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The Joker x Reader x Dead son- “Lost” part 2

Your son died and everything came crashing down really fast. Who would have thought the King and Queen of Gotham have hearts that can break?

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Kase is moving around his bedroom, trying to be as quiet as possible. He doesn’t want to be heard, not when he planned to do something you guys wouldn’t approve of. He looks at his hand watch-12:49 am. Time to go. He grabs his gun and snicks out, tiptoeing to the elevator. The penthouse is quiet and dark; he really hopes you and the Joker are in your room as he passes by your door. He suddenly freezes as he hears you giggle and J trying to shush you:

“Sssssttt, keep it down you naughty Kitten.”

“You keep it down, baby, sstttt” and you giggle again.

“Did you just tell me to shut up?! You’re so bad!” A slap and your squeal.

“Nooo, you’re the bad one, you’re my bad boy,” then muffled snickering and the Joker whispering:

“That I am, Princess.”

Oh, God, I swear, those two, Kase quietly laughs, covering his mouth, happy you’re…busy and he will get away with what he plans to do. That was close; he really thought he got busted. The elevator takes him downstairs and he checks his gun one more time before he steps out in the lobby.

“Hey, kid, going somewhere?”

Dammit, he thinks, flustered, slowly turning to the side where Frost is sitting in the armchair, reading the newspaper.

Hi uncle Frost,” Kase is straightening his back, this way he looks more confident than he feels right now.

“Don’t call me that, you know Mister J doesn’t like it!” Jonny scoffs, folding his paper and getting up.

“You know I only call you that when he’s not around. Are you coming tonight too?” he asks without hesitation, not wanting to look weak. Frost would smell that from a mile away.

“Are you?”  Frost lifts his eyebrows, suspicions. ”I wasn’t aware you are coming along. Boss would have told me.”

“Oh, he knows, probably forgot to inform you. He wants me to get more experience. Here, call him if you don’t believe me,” Kase innocently hands over his cellphone, hoping his bluffing works. “But you know he hates it if you wake him up in the middle of the night. And if you’ll wake up mom, well…that’s a different story. She wouldn’t care but he will raise hell if his Queen doesn’t get her beauty sleep.”

Frost stares at the phone, considering his options. Kid is right though. And he wouldn’t have the nerve to lie like that. He hands back the phone, urging Kase to hurry up:

“I’m not going tonight, but they are leaving soon, better get a move on. Get out of here!”

“Yes, sir!” Kase salutes, clicking his heels with a very serious expression on his face.

Jonny snickers, shaking his head in disapproval as he watches Kase running towards the garage:



“We are almost there, follow us!” one of the henchmen signals, looking left and right to make sure the perimeter is secure. “All of you, watch for Kase and keep your eyes opened. We really need to get in that seif as fast as possible and then out!”

“I don’t need babysitting you guys,” he whines, taking the safety off his pistol. “I’m almost 20, OK?”

Richard doesn’t answer, too busy making sure it all looks clear. They enter the huge chamber using flashlights to illuminate their surroundings.

Suddenly, the lights turn on and they all get startled, not knowing what’s going on.

“Well, well, well, would you look at that,” they hear the voice coming from behind and they turn towards the tall man standing with his hands crossed on his chest. “Trying to take what’s mine?” he ironically asks.

“Shit,” Richard mutters, watching the armed men in uniforms surrounding them; their group is outnumbered for sure. All the henchmen gather around Kase, protecting him.

“Lower your guns, you guys don’t stand a chance. Come on, don’t make me repeat myself, otherwise it won’t be pretty, hmm?” The laser beams aim for everyone’s head in Kase’s group and they know they have no choice but to obey.

“Wise decision my good people,” the man laughs, then he observes the colorful bright green and red highlights in Kase’s hair and lets out a chuckle. “Move, move! Move away I said!” he commands and the henchmen do as they are told, even if they don’t want to. They part to the side to make space for the tall guy who walks right in front of Kase, grabbing his chin as he sucks on his lower lip.

“I’ll be damned, what a niiceeee unexpected bonus. You are the Joker’s boy, aren’t you? I know you are, don’t say you’re not.”

Kase doesn’t answer; he just yanks his head back so he can get away from the man’s reach.

“Awww, you’re shy? Jeez, look at those angry eyes, just like your dad’s. Cra-zyyyy, I’m telling you, the resemblance is uncanny.” The guy inhales deeply, so pleased of his little finding. “I only want him, the rest can vanish. I want this place erased from the face of the earth!” he immediately gets dead serious, turning around to walk out. The Joker’s henchmen try to hold on to Kase but they are pushed back to the room.

“NO, what are you guys doing?! What are you doing with them?!” Kase struggles to escape, scared of how the situation got out of hand. “Those are my men, wh-what you are doing?!”

“Those are your father’s men, he won’t miss them! But it will hurt him to think you’re gone. Yes, oh Lord, I should have think of this before,” the guy flares his arms around. “Unless he doesn’t care, of course…Do your parents care about you, considering who they are?” he childishly pouts and tilts his head to the side, pretending to be sad. “Awww, how upsetting if they don’t…Cover his head, we’re out of here!!” His tone changes again and he kicks Kase in the stomach, making him fall on his knees.


Kase feels the car moving, he assumes it is some kind of van. He can’t see anything with the hood on his face. His arms and legs are cuffed. Suddenly, the car shakes and he hears a bunch of whistling and clapping. There are at least 7 men with him.

“Woo-hoo, we are not too far to enjoy the show, would you look at the pretty lights,” someone says.
“Men, they are so toasted, hahaha!” another one laughs.

“So this is really his son?”  A woman’s voice.  “Lemme see!”

“Stop, I don’t want him to see anything until we get to our destination.”

“Auch, don’t slap my hand, I can kill ya’ for this!”

“No, you won’t, just sit down and behave for once, ok?”

“You’re no fun.”

“In the matter of fact, he shouldn’t be hearing any of this.” The strong hit to the head makes Kase pass out.


He came back to his senses in some kind of basement with no windows, just bars instead the inner wall facing the dark hallway. The light is really dim and he has a hard time seeing. They took away his diamond earrings, the personalized gold bracelets you gave him and the gold chains. Pretty much everything that reminded him of you two. They don’t give him new clothes. Every two days someone comes and gestures for his attire. They take the clothes, wash them and bring them back. In the meantime, he sits in the corner of the room, covered with the thin blanket they gave him, shivering from the cold. He doesn’t know when it’s night or day. Nobody talks to him. And he has no desire to talk anyway, he knows it’s useless.

The seconds, minutes, hours and days pass with agonizing lowliness. He breaks down a few times, crying, knowing that you must devastated thinking him dead: The King and Queen of Gotham don’t care about anything else except each other and their son. Kase misses his father’s teasing and he would give anything to have you kiss his face one more time. He promises himself he will never pretend he doesn’t enjoy it if he gets to see you again. From time to time he notices a shadow creeping up in the darkness, a woman’s voice always humming some song, but she never shows her face or comes any closer so he can see her. Sometimes he goes and grabs the bars, addressing her:

“I can see you; I know you’re watching me.”

The woman never answers; she just goes away as quietly as she came.

He sleeps on a mattress, it’s old and disgusting. How he misses his bed and the penthouse. And your smile…

***He helped his dad with the plans of the new heist you planed, writing things down on the map and tracing the itinerary on the side. You walked by him, grabbing your eyeglasses from the table so you can see better what he’s doing.

“My sophisticated Baby doll, com’ere” the Joker purred, reaching his arms for you and you went and sit on his lap like you always did. “Daddy loves it.” He bit your ear.

“J, I’m just wearing my stupid glasses,” you smiled, lifting up your shoulders.

“Come on,dad, you’re so embarrassing. Mom, how can you listen to this?!”

“I’m used to it,” you winked at him, amused.

“For reals, he’s so lucky you married him,” he mumbled, staring at the map.

“What was that kiddo?” the Joker frowned, grinding his silver teeth.

“I said you’re lucky she married you!” he shouted clearly.

“Wow, what a nerve to repeat it, he got that temper from you, Pumpkin.”

“Whattt?!!! No, he got it from you.”

“Don’t think so, did not.”

“Did to.”

“Nope, not.”

Kase would watch your bickering with his mouth open, amazed on how you didn’t look like anything the world outside portrayed you two. He was the only one that got to see this side of things.

“Ok, baby, I’m getting pissed,” you threatened, puckering your lips.

“Awww, my pretty girl is getting mad,” the Joker roared, excited to see you worked up.

You just wanted to say one more thing but couldn’t because he kissed you.

“Here, this always shuts you up,” J teased and before you protested, he kissed you again and you just melted in his arms.

“Ok, that’s it, I’m going on the balcony, you guys do whatever.”

***Kase walked inside the living room and stopped in his tracks, watching you and the Joker dance, mesmerized. He even forgot to tell you to act more age appropriate (again). He would get the same answer anyway: “What the hell does he mean, Kitten? We’re not even 50 yet.”

You two swung around the room, until he went and patted his dad on the shoulder:

“I want to dance with this pretty lady too.” Oh, he will never forget that twinkle in your eyes when he said that.

“Now who’s embarrassing, kiddo?” the Joker huffed but give away, content to see you dance with your son.

“This is so nice,” you sighed as he placed his arms around your waist. “I like younger men anyway.” Oh, yeah, you got a slap and a pinch as Kase tried to shield you from the Joker’s fake fury.

“Dad, stop, oh my God, what am I going to do with you two?”

You just hugged him tight, thinking about how much you loved him.

How he wishes now he would have hugged you back tighter.

He wipes a few tears streaming down his face when his thoughts are interrupted by a sudden bang in the bars.

“Hey, how are ya’? Com’ere, I wanna see ya’.”

Kase gets up from the mattress and approaches the woman standing in front of him, suspiciously glancing at her.

“You really do look like your dad, I can see that,” she pops her gum, licking her lips. “You have his eyes, I always loved his eyes. But I must say I would have done a better job with your…everything if I was your mom. I think you would have been even more handsome. Would you have wanted me to be your mom?” the woman plays with her blonde hair, hitting the bars again with her baseball bat. “I’m prettier than her.”

“No, thank you,” Kase furrows his eyebrows, irritated. “And my mom is beautiful.”

“Ahhh, I always had a thing for polite guys, ya’ know?” she giggles, ignoring his last statement. “I know you have no clue what day it is so I just came to tell ya’: it’s your dad’s birthday today.”

Already August? Kase thinks. I’ve been here for months. Happy 20th to me.

“Who are you lady?” he inquires, wanting her to go away already.

“My name is Harley, Harley Quinn,” she bows, batting her lashes at him.

“You’re Harley?!”

“My reputation precedes me,” she laughs, enthusiastic. “Catch!” she unexpectedly throws a cell phone at him and he almost drops it. “Oops, be careful with that, I won’t get you ‘nother one.”

“Why are you giving me this?” Kase is very confused.

“Ya’ know, these guys here are boring me to death. And I am all about fun, did your dad ever tell ya’? And I don’t know why, but I felt bad for your parents,” she sulks, pretending to cry. “I didn’t know they like you; can you imagine they’ve been lying low, grieving your loss? That’s sooooooo boring.” She rolls her eyes, puffing. “I hate boredom. I need things to happen. So here ya’ go: I don’t know if you’ll get any good signal in here, but you can make one single phone call with that cell. I wired it so it will be dead forever afterwards. That is all I am willing to do for ya’, for old time’s sake.”

Kase’s grip on the phone intensifies.

“I’m out of this shithole, kid,” she waves, turning around and walking away. ”If they ever find you, tell your dad I said Happy Birthday, will ya’? Now he can’t say I never did anything for him. He owes me, they both do. Your mom will hate it, but she owes me.” That’s all he hears before she’s gone.

He turns his attention to his cell phone, moving around and trying to get at least one bar.

“Please, please work,” he talks to himself, shaking with anticipation. Finally, one bar! He dials your cell phone number, getting more nervous each second you don’t answer.

“Pick up, pick up, mom, please!”

He suddenly hears your voice:


“Mom! Mom, can you hear me? It’s me.” he frantically tries to make himself heard, a bunch of static noise in the background.

“Hello? Mom, is that you?”

Silence. He panics. And out of the blue, the Joker’s voice:

“Who’s this?”

“Dad? It’s Kase, dad…” more static noise. “I don’t know where I am, dad, please help me…”

The call abruptly ends, no more signal. He desperately watches as the cell phone dies.

“No, no, no!!! Please, don’t!!!”

Kase keeps on hitting the cell, trying to make it work. It will never turn on again.

He whimpers, letting himself slide down the wall, starting to cry.

He is really out of options.