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Fayeee!! I'm going to the museums with one of my guy friends on Thursday and he said he might bring some weed to smoke. It'll be my first time! Any advice for a newbie? Lol. (Also I hope you're having a great evening!! 💙💙)

Awww, this sounds like such a good time! I honestly love going to the museum high.💜💨 I definitely have some words of advice for.

  • You’ll see a lot of people talk about how they didn’t get high their first time smoking weed, I can say the same for myself, and the same may happen to you. Not everyone gets high the first time they smoke weed and that’s totally okay that’s why there’s session two!
    •  This is your first time smoking weed please be patient with your body. Have your first session an hour or two before you go to the museum so you can a) see if you get high and give it the proper time to play out b) have a second session before the museum in case you didn’t get high the first time. Give it at least an hour.
  • You need to smoke it, right? Your smoking options are as follows: joint, blunt, bowl, bong, vape and another myriad of devices that probably aren’t fit for a first-timer. A joint or blunt is probably the easiest way to smoke, but rolling can be hard if you’ve never done it before, bong rips may be a bit too harsh and heavy, and so I’m recommending you go with a bowl. But ultimately this up to you and your friend if he can roll you a blunt do iitttt.
    • I’m going to assume this won’t happen but just in case please don’t smoke out of make shift bongs that include aluminum or plastic. Smoking out of an apple is fine but plastic and aluminum will hurt your lungs!
  • Take it slow. Sometimes one hit from a bowl still gets me stoned and I’m a habitual smoker, take one hit wait 20-30 minutes and take another, and then just waaiiitttt. If time passes and you’re not feeling it take two hits and have a ball.
    • Do not feel pressured into smoking more, your buddy has smoked before and knows his limits maybe he can smoke a whole bowl and be okay but that doesn’t mean you can. Take it slow - sorry I’m being a helicopter mom but seriously.
    • You can’t get too high, some bored soul on 4chan made a video of him doing all the math and you’d have to smoke 12 tons of weed in a hour to over dose. If hours pass and you’re still not high just keep smoking till you can meet me in the clouds.
  • Remember to “puff, puff, pass.” This may sound trite, but it’s important. Don’t hog the weed. Don’t give your buddy a/try to smoke a cached bowl. The term “cached” means the bowl or bong no longer has any smokable bud in it. 
  • It’s honestly kinda ballsy you’re going to be outside the first time you’re high! I know I was super paranoid my first time around so be prepared for that. Bring a stone, piece of jewelry, fidget spinner if that’s your thing, something to fiddle with and keep you calm if you start getting paranoid about cops. I swear this was me all through high school and now I’m just like stoned everywhere I go and no cop cares but hey, we all start somewhere.
    • On a side note, sometimes if I feel “too high” I get anxious. A good way to combat anxiety about being high is to have a snack and a water bottle being hydrated and shoving your face can bring you down from your high so it’s something good to combat anxiety and feel proactive about it. Also, it’s good to have munchies on hand.
  • A roll of thumb I have when smoking with men who aren’t my boyfriend is to have them hit the bowl first even if I’ve known them a while. I’ve had male friends of years try to lace that shit and knock me out. I’m sure your character judgement is great but you can never be too safe.
  • Maybe you’ve heard the nasty cottonmouth rumors floating around. Well, they’re true. Your mouth will definitely get dry, it’s okay, it happens to everyone all the time. Just drink that water I suggested you have!! And some chapstick doesn’t hurt.

.Everything’s going to feel a little weird, time may feel slow, but it’s cool just appreciate everything! Have a great time and try not to get too caught up in your thoughts. I hope you have a beautiful time and remember to smoke responsibly dear! 💖

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*it's not that i saw almost everything here in, like, 1.5-2h* So, hello! What about V just after the eyes surgery and he can for the first time really see MC? I want that from 3 months and nobody respond me T^T *also, im sorry, my english might be kinda bad?*

Awww, thank you. Your English is fine!This was so sweet! Had fun writing this. Hope you like it. :) 

  • You finally convinced him to accept Jumin’s offer for the surgery
  • Before he goes into surgery, he runs his fingers across your face, memorizing the feeling of your features
  • “This is the last time before I can finally see you differently.”
  • He asks to take a picture of you and with you before the surgery and every day after
  • Of course, you agree
  • He has one of those polaroids, so they print right away
  • You stay at the hospital through the surgery and when he’s sleeping afterwards 
  • He’s disappointed that he has to wear bandages for a week
  • He really wanted to see you right away
  • While he’s recovering, he asks you to describe yourself
  • You think it’s just because he’s anticipating what you look like
  • But really, he wants to compare how you see yourself and how you really are
  • Finally, it’s the time to get the bandages off
  • The doctor makes sure he stands behind V for the final bandage so you are the first person he sees
  • V blinks a few times to adjust to the light
  • Finally he’s looking at you
  • He says nothing for a very long time
  • You get a bit nervous and call his name
  • Tears start streaming down his face
  • “I’ve dreamt about you before…but my imagination could never create someone as beautiful as you.”
  • Now you’re crying
  • You keep wanting to hug him, but he keeps wanting to look at you
  • He keeps cupping your face and staring into your eyes
  • He scolds you because you described yourself so poorly and he thinks you’re so beautiful
  • You two take one last photo together
  • When he gets home, he frames all the photos and hangs it up in his house
  • He goes a bit photo crazy though, since he hasn’t been able to in a long time
  • Literally takes photos all the time
  • “Oh, MC, stay still! This is a good pose.”
  • “V, I’m brushing my teeth!” 

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Shinobis and their familiars. I’ll update when I find more. I’m curious about how Genya would appear with Oboro’s sprite. It’s not like a dog can perch on your shoulder like the others’ animals, hahaha.

Update: Oh well, here you go… Awww, I was hope there would be a close sprite of Genya holding Oboro, that would be mega-cute!

For those of you who are not familiar (yet) these are the shinobis with their  shieki doubutsu (literally translates to battle animal) familiars/animal companions that they use to aid their work.

Sasuke + Kohaku the eagle

Hotaru + Tora the cat

Kaede + Fuutaro the flying squirrel

Chibi Sasuke + Momofuku the owl

Sakuya + Tobimaru the monkey

Genya + Oboro the black shiba inu

Hanzo + Haku the albino snake

Kyouichiro + Raita the fox

Sketch Part 2 || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Awww can you do a Sketch part 2, pretty pretty please ? <333 I absolutely love it !

A/N: I feel like this is more focused on the plot rather than the reader being an artist, but I hope it’s okay! (I was going to use the gif of Jughead in a suit from the 1x05 promo but I couldn’t find it! If anyone has it, please send it to me!)

Sketch Part 1:

Gif by @sseureki


It had been four months now since the Reggie incident with your sketchbook and you and Jughead had been hanging out constantly. Almost everyday. After school and on the weekends. After school, the two of you would walk together to Pop’s, shoulders bumping and laughing. Ordering milkshakes and fries, the two of you would get to work; Jughead working on his novel, you working on your sketches. You still drew him and even voluntarily showed him your sketches. He would always smile and compliment your talent before showing you the rough draft of his novel. You loved listening to him as he explained his theories regarding Jason Blossom’s death and everything that was going around in the town of Riverdale. Over the weeks, you noticed your feelings for Jughead started to change. It started with this realization of,

“Hey. This guy’s good-looking.”

It only went downhill from there. Soon your heart began fluttering whenever Jughead was around (which was all the time,) your palms got sweaty at the sight of him, and your heart leapt when he smiled or laughed. You were so far gone, but were torn between telling him your true feelings or not. He was your best friend, your only friend. You couldn’t lose him, but these feelings were eating you up inside. You made your decision. You had to say something.

It seemed like a blessing and curse when Principal Weatherbee announced one morning that there was going to be a spring fling dance at the high school next Saturday. On one hand, you were thrilled. You finally had an excuse to ask Jughead out. On the other hand, you now had an excuse to ask Jughead out. For the entire week, you didn’t mention the dance to your best friend, secretly hoping that he would ask you. When Saturday afternoon rolled around and you still hadn’t been asked, you sighed as you realized you were going to have to take the reins. Now you were walking to Pop’s, thinking of how to ask him. Should you just do a long confession of love? You groaned in disgust as you shook your head, trashing that idea. Blurt it out? Ask him casually? Could you even manage asking him casually? The ideas and nerves were overwhelming. Before you knew it, you were at the front door of Pop’s, opening it slowly, the bell jingling quietly. You looked around for Jughead and found him in his usual booth, his eyes glued to his laptop. You took a deep breath. It was now or never. You made your way over to him and sat in the seat opposite from him.

“Hey, Juggie.” you said casually.

“Mm.” he said in response, not looking up.

This happened sometimes. Jughead would be so immersed in his writing, only managing sounds as answers. Usually you wouldn’t mind, but today you needed to talk to him. You took another deep breath and looked down nervously.

“I was just wondering, uh, if you, um, maybe wanted to go out with me? To the dance tonight? Like a date?”

You let out a breath. There. It was out. You frowned as you realized Jughead hadn’t said anything and clacking of the computer keys hadn’t stopped. You looked up and saw Jughead typing away, not giving any sign that he heard you.

“Jug.” you stated.

“Hmm?” he asked, eyes still on the computer.

“Did you even hear me?”

“Uh… Yeah.” The typing and no eye contact continued.

“What did I say then?” You asked, crossing your arms, getting irritated.

“Uh…” he trailed off before forgetting to answer you completely, too involved in his writing.

“Seriously?” you exclaimed and it was then that Jughead finally looked up, noticing your tone changed.

“What?” he asked. What did he miss?

You scoffed as you got up from the booth.

“Never mind. Forget about it.” you said, walking towards the door. Jughead began to get up

“Whoa, Y/N, what’d I—“

“I said forget about it. I’ll see you Monday, Jughead.” you said as you walked out of Pop’s.

Jughead fell back into his seat, racking his brain for what you must’ve said. Ten minutes later, he was still going through the fragmented pieces.

Out. Out. Something with out. What else was there? There was the dan—

Jughead’s eyes popped open. The dance! You wanted to go with him to the dance! You were asking him out! He groaned as he realized what an idiot he had been. He looked at the clock. 2:43. The dance started at 6. He had to pull something together quickly. He put his laptop away as fast as he could, rushing out of the diner with his book bag.

Jughead be damned. You were going to have fun tonight with or without him. You looked down at your dress and smiled. It was a light purple and accentuated your figure quite nicely. Your white heels didn’t hurt the outfit either. You were just putting the final touches on your makeup when you heard your mom from downstairs.

“Honey! Your date’s here!”

You frowned. Date? You heard footsteps coming up the stairs and turned around, just as Jughead walked into your room holding a red rose, wearing a suit and still wearing his signature beanie. Your eyes widened.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?”

He smirked.

“Hello to you too, Y/N,” he said.

You didn’t answer and he sighed, putting the rose into the vase filled with daisies on your dresser.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “For not listening to you today. I don’t have an excuse.”

You smiled softly, knowing you couldn’t stay mad at him.

“Thank you.” you said, accepting his apology.

Jughead smiled and put his hands in his pockets.

“So, uh, you mentioned something earlier about going out?” he asked.

You blushed and nodded, forcing yourself to keep eye contact.

The teenage boy chuckled.

“Well, I’d love to. We better get going though. The dance is gonna start soon. My lady?” he asked, holding his arm out.

You smiled widely as you crossed the room and linked your arm with his.

“Shall we?” he asked.

You nodded and the two of you descended the stairs. Your parents quickly took pictures of the both of you before sending you on your way. Jughead had driven over so the two of you got into the car, and began the short drive to the high school. The two of you were silent. You struggled to find something to say when you felt Jughead gently take your hand and intertwine it with one of his. You smiled and looked down. All was right.


A/N: How was that? Hope you enjoyed it!

we got married; mingyu

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • there’s a lot of food, so I apologise in advance.
  • so, you guys first met at a restaurant, and you saw there was a candle -lit table, correctly assuming it was yours, you sat there
  • and mingyu took so long to arrive, you were panicking because you thought it was a joke or something, you were asking the production crew if this was a prank and having an overall panic until you saw the tall boy, dressed in formal attire walk in with some food
  • and you were like, ‘what are you doing here?’ but also, ‘are you my husband?’
  • and he just said, ‘dinner (or whatever is the suitable meal for the time of day), is served,’ then put the food down and took a seat 
  • and you were like, ‘oh, so you are my husband,’
  • so you guys obviously introduced each other, like what’s the point in marrying someone if you don’t know their name.
  • and you guys just chatted about your idol lives, likes and dislikes that kind of jazz.
  • and when you guys stood up to leave you realised how tall he is and just woah, my husband is tall, good-looking and can cook.
  • if you’re that kind of person, you could brag about this lmao
  • mingyu was fun to be around, he was like a friend tbh
  • and all the dates he’s really extra and if you and mingyu have a significant height difference everyone would be like awww that’s so cute
  • but if you don’t, everyone would be all awww that’s cute,
  • either way you and mingyu are cute.
  • and in my opinion he is boyfriend material af, so whenever you have the date mission things they would always be fun
  • like he would just make you laugh and do super boyfriend things and i hope jeongcheol is watching so cheol can cringe, but be proud, whilst jeonghan highly approves of his behaviour.
  • he’s also pretty open to skinship, so i see you two doing a lot of that unless you don’t want that, but how can you say no to mingyu???
  • and because of how much skinship you do, everyone will be hiGhkEy shipping and probably expects you two to stay together.
  • he’ll also make you breakfast every morning and one day he’ll teach you and IT’S ALL CUTE 
  • so you’ll both be in your pyjamas and he’ll be telling you what to do and then he’ll pull some flirty move, like when you’re facing away from him he’ll slither his arms around your waist
  • or he’ll smear food on you and you get into a food fight 
  • or something cheesy that won’t injure you.
  • when you try on your dresses he’ll be like a teenage girl at a concert
  • you’ll walk out or just somehow get out of the change room 
  • and he’ll see you and he’ll be screaming and talking photos and he’ll be praising you, and he’ll start to fantasising and going on about the wedding, and you’ll be so overwhelmed
  • like woah, rememBER MiNGYU ThIS iS VIrTUAL
  • and he’ll flirt with you 24/7 and you’ll be torn between flustered and pLS STOP MINGYU 
  • so say seventeen is promoting during your marriage, he would somehow show you off
  • so like the boy are preparing for a comeback and they’ll be filming and the director decided they want someone to be in the music video as a love interest to one or more of the boys 
  • and mingyu’s like MY WIFE CAN DO IT
  • and no one else really says anything, they just look at the director and he’s like
  • this is good for views, popularity, all that stuff, why not??
  • so that’s how you end up in a seventeen music video playing mingyu’s love interest
  • so in the mv, you and mingyu play high school students, and he’ll be crushing on you and the rest of seventeen are trying to help mingyu get to you
  • and you’ll be like hanging out with mingyu and the boys will try to make it all romantic until like dino accidentally drops the props and instead of suave, romantic music, it’s playing some uncool pop song, but you two dance together and fall in love or smth
  • so, it’ll be like when you first met, and the both of you will have a sit-down dinner ( i’m sad to don’t worry ) 
  • he’ll be dressed nicely, and so will you and you’ll be talking about your time together and he’ll whip out a photo book
  • and you’re like what??? what’s in it???
  • and then he opens it, and there’s photos of you two having fun and he’ll confess he took photos whilst you were together and put it into the book
  • and then he’d bring out band! seventeen or just shua and then he’ll sing to you or something sweet
  • and if you sing you’d sing to him, or just tell him how much fun you had if you can’t
  • at the end of it, as usual i’ll leave it up to you what happened afterwards, but hAVE  FUN
  • tl;dr super sweet husband that cooks for you and keeps you smiling

    hi everyone, i hope you all enjoyed this, the ending was kinda rushed, but have a nice day/evening and stay safe, lol bye
    - admin jola

    Okay, so I finally got my hands on the VLD comics, and I came across this part in the 4th issue. I’m sure this has been addressed before but…

    (I took out the text cause it didn’t make sense out of context anyway…)

    So now I know I have a really wild, like too wild imagination but this is just hit me, like… PINING RED???


    1. There’s that HC that Red and Blue love each other too – which I like a lot – so I don’t really know how sentient robot lions do the thing, but just imagine them being cuddly and pressing their noses together and just be cute and affectionate (gay) robot lions, like awww :’) And now just imagine that they have to hide this because their current paladins are oblivious toddlers who can’t get past the flirting-with-teasing-and-childish-bickering level, cause you know, they’re just like a pair of kindergarteners.

    Like seriously guys, grow up. And seriously, someone please draw Red and Blue snuggling up when they think no one sees them, but eventually Lance and Keef catch them, or maybe the others too, or whatever you can come up with, there’s so much that can be done with this, and I’m dead. (Also I hope someone has already done this before and I can find it.)

    2. The lions are just like their paladins, so Red is actually pining after Blue, in which case my heart is aching for Red, and I like the first one much better. Like it’s enough to see Keef’s wtf tender faces when he looks at Lance sometimes or when he talks to him and no one sees he’s making that face… I can’t handle the same thing with Red too, it’s just too much for my heart. :’)

    Now that I got this out of my system, I will go on reading the comics, and think of giant robot cats being in love with each other and I’ll die. Bye.

    I’ve been slackin’ on responses to all y’all’s really nice messages. Time to fix that!

    @morganzephyr That would be really cool…I dunno if I can pull off a recording, but I’d totally be down to stream a drawing if people are interested!

    Anon: Awww!! Thank you so much!😘

    Anon: Yeah! You can totally message me! Y’all don’t have to ask. I’m always down to chat.

    @witchyaudrey dude, like, I totally feel you! I just can’t stop drawing the salty old men. I find Gabe to be super relatable, so I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon haha. I’m glad you decided to stick around and I hope you have a good evening too! 💖💖

    @iilines you don’t have to apologize! I’m glad to have you here! 😊😊

    Anon: nope! The only other place I post my work is my twitter. The link to that is in my header.

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    Hello,I really enjoying to fallow your artworks.Can you draw little-sick Ciel and Lizzie is worry about him.If you don't its okay I always loves you,your blog and your arts!

    Awww, thank you! How sweet!

    Here you go, anon. Cute little baby Lizzy worrying about sick little Ciel.

    I’m sorry it took so long but I was busy with my other picture. I might color it someday when I have more time. Until then, here you go. I hope you like it as it is.

    Lover AND A Fighter

    Originally posted by giggleplier

    Request: Omg, could you do a teamiplier request (with bf Ethan) where the reader is a smol bean but like hella strong and is a martial artist and they get into a brawl (obviously informing the victim that they are a fighter) and teamiplier is just like ‘omg smol bean can kick ass’. Maybe like the person they beat up is a creep that tries chatting them up and touches them inappropriately (nothing to bad, like maybe ass touching?? But reader says no???)

    Summary: It’s Mark’s birthday (it actually is coming up soon awww) and you guys have the great idea of having his birthday party at a bar where he can’t drink. Fights ensue.

    A/N: Hey y’all sorry I didn’t post all week. I have no excuse, I just couldnt really find the inspiration for this fic at first rip. Anyway here I am! With a fic! Hope you guys enjoy :D (ps in case you don’t usually read my A/N 2.0 at the end of the fic, make sure you read it this time. Got a cool thing to tell you guys hehe

    Wordcount: 1240, woohoo they’re getting longer!

    Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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    Math Class

    HELLO My Sistas Hope Everyone’s Day Is Going Well This Is My First Story Time So It Might Be Kinda Wack Sorry ..

    Okayy Soo This Was A While Ago But I Would Like To Share My Experience. I Was In My Freshmen Year Of High School ( I’m A Senior Now Yasss) And The School Kept On Messing Up My Schedule ,First They Put Me In The Wrong Dang P.E Class (There Were Some Fine Looking Guys up in That Class Too) So I Had To Move To Another Class With Other People ,Then It Was Biology ,And Lastly My Math Class. I Didn’t Mind Moving My Math Class Because It Was First Period And Who Wants To Do Math As Soon As They Get To School😑So I Walked Into This Class All Happy Like It Was My First Time Ever Going To School And Everyone Stopped What They Were Doing And Just Stared At Me Like I Was Crazy That Is When I Started To Get Nervous, So I Walked Up To The Teacher And Handed Her My Schedule And She Introduced Me To The Class And They Are STILL LOOKING CRAZY!!

    So She Tells Me To Go Sit At This Table With Two Girls And Two Boys And Mind You There Is No Room At This Table So I Am Sitting At The Very Edge. I Sit Down And I Say “Hi”  In A Shy Voice Tell Me Why Not One Of These mothertucker’s Say Hi To Me I Was Like Okay Fine Forget Yall Then. So For A While I Was Just Sitting There Looking Around ,And Then I Hear Someone Say In  A  Low Voice Say “Hello Im A” (let’s Just Call Him A ) He Was Taiwanese .So I Look Up In Shock Like “Someone Is Finally Saying Hi To Mee” And I Was Like “Hello I’m _____” So We Start Talking And I Am Like “Thank You For Saying Something To Me I Was So Nervous” And He Was All Like “You’re Welcome I Would Be To If I Walked In And Everyone Was Just Looking At Me ” So That Whole Class He Was Talking To Me And Making Me Laugh So We Kept On Getting In Trouble For Laughing.

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    I'm pregnant and its a girl... Surprise!?

    Request: YES
    Plot/request:Love your stories so far! Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and is having a girl 
    Word count: 1,115
    Warnings: pregnancy, worrying, I think that’s all

    A/N: awww thank you !! you’re so sweet!! I hope you like it.

    key: y/m/n= your middle name

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    some random hcs for my favourite bamf? ._. can be anything, fluff, angst, just straight up comedy, idc. i just wanna read some more about that cowboy tbh. love you guys T-T (i totally understand admin macaree, that flirting is not pitiful at all :p)

    Awww, we love you too, Anon! We went with some domestic headcanons for this one because Admin Macaree has been wanting to do these for a long time! We hope you enjoy these. Have a great day everyone! :D

    Also, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates real quick. My old friends depression and anxiety have decided to pay me a visit again and they don’t really get along with my other friend motivation. I hope I’ll be able to write more the next days! 
    ~ Admin Moronison

    • The two of you never really worked out a proper plan for the chores. No one does them regularly but every now and then you realize something has to be done. When that happens, you usually take care of these tasks together. However, the cowboy gets distracted easily, either by your presence or by various things you find while cleaning up.
      You know that moment when you find some old toys or other objects filled with memories and you end up occupied with these for at least an hour? Exactly.
      Thanks to the low attention span of both of you, chores tend to take hours to finish, also taking many different turns. Cuddling, tickle fights, or even make-out session. There are no limits to your imagination.
    • Jesse always brings home some kind of present from his missions, mostly food. You rarely have to go grocery shopping because the fridge is filled with so many different snacks from so many different countries.
      When he hasn’t had any missions in a while you are usually the one who does the grocery shopping, simply because McCree often is too tired of busy with other tasks.
      Always remember to buy his favorite chocolate; it will put the sweetest smile on his face! 
    • Since he brings home various ingredients from foreign countries, you use these to try to prepare some exotic meals together. As mentioned before, distractions are not uncommon, cooking is no exception. You might randomly start dancing to your favorite song on the radio and completely forget about the food until you recognize a strange, burnt smell coming from the stove.
    • McCree isn’t really a good cook but surprisingly talented at baking, though only when using a recipe. There’s almost nothing he can’t bake as long as he’s got some instructions. The only thing he knows how to prepare without a recipe is apple pie, his mom taught him ages ago.
      He’s also extremely good at making pancakes. 
    • The cowboy sleeps like a log, there’s absolutely nothing that could wake him up (not even an angry Gabriel Reyes). He also tends to sleep a lot and for quite a long time due to his exhausting missions.
      When sleeping in the same bed, the two of you often end up in a tangle of limbs; he might even roll on top of you in his sleep, making it hard for you to get up in the morning. Just throw him off; he definitely won’t wake up anyway. 
    • He snores, though his snoring is not too loud or weird, luckily. You could call it cute but slightly annoying.
    • He usually wakes up when you are getting ready in the bathroom. He’ll join you in whatever you are doing without bothering to even knock. While you are already awake and busy, he hasn’t even woken up properly; it usually takes him about an hour to completely find his way into reality.
      He’s also extremely clingy in the morning, so prepare to be hugged from behind by your boyfriend who’s almost falling asleep with his head resting on your shoulder. It’s a desperate attempt to get you to snuggle back into the bed again with him, you`ll have to remind him that he has to get ready again which will earn you a sad pout. 
    • When the two of you ever get a day off, you always plan everything weeks beforehand. You organize a trip to the museum, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, and even get tickets for a movie in the evening. However, you tend to cancel everything and just stay in bed the whole day instead.

    anonymous asked:

    Scenario please! Yurio + S/O reacting to Yurio winning gold? Thanks!

    Awww, this is such a cute prompt! I sometimes don’t know what I like more: Yurio being super excited about winning, or Yurio being chill about it because he knew he was going to win. Either way, I’m proud of our smol son :3 I completed a request similar to this one with Otabek, and that can be read here. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for the request <3

    You sit in your chair behind the sea of photographers and reporters, craning your neck just to get a glimpse of your boyfriend—the skater who just broke Viktor Nikiforov’s five-year winning streak. You haven’t really had the chance to properly congratulate Yuri yet, since he was basically bombarded with reporters, his coach, and the other skaters—not to mention the medal presentation ceremony was almost immediately after he found out he won. Now this press conference is becoming a bit long, and you’re getting antsy waiting to tell your boyfriend how proud you are with a kiss to his cheek.

    You rest your head in your hand with your elbow against your knee and pout, just wanting to spend the rest of the evening with Yuri. Closing your eyes, you allow yourself to relax at the thought of spending the night in Barcelona with Yuri. You’ll greet him with a hug and a deep, passionate kiss to the lips as a congratulation for winning the Grand Prix Final, then take him out for a stroll on the streets; your stomach growls when you think about taking him to an expensive restaurant for a late dinner and dessert.

    “Hey, (Y/N), wake up.” The familiar voice causes you to jump. “It’s time to go.”

    Your eyes snap open, and you see Yuri wearing his warm up jacket and standing in front of you. You’re suddenly very aware of the layer of sweat on your body and how heavy your eyelids feel. You blink a few times to try to shake off the drowsiness and to clear your head from the confused fog that’s come over you.

    “Yuri?” you say, but your voice sounds a bit raspy. “What—“

    “You feel asleep during the conference, kitten,” he sighs, offering you a hand to stand up. You take it, feeling a bit wobbly on your feet. You look around and see that everyone is gone. All of the people in the room had left, leaving you and Yuri alone. “All anyone cared about was me winning as my debut in the senior division. Like was it that much of a damn surprise? I fucking won that medal because I’m good; that’s no secret.”

    It takes a moment, but it hits you that you still haven’t congratulated Yuri properly. “Yuri, you won!” It scares him when you yell, but excitement takes over you as you throw your arms around his neck. He loses his balance and you tackle him to the ground with your hug. “I’m so proud of you, Yuri!” You lean down and plant the movie-worthy kiss you’ve been waiting for on his lips.

    “(Y/N), what the fuck—“ Yuri fights you at first, but he soon wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you back.

    Your makeup session lasts a bit, but Yuri fears someone will walk in and witness your display of affection. After you both stand up, you tuck Yuri’s hair behind his ear with a big smile on your face.

    “Let’s go celebrate!” you say, grabbing your boyfriend’s hands and squeezing them. Your face feels tight from smiling so much, but you can’t help yourself. “Anything you have in mind?”

    “Let’s start with dinner,” Yuri mutters, beginning to guide you from the building and into the streets of Barcelona. “I’m fucking starving.”

    anonymous asked:

    Can I please get a BigBang reaction to their girlfriend being an international sex icon bc she starred in a movie& had to do a sex scene? Thank you! I love your blog. 🌸❤️

    Awww, we love you too  ❤^❤  And thank you for requesting! Hope you’ll like it :>

    Taeyang: “Woah! That’s really you, honey! WOW! Nice moves, but you’ve become better since then :D”

    Seungri: *cannot believe his eyes while he’s watching the movie* “Wow, she’s the same with the cute person I’m dating @.@”


    T.O.P: *tells the other guys about the movie* “I cannot believe I was daring a sex icon! I mean, not that I mind, but I was supposed to be the sexy one! -.-”

    GD: *rushing you to the bedroom” “You know what? I would like to try that out!” 

    anonymous asked:

    Thank you, thank you, and a thousand times thank you. This blog, and you too, makes me feel a small spark in my soul again. After more than six years gone by without any will or strenght to write, without being *able* to put words into paper, I'm feeling like I could give it a try again. Thank you. You've given me back my will to go after what I feel it's my purpose in life. Thank you. I hope some day I can be corageous and submit something worthy of this wonderful space.

    Originally posted by gifsarefunny

    Awww, Nonny-friend! I’m glad this has helped you. <3

    anonymous asked:

    Wow I really adore your art! You must be really busy already but can I request Freed x Laxus both flexing for the camera? :D Or working out together *-* Or just anything cool or fluffy really! Thank you for taking the time to read this o3o

    Fist: awww thank u anon! ;/////;

    Second: I’m so sorry for the delay ;^; Also is so simple :,D idk how but I used again my sort of old style and I don’t like this D:

    But hope u like it! <3

    Add a chibi Freed because this request was so old and I’m so sorry ;-;

    BTS reaction to them seeing your quinceañera photos and mistaking them for wedding photos

    Anon said:  Hey can I get a reaction of BTS seeing y/n’s quinceañera photos and mistaking it for a wedding photo. Like they look at you really confused for a moment and hesitantly ask you where the photo is from. Thank you 😂💖

    Jungkook: *confused af*

    Originally posted by ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen

    Jimin: *thinking hard what are those photos*

    Originally posted by tanktoptiger

    Taehyung: “You got married? What is happening?” 

    Originally posted by cutae-hyungie

    J-Hope: “OHHHH wow” 

    Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

    Rap Monster: “For a second I thought that you already were married” *laughs*

    Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs

    Suga: *when ou explain what are those* “AWWW YOU SO CUTEEEE” *gif*

    Originally posted by jkguks

    Jin: “Too cute in that little dress” *smiles*

    Originally posted by missbaptan

    theemoestdemon  asked:

    Can you a fic where Star, Janna, Tom, Marco, and Ponyhead all have to confess their worst fears. Maybe Tom's is really sad and Marco has to calm him down or something

    Awww! Of course I can! It’s been a while since I’ve done angst like this and really liked it. It was nice outlet for how I’ve been feeling today. I hope you enjoy the story!

    It was just supposed to be a game. Ponyhead brought it over. The cube would ask a question and you had to respond with the truth. But as they played more and more the questions got deeper and deeper. It soon was not a game. But they were stuck playing. “I think… I’m just going to go.” Tom shook his head and got up. But a robotic arm came out of the cube and grabbed him, flinging him to the middle of the room. Tom hit the ground hard and Marco ran over to him.

    “Tommy, are you okay?” He asked.

    “NOBODY LEAVES. EVERYBODY PLAYS.” The cube’s voice echoes around. Marco held the demon close and Tom rubbed his back to try and offer some sort of comfort.

    “Ponyhead! Why would you bring this damn thing into Marco’s house!?” Tom yelled, walking over to her with bright red flaming eyes.

    “It was supposed to be a game, fireball! Relax!” She yelled back.

    “Relax!? We are all going to die!” Tom screamed at her.

    “Both of you cut it out!” Star yelled. The group stopped and looked at her. “We aren’t going to die, if we play the game, it will end and we’ll all be let go. So let’s just… play.” Star suggested. All the kids shuffled nervously and made their way into the middle of the room. They sat around the cube. “Just tell the truth and we’ll get out of here, and if you don’t it’ll torture us again.” She shuddered and Janna put her arms around her girlfriend.

    “Next question.” Marco dared the cube. The words mixed around and the cube read the next question.

    “WHAT IS YOUR WORST FEAR?” It asked. The kids all froze and exchanged looks. Tom all the sudden got very shy and moved in as if he wanted to vanish. Marco looked over and saw the demon was so scared looking.

    “Tom? Are you okay?” He asked. Tom shook his head and got up. He ran to the edge of the walls and started kicking at it. “Tom! Calm down!” Marco cried, he ran over and pulled Tom away. He shook his head.

    “No we have to get out of here!” He cried. The cube lit up red and a robotic arm wrapped Tom up, yanking him away from Marco and pulling him in.

    “WHAT IS YOUR WORST FEAR?” It asked again. “TRUTH OR PUNISHMENT.” It hissed. Tom shook his head and tried his best not to let tears escape his eyes. The cube put another robot hand on Tom’s head, and the dmon passed out, falling on the floor unconscious. Marco ran over to him and started shaking him.

    “Tom? Tom! Wake up!” Marco begged. Tom was whimpering in his sleep and making a distressed face. “I think… I think he’s having some sort of nightmare.” Marco guessed. Star bit her lip and Ponyhead made a scared face.

    “The punishment sometimes corresponds with the question.” She explained. “If Tom refused to tell his worst fear, then he’s probably being forced to like, live through it.” Ponyhead told them. Marco shot up in shock.

    “How do we get him out of it!?” He cried. The cube spoke again.

    “WHAT IS YOUR WORST FEAR?” It asked.

    “We have to play.” Janna realized. “Guys this is the last round, if we finish it, it will let Tom go, and we’ll be safe.” She suggested. Marco stood up.

    “I’m afraid of never moving on! Never growing up and never making up my balloon- I mean mind.” Marco corrected himself. He then looked down at Tom and sighed. “Never finding something I really love… but that’s stupid.” Marco added. “Because I already did.” He finished. He then looked over at Star. “Your turn.”

    Star took a deep breath and nodded. “Opposite. I’m afraid of growing up. Becoming queen.” She explained. Star then stood up taller. “But that’s stupid too! Because I’m adventurous! And growing up is just another adventure.” Star tried.

    “I’m afraid of being insignificant…” Janna admitted. “But that’s dumb because I’m significant to you!” She told Star, taking her hand. “And that’s more than enough. You’re my whole world so, being significant to you is like… being significant to the world… does that make sense?” She asked. Star nodded and gave her girlfriend a kiss.

    Ponyhead looked at her friends confused. “All y’all have deep rooted psychological fears… I just don’t mess with spiders.” She told them all. Everybody in the room expected that to be a lie, because that couldn’t be the ONLY thing she was afraid of. But the cube lit up blue.

    “TRUTH.” It conquered. The metal walls all around them disappeared and Tom shot up, waking up with a gasp.

    “Tom!” Marco cried, and he ran over to the demon. Without wasting any time Tom dashed into Marco’s arms and began sobbing. “Tom! Oh my god, oh my god.” Marco held him close. “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here.” Marco comforted. Tom shook his head and buried his face in Marco’s hoodie. The boys had some privacy, considering Janna and Star were doing something similar at the moment, and Ponyhead was investigating the cube.

    “You weren’t!” Tom sobbed. “You weren’t here!” He pulled Marco closer and began crying harder. Marco didn’t know what to do, so he just held the demon close and let him cry. Tom was shaking violently and Marco couldn’t seem to get him to calm down.

    “Shh, Tom, shhh. It’s okay. What do you mean I wasn’t here? I was right next to you the whole time.” He reminded. Tom shook his head and Marco ran his fingers through his hair, to try and calm him a bit. Marco continued the soothing motion until Tom’s sobs let up a bit.

    “I… no you weren’t.” He wiped away his tears. “It was dark, and it was cold and I was all alone.” More tears filled Tom’s eyes and he began sobbing again. “There was yelling, there were bad people there, people who wanted to hurt me… but you weren’t there to protect me.” Marco held the demon close, now understanding everything.

    “You don’t want to be alone anymore, do you?” He asked. “You don’t want to be defenseless anymore.” He added. At hearing Marco guess it and say it out loud Tom sobbed harder. Marco threw his arms around the demon and hushed him. “It’s okay, go on and cry. I’ll be right here.” Marco promised. He smiled and put his hoodie around Tom’s shoulders, hoping it would sooth his shaking a little bit. Tom sniffled and burrowed deeper in it, enjoying the warmth it gave him. “You’re safe now.” Marco promised. “No matter what, I’ll protect you.”

    “But… what if you’re not here?” Tom asked, more tears slipping out. Marco took Tom’s face in his hands and kissed his tears away.

    “I’ll never leave you.”