the war so they’re probably all Era 2 productions. One would assume that Doc is a bit older since she’s the commander.

Steven - Exactly 14 years old as of ‘Steven’s Birthday’.

Leggy - considered a ‘Newbie’ by Doc and on her first real mission out according to production notes, or, at very least hasn’t been in service for very long. Does act somewhat like a mildly curious but distractable little girl. Steven sympathizes. Awww. 


This is actually a tad thought-provoking when you look at it like this. Pearl is the oldest Crystal Gem despite her clinging uncertain personality (probably a good indication of how slavery fucked her up), Amethyst isn’t that young, Rose isn’t that old etc. 


CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor

AUTHOR : loricameback

GENRE : Smut





“Thanks a lot. Have a good one!” I slipped a dollar in the tip jar before leaving Starbucks with my iced coffee. As I walked out the door, Sebastian was coming from across the street. Luckily there were a few people to block his view to give me time to run down the sidewalk into a crowd of people.

Moving out of the way to avoid getting trampled, I looked back just in time to see him go in and stand in line. Damn he looked good. Wearing the Straight Outta Romania shirt he got at Wizard World in Tulsa and ripped blue jeans, and Lord, his thick hair just made me wanna…mmmm…ok calm down woman.

He chatted with the barista as she made his coffee, then he sat down. Hmmm, resting today baby? Yeah well not for long. I kept my eyes on him, dirty thoughts already going through my mind as I pulled my phone out of my purse and started texting.

\Hey baby, I figured you’d be on a break by now. Are you?\ I watched him pick up his phone off the table, grin and text back.

\Damn woman, I just sat down. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d be watching me.

After I read it, I bit my tongue and waited. Three…two…one…yep, there it was. He lift his head, narrowing one eye, and he typed \Payback, huh? Ok brat, where are you?

I covered my mouth with my hand so no one would look at me like I was crazy for laughing. \I can’t tell you honey, but I wish I could straddle you right there in Starbucks and put my hands up your Romania shirt as I suck on your neck.\ I smirked as I waited for his reaction.

Poor Sebby. Looking out the window, and agitated. \That’s not very nice doll.\

Awww, I pouted with a smile. \I’m sorry. How about I get naked from the waist up for you and let you knead one breast and bite the nipple of the other. Make me hurt for being such a bad girl!

I laughed out loud for that one. I’m gonna pay for that one!!! Sebastian threw his head back and covered his eyes. Two young women approached him then. “Oh my god! This is perfect!!” I didn’t realize I said that out loud until people were looking at me like I was nuts. Screw you, I thought. You’d be laughing too!

He was doing great with them, smiling and talking, so I thought, alright Sebby, let’s see how you pull this one off. I was giggling so much I could barely see. \Mmmm Sebby, can we have them watch? After I sent it I wondered if he would even look at it. He knew it was from me and the subject matter, so why do that to himself in front of two women?

He was signing autographs and taking pictures, then they left before he picked up the phone. DAMNIT! He read the text, then a huge smile came on his face. I narrowed my eyes. Either he liked the idea or he was trying to piss me off. I chose the latter. He wouldn’t do that.

//You’d like that wouldn’t you. You’d do it with Chris and me. Yeah, Chris in your mouth and me deep in your cunt. If you come out now, I just might ask him.

I almost dropped the phone. Son.of.a.bitch! He had a huge shit eating grin on his face. Oh Sebby, that was low! \You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather Scarlett suck you off as I watch?// I sent it and damn if I wasn’t making it worse. I would LOVE to see that happen!

Oh, he liked that. He sat up slightly as he discretely put pressure on his groin. This was going to be ending quite soon. I watched him text. As my phone buzzed, I was afraid to look, but with shaky hands, I did so. \I never brought this up to you, but Scarlett has a crush on you and well, there are things that she’s willing to participate in.

Fuuuuck meee! I fell against the wall and was basically panting. \Are you trying to get me to show myself or are you being serious?

I could barely see at this point, but I looked up and saw him blowing a kiss to me through the window.


We didn’t even make it home. He pulled the car onto a path off of the highway and I jumped on the hood of the car, he amost ripped off my pants and panties and his mouth was on my clit sucking hard. “Damn Sebby!” His tongue circled around my pussy as he grabbed my ass cheeks. A few laps from bottom to top had me pushing his face in and arching my hips. “MORE!” Two fingers entered my cunt, pumping quickly, scissoring until he found my sweet spot. Lapping my clit and teasing with his fingers started a hot, thunderous orgasm shaking my entire body. I grabbed Sebastian’s hair and he sucked my clit, moaning my name which started another amazing orgasm that continued when he climbed on top of me and thrust deep in me. Never mind wondering when he took his pants off, I didn’t care.

He bit my earlobe and growled, “You are a bad girl and should be punished for teasing me.” His thrusts became faster and harder.

I threw my arms up over my head and moaned loudly. “I like…your punishments!! More Sebby!!”

He sucked on my neck, marking me, his thrusts not slowing. “Mmmm baby you’re so wet. So horny and so bad. Maybe I’ll punish you when we get home.” Sebastian was in balls deep when he began cursing into my neck, then came inside me, flooding like a dam burst.

He lay limp on me, his shirt sticky from sweat. Not looking up he mumbled, “I love you babe…I really do.” He held out his hand without looking up. “Now gimme your damn phone!”

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KING: Talking about doing things differently, I thought we had a nice moment before you came on. We have all the monitors up. And there’s a picture of David Duchovny who we all know you were married to. But you looked and you said ‘is that David?’ You said 'I like that guy.’ Most people don’t say that about their ex-husbands. I thought that was a nice thing to say.

LEONI: Listen, you know David gave me the two best gifts ever so I adore him.  

GLOR: He gave you advice before the show started.

LEONI: He did. Well at one point I called him because I was like first of all this is not so relevant for him but my feet were killing me. I just want to call Hillary and say good lord, woman, how do you people, I mean, I don’t know how John Kerry is doing it at all. But you know, the hours were so different and David has been through this a few times. And he said, oh, you’ll get used to it.

Téa Leoni on CBS This Morning. September 18, 2014 

Spoilers for Miraculous Ladybug EP 15

The Gamer

So much Adrienette ♥ 

Look how happy her parents are ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Oh Skinship !!! First contact oh HOHOHOHOH ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Awww again ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Marinette gave Adrien a gift~ Bracelet ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Parents interrupting and Marinette isn’t happy but Adrien is ~

I dont see Fu



So Close Adrien So Close~~!!

Heheheh More of it soon ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

retrospectre928  asked:

How long have you been drawing? How long had you been drawing digitally when you had started your FRLG Nuzlocke comic? (Which is super fantastic~)

Aww, thank you!  I’m glad you liked it!  ; w ;

I’ve always drawn– my family was always really supportive of me even when I was young (like 2/3 years old).  They would spend their money on art supplies for me even though we could barely afford food sometimes (even with the help of foodstamps).  My uncle did editorial cartoons and my mom and grandma both did a lot of craftwork-type stuff and my dad loved photography– so the love and support for a young artist was always there (luckily for me).

(Some early art for your amusement.  You can even see a neopets drawing ghosted on that one page awww yeah)

I had gotten a copy of Photoshop 7 on a computer with no internet access way back in 2004.  I had NO CLUE how to work it and so I was wildly trying stuff out at random and not succeeding very much… 

(Look at that sweet, sweet merciful god what is her anatomy doing)

until I got THIS book:

Yes, it’s one of THOSE books.

This one wasn’t that bad, actually– the big thing though was that while it was put together by Ben Krefta, it had a whole bunch of different artists showing how THEY drew manga-styled stuff.

It was actually a pretty influential book– it pointed out stuff that I didn’t think about at the time– like how belts were a 3-D object and should be drawn like that and how a basic skeleton form could keep my characters proportional.

Buit the big thing was that this book briefly explained how to use photoshop for drawing and taught LAYERS.

(Layers layers layers!!)

(My anatomy improved hahaha oh god look at those legs though jesus)

That’s what really helped me out.  Once I got layers, it was smooth-sailing from there.

(older to newer stuff)

Matthew Espinosa Fan Fiction: The Becoming

Chapter 1: “A Bump In The Road

Chapter 2: “A Different Side Of Me

Chapter 3: "My First Time”

“I am so happy you decided to go to the party with me!” Natalie said excitedly.

She was putting the final touches of her make up, while I was just patiently waiting for her to finish. 

“And it’s such good timing that your mom is out for the weekend. You have the house all to yourself! Plus, no curfew.” She added with a smirk.

“Okay, for the last time, I’m not going because you asked me to come, I’m going because Matt invited me.” I replied, “And I won’t stay long. I’ll just stay with Matt for awhile, then leave.”

"No! I’m not going to let you ruin your own fun by leaving early. And besides, you’re riding with me anyways, so you have no choice.” She argued with an evil grin across her face.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“Only doing what is best for you, Hail. And by the way, it’s your fault you got your car towed.”

“Whatever.” I said with a grunt, plopping myself on my desk chair. While I was waiting for her to finish getting ready, I decided to work on some unfinished calculus homework that was sitting idly on my table. I was working quietly, blazing through the jumbled array of letters and numbers. 

“Okay, I’m read– Hailey!" 

"What??” I looked up, alarmed.

“You’re really doing math homework for fun?” she asked disappointedly, rolling her eyes,  “This party is really going to be good for you. C'mon!” And with that she tugged me out of my chair and we were out the door. 


Natalie parked the car at the other end of the long street. There was hardly any parking because of the music-pumped, strobe lighted party. I was surprised that none of the neighbors had complained yet, but the clock just struck ten anyways; the night was still young.

“All right! How do I look?” Natalie asked all jittery.

“You look great, Nat. Don’t worry about how you look." 

"Awww, thanks! So do you, Hail. But you should have put on more eye shadow or something. It would have made you look even hotter." 

After ten years of being friends with Natalie, I was immune to her frank comments. I wasn’t so affected by her insults anymore. I simply just brushed them off because I knew she didn’t mean them in a hurtful way.

We walked on the sidewalk towards Cameron’s house. I had to admit that I was quite nervous. I knew Natalie would leave me for Nash and I didn’t know if Matt was loyal enough to stick with me the whole night.  

"I texted Nash telling him that we’re here. He’ll meet us in the front.” Natalie said, breaking the silence. 

I nodded worriedly as a reply. 

“Stop looking so nervous. You’ll be fine.” This time, she actually sounded genuine.

We made our way up the red brick steps and stepped inside the youth-filled house. 

“Natalie!” someone called. We turned around to see Nash pushing his way through the sea of dancing bodies.

“Nash!” Natalie squealed and skipped towards him. He gave her a tight hug, while I just stood awkwardly waiting for them to release each other from their embrace. 

“Nash, this is my best friend, Hailey." 

"Hi! It’s good to finally meet you.” He said, bringing his hand up for a shake.

“Yup, you too!” I replied shaking his hand.

“C'mon, Hail! I’ll introduce you to Cam.” Nash said taking Natalie’s hand and brining me under his arm.

We had to fight through another wave of high, drunk teenagers. Could this house get anymore packed?  The house was polluted with smoke; I had to let out a cough every so often. After what seemed like a life time of battling through the crowd, we finally reached a less crammed couch area where a group of boys were seated. I spotted Jack from home room and I recognized a few juniors like Dillon, Aaron, and Shawn. Then, I saw Cameron seated in the middle of the couch.

“Cam, come here!” Nash called.

Cam immediately stood up when he heard his name being called. He walked to us with a dashing smile on his face.

“Cam, you remember Natalie, right? This is her best friend Hailey." 

"Hi! Welcome to my party! Make yourself at home.” Cameron said, winking at me.

Nash and Natalie chucked and I let out a small grin. 

“Umm, thanks. Have you seen Matt?” I asked shyly.

“Matt?” Cam asked.

“Wait, are you the girl he said he was bringing?” Nash questioned.

“Uhhh - errr”

“YES! Now where is he?” Natalie answered for me. She could probably sense how tense I was.

“He’s in that room playing beer pong with a few of the guys. Last time I checked,he was losing pretty bad.” Cam answered jokingly. 

“C'mon, we’ll take you to him.” Nash offered. 

Cam and Nash escorted Natalie and I to wherever Matt could have been. I could tell by the way Nash ushered us around the house that he was here often. Nash,with his hands still interlocked with Natalie’s, lead us to the other room. It was then that I realized that Cameron’s hand was gripping my wrist, guiding me through the wave of teenagers. 

We passed the partying crowd and stepped into a surround system movie room. There was a ping pong table on the far left corner of the room where a bunch of guys were gathered around shouting and hollering. 

“Dude, what’s going on?” Nash asked a tall, dark haired, dark eyed boy.

“Sam is owning Matt! Matt has already drank six cups.” the boy replied.

“To think he’s the star football player and he can’t even toss a little ping pong ball.” Nash replied laughing, catching my gaze. “Oh, by the way! This is Hailey.” he said pointing at me, “Hail, this is Jack G. I think you know Jack J already, right?”

“Oh yeah, I do. We have home room.” I  quickly replied to Nash. “Nice to meet you Jack!” I said turning towards him.

“Feeling is mutual.” he responded with a cheesy grin, bringing his hand out for a shake.

“C’mon! Let’s get you to your date” Cam said, still holding on to my wrist. 

Cam pulled me towards the right side of the table where Matt was immensely concentrating on where to aim the ball. Just as he was about to release it, Cam called, “Matt! I have someone for you.” Matt immediately turned his head, searching for the source of the voice. Cam and I finally made our way through the spectating crowd and revealed ourselves. 

Matt stared at me for awhile, before making his way over with a big grin on his face. 

“Hailey! You’re finally here!” he exclaimed, bringing me in for a hug. Cam finally released my hand so I could return Matt’s gesture. “I told you I could have picked you up.” he said grabbing my wrists, swinging my arms side to side.

“It’s all right! I told you, Natalie wanted to take me here. But thanks.”

“Matt! Are we finishing this or what?” his opponent, which I was assuming was Sam, said.

“I’ll take this last shot then we can get out of here, okay?” 

I agreed with a nod, then he pulled me towards his side of the ping pong table. He went back to his concentrated self, trying to shoot the ball into the cup. He finally tossed the ball, but instead of landing in the cup, it hit the rim and didn’t make it inside.

“Dammit!” he muttered.

“Um, I think you should make your throw a bit weaker and toss it at a diagonal. The chances of the ball making it inside the cup are more likely at an angle in contrast to throwing in in a straight line.” I suggested.

“Here, you try!” Sam said bouncing the to ball to me.

“Awww, no it’s okay.”

“C’mon, c’mon! Give it a shot.” he insisted.

“No, it’s okay. I wouldn’t want you to suffer the consequences of drinking a cup.” I replied with a smirk.

A chorus of laughs and “ooh’s” arose from our little audience.

“I can handle it, sweet heart.” he said with a wink.

“Hey, watch it, Sam.” Matt warned.

“I think your girlfriend is smart enough to defend herself, Matt.” Sam said, “So what do you say, Hailey?” shifting his sight to mine, “One round?”

“Uhhhhh…” I stuttered. 

“You know you don’t have to play if you don’t want to. I know this isn’t really your scene.” Matt said concerned, brushing his icy hands on the back of mine.

I caught Natalie’s eye in the crowd, signaling me to play. 

“Errrrm, fine. One round.” I finally declared.

“Perfect.” Sam replied. And the game begun.

It started off okay. I made two shots, meaning Sam had to drink. On the third round however, Sam made a shot so it was my turn to drink. Being honest, I was terrified. This would have been my first taste of alcohol and I wasn’t too sure I wanted to try it just yet. The fact that I had no way out of drinking made me even more pressured. I scanned the people for Natalie. Surely enough, she was waiting patiently for me to take a swig of the beer. She mouthed, ‘Go!’  It was then that I noticed everyone was watching me. The nervousness I was feeling gave me the urge to barf and I hadn’t even drank anything yet.

It was time to suck it up. I had to be less uptight. I had to expose myself. I had to live a life outside of books and dance.

“Hail, you don’t have to—“ But before Matt could finish, I chugged the cup down in a few seconds. The extremely bitter taste seemed to have awoken a different side of me because after that one cup, I was ready for another.

“Let’s play.” 


After that third round, Sam and I never missed a shot, which only meant continuous drinking. The game finally ended with me drinking eight cups and Sam drinking ten cups. It wasn’t hard core drinking, but I was already starting to get dizzy, barely being able to keep my eyes open.

“How the hell did you get every shot? You’re a natural!” Matt said.

“Geometry? Physics? I don’t know!”

“Hmm, maybe you secretly go to parties every weekend and just put on the whole good girl act in school.” he teased.

“No! I swear, I don’t!” I replied defensively. 

“Relax, I’m kidding, Hail.” he chuckled.

“Oh.. uhh—”

“HAILEY!” The signature calling could have only came from Natalie. She was rushing over with Nash by her side, “How are you? Are you hammered yet?”

“It was only 8 cups, I can handle it, Nat.”

“Hmmm.. what is the square root of 18, 769?”


“She can still solve square roots and she is only half slurring. She needs more booze.”

“Let’s go to the family room, where everybody else is.” Nash suggested and with that, they turned towards the teen-filled room. I was on their heel when Matt tugged my forearm, turning me around.

“Hailey, are you sure you want to stay here? I can take you home if you’re not comfortable with being here.” 

“I’m fine, Matt! My mom isn’t home for the weekend so let’s take advantage of the curfew free weekend!” I grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the happy crowd. He ended up interlocking our fingers and took the lead towards his group of friends. Matt introduced me to anyone else I didn’t know yet like Taylor and Carter. After the whole getting to know everyone, Wasted by Tiesto started to play. 

  “I love this song! Let’s all dance!” Natalie exclaimed. She then pulled Nash towards the dance floor, Matt and I following, and the rest of the group tagging along. We formed and circle and started dancing and singing. Luckily, I was a dancer so it wasn’t hard for me to move my body. Dancing was second nature to me, so everything was customary. Surprisingly, all of the guys could dance — none of them looked awkward. Eventually, Matt and I started moving around with each other. Our bodies moved in sync to the beat of the music. I felt free and careless. Everyone was enjoying themselves. 

“You having fun?” Sam asked me, still dancing around.

“Yeah! How about you?”

“Yeah, I am. Nice game earlier. You’re the first girl to beat me!”

“You’re actually the only girl he’s played against.” Matt added.

“No, I’ve played against you.” Sam teased.

“Fuck you, bro.” Matt said grinning.

  “Hey, do you want me to get you some water or something?” Sam offered.

“Umm, sure! That’d be great actually.” I replied with a smile.

“I’ll be back in a jiff!”

I continued dancing with everyone until he came back with a cup in one hand and a liter of sprite in the other.

“Your water.” he said, handing me the cup.

“Thanks, Sam! Uhh what are you doing with a liter of Sprite?” I questioned.

“A man can’t have a liter of sprite to himself?”

“Well, I guess he can.” I said before taking a sip of water. I spit it on the floor as soon as my taste buds recognized that it wasn’t water.

“Oh my gosh, what’s wrong?” Matt asked.

“This isn’t water!” I yelled at Sam. “Is this vodka?” Matt said, taking the cup from my grasp.

“Yup! It’s good right, Hail?” 

“It tastes like rubbing alcohol.”

“I knew it’d be too much for you, which is why I brought the Sprite!” “Matt, give me her cup!”

I watched as Sam mixed the lemon lime soda and the pungent alcohol drink. 

“Here! Try it now!” Sam said, giving me my cup back. I took a sip and to my surprise, I liked it. It tasted like Sprite with a little kick to it. It was a mix of sweet, sour, and bitter. I ended up chugging the engaging drink.

“Do you like it?” Matt asked.

“It’s Matt’s favorite which is why I wanted you to try it!” Sam added.

“Yeah, it’s really good!” I replied, squinting from all of the strobe lights. The brightness was starting to get me dizzy again and my head was beginning to hurt.

“So, round 2?” Sam asked.

“Round 2.”


I woke up snuggled in a thick, white comforter. A pang of pain shot through my head. My mouth and throat were as dry as the Sahara Dessert. My vision was blurry at first, but once it focused my eyes were stuck on the blue walls of the room.

Blue walls? The walls of my room were pink, this definitely was not my room. I slowly turned my head to find Matt sitting on the desk chair on the right side of the room.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty! Did you sleep well?” he greeted, joining me on his bed. 

“Yes, thank you. Wait, where did you sleep?”

“I slept in our guest room, no worries.”

“You could’ve just slept here. Your bed can fit two people. I mean it’s your bed.”

“No, it’s fine, Hail.”

“Wait, why didn’t Natalie take me home?”

“Natalie was just as drunk as you were. No way was I going to let her take you home!” He must have sensed my concern because he replied, “Don’t worry. She slept at Cam’s house with Nash. She’s all right.” 

“Oh, okay.” I said throwing myself out of his bed. “Look, I’m really sorry that I had to put you through all this trouble of bringing me home.” I apologized while putting my hair up in a bun then, making his bed. “Thank you for letting me stay here. It won’t happen again.”

“You look very pretty when you wake up. And your hair looks nice all tied up like that.” Matt commented, totally opposite of what I thought he’d say.

“Umm, thank you?”

“Don’t worry about making the bed. C’mon! Let’s eat breakfast.”

“Breakfast? It’s okay, Matt. I think I’ll just head home. I’ve been such a burden since last night. I’ll just go ahe—“

“No, you’re staying here for breakfast. And don’t worry about anyone being here. My parents are divorced. My mom is out with her boyfriend and all of my siblings are in college. Now come here,” he said reaching his hand out towards mine, “Let’s get something to cure that hang over.”

We descended from the circular stairs and walked into the kitchen. There was a lot of working space. I could tell by the array of cook books and the overload of cooking appliances that his mom spent much time in the kitchen.

“Here drink some water and I’ll get you something for that head ache you’re feeling.”

“How are you so sure that I have a head ache?”

“Because I know the side effects of drinking as much as you did last night.” he replied handing me a red and blue capsule. I didn’t bother asking what is was. I sort of trusted Matt by this point, so I swallowed the given pill.

“Do you want pancakes?” he asked sweetly.

“Sure! Wait, you can cook?” I asked surprisingly, taking a seat on a bar stool across the stove. 

“Yeah, my mom taught my siblings and I when we were younger. She wants us to be independent and all.”

“Awww, good parenting.” I replied, watching him pour the pancake batter on the stove. “So why didn’t you drink?”

“I drank playing beer pong.”

“Yeah, but why didn’t you drink after?”

“I didn’t feel like it.”

“What do you mean you didn’t feel like it?”

“I didn’t want to drink cause’ you were drinking. I wanted to take care of you.”

We stayed there in utter silence, save for the sound of flipping pancakes. Matt cooked them til’ they were golden brown. The capsule Matt had given me was making me feel better. And I knew that when I had Matt’s pancakes in my system, I’d be perfectly okay again.

“So um, how much did I drink last night?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Well after about 5 cups of vodka sprite, you had 3 shots and a couple beers.”

“Oh, damn. Did I do anything stupid? Did I embarrass myself? Or anybody? Did I say anything I wasn’t supposed to say?” 

“Calm down, it wasn’t anything too bad. After having all that shit to drink, you started twirling and twirling. You were moving so fast it was hard to stop you. Oh and by the way, you don’t talk when you’re drunk.” he explained, handing me over a plate full of pancakes, “ Anyways, yeah you just kept spinning yourself around on the dance floor. You got all dizzy and lost control so I brought you outside. Then you started to puke.”

“Oh my goodness. What the hell. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“It’s fine.” he laughed, “Then we sat with each other on the curb. I asked you what the square root of 18, 796 was and you said x squared.” he laughed again, recalling my drunken night. “Afterwards, I think you were meaning to rest your head on my shoulder, but you leaned the other way and hit your head on the side walk.” I stared at him with a blank face, shocked by my own actions. “I got scared cause I thought you cracked your skull or something. But you pushed yourself back up and fell asleep on my shoulder. That’s when I knew it was time to bring you home.”

“Oh my goodness, Matt. I am so so so so so sorry that you had to deal with me that whole night. I swear it won’t happen again. Oh my, I’m so embarrassed.”

“It’s no problem. I enjoyed taking care of you. I liked seeing the wild side of you.”

“Tough luck cause’ I’m probably not going to get drunk for a very long time.”

“That’s all right because I admire the intelligent, innocent side of you even more.” 

I couldn’t help, but smile from his comment. I could even feel a blush rising through my cheeks. I looked down at my plate and gave him a weak “thanks” hiding my pink cheeks. Coincidentally, we finished eating at the same time. I helped him clean up and now I knew that it was time to go.

“Hey, Matt, I think I have to go now. School tomorrow and I have some calculus homework and chem lab preparation to do.”

“Wait, you have chem lab this year?” he asked shocked.

“Yeah, this is my second year taking it.”

“Who’s your teacher?”

“Mrs. Bray. Why?”

“Hey, I’m in that class!”

“What? Where were you on Friday then?”

“I ditched so I could finish my book.” he said shyly.

“Oh, right! Quarterback has a secret, soft side, huh?” I teased.

“Whatever, Hail.” he answered kind of embarrassed, “So what do you say? Lab partners?”

“Lab partners.”

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