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jelly - Joji

Requested. Joji being jealous of your pet. 


“What’s so great about you?” he grimaces, displeased. You don’t hear him since you weren’t in the room—Joji was all alone. With your freaking cat.

“Meow!” the cat says rather indignant, lifting up its chin in defiance. Joji frowns, sitting on the floor and facing the menacing cat. His arch-nemesis, a thorn in his side, a threat to your affections. He never believed that a cat would be catching your attention this much. Then again, it was your favourite pet, the one you loved and kept you company until Joji came into your life. Invaded the cat’s territory and obviously, it didn’t like that. He disliked Joji from the start, but at the same time, Joji had the same feelings. You didn’t seem to notice, despite the fact that they kept ‘fighting’ when you were not looking. Sometimes Joji wanted to throw that damn cat out the window; but you were never going to forgive him for that.

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Day four : long distance relationship | lyrics  for @juminvweek

When V is away with work with Rui to take pictures, Jumin and Elizabeth are missing the click of his camera photo and his perfume around the apartment.

So instead of taking the next plane and check on his boyfriend Jumin is spamming V with messages to see if he is okay .

Jumin: I miss you, Jihyun. Did you got there safe and sound?  *insert cute cat emoji*

Jihyun: Awww ~ I miss you too ~ I will send you pictures. Have a good day at office ~ >3<

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UUUU-KUN! ;.; i miss you! -virtual hug-

awww;w; i miss ya too…*hugs back*
well, few days later, i’m gonna be back here, see ya later sweet friend…;;;w;;;♡

Little emo child?

So today I was in the hallway with my mcr shirt on and these two upperclassmen are in the hallway and I walk past them and they say “awww look it’s a little emo man I miss those days”……..the thing that has me shook is they said it in the nicest way possible wtf. Do. Not. Associate. Yourself. With. Upperclassmen. That. Shit. Is. Scary. Af.

B is for Baby, Bye.

It may have been approaching my bedtime as unlike most people for me was around 9 p.m. thanks to being a mother who worked as much as I did. Work had been as tiresome as usual with me staring at the clock waiting for the time to tick until I was free and now I was stuck in my unusually lonely and quiet home, stuffing my face with all of the candy Julian had seemed to leave behind. I was sure it was a mistake but I didn’t plan on reminding him that he did.

Wired with sweets and treats, I knew I’d have to be up for at least another hour or moreso I wanted to be up another hour to finish the last few chapters of the book I had been trying to complete for the last few weeks. Now that I had a bit of time to myself, it was the perfect opportunity to sprawl out onto the king sized bed and drown myself in romantic literature.

With a lollipop in my mouth and a bottle of water in my hand, I grabbed the book off of the shelf with my free one and headed back upstairs to my sanctuary. Upon reaching the top of the steps, I could hear my Skype ringtone blaring out from my computer still set up open in the middle of my bedspread.

“Comiiiing,” I yelled as if the person on the other side of the call could hear me. I at least rushed my steps some so I wouldn’t miss the call, dropping my bottle of water onto the bed and turning the laptop to me so I could see who it was that was calling me before I answered. Seeing it was Julian, I quickly accepted the call before he could hang up.

“Took you long enough,” he huffed as soon as his face filled the screen.

“Wow. No hello or anything? Just a complaint? Same old Draxler. Where’s my baby?”

He pretended to be hurt while his mouth dropped with fake shock, clutching at the part of his shirt that covered his heart. “Wow,” he mimicked. “I thought I was your baby? Guess the romance is over officially.” Even with his dramatic sarcasm, he reached down out of the view of the webcam until he returned with the pretty little plump Julia, our six month old child.

One look at her and those cheeks and I was beaming from ear to ear and cooing like an entranced mother. “Awww. I miss her so much.”

“It’s only been two days,” Julian quickly reminded me.

“Two days is a long time to not kiss that cute little face. Juleeez,” I cooed her name to grab the attention of her wandering eyes but for the moment she was too busy staring up at her father as he held her in his lap in perfect view for me to see.

“She’s with her favorite parent. She’s alright.” Julian looked down at the small being in his hold and placed a kiss to her forehead. It made me incredibly jealous.

Being away from the two of them was turning out to be much harder than I thought it would be. I hated returning home to a clean home because Julian wasn’t here to drop his dirty clothing in the middle of the floor just so he could grab Julia away from whoever was watching her. I missed not listening to her boisterous cries when she was hungry or giving her her nightly bath.

With Julian completing a transfer to a new club, he had quickly found himself in a new city with about half of his belongings and our daughter who he insisted join him on the journey rather than staying back with me.

It wasn’t like we were going to be separated too long. I just had to complete another week of work and then I would officially no longer be an employee, able to finish packing up our belongings and move but that week seemed to be ticking away as slowly as possible. Being reduced to seeing the two loves of my life via webcam just wasn’t the same.

“Favorite parent? Right. Is that the favorite parent that fed her something with nuts in it though she was allergic?”

It was a joke but Julian quickly took offense as the protective parent he was. “I didn’t know it had nuts!” I giggled remembering the puffy cheeks of the baby as she took in the product and us freaking out as we rushed her to the doctor before figuring out what the problem was.

“I know, okay? I was just joking. But seriously you are not the favorite parent.”

“I am.”

I removed the lollipop from my mouth that had been tucked in my cheek obnoxiously as I talked. “What did you two do today?”

“Well I had practice so I had…” He began snapping his fingers, looking up at the ceiling as he tried to recall something. “What’s her name?” Julian questioned aloud.


He snapped his fingers with delight. “Sophia! Yeah her. She watched Julez while I was at practice.”

“How do you not know the name of the woman watching our daughter?” I laughed. I wasn’t too much worried about it considering she was someone I knew and also the wife of one of his new teammates.

“I can’t remember everything. I should have taken her with me. I think I’m gonna drop her off at the women’s team so she can get her medical too.” Still holding her up in his arms, he placed a mass amount of kisses to her cheeks.

Goodness, I missed those lips.

“She’s not playing football, Julian,” I sang out.

“And what will she play? Tennis like you? I don’t think so.”

“What?! Tennis would be great for her.”

“She can be anything she wants to be,” he said as he nuzzled her nose with his. “Besides a Bayern player. That’s where I draw the line.”

Conversation halted as the baby in his lap gurgled and soon released a mass of fluid against his chest, immediately causing Julian to groan and drop his head back with disappointment. “What is with you and my nice shirts, Julez?” His question went unanswered by the child though secretly I loved to think Julia absolutely loved throwing up on her father when given the chance or the upset stomach.

“Well. Gotta go. We love you. It’s bath time.” Julian stood up, careful with her in one hand and using the other to remove his now dirty shirt.

“Wow. Strip tease right before you hop off? Such a tease.”

“For about 30 million I’ll lose the pants too,” he chuckled. “I love you.”

“I love you too. And you too, Jul!”

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I hope you are doing well. Just saw you hadn't posted in a while and wanted to drop a note to say this anon misses you and your art. Have a great day!

Awww! Thanks Anon T_T I miss you guys too. 

The thing about working in animation is that you often go from periods of next to no work to ‘holy-crap-we-need-this-yesterday-and-the-building-is-on-fire!’ So I haven’t been able to work on anything I can share without getting slapped with an NDA.

But know that I love you guys, I miss you and when this season wraps up I shall return <3

Just something suuuuper scribbly today … my head is super empty and tbh, hurts a little. But I got my copy of World of Thedas 2 yesterday and yaaay for older/beardy Alistair! Since my Cousland travels with Anders, he also returns with her to Denerim and he gets to see Alistair with his new regal look first haha.


“I’m gonna miss you so much when classes start.. like foreal.”
“Awww, I’ll miss yah too–I guess one of these days when we’re not working, we should plan things?”
“Though, who really knows. It would probably be a challenge with both schedules.”
“Well looky here, I’ve just made myself sad.”
“It truly sucks, ‘cause I mean–”
“– I love you, Wes.”
“Nuuuuu don’t make it worse, pleaseee.”
“I’ll have tears.”
“I do.”
“Ahhh.. I love yah too, J.”