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“I’m really glad
we had this conversation.
Because, honestly, you are so much more
than just a friend to me.”

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Gotta thank you guys for making my day a little brighter. I've been training for the police academy entrance exams for almost a year now. I've passed the oral interviews, and entrance exam; All that's left is my physical tests this weekend. I've been incredibly stressed and I'm pretty exhausted mentally and physically but every time you and Aoi post something, it always makes my day a little less stressful and brings a smile to my face. Can't wait for more of my OTP from my fave artist duo 💜

Awww…thank you so much!! Your choice is really admirable! Pass the exams and go to make the world a better place, dude! Yayy!

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Rapunzel: Freeze! You’re under arrest for robbery!

Flynn: *putting his arms above his head* Wait, wait, what did I steal?!

Rapunzel: *chokes out* My heart.


Flynn: And that’s how we met.

Everyone: Awww. 

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I can't wait to order the lawlu doujinshi !!! I've LOVE your art work so much !!! And now that I have a part time job I can buy your products and support you even more !!! I honestly can't wait !! Thank you for working so hard and making lawlu art !!!!

Awww~ thank you for your warm message, Andii!! I appreciate it. I’ve been very nervous and excited at the same time. Thank you for sending me this! :3

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I've been in a LDR for nearly 3 years. I'm finally going to see him next year in may!!! I'm super excited and cannot wait. He basically lives on the other side of the world. I'm from Australia and he's from America:)

Awww congratulations! (: I hope everything works out for you two! xx

  • Ruby: Hehe, look at this picture when we first got Zwei!
  • Weiss: Awww, wook at the wittle puppy! Wait, why is Yang sulking in the background?
  • Ruby: Oh she didn't want Zwei at first.
  • Blake: Really? Why?
  • Yang: Well I've always been more of a cat person.
  • Blake: ....Ruby, Weiss, shouldn't you be taking Zwei for his walk right now?
  • Ruby: Oh yeah! Come on boy, lets go walkies!
  • *Ruby and Weiss leave the room with Zwei and Yang glances at Blake*
  • Yang: Err I didn't say something wrong, did I?
  • Blake: Ohohoho quite the opposite in fact.
  • *Blake smothers Yang in kisses*

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Hey, Bree! I see you just reblogged your old banishing recipe and noticed you have eggshell listed as one of your ingredients. I've been grinding eggshells for weeks now and am having a hard time thinking up recipes to include it in. Do you have any ideas/associations for eggshell that you would recommend? (Also I bought your book after watching your seminar and I'm sooooo excited, I can't wait!)

Awww, thank you! I hope you enjoy it! :)

Most of the recipes that I’ve seen with eggshell powder involve some sort of protective measure. I don’t use it for much besides my Banishing Powder.

Followers, any thoughts?

  • Ginny: Hey, Harry, so the baby is coming soon we should start thinking of names.
  • Harry: Oh yeah! Any ideas?
  • Ginny: Um well we already used your dad's name and Sirius's name - we could continue on that path? Naming kids after people we love?
  • Harry: Yeah definitely.
  • Ginny: Well, I've been thinking, if it's a girl, we could go with Lily Luna.
  • Harry: Love it. And a boy?
  • Ginny: No idea. What about you?
  • Harry: Hmmm let me think.
  • Ginny: We could name him after Colin, that would work. He died far to young and was such a great friend. Or, hey, Hagrid! Oh, he'd love it if we named our child Rubeus. Awww, let's do that, Hagrid has done so much for us over the years.
  • Harry: Wait Ginny what if he named him after Dumbledore.
  • Ginny: ... I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. What about Neville?
  • Harry: What about Severus?
  • Ginny: Haha, good one. Um ... Remus! Oh, gosh, let's name him Remus.
  • Harry: No wait Ginny hear me out, here. Let's go with Albus Severus.
  • Ginny: Yeah, no. Maybe Alastor, for Moody? Oh, or Dobby? Although, that might be a bit weird for a name. I know George already has a son named Fred, but maybe a middle name?
  • Harry: Ginny, come on, let's go with Albus Severus.
  • Ginny: Wait, you're serious? Why?
  • Harry: It's perfect.
  • Ginny: Did you miss the part where I said 'after people we love'?
  • Harry: But Ginny-
  • Ginny: Are you telling me you want to name our child after to people who lied to you their entire lives? Snape bullied you to no end, Harry! He hated your guts!
  • Harry: No, he didn't he liked me.
  • Ginny: He liked your eyes only because of some creepy obsession with your mother that lasted years after she got married to someone else and died!
  • Harry: Yeah, Snape was pretty cool, wasn't he? And Dumbledore-
  • Ginny: Didn't tell you shit and sent you on some long journey with no information that only led to your death -
  • Harry: I didn't die!
  • Ginny: HE WAS EXPECTING YOU TO! Merlin's beard, Harry, I'm not having this conversation with you! We are not naming our son after those two!
  • Harry: But they were good men at heart-
  • Ginny: THAT DOESN'T JUSTIFY THEIR ACTIONS! Grawp and Ludo Bagman were good men at heart, too, but we're not naming a child after them!
  • Harry: Actually, that's not a bad idea.
  • Ginny: No. Albus Severus is better than that.
  • Harry: So you like it? YES! I'm so good at naming children. I can't wait for little Albus Severus to be born. Oh, Ginny, let's go and tell everyone what we've decided to name him. I'm so happy!
  • Ginny: ...
  • Fuck you, Harry.

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Omg! The ask box is open!! I've been waiting so long for this 😆 ok so how about kiyoshi, Kagami, and hanamiya trying to seduce their s/o with their eyebrows (i.g. Wiggling them, etc.) I love this blog, been following you guys for so long! Keep up the good work!

Awww, thank you so much! This request made us laugh, so thank you for sending it. <3




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I've seriously been waiting like 3 years to meet you omg thank you for finally going on tour! I really hope I can make it to your Indy show!

Awww! Yay!! I’m so glad it can finally happen!!! Hopefully it will go well!!