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I'm not sure if you've done this before but can I request the RFA reacting to MC crying herself to sleep? Like, they come home quite late and they can hear their sobs nearby? I love your works so take your time!

Awww anonny this request is so sad but sweet, I absolutely love it! Thank you very much for the kind words and I’m very appreciative of your patience!! Now let’s see our RFA crew comfort us when the tears are flowing!! ^^


  • Yoosung was relieved to come home after a long day of work at the veterinarian clinic
  • He typically doesn’t come home so late but he had to perform an emergency operation on a puppy and was ready to cuddle the night away with you
  • As he walked through the front door, Yoosung took off his jacket cautiously as he heard some strange muffled noise coming from your shared bedroom
  • He quietly opened the door to find you crying your eyes out in bed
  • Yoosung rushes over to your side and carefully sits you up as he wraps his arms around you, with you nuzzling your head into his shoulder
  • He softly shushes you while stroking your hair as he whispers sweet words to you
  • “It’s alright MC, I’m here for you and I always will be. Sometimes it’s best to cry so please, never be afraid to do so when I’m around. I love you so much MC, no matter what’s going on that’ll never change.”
  • Once you start to calm down, Yoosung gently lays the two of you down as you keep your head on his shoulder, breathing in his comforting scent
  • You and Yoosung fall asleep like this with Yoosung making a silent promise to never come home that late again because seeing you crying would always break his heart


  • Zen had the lead role in an upcoming musical which was great for his career but it meant less time with you
  • But you were supportive, helping Zen read over the script to get him into character
  • One night when Zen had to stay extra late at rehearsals, he walked into your shared apartment to hear a strange noise
  • Slightly panicked, he grabbed a kitchen knife and slowly followed where the sound was coming from only to open the bedroom door to find you with tears on your cheeks as you were half asleep
  • At first, Zen thought that you were reading over the script since it was a melancholy musical until he realized that you were crying for real
  • He immediately laid down on his back as he pulled you on top of his chest as he coaxed you into calming down
  • “I’m here MC, I’ll always be here for you. Please don’t cry my princess, you’re too beautiful to cry. Whatever the issue is we’ll get through it together since you’re the strongest person I’ve ever known. I love you so much MC.”
  • Zen continued to whisper kind words to you until you fell asleep while listening to his heartbeat, with Zen vowing to do everything within his power to never make you cry yourself to sleep again


  • Jaehee typically stays late at work, but this night was an extreme case
  • It was late whenever she unlocked the door to your shared home, excited to be home and to see your warm smile
  • But instead Jaehee was welcomed home by a weird muffling sound coming from the bedroom, making her feel uneasy
  • She flung open the door to find you curled up in bed, seemingly asleep but with tears painting your face
  • This was an all to familiar sight for Jaehee, there’s been countless times in the past which she’d cry her own self to sleep due to stress so she knew what to do
  • You felt a pair of warm hands gently pry your arms away from your face as Jaehee then put her arms around you, telling you softly how she felt
  • “I know it can be tough sometimes MC, but whatever you’re going through I’ll always be right by your side. We’ll get through this but for now, I want you to relax and get some rest. Never forget that I love you MC.”
  • The sound of Jaehee’s comforting words eventually made you fall sleep, making her happy but determined to be by with you more so she’d never have to see you so upset again


  • You were use to Jumin coming home late from work since you knew he was working hard
  • But one night Jumin came home particularly late, huffing as he kicked his shoes off and loosening his tie as he eagerly went to find you
  • As he searched for you, Elizabeth the Third sadly meowed as she pointed her head towards the bedroom door where Jumin heard a loud sob
  • Jumin felt his chest tighten with guilt as he immediately went to your side seeing you half asleep but crying your eyes out
  • He carefully cradled you in his arms as he rocked you back and forth while wiping your tears away, kissing your temple as he softly told you how sorry he was for not getting home sooner
  • “It’s okay MC, it’s all going to be okay. I promise we’ll solve this issue together but now I need you to relax. I’ll be here for you whenever you wake up so rest MC. My love for you will never stop so let’s rest together.”
  • You eventually fell asleep to Jumin softly humming as he continued to rock you back and forth is a soothing motion
  • Jumin engraved the mental image of you crying into his mind so that he’d always have a reminder to make you happy and feel loved because to him, you deserved it


  • Even though Seven typically works within the comfort of his home, he had to go away for a long weekend to finish up some business with his old agency
  • So on the night of his return, a very tired Seven walked through the door wanting nothing more then to flop in bed with you and sleep the week away
  • But when he heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom, Seven grabbed one of his guns and raced to find you
  • Seven burst the door open only to be startled to find you laying in bed, half asleep but sobbing your eyes out
  • He dropped his weapon and went to your side, carefully sitting you on his lap as he ran his fingers through your hair, feeling like he wanted to cry himself
  • But Seven knew that you needed comfort right now so he rubbed your arms to try and calm you down as he kissed your ear whispering loving words to you
  • “I’m so sorry for leaving you like this MC. I’ll stay by your side for forever okay? You’re going to be stuck with me so hopefully you won’t get annoyed of me! But seriously MC, let’s get some rest now. I love you and I’m here for you always.“
  • Seven’s sweet words helped you finally drift off to sleep with him sighing as he bit his lip to keep himself from crying
  • Seeing you so upset made Seven promise to never push you away again and to remind you how much he adored you

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UltimaAlmighty wasn't a good guy at all, quite the opposite BY FAR, and I absolutely HATE IT when people say "awww i miss his content :(". The videos he uploaded AREN'T HIS CONTENT, he isn't a content creator, he's milking other content creators who, yknow, MAKE CONTENT. Honestly, I enjoyed his videos every now and then, but to see the shit he's done? I'm ashamed to say I even remotely enjoyed some of his reaction videos. And hawker, I wish you and steph lots of luck and love :D

Thank you!❤
Tbh I was NEVER okay with his reactions, I’ve never said anything before cause he was bigger than me and most people seemed “okay” with him because of his “nice guy” approach. Even I fell for it.


Moments to remember forever ♥ - VS Arashi Hawaii SP 2014.11.06

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So I have never ever done this before cause I'm kind of shy, but I absolutely love your art. And I love MHA so when I saw you would like some MHA asks I decided to give it a try. So maybe Kaminari E3? I hope you have an awesome week! And good luck with your work!

Awww don’t be shy anon, I won’t bite! Here you go!

You asked so nicely, sorry it’s a bit messy ^^;;; I’m settling back into digital drawing after having to keep from doing it…more than a week? Thank you for the sweet words! My week is better now that I’m free from school =v= I hope you have a lovely week as well!

Sleepy ask meme (which is still open for MHA asks I guess)

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Hello! Could I have headcanons on how sanji, zoro, law, and sabo would react to their crush having a beautiful singing voice? Not like she sings all the time, but she'd sing along to brook's violin if requested, and that was the first time they heard her sing? You did a request for me a while ago and it was AMAZING, so now I'm back for another :)

Headcanons for Law, Zoro, Sanji, and Sabo on how’d they react to their female s/o or crush having a beautiful singing voice? :)

Heeeey there :D awww thank you sooo much ♥, I’ve done something very similar for Zoro and Law up here but let me see if I can come up with more ;)


  • dude, if he wasn’t already totally in love with them before, he’d be by now haha
  • “(Name)-san, would you mind humming a little if you have the time?”, for real they should sing a bit for him while cooking, 10/10 the meal gets more delicious
  • he’s profoundly into her singing him a little into sleep, or more humming
  • he usually really enjoys Brooks music, so his s/o having a great singing voice would just boost joy for that by 100%


  • I can see Zoro every now and then actually remarking that they sound really nice, it is rare but could happen


  • oh Law you precious dork
  • He’d never admit it but singing to him during the rare cuddling sessions puts him a lot at eases


  • this is really sweet for Sabo
  • he likes music in general so he’d be kind…not mesmerized but fascinated with her voice, like absently staring at her and listening to her or something
  • the embarassing part of him liking her voice is usually during parties when Sabo is pissdrunk after like 3 beers and drags her to sing Karaoke with him, it’s embarassing
  • Hiro: I'M BORED! Entertain me.
  • Tadashi: I can't right now, I'm studying.
  • Hiro: Awww... Yeah, I– I know you're busy, that makes sense. I don't really have anything else to do, but you– you got stuff to take care of, that's fine... After you're done, uh... would... would you wanna hang out?
  • Tadashi: I'll be at this all night.
  • Hiro: *whimpers* ...Maybe we could study... together?
  • Tadashi: Hiro, I really just need to focus.
  • *Hiro whines like a sad puppy, leaving the room*
  • Hiro: YOU MADE ME DO THIS! *runs back into the room and throws himself on Tadashi's desk*
  • Canon Soldier 76: Hero fallen from grace. Had everything he believed in taken away from him and is now on a one man quest of vigilante justice. Operates outside of the law, and is wanted by the police in several countries. Cracks a thug across the jaw with a baseball bat and smashes another man's head with a flaming pinata. Actually took a solid second to decide if he should let a little girl get blown up by a grenade or if he should go kill more criminals.

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I'm gay for you now! Look at what you've done!!! You must the prettiest girl in the world if you're so kind to us anons and followers! Bless your soul! If no one wants to date you I will! (( I CALLED DIBS PEOPLE BACK OFF!!! )) ❤️✨💕❤️✨💕❤️✨💕❤️✨💕❤️

awww youu

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So I'm finally done with my godforsaken day, what have I missed, tell me you love me, and can someone please find some way to send me to a Joshifer happy place? No? Okay just hold me I've missed you.

Awww I’m sorry you had a rough day my love!!!

Let me offer you this Joshifer hug

Now take three deep breaths

And think of our babies

1) Constantly needing to touch

2) Staring longingly

3) Pure molten kisses