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God like, fuck. U and ur GF deserve so much more then the shit that's going on in your lives. I hope you guys can get together soon and things work out :( This is all super shitty but everything will be ok one day. It might not feel like it but in the future your going to be so happy ❤️

awww thank you anon <3 that really means a lot to me

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Your victuuri drawing was so cute, awww!!!! Sorry if its too much to ask but can you show us your art process?

thank you :) i’m glad you liked it! 

if you mean like, how i draw, it pretty much just goes like this:

i don’t really know how to explain what i did but i hope it helps!! :) 

I'm pregnant and its a girl... Surprise!?

Request: YES
Plot/request:Love your stories so far! Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and is having a girl 
Word count: 1,115
Warnings: pregnancy, worrying, I think that’s all

A/N: awww thank you !! you’re so sweet!! I hope you like it.

key: y/m/n= your middle name

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Wow I really adore your art! You must be really busy already but can I request Freed x Laxus both flexing for the camera? :D Or working out together *-* Or just anything cool or fluffy really! Thank you for taking the time to read this o3o

Fist: awww thank u anon! ;/////;

Second: I’m so sorry for the delay ;^; Also is so simple :,D idk how but I used again my sort of old style and I don’t like this D:

But hope u like it! <3

Add a chibi Freed because this request was so old and I’m so sorry ;-;

Preference "How they react when you get jealous from someone flirting with them"

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay for our favs being so loving XD Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credits to the original owners.)

Negan- Realizing as to why you wouldn’t address him, he’d find you absolutely cute and grab you over to sit on his lap and try to pinch your cheeks, teasing you about it as much as he could saying “Awww, Y/N! You can get jealous too?! That’s so fucking adorable of you! Here I thought that you were a tough one and you could handle me being with the other women!”

Daryl- At first, he’d be oblivious to your change of mood but soon realize why. He’d then feel special for you to feel that way about him and just walk over to you to grab your hand so you could look over at him and smiling, he’d say “Y/N…You got jealous earlier, right?I always thought I was the only who felt that way about you when other’s flirt with you…but for you to feel this way for me then that must means you really…really…love me…”

Rick- He’d immediately notice you being jealous and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He’d let it go on for a while just because he enjoys it so much seeing you react jealously. In the end, he’d finally walk up to you and hold your arms and say “Y/N…was that you being all jealous? Oh, yeah it was! Come on, Y/N, just admit it! Just admit that you can get just as jealous as me sometimes!”

Merle- Seeing your reaction, he loved it that for once, you were the one being jealous and feeling what he had felt for you before you both got together. He’d want to keep it up but in the end couldn’t and he’d pull you closely to him and whisper “So like that my Y/N can get jealous too? Never thought you’d let me see that lovely side of you…Then that means I must be really special to you, right?”

Glenn- He’d noticed your change of behavior and wonder what was wrong. He’d later find out as to why and start to chuckle. He’d want to see you smile again and start tickle you and tease you saying "Aww, Y/N…You got jealous from that girl flirting at me, didn’t you? Well, there was nothing to worry about…You know how much I love you already!”

Carl- He’d wonder as to why you were avoiding his gaze and once he realized as to what the problem was, he’d start to play a little along with the other girl. In the end, as you left he’d go after you and put his arm around your shoulder and said “Oh, come on, Y/N! You don’t think I really like her, right? I was just joking around! I mean it’s not everyday I see YOU getting jealous!”

The Governor- From the way you looked over at him, he’d immediately know what was wrong and smirk to himself. Later at night, he’d come back to your room and climb on top of you on the bed and holding you he’d stroke your cheek and say “Y/N…I never expected to see you like that…So that’s what you’re like when you’re jealous…I gotta admit…It’s a real pretty sight…”

Abraham- The moment he’d realize what you were feeling, he’d start to laugh about it and find you that much more endearing. He’d then approach you and start to playfully bump his shoulder into you and speak loudly so everyone could hear, saying “Y/N’s jealous! Yeah, she is! Look at her, she’s all red! Damn it, you’re fucking cute, when you’re jealous!”

Eugene- He wouldn’t even have noticed he was being flirted with but by your reaction, he’d then finally catch on. He’d immediately feel bad and go grab your hand just to walk away from the flirting. As you’d walk, he’d finally say “Y/N…firstly…It’s awesome to see you jealous like that…secondly, to be honest I didn’t even noticed her flirting with me, I-I swear!”

Jesus- Seeing you all jealous would amuse him and make him try to hold in his laughter as much as he could. The more it went on the more he wouldn’t be able to and he’d finally just walk over to you and say “Y/N! Do you know how flattering it is for you to feel jealous for me?! I love it! I’d be lying if I said you weren’t adorable like this!”

Ron- The instant he’d realize you were jealous, he’d smile to himself and feel much more confident about you and him. He wouldn’t even hear what was being said and just walk away to go join you and grabbing your shoulder, say “Y/N…You were jealous back there, right? That’s really nice of you to feel that way for me…and I think you just made me realize how much I can mean to you!”

Dwight- Seeing you act up out of jealousy from someone flirting with him would completely surprise him. He’d soon look at you with a grin and mischievously go along with what was going on. However, as you’d storm off he’d immediately run after you and laugh finally catching you. “Y/N, wait! Damn it, sorry! It’s just you’re so cute…and it was really funny to see you being the jealous one for once!”

Morgan- Seeing you avoiding his gaze and pouting at him throughout the day, he’d genuinely start to worry about you and wonder what was wrong. He’d then go over to you and finally realized the problem, would start to chuckle.“Y/N, really? that’s why…I-I didn’t even noticed her…I only noticed you giving me a dirty look…You made me all worried back there but…you were still lovely though…”

Shane- After figuring out as to why you were acting jealous, he’d be amused and try to tease you as much as he could. He’d flirt back with the girl all while still giving you his puppy eyes. He’d then catch up to you and grab you to start kissing your cheeks. “Y/N! Calm down! I was just joking around! I just wanted to see how much you really love me that’s all! And I guess you really really love me to act out like this!”

Milton- At first, seeing you all tense, would make him nervous. However, realizing it was out of jealousy, he’d feel relieved and start to laugh and smile. He’d be so happy you felt that way, he’d go to join you back in your room and hug you the moment you opened the door. “Y/N, you were acting that way because you’re jealous, right? Please, don’t deny it! It’s lovely of you…and for once, it’s nice to see you on the other end!”

Aaron- He could always tell whenever you were jealous and each time it always made him smile. One day, he’d feel bold enough to play along and only laughed even more seeing your reaction. He’d later feel bad and approach you saying “Y/N, i’m sorry…It didn’t mean anything! I was just trying to see how far I could go with you…You know, I can always tell when you’re jealous!”

Gabriel- Seeing you all jealous would make him smile and laugh but nonetheless he’d politely walk away from the other woman. As he’d join you, he’d grab your hand and link your arm with his and walk you back home. He’d chuckle seeing you trying to get away and say “Y/N…Please, she didn’t matter to me…Come on…Hey, but you do realize the more you’re denying me…the prettier you are!”

The Wolf- He’d be intrigued by your sudden change of behavior and try to investigate as to why you were acting that way. Once he found out, he’d confront you out of nowhere and pointing at you with a smile say “I know exactly why you’re like this lately, Y/N! You’re acting out of jealousy! Which is great! It means you have feelings for me as much as I have for you!”

Michonne- Realizing you were acting strange out of jealousy, would make her smile but she’d try to hide it. She’d act casual about it and would then approach you and put her arm around you. She’d then say "So like that, you’re jealous?Oh, don’t deny it I saw the way you just glared at us, earlier…Come on, Y/N, admit it…You know you’re always adorable when you’d admit it!”

Maggie- Seeing you act differently, she’d immediately understand as to why and start to chuckle. She’d try to flirt back with the other person but finally wouldn’t be able to keep it up and just walk over to you and hug tightly. “Oh, Y/N! You’re such a cute thing when you’re jealous! But seriously, you have nothing to worry about!”

Andrea- Seeing you acting out of jealousy, she’d smirk to herself and then try to act as if she didn’t know what was happening. She’d slowly get closer to you and whisper “You’re acting different, Y/N…What’s wrong? Is it because you’re feeling jealous? Jealous, from someone else flirting with me? Come on…tell me!”

Jessie- She wouldn’t have noticed you acting differently until the others pointed it out to her. She’d be in denial about it but soon start to smile and chuckle whenever she’d see you. “Y/N? You’re acting like this…because you’re jealous, am I right? It’s just really different to see you like this…but I mean I don’t dislike seeing you jealous…”

Beth- She’d noticed your behavior and wonder as to why you were like this. When she’d find out, she’d smile shyly and just to make you happy she’d get the person to stop. She’d then go to you and grab your hand in hopes to try and cheer you up. “Y/N, as much as I think you’re cute like this, I don’t want you to feel this way anymore, alright! ”

Sasha- She’d be pleasantly surprised by your attitude and would jokingly play along with the other person, just to see more of your reaction. In the end, she’d go after and grab a hold of your arm and turn you around to face her. “Y/N…I’m sorry…I just got caught up by how adorable you can be when you’re jealous…Sometimes, I forget you can ever feel that way too!”

Rosita- Seeing you all jealous, would make her feel confident about herself and she’d find you that much more lovely. She’d just want to grab you in for a kiss but hold it in until you were both alone and say “It’s really amazing to see you on the other side for once…I love this Y/N…Jealousy really suits you…”

Enid- She wouldn’t have noticed you acting strange, at first until you’d express yourself openly. She’d then understand and start to feel happy about your feelings for her. She’d then tell you “Well, Y/N…you have nothing to worry about…there’s a reason we’re together…I like you…”

Tara- Seeing you act differently from usual whenever she was being flirted with, she’d smirk and try to get a good eye contact with you. She’d find it amusing to see you that way but in the end she’d run to you for a hug and say “Aww, Y/N…I can’t keep this up if you’re this adorable! How can you be like this when you’re jealous?!”


Sharing my drawing’s of Rarity & PinkiePie & AppleJack in a KH style! ;)

well i try my best to design the clohtes like EquestriaGirls clothes to kh?….hmmm i got it….lol sorry the colors are lame, ikr XP

also the keyblade,rarity’s was reference on Aqua’s, pinkie was ref on somewhere in the internet keyblade D.s., Applejack well i guess on terra’s~ (*w*)”  hope you bro’s liked it ^^

I’ve been slackin’ on responses to all y’all’s really nice messages. Time to fix that!

@morganzephyr That would be really cool…I dunno if I can pull off a recording, but I’d totally be down to stream a drawing if people are interested!

Anon: Awww!! Thank you so much!😘

Anon: Yeah! You can totally message me! Y’all don’t have to ask. I’m always down to chat.

@witchyaudrey dude, like, I totally feel you! I just can’t stop drawing the salty old men. I find Gabe to be super relatable, so I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon haha. I’m glad you decided to stick around and I hope you have a good evening too! 💖💖

@iilines you don’t have to apologize! I’m glad to have you here! 😊😊

Anon: nope! The only other place I post my work is my twitter. The link to that is in my header.


Requested:  Hi! Can I ask a request where girl begs for puppy/kitty? Your texts are so cute

Pt. 1.


A/N: Awww thank you!! I hope you enjoyed these as well! I’m going to post part 2 tomorrow, because I couldn’t make time for Jimin’s and Hobi’s oops. But I hope you liked them!!
MARGINAL#4🌟『カラフル』 野村アール
VA. Yuto Suzuki

Awww mannnn… it’s finally out!! 

It’s like listening to Sakuya’s voice with Mahiru’s vibes! Tagging @adeslowmoqueen cuz neeeeed MORE Sakuya voice hnnngggg ne ne ne?? xDDD //kicked @crazyanime3 because IT’S SAKUYA’S VOICE OMG– and @mikoe24 because YO ITS OUT xDDD 

I hope we can expect a character song from Sakuya in the future! I mean his voice is just so arghghiqwoenasdaADORABLEOmmmGGGG 

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hello :) hope you're having a nice day. a question: do you know if jeffrey dyes his hair? or is it naturally so dark still even at 50? I wonder what he would look like with mostly grey hair, like his beard! thanks for your time, much love <3

awww hello! I’m having good day, thank you! I hope you’re having one too <3

I can’t remember any particular interview right now where he talks about this but yeah, I’m pretty sure he dyes it lol His beard is a great indication to what he’s real hair probably looks like :P

Air Conditioning and Pajamas

Author’s Note: I want to wish a HUGE happy birthday to tai-chi-leigh! Casey, I love you sooo much, and thank you for getting me addicted to The 100 and always being there for me. I know that I can count on you 100% of the time. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!! (I hope you like this fic too bc it’s just for you!)

Summary: Percy just really wanted to know who his letters belonged to. He was tired of not having a face to put with his AC. Or, the one where everyone has their soul-mate's initials on their wrist, and Percy is just too impatient for this whole thing.  


His mom always told him that he would eventually find them. She always said to never go looking for them because the second that he was least expecting it was when it would happen.

He tried to not expect it a lot.

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Hi! Today i read your whole comic (beautiful btw, its 6:36 in the morning and i dont regret it) and i love your art style, specialy in the comic, how you can see little by little the smal bits of changes through start to finish, but then i came to look at your tumblr and im like umm? UMHHH?! LIKE OMG WHY DO YOU HAVE SO LITTLE NOTES bc seriusly all of this its really great i love how you balance all the characters so they all have time onscreen :) hope everything's fine to you you right now~☆

Awww thank You so much for the sweet message!!! 8′)  Idk it means a lot to me to hear people actually enjoy what I make here haha

Tbh I often feel like I’m juggling 6 pick up trucks trying to balance this comic out, especially the current chapter because 4 years ago I started it with soooo many subplots it’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s almost over, and all the future chapters are planned to be a lil shorter and more focused so hopefully things will keep getting better!

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boops in here! I heard you like seals so I thought I'd tell you this story of mine When I was younger I used to volunteer at a rescue shelter for seals and sea lions We'd find seals that were injured or sick in the sea take them into our care and nurse them back to health before letting them back into the ocean It was such a wonderful experience helping them grow stronger even if it was sad to see them sick or hurt. The best part was taking them back home tho I hope you can see your seal soon ❤️

THE CUTEST AND PRECIOUS THING OMG??? AWWW MY GOD i feel like going out and helping stray animals after reading this ;o; I hope I’ll see a seal soon too! <3

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Honestly I can't decide whether I'M IN LOVE with your work or I'M IN LOVE with your work🤔🤔🤔 seriously your work is the most amazing thing to exist after you. Your existence is more amazing 😍😍😍. I hope you're doing well and you're healthy. Please eat well, stay hydrated, sleep well and overall take care of yourself. Love you ❤

Awww love you too! Thank you so much for being so sweet! I’m just happy people seem to like what I’m writing and continue to support all the series I have been doing. So thank you so much and I hope you are having an amazing day!!! 

Much love 

- Caroline 

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^^^ I always picture this whenever I get a like on any of my posts … Just sayin’

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Im sorry, I just can't seem to stop reblogging your art. They're just all so gorgeous! You are so very talented and I love it <3 <3

Awww, you’re so sweet!! ;w;
I’m very happy that you like the dumb things I draw X3
I hope you will enjoy all my future work as well <3


awww ok these are actually so cute to write ;;; so here’s catboy!kihyun from Monsta X as requested by the very sweet @alifeawayfromfailure ♡ I hope you like it darling!

  • Imagine catboy!kihyun w/ his current hair color
  • like can u imagine his cute pink fluffy ears IM DEAD
  • ok so growing up poor lil kihyun got teased by the “normal” kids for his ears and tail and how he acted sometimes
  • and so it made him pretty shy about himself
  • and so he would always be wearing a hoodie and sweatpants out in public to hide his ears/tail
  • and he tries EXTRA hard to hide that and his normal personality when you guys first start hanging out
  • hes really worried that if you find out the catboy! part of him that u wont like him anymore :((
  • and so like one day u show up unannounced at his house and u just walk in and u see him in his natural state
  • and kihyun just stares up at you with wide eyes
  • you take it in for a minute
  • just smile at him
  • and then talk with him like normal
  • and he’s just ????
  • did they not see my ears???
  • my tail?????
  • and so he just kinda stops talking and looks at you with a questioning look
  • and you just say
  • “its kinda cute, it doesn’t change how I think of you, don’t worry about it.”
  • and he’s like instantly in love cause wow
  • you just made him feel good abt something he’s rly insecure abt
  • he really really really loves to lay his head in your lap while you pet his hair
  • it’d make him v sleepy
  • he’d curl up on your lap and doze off
  • he’d seriously be the most cuddly little guy I just
  • always rubbing against you to get your attention omg
  • and you’ll be like?? “use your words kihyun”
  • but he’s just…so cute…..
  • I don’t think he’d be very independent
  • like he’d do ok on his own
  • but prefers having you to take care of him
  • that way he can let his inner cat out awww aw aw
  • his love for u grows any time u do something for him
  • which is often
  • so he just rly loves u a lot
  • like I said he gets rly shy sometimes about his ears and tail
  • not so much when its just you two but like if ur around a lot of ppl
  • he’s not embarrassed!!!
  • just v shy and gets flustered whenever someone asks him abt it
  • like kihyun is rly good at acting “normal” in public
  • except for that one time
  • he’s in a café
  • and there’s a mouse running around and he sees it
  • and hes like
  • “don’t. do. it. kihyun.”
  • .5 seconds later he’s knocked over his chair rushing to go chase that damn mouse
  • everyone would be like ?? wtf
  • and he’d lose the mouse and stand back up and look around
  • see everyone looking at him like he’s crazy and
  • he’d just walk straight out of the café
  • no need to add to the embarrassment of explaining what just happened
  • and I think he’d just be the most comfortable w/ his true self around you and that’s why he loves you so much ♡♡♡

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Hey can I just say ^^ I really love your blog and everything you reblog and post! It's such a nice and comfortable space that I go to just to relax or feel happy. My life isn't exactly the best and I've never talked to you, but I consider you a good friend! If you need anything or are in need of assistance in anyway, I hope you ask us followers for help because I know I'm not the only one that appreciates you 😊 just thanks for everything haha. 🦋

AWWW…. OH MY GOODNESS? i can’t tell you how sincerely this made me smile like i can’t describe it… this was so so kind and sweet and just… omg… it means more than words that my bad blogging can provide you a little bit of peace? ;__; i’m so sorry to hear that things aren’t exactly perfect for you, because it seems to me that you are such a sweet, genuine person with the type of presence that leaves an impression on everyone you meet. very unique and sweet. i can’t describe it? but regardless even if this is the only time we’ve talked i consider YOU a friend too and i’m truly thankful for you coming to make my day ;__; thank YOU so so so much OMG?

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OMG BOKUTO SLEEPING IS THE CUTEST I JUST CAN'T )))): HE'S AN ANGEL. Though I was hoping to see him with his hair down but still, he's perfect awww 💛💛💛 And Akaashi is adorable too, I can't wait for the next chapter. How are you? Hope you're having a nice day 😊💛 (I'm still screaming because of Kiryu tbh)

He’s the cutest little muffin in the shop I love him so much!!!! He’s so quiet and relaxed, just like a baby!!! And Akaashi by his side being the volleyball nerd that he is…they were just perfect. I didn’t have any hope to see them again, but Furudate as always is a gift that keeps on giving. I’m looking forward to the next chapter too!

I’m fine thanks, just a little tired, but that’s not a big news, isn’t it? How are you petal?