awww he's adorable too

Imagine Michael was laying on your lap, him playing with your hair every now and then. You’re both on your phones, a random plalist playing in the background. “Oh look,” you grab michaels attension “It’s raining.” You point out. “Your favourite babe.” He warmly smiles, you run your hand through his hair, earning a hum in satisfaction. Going back to your phone still keeping your hand in his soft hair. After 10 minutes of just silence, Michael looks up at you, just admiring you. “Y/n?” He tries to get your attention. “Yep?” You look down at your smiley boyfriend. “I love you so much and you are really pretty.” He adores. “Awww Mikey, I love you too.” You say and run your hand through his hair again. He pecks your stomach and just lays there with his head in your stomach and you rubbing his scalp and fuck where do I buy a Michael Clifford?


Amazing how the Shiyagare producers managed to “fire” Riida up without use of fire: 

(1) extending filming time, 

(2) making him hammer away non-stop,

(3) putting him behind a transparent screen to ‘scare’ him into dangerous tasks,

(4) stressing him enough for a new character to be born, and 

(5) successful task completion with a (senior) buddy!

*extra hugs to our Riida for taking it all in stride*

Arashi ni Shiyagare 15.08.2015

n3moguppy  asked:

So I just wanna tell you a quick story. So I'm laying in bed and my cats on my chest and I'm waiting you on my computer like I do ever night. And I look down and my cat is just staring at the computer purring. And it made me giggle because purring is a sign of happiness and she's watching you happily. And I just thought to myself yeah he makes me happy too. :)

AWWW! That’s adorable!!!