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And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3

Preference #106 - You call him daddy (Niall)

Niall: You sat feeding your three month old daughter, Lilly from her bottle as your husband Niall showered. Her eyes were slowly closing as she gulped down her tea. She was so cute with eyes big and bright just like her dad’s. She finished her bottle and you gently put her up to your shoulder patting her back softly. Just then Niall walked in. His hair was still wet from the shower and he looked almost as adorable as Lilly. “Hi baby is she asleep?” he asked. You shook your head and he grinned taking her in his arms. “Hi sweety” he cooed at her. She yawned in response. “Awww she’s tired” you said looking at your baby girl. Niall chuckled and began rocking Lilly in his arms while humming a tune. You smiled and stayed quiet until she fell asleep. Niall kissed her softly before putting her in her crib. “Ohhhohhh daddy didn’t get to play with his baby girl she was too tired.” you cooed. He smirked. “What?” you ask. “You know I love when you call me daddy” You shook your head. “No sex” you simply stated. He frowned. “Please” he whispered. “No I’m tired” you said leaving the room and going to your and Niall’s room. You went to the dressing table and took out your earrings to put it away when Niall entered the room. He came right behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You began to protest but stopped when he heatedly kissed your neck and then licked it. “So princess you’re telling daddy no?” he whispered in your ear. You moaned in response. He slipped his hand under your dress and started rubbing you through your panty. You bit your lip and groaned. “Like that?” “Yes daddy” you replied. He pushed your underwear aside and entered a finger. You gasped loudly. He pumped it in and out quickly and you were loving it. You started to moan loudly and he stopped. “Daddy!!!!” you whined. “Be quiet do you want Lilly to wake up so we can’t play anymore?” he hissed in your ear and spanked your ass hard. “No daddy” you pouted. “Want me to continue?” he asked. “Please” you whispered. He spanked your ass hard twice before he slipped his hand to your pussy again. You bit your lip hard preventing yourself from being too loud.

CEO!michael coming home with his tie loosen around his neck and his suits jacket over his shoulder with his under shirts sleeves rolled up to his elbows, looking like a tired mess from his long day, but once he sees his little girl padding her way over to him, he can’t help but smile gently before kneeling down and opening his arms for her so she can hug her daddy. “I missed you munchkin.” He’d whisper, rubbing her back gently before she giggles. Even though his day was busy and on the go-go-go, his time with his daughter was so slow and relaxing to him and he was forever grateful for her and his time with her.

Time for a story - The boy you were and the man you are

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“Awww, look at how tired you are,” Felicity said in a quiet singsong when Tommy yawned and she smiled at her son. While lately his reaction to her smile had been an excited movement of his arms and legs to show his delight he only looked at her with his big blue eyes now. “What? You’re so tired you can’t even give mommy a smile?”

She did up the last button of Tommy’s pajama and put her hand on his little tummy to tickle him slightly. He only smiled shortly, but he did smile back at her, kicked his little feet and moved his arms excitedly. It only lasted for a short moment before he yawned again.

“That was an exciting day, wasn’t it?” she asked while she was starting to dress him into the baby sleeping bag. “Being christened clearly was an important day. Now Barry and Lyla are officially your godparents. And then you saw all of our good friends again. Everyone was there and played with you and talked to you and cuddled you,... All of that tired you out, hm?”

Like he was trying to answer her question, he yawned again. Maybe he would fall asleep easily tonight although usually getting him to sleep alone in his bed was a nightmare because he just refused to sleep, no matter how tired was. Tommy just hated sleeping and he hated being alone and god knew the little boy hated sleeping alone.

She lifted Tommy from the changing table into her arms, intending to carry him around in the nursery. But just when she turned towards the door to walk into that direction, she saw John stepping into the doorframe.

“Hi,” she said, shortly glancing down to the tired baby boy in her arms and reaching out one hand to get the pacifier from the changing table and put it between Tommy’s lips. He lifted his tiny hand to form a fist around her forefinger and hold her hand close to him.

“Hi,” John whispered back. “Has Tommy still not fallen asleep?”

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