awww look at how cute they are

  • Alex: Sorry to disappoint, Maggie, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Magnus: Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! I'm sure it makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Alex: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Magnus: *glares daggers at Alex*
  • Alex: Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!
  • Seokjin: *Looking at predebut pictures* Awww look at how cute you were!
  • Jungkook: Yeah but I'm all grown up now! *Bites lip as he stands to lift his shirt*
  • Seokjin: BoY you know you ain't no Miley Cyrus so sit your ass down!
  • Jungkook: Sorry hyung. *Sits down and continues to sip his apple juice*
Spoiler Alert

My thoughts on fantastic beasts and where to find them:
-omg how friggin’ cute is this Niffler!!!
-Dang! Colin Farrell looking fine as hell!
-Wow, the President looks fine as hell too!
-Ugh…Dumbledore namedropping…
-wooah, it took me way too long to recognize Ezra Miller… 
-I want all of them!
-What the fuck is this execution cell! That is really fucking disturbing!
-Wow, that executioner lady likes her job way too much!
-Awww look at her learning to appreciate Newt’s creatures.
-Ewwww those fingers are gross…
-Wow, Graves is pretty cosy with Credence…
-Really cosy tbh…that’s pretty much up in Credence personal space
-That is really really close! Weirdly close…
-Holy shit! The symbol! The friggin’ thing! Wait! Farrell is Grindelwald! Right? Am I right? OMG this is awesome!
- Why didn’t Harry turn into an obscurial though?
-Prolly cause he’s a special snowflake lol
-You can smell squib? What do they smell like?
-Ah, you can’t actually smell squib you are just an asshole who made a mistake…
-Holy shit! Is there some kind of historical muggle (sry no-maj) equivalent to this kind of destruction in american history?
-Graves wtf? I’m pretty sure Credence wants to kill you…
-Newt! Not you too, fucking reckless crazy people!
-Nooooooooo! Credence! Oh no! no! How could you do that? I wanted Newt and Porpentina to adopt him and take care of him! This isn’t fair!
-Yes, show them your skills Newt!
-Wait, what? Depp?!? No!!! Why would you do that? Farrell was perfectly good! Why? But…no! But…why?!?
-Okay, show them more of your skills Newt, let them see your awesomeness.
-How exactly is this rain supposed to work on people indoor though, but not on the wizarding population and why not on Jacob if it does work indoors somehow?
-Or does it work on Jacob?
-It did not.
-Wait what? No! Jacob! No!
-Well I guess shit hit the fan…
-I hope the actual Graves is all right
-Why doesn’t demanding access to Gringotts’ high security levels require to let someone use the revelio spell on you when it apparently works against polyjuice potions tho…
-Was Grindelwald getting to close with Credence a slight nod to him using closeness and affection of emotional and physical kind to manipulate people to his liking?
-Was it gay-ish subtext? Am I reading into this?
-Oh shit! They didn’t just namedrop! Gellert asked Newt why his former bestie liked him so much!
-Great! I have all this theories now and the people I watched the movie with haven’t even seen all the hp movies let alone read any of the books…

anonymous asked:

How in the sweet dear god do you do faces mine always come out like really pointy on the chin and like really not good looking and yours are just the cutest things so like how do?

Awww well thanks! I also used to have that problem/sort of still do if im not careful so heres a reaaaally quick tutorial on how i do cute/babyish faces (AKA william cipher lmfao). Also here if tumblr resizes it to death

alternately titled: I resize the eyes constantly bc i forget eyebrows are a thing. 

Basically that first step is key in making the face. You want a rounded oval that vaguely has the curves of cheek/jaw already there. It’s easier to do it this way in comparison to a perfect circle, mainly bc people’s faces aren’t in fact perfect circles. Rounded at the edges usually, yes. You don’t want a pointy jaw; round it out, so its slightly flat at the bottom but still curves up to join the cheek at the top. Make sense? 

its easy to mess up the first step so dont be afraid to make mistakes. just do gestures of vague face shapes over and over and you’ll get the hang of it. I do at least three before I’m satisfied with the shape of it so don’t worry if it takes more than that. Looking at your own face might help too!

1) I really like Estevez, and I liked the scene with him & corgi in the new episode! But we still need Zimm

2) Todd looks cute in Gordon’s fur coat but aww, my poor baby he’s got a black eye

3) ken was cute in paramedic uniform I kinda miss it but I love how he started caring for Bart more than before awww

  • Saeyoung: Awwwww!!!!! My wittle Saeran is so cute!!!!
  • Saeran: NO I'M NOT!!!!!
  • Yoosung: What'd Saeran do???
  • Saeyoung: Remember when you offered a high five and Saeran ran away?
  • Yoosung: Yea???
  • Saeran: STOP IT!!!!!!!
  • Saeyoung: I saw him all teary-eyed looking up how to do a high five!!!
  • Saeran: GAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • Yoosung: Awwww, Saeran!!! You could've asked me!!!
  • Saeyoung: My baby is too proud for that, aren't you???
  • Yoosung: Awwww!! Is wittle baby Saeran embarrassed?
  • Saeran: SHUT UUUPPPPP!!!!!!!
  • Zen: ...
  • Zen has left the chatroom.
Monsta X’s reaction to asking if you’ve seen their hoodie only to see you wearing it

Shownu: *on the outside*

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*on the inside*

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‘How’d I get such an adorable gf/bf?’

Wonho: ‘’You know what? keep it. Looks better on you anyway’’ and expect a lot of cuddles and kisses on your head, cheeks, nose, lips, the back of your hand and so on.

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Minhyuk: ‘’Awww jagiii~ You could have just asked you know~’’ and he’d coo over your sleeve paws and the fact that you look so small in his hoodie~

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‘’Is that my hoodie?’’

‘’ Yeap’’

‘’Oh okay…’’

he’d still find it cute though, he just won’t show it.

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Kihyun: He’d be proud in a weird way tbh. I can also see him trying to squeeze into one of your hoodies or sweaters.

‘’Kiyhyun, you’ll rip it! STOP!’’

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Jooheon: ‘’Hey (y/n) have you seen my-Oh never mind I found it!’’ He’d pull you to the couch to watch some movies while you two cuddle. Dawwww~

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I.M: He’ll be all cute and adorable and suddenly back hugs you while burying his face into the crook of your neck.

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So this part kills me because...

I noticed that 

chichi is mostly paying attention to 

master roshi (probably not even thinking about kissing him)

but then goku gets a thought and looks at chichi first

tells her some sweet things and lures her into a kiss

and master roshi looks like “awww how sweet, but wait what..???" 

and then this is the full scene of the off scene video guys ;) 

((The fact that she has to go on her tippy-toes just to reach him is still cute///))


OMG I can’t breathe !!!!! What is this?!?!
I remember watching all these vines!! This is just P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!

I even had to take screen shots:

It doesnt always work for everyone

When walking to the beat of the music

“hey guys, I just wanna introduce you to my sister”
“urrff (pushes) NO ONE CARES!!”


“I love you Mari-”
“ugh I like Nathan now”
“But I gave you a gold fish”
“He gave me a cookie”
“ohugh…whole cookie?!”

Can you feel the love tonight~♬

“I think we are dead-”

“Ey look how Chat died!!”

Friends will always make fun of you

“This is my choc let bahaaa”

Do the Harlem Shake

AWWW Bridgette X Felix cuteness overload

cheers to Rin Kissツ

There are thousands of things I love about this panel:

1. Lucy is beautiful af
2. Lucy is SO cute
3. Natsu looks like he’s realizing how cute, beautiful, and all around amazing Lucy is
4. And Natsu is just staring at her like he can’t look away
6. Natsu’s abbs
7. Natsu’s scarf around his head

And I could ramble on but just wanted to comment on how cute Natsu and Lucy look in this panel.