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Child Virgil and painting. He gets like his little edgey hoodie covered in rainbows and the others see it, but he looks so damn proud that he made it look so much more colourful n happy that they cant be mad. Even if he did make a mess in his room, and its all over his hair and face

hi bless you for this adorable idea



Roman looked around for the youngest side. He couldn’t have gotten far. They were on an adventure in Roman’s dream world, and Virgil was too scared to go off on his own. Strange.

Roman called for Virgil a few more times as he walked further into the woods. He began to worry more as with every call he got no response. This was bad. So, very bad. Logan, and Patton were going to kill him. Thomas would have no fear, or shame. He’d be a carefree moron again, but permanently this time. They wouldn’t have their adorable little ball of sunshine to protect them anymore. They-

A tiny voice calling for him stopped him dead in his tracks.

Roman looked down to see a small child who looked a lot like the youngest side, but of course in child form. Dark eyeshadow under the eyes, purple bangs, and an edgy black & purple yet smaller hoodie.

“Vir.. Virgil?”

The boy who resembled Virgil said nothing, and instead glared up at Roman as he made grabby hands. Roman snapped out of his shock, and picked the boy up. He studied his face intently then turned to see where they were. Outside the dragon witches lair. On the door was a note that read, “I’ve put a curse on your dear friend. Understand what I want from you, and the curse will end.”

“Oh, dear. What have I done?”

Virgil glared at Roman, and tried to speak.

“You’re dumb, Pwincey. I’m nwever coming here with you again.”

Roman’s heart swelled at the sound of Virgil’s child voice, but no now is not the time to coo over him. He needs to leave his dream world, and tell the others what has happened.

So, with a heavy sigh, Roman reluctantly headed out.

Once he returned to his room he set Virgil on the floor.

“Uhh.. Can you walk?”

Virgil glared up at the prince yet again, and stumbled to his feet.

“I’m like a.. five year old or something. Yes, I can walk.”

Even still Virgil struggled, unused to walking with a small body, and almost fell.

Roman chuckled, and picked him back up.

“Yeah, we’re just gonna do this for now. Onward, little prince! We have some, hopefully not angry, sides to talk to.”

Virgil rolled his eyes, and rested his head against Roman’s chest, accepting his fate.

Roman carried him out to the common room where the other sides were sitting, and awkwardly cleared his throat to get their attention.

Patton was the first to look up as Logan was too absorbed in his book. Once Patton noticed the small Virgil he gasped.

“Who is that?! Where did you get a child?! Awww he’s so cute!”

Logan snapped his attention to them as soon as he heard the word “child” leave Patton’s mouth.

“Roman… What did you do to Virgil?”

Patton raised his eyebrows in shock at the logical side then looked back at the child.

“Oh my goodness. That is my child isn’t it? Roman! What did you do to my child?! I mean not like I’m complaining, or anything. He’s even cuter now! But what did you do?!”

Roman sighed, and adjusted Virgil as he was slipping out of his grasp. Virgil yelped, and made grabby hands for Patton.

“Gimme to dad. You’re annoying.”

Patton squealed, and held his arms out. Roman rolled his eyes, and handed Virgil over.

“I didn’t do anything thank you very much! That pesky dragon witch did!”

Logan sighed, and glared at Roman.

“I told you it wasn’t a good idea to take Virgil with you. He’s Anxiety for crying out loud. He’s vulnerable. An easy target.”

Virgil glared at the logical side, and stuck his tongue out.

Logan smirked at him, and ruffled his hair. Virgil pouted, and groaned in response. Logan chuckled, and turned his attention back to Roman.

“I will admit he is adorable, but he cannot stay like this. Thomas is an adult. I imagine having his anxiety as a child would give him his childish fears again. You have to fix him.”

Roman groaned, and sat on the couch putting his head in his hands.

Roman lost himself in his thoughts for a little while then eventually looked back at Logan.

“I have to figure out how to do that first. I will return to my dream world, and see what I can do. Just.. keep him occupied for a while. Shouldn’t be a problem.”

Roman gestured to Patton who was now talking to Virgil in his playful dad voice then sunk down to his room.

Logan sighed, but couldn’t help smiling at the adorable sight. He walked over to them, and gave Patton a look.

“Okay, Logan. I figured out that he’s still kinda the same Virgil we know. He can sorta understand us, and still has some of his snark. Buuuttt he definitely has some child innocence, and a little bit of ignorance too. He can’t really figure out colors. We could teach him! Just for fun!”

Logan let out something that was something like a mixture of a sigh, and a laugh. This was going to be interesting.

So, much to Logan’s dismay, Patton got out his paint. He let Virgil sit on the floor, and paint some pictures. As he did Patton told him what the colors were, and occasionally what color would look nice where. Eventually Virgil got the hang of it so Patton left him to it as he watched from the couch.

Logan returned to reading his book, and at some point Patton dozed off so now Virgil was unsupervised.

After his third painting Virgil realized he got blue paint on his hoodie. He almost wanted to cry, but he realized it looked kinda cool. With his mouth stretched into a mischievous smirk Virgil took more paints, and smeared them all over his hoodie until he was satisfied with how it looked. It was much more colorful now. It kinda lost its edge, and angst, but he was actually okay with that.

Deciding that painting on things that weren’t paper was a lot of fun Virgil continued to smear paint on his face, his hair, and all over the table. He was a rainbow mess by the time he was done. And at that point he realized he was probably going to be yelled at for making that mess.

Not knowing what else to do, Virgil started to cry silently, and crawled over to the closet so he could hide in it.

Logan looked up from his book, upon hearing the door open and close, and groaned when he saw the mess on the table.

“Virgil Sanders you are dead to me.”

Logan sighed, and started shaking the sleeping side next to him.

“Patton wake up. Your child is in trouble.”

Patton stirred, and mumbled sleepily.

“My precious child could never do anything wrong therefore he can’t get in trouble.”

Logan almost wanted to laugh, but he was furious.

“Patton if you don’t get up I’m going to be the one to reprimand him, and I don’t think you want that.”

With that Patton jumped up, and glared at the logical side.

“Be nice to my baby, Logan. I’ll fight you.”

Logan rolled his eyes, and gestured to the mess on the table. Patton followed his gesture, and frowned.

“Oh, boy.”

“Oh, boy indeed.”

“Uhh, Logan? Where is he?”

Logan immediately stood up, suddenly realizing he hadn’t noticed Virgil’s absence, and frantically started looking.

“Virgil Sanders get out here now!”

Patton got up, and helped Logan search for the boy.

Eventually they heard a soft noise come from the closet. Patton threw it open, and kneeled down to Virgil’s level.

“Virgil! You’re a mess! Look what you did to your new hoodie! Why did you do that?!”

The tears in Virgil’s eyes, and the proud yet slightly worried smile on his face stopped Patton dead in his tracks.

“Oh, Verge. You’re too cute to be mad at. Don’t worry! We’ll just get you cleaned up!”

Patton picked Virgil up, and turned around to Logan, and oh man Logan wanted to be mad. But Patton was right. Virgil was way too cute. Damn, emotions.

Logans sighed, and started to take Virgil’s hoodie off.

“Thank god this is washable children’s paint. Oh, um, Verge.. May I take your hoodie?”

Virgil nodded, and let Logan slip the hoodie off. Logan smiled, and left the two so he could attempt to clean the paint off.

Patton smiled, and ruffled Virgil’s hair.

“Come on, buddy!”

Patton took him upstairs, and quickly got all the paint washed off him.

An hour, and a half later both sides were done with their cleaning tasks. They met back up in the common room. Logan helped Virgil put his hoodie back on then ruffled his hair. He then turned to Patton.

“Child Virgil is not allowed to have paint. In fact I’m sure normal adult Virgil, and paint would also not be a good match. Virgil isn’t allowed to have paint. Period. End of discussion. Thank you.”

Logan sat back down, and picked his book back up missing Virgil’s pouty glare directed his way. Patton noticed, and giggled as he sat on the couch placing Virgil in his lap. He gave Virgil his phone, and let him play some games.

The three stayed like this for a little while. Eventually Roman popped back up.

Logan looked up at him expectantly. Roman frowned.

“I was unsuccessful in my mission to find a solution. Looks like child Virgil is here to stay for a little while..”

Roman braced himself, expecting Logan to get angry, but instead he smirked.

“Well, while that is rather troubling, I will admit that I’ve grown quite fond of Virgil as a child. Maybe him staying this way for some time would be.. nice. Inconvenient, and frustrating yes, but I’m sure we can deal with it for the time being.”

Roman looked at Logan with wide, shocked eyes, but sighed in relief.

“Alright, I will still do my best to resolve this issue, but yes by all means enjoy your time with the little brat.”

Virgil pouted, and glared at the prince then did what absolutely no one expected. He made grabby hands for Roman with a pleading, not a reluctant or grumpy, look in his eyes. Roman smiled, and picked up Virgil who immediately curled up to his chest. Roman’s heart swelled yet again.

“Yeah, okay I could get used to child Virgil. This is adorable.”

Patton squealed, and hugged Roman so now the three of them were in a group hug. Roman laughed, and pulled Logan into the hug by his necktie. Logan sighed, but still happily wrapped his arms around them.

Virgil giggled, and whispered something he kind of hoped no one heard, “If you think the paint mess was bad you’re all in for a tweat.”

Logan groaned, and Roman seemed confused, but wore an amused grin.

“Virgil Sanders you are now officially dead to me.”

The other two grown up sides laughed as Virgil stuck his tongue out at the logical side, and silently braced themselves for all the chaos child Virgil was sure to make them endure.


ok so yeah since this was the first prompt i got i used it as like an intro story. all other things i write will be like unofficial continuations or something like that. cool? cool.

picture day 🌼 peter parker

requested: anon

tagged: @ttholland>@clubparker@spideysensesparker @t-oodles

summary: you decide to wear one of peter’s shirts for picture day, causing nothing but cute fluff between you and you’re beautiful boyfriend.

warnings: LOTS of fluff, you know what it isssss :’)

“Why don’t I have at least one cute thing in my closet?” you whined in annoyance after throwing another piece of clothing on the ground. Picture day was by far your least favorite day of the year, and that’s exactly what today was. The struggle of your hair not being frizzy, to finding the perfect outfit - it was the worst day, a day that should not exist. Every year you had a horrible picture that was plastered in the yearbook forever, making you a lot more insecure about your appearance than you were before. You were far from photogenic. It didn’t help that your mom felt obligated to buy the picture every single year and framing them in the living room as if it were some masterpiece.

Eyes scanning your closet, nearly losing all hope and thinking why don’t i just say i’m sick and skip school, you land on the perfect shirt. You borrowed your boyfriend Peter’s clothes often, loving the sweet scent they had, hardly ever feeling lonely when wearing them. You had at least 4 of his sweatshirts and t-shirts, all of them stolen which led to you getting texts saying: ‘babe did u take my red hoodie????? I can’t find it.’

His red flannel was by far your favorite. It was the first article of clothing that you ever borrowed of his, being very special to you - you stole it. He literally doesn’t know why half his damn wardrobe is missing. Such a clueless, sweet boy.

“Perfect.” You smiled, holding the article of clothing to your chest, taking in the scent of your boyfriend, and put on the flannel, not even thinking that Peter would notice. It won’t make a difference, you thought.


“Oh, my god, i look horrible.” you exclaim, holding your new ID card that had your picture displayed on it, walking out of the cafeteria where picture day took place. It was by far the worst picture you have ever taken. Your hair gotten frizzy due to the gloomy weather, eyebrows looked wonky, and you absolutely hated the way your smile looked.  I swear the flannel was going to help. It definitely did not help.  Why is my life so messy, like my hair.

“You look fine, dude. Don’t worry.” Your friend assures you. The only thing you were worried about was Peter seeing how awful you looked. Not that he’d break up with you or anything, because homeboy was way too in love with you, but it was embarrassing and you just wanted to delete the photo from your memories and the world.  “I can’t let Peter see this. Never. I look so gross.” You say running your hand through your hair, wishing the photo would burn into a million pieces as you and your friend walk the nearly empty halls.

“Have fun stopping him from doing so,” you turned around to see Peter walking towards you with a sweet smile on his face. It was mid afternoon, and the poor boy hadn’t seen his favorite person all morning. He was especially excited to see your new ID photo. Your friend slowly and awkwardly walks away, muttering something about having to go wash their cat. Bitch, you’re allergic to cats. 

You mentally throw your shoe at her before walking closer to your boyfriend, very nervous.

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NCT Dream: Napping with their gf for the first time

Request: Anonymous said: hello! i love ur headcanon, can u do one for nct dream reaction to have a cute nap with their girlfriend for the first time&and she looks so cute awww thank u.

A/N: GUESS WHO’S FINALLY BACK!!!also my inbox is open for reactions!!!<3 wow i missed writing


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  •  * hm you’d both be just laying down on the sofa 
  • * mark finally had a day off 
  •  * and honestly all he wanted to was sleep 
  • * he’d be cuddling you 
  • * mark saw that u were dozing off and he kind of blushed bc ‘aw she’s so cute' 
  • * but then he realised 
  •  * ‘holy shit this is the first time she’s ever slept in my arms' 
  • * to him it means that u rlly do trust and like him and obviously that made this boy v much happy 



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  • * honestly i can see renjun inviting u over @ his place to study with him 
  • * but this time u were both v v tired 
  • * AND it was a friday night 
  • * so he decided he wanted to watch a movie with you 
  • * you were both snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket over the both of you 
  • * when u fell asleep on him, he was acc busy talking to u 
  • * so the moment he noticed u fell asleep, he just stared for a moment and he laughed at the fact that he was just talking to himself 
  • * :“)) 



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  • * you and jeno went out on a picnic 
  •  * and jeno brought his guitar with him 
  • * after an hour or two of eating and playing around, jeno decided to play some songs 
  • * and he lay down on the blanket you both placed on the grass 
  • * your head placed on his shoulder, he sang along as he strummed some songs on his guitar 
  • * eventually, you fell asleep and jeno put his guitar away 
  • * honestly he didn’t even think about the fact that this was the first time you ever napped together, he just pulled u closer to him and soon drifted off to sleep too 



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  • * u were hanging out at the dorm of the dream team when suddenly hae just randomly attacked you with tickles 
  • * he KNOWS you can’t stand tickles but he still did it 
  • * hyuck kept laughing at the sight of you squirming beneath him 
  • * in the end, he stopped but not before giving you a sweet kiss 
  • * suddenly he just lay down next to you and pulled you into his arms 
  • * you could hear him singing a song softly and his voice is so calming, you soon fell asleep 
  • * he just chuckled and kissed your forehead and decided he should take a nap too before the others arrived 



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  • * ahsjdj this kid 
  • * when he realised he never took a nap with you 
  • * he just randomly stood up from his place and he said “y/n let’s nap" 
  • * you were kind of confused but ???why would u say no to napping?? 
  • * nana took you to the sofa and layed u down with him 
  • * he had his arms and legs wrapped around you, making you unable to move AND BREATH 
  • * jaemin just laughed but he let you go 
  • * you snuggled up to him and this time he only wrapped his arm around your waist 
  • * seeing that you stayed up all night studying, it didn’t take you long to drift off to sleep 
  • * as jaemin started feeling sleepy too, he placed a kiss on your forehead and soon fell asleep



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  • * you asked chenle if he wanted to take a nap with you and he was like "of cOURSE" 
  • * gbye this kid is s o loud 
  • * instead of napping he kept on laughing at memes on his phone 
  •  * you just wanted some s l e e p 
  • * but no 
  • * at some point he started getting kind of bored 
  • * and he just started singing rlly loudly 
  •  * ahsjsj in the end he calmed down and he just hugged u like a teddy bear and he fell asleep in a second 
  • * sometimes u wonder why ur dating this goof tbh 



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  • * ji acc invited you to the dance practice room to see him 
  • * he was kind of rlly tired tho 
  •  * and as soon as you arrived he just sat down next to you and placed his head on your lap 
  • * hajsj tbh he’d be extra whiny when he’s sleepy 
  • * when you started combing his hair with his fingers he couldn’t help but slowly drift off 
  • * ahsjjs you were rlly tired too and you both just ended up sleeping on the floor of the dance practice room, with his head on your lap and your hand in his hair 
  • * the rest of the dream team took pics of you two whoops
EXO - Most to Least in texting

thanks for requesting, hope it turned out okay 
this was actually fun 


  • he looooves it 
  • seriously
  • Jongdae would text you over everything 
  • a funny pic of a member, a joke he heard that day, a cute pup video he found on youtube
  • e v e r y t h i n g 
  • “Hey Jagi, guess what Kyungsoo did today”
  • “Punching Chanyeol?” 
  • “Of course that too! Wait I’m going to make a voice message”
  • “Or you could just call me, Jongdae”
  • “Good point”


  • he would text you the whole day, even during practice
  • would call you every free minute just to hear your voice and to ask if you have eaten yet
  • would send you videos of animals or babies lmao i don’t know
  • he’s affectionate 
  • probably tags you every two minutes in another video 
  • “Chanyeol, did you lost your charger again?”
  • “Yes” 


  • tbh i would love being in a relationship with Baek for the texting
  • imagine the scenarios 
  • it would be so funny all the time
  • him filming the members during practice and making memes of them
  • tagging you in every meme on the internet 
  • sometimes weird stuff as 
  • “Have you ever seen a live surgery?”
  • “Eww wtf Baek noo”
  • “Lol ok well there’s this YouTube channel who does that. Wait I’ll send you the link” 


  • instead of texting he loves face time 
  • especially when he’s on tour and can’t see you for a long time 
  • would face time you every evening, talking about his day
  • loves to see your face or hearing your voice 
  • but he would probably send you a morning text everyday 
  • and even after face time he would text you “Good night”
  • god he’s so soft, an literal angel 
  • “You looks so beautiful, Y/N”
  • “Yixing, I’m not even wearing Make Up”
  • “I know”


  • this brat loves snapchat
  • be prepared for 36420 snaps a day 
  • most of them are selcas or aesthetic pics with him reflecting in a shop window or i dunno lmao 
  • but also cute pics of the sky or the food he had today just daily things he sees and being reminded of you
  • you would always receive pics with the caption
  • “Look at the delicious cake!” 
  • “Sehun, there’s only your face in the pic” 
  • “;)” 


  • the type who would face time you during a concert 
  • “Jongdae-ah, hold my phone” 
  • loves facetiming, cute voice messages or just selcas of you 
  • during stressful days he would send you short texts like 
  • “Love you babe” 
  • “Calling you later love” 
  • “Don’t forget to eat Jagi” 
  • gosh i love him
  • Minseok is boyfriend material fight me 


  • would either text back in milliseconds 
  • or forgets to reply for three days 
  • he’s lazy in texting, likes phone calls more
  • or facetiming before you both go to sleep 
  • but when he’s on tour he’s trying to respond as fast as possible so you’re not worried
  • would take photos of the stage or the rehearsals 
  • “Jagi look how much EXO-Ls are already here!” 


  • he’s chill about texting 
  • likes to brows the internet for cute cat videos 
  • he would send you all of them 
  • be prepared for 63 new videos in two minutes 
  • “Look how cute baby” 
  • “And this too”
  • “Awww look at her little paws”
  • but tbh you would secretly love it 


  • he doesn’t like texting that much 
  • he rather wants to see you everyday 
  • but sometimes, like tours, he would face time you every evening 
  • he’s just listening to your voice and nods every here and then
  • but whenever he sees something he knew you like, he would take a photo for you 
  • “I’ve seen a cute dog today”
  • “Oh really?”
  • “I’ll took a photo for you, I know how much you love them” 


He wouldn’t realize for a while that you’ve fallen asleep on his shoulder so he would carry on talking. While he’s waiting for ages for a response from you, he would look over and he would go “awww!!” when he sees that you’ve fallen asleep. He would then kiss your forehead and won’t disturb you any further.


He would find you really cute while you’re resting your head on his shoulder. He would be careful not to make any sudden movements because he doesn’t want to wake you. He would kiss the top of your head sweetly and whisper that he loves you before sitting back and just letting you sleep peacefully. 


He would be surprised to see that you have fallen asleep since you were just chatting excitedly about something a few moments ago. Nevertheless he would carefully lift your head up slightly then put his arm around you so that you would be more comfortable. “Sweet dreams baby…” He would whisper to you. 


He would be talking about something then he would guess that you’ve fallen asleep because of your lack of response. “I must have been boring her..” He would pout and think about flicking your nose. Instead he would put a blanket around you to keep you warm and wait for you to wake up again. 


He would laugh at you because you wanted to choose the movie you’ll be watching only for you to fall asleep after twenty minutes of it. He would put on the movie he wanted to watch and then slowly move you to a lying position with your head on his lap so that you would be more comfortable. 


He would smile to himself, kiss you and then rest his head on top of yours lightly. Then once in a while he would bury his face in your hair. “Babe wake up… let’s move to the bed so I can cuddle you properly.” He would whisper cutely to you.


He would wrap his arm around you and just chill with you like that for a little while before he decides to wake you up gently because he’s worried that you would get a stiff neck if you stay in that position for too long. When you’re too drowsy to stand up, he’d carry you to the bedroom no problem.

Perfect (Zach Dempsey X Reader)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Zach Dempsey x chubby!reader where reader an Zach are in same class and reader have a crush on Zach but is to shy and low self-esteem and they end up doing a project together and things get fluffy?

~*(Y/N)’s Pov*~
‭‭I walked into Biology class, set my things down, and sat myself down. After the bell rang and class began my teacher started talking.

“So class as you all know, today we will be starting our evolution project. For the project you will need to…” and I stopped paying attention after that.

After a while the bell rang and I was ready to exit the class when I felt a hand grab my wrist stopping me. I turn around to see none other than a recent friend mine the one and only Zach Dempsey.

“Where do you think you’re going” he said smiling. I gave him a confused look. “Yo we have to plan our project.” He added and I kept that same confused expression. He sighed “Mrs. Homes made us partners.” He explained.

“Oh really?” I asked and he nodded. “We can talk about it later, like at Monet’s or something.” I suggested

“Sounds good. Meet me there right after school.” He smiled and walked off.

I arrived at Monet’s and made my way to the table Zach was sitting at with two hot chocolates. “You know, you should start paying attention to class.” He said

“Yeah I will I just have a lot of things on my mind lately.” I reply

“Like what?” Zach curiously asks.

“Oh nothing important” I say avoiding answering his question. The truth is I recently had a crush on Zach, he would never feel the same way about me though. I mean look at me.

Hours passed by and we barely got any work done because we kept messing around and making lame jokes. Skye then came up to us and began talking.

“Im sorry but if you finished your drinks and aren’t gonna order anything else, im afraid you can’t just stay here.” She said

“Aww come one Skye, you’re kicking us out?” I said and faked a pout

“Sorry (Y/N), not my rules” she chuckled, and with that Zach and I decided to finish up at his house.

As we pulled up to his driveway, I realized there weren’t any cars there meaning his parents weren’t home which was a relief. His mom is very nice but she scares me sometimes.

Zach opened the door with his key and closed it after we both walked in and we headed to his room. We spent a couple hours just hanging out and then decided to start doing work.

“You can think of ideas for this project while I order pizza.” He said. I didn’t do much thinking about the project instead I was looking at Zach. ‘He looks cute even when he’s just talking on the phone’ I thought to myself.

“Okay so what do you think we should do for the project?” He asked once he finished ordering pizza and sat next to me on his bed.

“I don’t even know what the project is about. Did she pass out a paper saying the requirements or..?” I trailed off waiting for an answer.

“Yeah its right here let me just find it.” He said looking through his school bag “AH! Its right here” he handed it to me “I thought I fucking lost it.”

I giggled and began reading over the paper but this time Zach was the one looking at me. He was just staring. I looked back at him and asked “what?” thinking there was something wrong.

“Nothing, you’re just really cute when you try to concentrate.” He said with a smile causing me to blush which he of course noticed. “Awww and when you’re flustered.” He added.

At this point I was feeling really nervous and didn’t know what to do. “U-uh thank you?” I said back making it sound more like a question. He turned his whole body facing me and I turned to look at him.

“You know (Y/N) you’re really fucking beautiful” he said and I shook my head.

“What do you mean? Do you not think so?” He asked while reaching up to my cheek and I shook my head again.

“Well you’re wrong.” He started “I’ve always liked you (Y/N). I always thought you were perfect.”

“Why?” I simply asked

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I?” He calmly said. In the 2 weeks I’ve known Zach, I have never seen him so calm. He’s always making jokes, fucking around, and being loud but now he was nice, serious, and sweet. I can’t say that I don’t like it.

“But I’m so fucking…” I trailed off trying to think of the right word to use.

“You are fucking amazing (Y/N) and I don’t know how you don’t see it. I don’t know how you don’t feel the same” he said looking deep into my eyes. At this point I was speechless, I had no idea what to reply. We both just stayed quiet but then he spoke up.

“Fuck, did I just complicate things?” He asked when he saw how nervous I was acting.

“No Zach” I giggled to him and he smiled “Things couldn’t be better” I said.

“Great” he said smiling while checking the time on his phone only to see that it was getting late.
“Fuck we gotta hurry up and do this thing now.”

“Yeah we really should.” I replied grinning.

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Give us more of your happy headcanons please 😊

i hope this means like just like regular msr headcanons? right? if im wrong just give me another ask and ill do the something else :$) and like thank u for sending this :$)

btw happy headcanons: thats the cutest thing ive ever read by the way. happy headcanons. i dont know why i just

-mulder and scully had saw each other prior to the pilot meeting. i mean, one or both of them had probably attended a lecture that the other had done and were familiar with their face. i mean, given that neither passed out when they laid eyes on each other.

-after their first meeting, scully went home (btw why the fuck was she dismissed after like five minutes at work. ‘we leave for the very plausible state of oregon at 8 am see u tomorrow’ what the fuck) but after their first meeting, scully called ellen and told her she was working with that hot lecturer from last year and he was coincidentally spooky mulder, the most single man on the planet. help me ellen i dont know if ill make it.

-mulder called the gunmen because he needed advice about this adorable little redhead that had been assigned to him and oh god im screwed. i mean i hope one day i will be, but right now, im totally, metaphorically, screwed. she was sent to spy on me right???? what do i do now?????

-mulder’s fear of fire (i know but just wait) was cured after that case, one because scully was there and he knew nothing bad was gonna happen to him so he felt more comfortable facing said fear, and two, 'scully was there and she was really really cute and i was tryin to get with her all this first year and then that bitch phoebe showed up and fucked everything up and im not letting her have any power over me so there. fear cancelled. ’

-mulder slept with like a sheet as a blanket for years. he overheats. hes a walking furnace. but after the season 3 incident (or was there one before??) where mulder spends the night in scullys bed because he got poisoned, he noticed that she had a lot of covers on her bed. so eventually he went out and bought a ton of blankets just in case she ever spent the night at his place (purely platonically right???) and so she wouldnt get cold.

-not msr related but walter skinner knits. and is good at it. check out his etsy store. smoking man-voodoo dolls half off until forever.

-not happy, but the reason why mulder wears such hideous ties is because his father and his minions were government workers and always impeccably dressed, and when mulder became a federal agent, he hated the idea that he was growing up to be just like the man, so he embraced the 90’s style.

-scully could never tell you, but maggie could: mulder adn scully had worked together for three months. just three months. and by that time, scully had stashed a pack of sunflower seeds in her car, her apartment, mulder’s car (that man cannot think ahead), her mother’s house and the cushions of the mulder’s normal chair in walter skinner’s office.

-alternatively, mulder stashed scully’s favorite cassettes in his car, his apartment (hey, he could dance. maybe if the mood struck them they’d put something on and let some yayas out), the office (for when she was in a particularly awful mood because of some shit he pulled.)

-scully always gets mulder cryptid or alien gizmos when shes out of town. mulder always gets her science or medical related stuff. they once had to suffer through a budget meeting in 98 degree heat with their coats on because neither was willing to show off the “i’m feeling all science-y” (spelled with periodic letters), or the “aliens exist” temporary tattoos they were each sporting.

-at the end of every month, whoever has been to the hospital more takes the other out to dinner. it started out as a formal affair, going to a fancy restaurant and pretending that they were just friends not fbi partners. now the atmosphere is still the same, but they go to sandwich shops or burger places. scully just wanted to make sure mulder didn’t go broke since he was paying for dinner every time.

-the gunmen do regular bug sweeps of the office, their apartments, and maggie scully’s house. it was actually mulder who asked them to do hers because the adoption papers have almost gone through and his new mom needs protection. but once a month, the gunmen have a great time going over to maggies, they have lunch with her, and then in the afternoon right as they’re wrapping up, maggie’s friends come over to play cards adn invite melvin, richard and john to play with them.

-the gunmen are the #1 Caught in the Act witnesses because of the bug sweeps at the wrong times. maggie scully is #2. william scully was #3. an incident with the 3rd victim and Return of the Jedi movie night caused carrie fisher’s gold bikini to be forever tainted.

-maggie scully is very protective of fox. shes well aware that shes’ the only person who can call him fox without triggering him, and she loves this poor boy. she’s his second emergency contact, after scully of course, adn occasionally she’ll get a call saying fox is in the hospital only to show up and find her daughter straddling his hips with her tongue down his throat. “DANA KATHERINE SCULLY THIS MAN NEEDS HIS REST AND IF I FIND YOU DISTRACTING HIM FROM THAT ONE MORE TIME I’LL HAVE YOU THROWN OUT OF THE HOSPITAL UNTIL HES BETTER.” “maggie im really okay” “FOX YOU WOULDNT BE IN THE HOSPITAL IF YOU WERE OKAY.” and meanwhile scully’s hiding under mulder’s covers with a face to match her hair.

-walter skinner is genuinely terrified of maggie.

-totally not a headcanon yall probably know this from watching season seven right???? right????? but mulder agreed to go to oregon with skinner under one condition: scully goes to the hospital and gets checked out. i’m not leaving you until i know that you’re not going to pass out alone in the apartment and accidentally die.

-mulder never cried harder than when he found out scully was pregnant.

-“skinman i quit the bureau thank you and goodby-”“wait, sir, its me, agent scully, ill call you right back after mulder and i have a talk ok?”

-mulder’s allergic to pineapples. but it mysteriously went away a week after everyone found out about it.

-scully was forced by maggie to go to her high school reunion, and so she convinced mulder to come and put on the s'mulder (he trademarked that thats another story) and get back at those fucking bitches who bullied her for trying to start a biology club.

-actual dialogue from that night:
“Scully? You tried to start a biology club that’s so cute.”
“Emphasis on try.”
“What, no one wanted to compete with Dana Scully’s genius?”
“More like no one wanted to be around Dana Scully.”
“Awww, Scully, I would have been in the biology club with you.”
“Thanks, Mulder.”
“we can start our own biology club”
“mulder we’re not- whatever. oh wait check out my butt, stephanie baker is looking”

-scully and mulder both gave each other stars for christmas the same year, and they went stargazing to try and find them, only to discover that they were right next to each other in the sky.

-scully did in fact give mulder porn for christmas that one year. that seems really weird but you didn’t see the card.

“heres blank tape, video camera’s all set up. figured since those tapes aren’t yours, we could make one that was.”

-the gunmen can quote the lazarus bowl line for line. so can skinner. he plays it whenever hes sad.

-mulder makes a point of PDA towards scully whenever bill scully jrs in the room. not enough to be obviously trying to piss him off, but enough that he most certainly is.

-mulder changed his shampoo to make his hair especially fluffy circa season 2. do you miss me scully? do you miss petting my fluffy hair?

-anytime one of them asks the other for a drink, mulder will bring scully iced tea, and she’ll bring him root beer. everytime he’ll throw his head back in mock disappointment like that one stakeout.

-mulder is very aware of how much it turns scully on to see him with no jacket, dress shirt arms rolled up to his elbows. thank goodness he normally runs hot.

-they both secretly love when the other rests their head on their shoulder. but of course they never admit it.

-mulder always makes them run an office secret santa. just the two of them. because hes mulder.

-his fish have all been named after moby dick characters since he heard that that was a thing.

-they went on runs together during that second year just to be able to spend time together, but then stopped because how the fucking hell is scully faster than him, im sorry scully you’re ruining my rep, im gonna have to pretend i wasn’t just beaten in a 5k run by someone nine inches shorter than me.

-mulders mother bought him a polaroid camera when he went off to england for school, saying that he’d make so many memories adn all that crap. he never used it until he and scully were put on fertilizer background checking and he wanted to make the best of their roadtrips. she then bought one of her own and thus began the most intense contest of their lives to see who could take the most candid shots of the other. at this point in time, mulder’s closet has just of boxes of pictures of scully.

-their son would find all these thousands of pictures years later and wonder, for the thousandth time that day, what the fuck was wrong with his parents.

-they once had to take a ferry. dont ask me how or why, but it was just something they had to do. and mulder refused to stop just quoting lines from moby dick. the only way that scully could get him to stop was to pretend to see a nessie like creature.

-scully dominates at paintball, and when her son hit eleven years old, became the coolest person in the world hands down. mulder didnt stop trying to convince her that she was ALWAYS the coolest person in the world.

-they have a box of mulder’s clothes that scully simply labeled “the apocalypse could be upon us but so help me if these jeans go missing, i will hunt you down and end you.” nobody touches her man’s ass hugging jeans.

-scully + hoodie + overcaffinated mulder =

[this was the last thing i wrote last night before i passed out and i have no idea where i was trying to go with it but i think its hilarious so…]

-when mulder adn scully were first picking out things for their home together, mulder came home with a light blue-purple linen comforter. he liked the color and the texture and they loved it for exactly one year until william threw up on it and they couldnt get the stain out.

-mulder has been banned from the local florist because he loitered too long trying to pick out flowers for scully, they thought it was suspicious.

-mulder then got into gardening, and was taught by skinner how to not kill a plant.

-they have a sunflower patch right outside william’s bedroom window.

-maggie knit a blanket for william that he slept wrapped up in until he was in grad school adn the stitching finally gave out.

-if they were to have another kid, the siblings would have a rapport much like mulder and samantha’s or melissa adn scully’s. they called each other buttmunch adn teased and pulled each others hair, but let each other tag along on adventures and shit.

-mulder has a frequent customer card from LUSH because his lady loves baths and he loves excuses to follow her around smelling her hair all damn day.

-theres a fair in the tiny town they live in once a year in july. they have a family tradition of going to it, and watching fireworks and going on rides. by ten o'clock, every single time, both kids would crash from the funnel cake-induced sugar high.

-the first movie william scully ever attended was the incredibles. until the age of 9 he wanted to be a superhero and mulder 100% supported him and tried to get scully to do some science experiment that would make their son into a superhero.

-they live in a tiny town where the only entertainment is either a movie theater running very old movies or the local elementary school’s talent show. theres a farmers market on the main street every weekend in the summer and the mulder-scully clan often will bike down and hang out there for the day.

-mulder and scully chaperone school dances. every single dance. if there’s a photo booth, they’ll go make out in said photo booth and embarrass their kids only slightly more than if they were slow dancing in the middle of the vacant dance floor. “cant you just be normal???? i get you waited years to get together and are 'makin up for lost time’ but you dont have to take it out on me!!!!!”

-every year they host a “sci-fi july” for all of their friends and their families. they hang a sheet up outside every saturday night in july and watch a different sci fi movie out on the projector. scully and mulder can always be found in the back of the crowd, cuddling in a beanbag and arguing about inaccuracies.

-drive in movies. mulder adn scully cuddling in the back seat of the car while their offspring block their view on the hood of it, sharing a box of fries.

-maggie dominates the bake sale. neither mulder or scully can cook for shit and so they enlist maggie and she becomes famous.

-william has been banned from playing poker. after winning far too much off of uncle frohike, he’s been demoted to crazy 8s.

-mulder has half an alien face tattooed on his lower back. since scully has a tattoo he should too right? but he could only handle the tattoo needle for so long and afterwards scully assured him that half an alien head looked plenty cool and she loved it. he didn’t really care, she’d be the only one to get to see it, but he was more fascinated about why the hell the tattoo needle turned her on originally????? wh- how-??? scully????

-uncle skinner takes his godchildren’s halloween costumes to a new level.

-the bullpen bet as to who the father of scully’s kid was (please everyone knew it was mulder, but they were just bored) was called off when scully left early one day with the most intense craving for sunflower seeds.

-the only thing that mulder knows how to cook is grilled cheese and tomato soup. you’d think toast would be easier than grilled cheese, adn therefore something he could cook, but that is not the case.

-anytime one of the kids is sick, mulder or scully stays home with them and they spend the entire day playing scrabble and eating cinnamon toast.

-an older will is completely unable to walk anywhere near the hoover building without being yelled at as “HEY SPOOKY MU- oh sorry buddy. jeez you look like your dad”.

-as they grow older, mulder and scully decide to retire from the bureau. scully will occasionally do pathology consulting or lecture circuits, but for the most part, they simply stay around their home in virginia and have the peace that they always dreamed of.

-but that said, after their retirement, the x files, for the first time, remained open, and in years to come, many agents worked their way in and out of the office, none having as much a lasting devotion to it as mulder adn scully had. the few that did last fairly long had just as much trouble with the government conspiracies as their predecessors, despite the smoking man being long dead.

and when these agents had difficulty on cases, when they were clearly lacking in bits of information only people deeply involved with the conspiracy or long-time observants would know, all of these agents made their way out into the more rural parts of virginia, to an old but warm house, and they’d sit on the porch listening to mulder and scully bicker about what was true or not, now being the deep throat contact that the x files depends on. but for the first time, these deep throats weren’t at risk of murder because the head of the fbi was their children’s godfather and god help the poor bastard who disrupted their peaceful life.

-mulder always keeps the freezer stocked with chocolate ice cream. if its not, it is treated like a national emergency.

Shadowhunters fanfic: PDA

“Of course, I wouldn’t, I’m just saying that if he wandered into the city of bones by ACCIDENT, say if he was blind folded, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing." 

Izzy scoffed at Jace, rolling her eyes, as Alec ignored them, tapping at the holo-screen in front on him. 

"Simons not so bad, you just don’t like that he’s with Clary." 

Jace’s response died in his throat as Magnus walked into the room and slid his hands around Alec’s waist and pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s cheek. 

"Hello Alexander." 

Alec smiled and held Magnus’ hands where they lay on his stomach, turning his head to kiss Magnus back. 

"Hey hon." 

When Alec turned back to the holo-screen he found Izzy and Jace’s smiling faces staring at him, their chins propped up on their hands as their elbows leant on the table. He made a face at them and went back to tapping the screen. 

"What are you two idiots staring at?" 

Izzy sighed happily. "You two are so cute." 

Jace was looking at Alec curiously, as if suspicious. "I’ve never heard you call anyone hon before.”

Izzy looked at Jace with furrowed brows, laughing at his happy expression. 

“I thought you hated mushy couple stuff.”

Jace scrunched his nose up in disgust.

“No, I just hate it when Simon and Clary do it because they’re disgusting. Magnus and Alec are cute. I’ve never heard you use any pet names before, I didn’t even know if you knew what they were.”

Alec frowned at what he deemed to be a stupid comment, although his eyes betrayed his humor. “You’ve never seen the birthmark on my ass either, doesn’t mean it’s not there." 

Magnus smirked. "It’s true, he has one; I’ve seen it." 

Alec turned to his boyfriend with wide eyes. "Magnus!" 

Jace made a face and dropped his hands as he stood and shook his head. "I think I have seen that. I thought it was just a nightmare." 

Magnus laughed at Alec’s indignant expression. "What? It’s not like they don’t know I’ve seen you naked." 

Alec blushed and eased the warlocks hands off him, straightening his shirt and trying to look more put together than his flustered self actually felt. 

"Yeah but they don’t need to hear it. We are supposed to be professional today; we have the meeting with the downworlders so we are just Head of the New York Institute and the High Warlock of Brooklyn today." 

Izzy raised her eyebrows approvingly. "Talk about a power couple." 

Magnus sighed and offered a hand to Alec. 

"Of course, love. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Lightwood. And might I say you’re looking especially handsome today. Your girlfriend is a lucky woman." 

Alec laughed and gave in to the flirting, leaning seductively against the table and smiling as he shook Magnus’ offered hand.

"Actually, I don’t have a girlfriend." 

Magnus raised an eyebrow and slid closer to the Nephilim. 

"Oh really?" 

Alec hummed in agreement and hooked a hand behind Magnus’ back and pulled him close, so that the tips of their noses were almost touching. 

"Yeah, but my boyfriend is really hot." 

Magnus laughed, the happy noise turning into a happy hum instead as Alec kissed him. 

"Awww, cute couple alert." 

Jace groaned as Simon and Clary walked in, holding hands, and pointed to them in contempt. 

"Do you have to hold hands ALL THE TIME." 

Clary made a face as she rolled her eyes, Simon giving a bigger reaction as he waved his hands around. 

"They’re allowed to make out and it’s fine but we can hold hands!" 

"No! Alec being happy makes me happy because of the Parabatai bond, you two just make me nauseous. Plus, they’re in love, they’re allowed to mushy.”

Simon tilted his head and furrowed his brows, as if thinking deeply about something. 

“Does that mean you’re in love with Magnus too? At least a little bit? Because of the bond?”

Jace shrugged, becoming a little more civil. “It’s Magnus, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible not to fall in love with him a little bit." 

Simon sighed longingly. "Yeah, like Raphael." 

"What? No." 

Everyone paused to look at the vampire. Isabelle smiled at him. 

"Simon, do you have a crush on Raphael?" 

The boy in question scoffed, looking embarrassed.

"Pfft no, of course not. I have a crush on my girlfriend.” He quickly pressed a kiss to Clary’s cheek as she laughed. 


Jace groaned again. "Yeah, whatever Sheldon." 

"You know my names Simon." 

"Really? I didn’t know that; probably because I don’t care.”

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The losers reactions to richie getting his coke bottle glasses?

Let’s say Richie doesn’t get his glasses until he’s about 15 because he refuses to wear them but eventually his accidents become too much so gets them (sorry for spelling mistakes I’m tired)

- when Richie first gets his glasses, hes super nervous how everyone will react

- He doesn’t actually tell anyone he’d getting them

- he knows they make his eyes look giant and unnatural

- he totally doesn’t stare at himself on the mirror the whole morning before he sees them

- When he gets to the quarry he expects criticism

- however they all just look at him in a mixture of awe and confusion

- Bev is the first one to make a comment

- ‘So you’re telling us you’ve been fucking blind this whole time?!’

- ‘I mean, yeh kinda’

- Stan says they make him look smart which he claims is complete false advertisement because Richie is an idiot at the best of times

- 'Actually bird boy, I helped you with your math test so fuck you’

- and Stan can’t argue with that because he got an A in that test

- Eddie just takes his glasses off and puts them on his own face, laughing instantly as he realised how blind his stupid boyfriend is

- 'You better not break up with me now you can actually see’

- 'You look even more adorable when your fave isn’t blurry so don’t worry, Eds’

- Richie forgets about the rest of the losers watching them so presses a quick kiss to Eddie lips

- He jumps as a chores of 'awwws’ is thrown at them

- He takes the glasses off Eddie and puts them back on

- Eddie tells him he looks cute because he can tell already that Richie is self conscious

- Bev grabs Richie’s face and looks him in the eyes

- 'Your eyes look massive, what the fuck that’s adorable’

- everyone nobs in agreement, because he did look kinda cute

- Richie just pushes away the compiments with a joke 'guys I’m trying to be a badass punk, you can’t call me cute’

- Bev also wants to try on his glasses and she also laughs about how blind is actually is

- Mike always want to low-key try them but he doesn’t want to say anything, Richie can tell though so slips them into Mike’s face

- 'Mike, my boy, if I could see you I would tell you that you look amazing’

- That receives a massive smile from Mike and a pinch from Eddie because only Eddie is Richie’s boy

- They eventually get used to Richie’s glasses


- sometimes at sleepovers he’ll take them off and loose them in the morning so he’ll need help getting around and finding them

- sometimes he looses them on schools days and Eddie has to hold his hand and take him to classes all day

- Richie will often take them off whilst cuddling Eddie because he likes to shove his face against Eddie neck and that’s kinda hard with glasses

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What I Want

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When you got home you were ambushed by Bobby. “Y/N do you know where my white hoodie is?” The two of you had been together for many years that now you were at the point where you two lived under the same roof and depended on each other.

“Which one? You have like thirty of them.” You slipped your shoes off while Bobby took your bag off of your shoulder. “The plain white one.”

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Joochan as your boyfriend

A/N: Oh look who’s alive (at least kinda’)

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  • Very cheesy
  • But gets so embarrassed if people point it out
  • Like he’ll plan your date and it would be something like taking you in a cable car up to a mountain
  • And on top there would be this really fancy restaurant with a beautiful view over the city lights
  • So you tell him you’re impressed because of how romantic it is
  • And he gets so shy you can practically see his cheeks blush
  • Stares at you a lot when you don’t see
  • If you notice he’ll look away as if nothing happened
  • But he’ll kinda’ smile a bit to himself while thinking: “Oh god, did they see? I hope not.”
  • It takes him a while to actually tell you that he has feelings for you because he doesn’t want to get rejected so he needs to be sure you like him first
  • So he tries dropping hints and luring you into confessing before him
  • But you’re so oblivious
  • You: “Awww that puppy looks so cute!”
  • Him: “Like me?”
  • You: “Uhm sure!”
  • The reason you got together was that he accidently told you that he loves you once
  • You were pretty close at that point and you were having a rough time with your responsibilities and confidence etc. so he came over to comfort you even though you insisted that he didn’t have to
  • And you ended up venting to him and he saw you being close to crying and pulled you into a tight hug and stroked your back
  • “It’s going to be okay, you’re so amazing, I love you.”
  • You didn’t even question it because it felt so natural
  • If he ever holds your hand, he’ll bring it to his lips and kiss it gently
  • He mostly shows affection at home though
  • Except sometimes he likes to show off to his members so he’ll wrap his arms around you and give you a small peck if they’re around
  • It’s a way of saying: “HAH look what I have and not you!”
  • He kisses quite passionately because he likes displaying his feelings for you that way
  • Whenever he’s sleepy he starts acting like a needy cat and starts cuddling close to you without saying anything
  • And he might switch positions lots of times until he’s comfortable and can sleep
  • Which is usually with lying right on top of you
  • Other times he can start mumble singing sweet love songs to you to make you laugh
  • Takes lots of candid pictures of you
  • Wraps you in his coat if it’s cold
  • If he’s ever grumpy, it’s really easy to cure
  • All you need to do is to cup his face, squish his lips into a pout and kiss him and he’s more than happy again
  • Which leads onto that he pokes your cheeks and strokes them randomly
  • “Joochan, what are you doing?”
  • “Soft.”

It was a sunny day, the sun was shining bright in the sky, but the fresh breeze made up for the heat. Since it was one of those days were you felt like doing absolutely nothing, you had convinced your boyfriend, Tom, to hang out by the pool this afternoon. You invited Harrison, as well as Zendaya to join you both. You and Zendaya were relaxing comfortably sitting by the pool. Harrison and Tom were playing basketball, but Harrison had gone inside to get some refreshments. While Harrison was still inside Tom had walked over to the two of you, before turning his attention to the pool. “Is the water cold?” He asked while he bent down to slightly dip his fingers into the pool. That’s when you got a mischievous idea. You slowly put down the book, as you got up from the chair, trying not to make any sudden movements or loud sounds to avoid ruining your whole plan. You came up to Tom from behind, very carefully. Once you were directly behind him, in one sort of swift motion, you pushed him into the pool. “Hey!” He tried reaching out to you to drag you in with him but you were too fast and got out of his reach. Once he came out to the surface of the water he looked directly at you and said partially screaming “Bloody hell woman, are you mad?” You were trying so hard not to fall. You were basically crying over your laughter. Zendaya had now sat up and was looking at both of you. She rolled her eyes at you, that was now almost lying completely on the ground, tears down your cheeks . You finally got up, one hand on your stomach, the other wiping the tears from your eyes. Zendaya had lied down as she went back to her thoughts. You looked back at Tom, who was still in the pool, looking at you with a sort of mad yet pensive expression. When he got out, you made sure to be as far from him as you could, knowing he would want revenge. Harrison was making his way through the door, but the second he saw Tom soaking wet, he stopped to ask, “What happened here mate?” Tom looked back at you. You looked downwards, trying to hide the childish smile in you face, and said, “I….I pushed Tom into…..the um….pool”. Clearly holding yourself back from laughing. He looked back at Tom as he started laughing out loud. “Well, Tom, i got you a soda” Harrison said as he held a bottle up to Tom. Tom sighed and took it, but before they could resume their game, he leaned close to you and said, “you’ll pay for this”. Both of them went out to the front and you sat back down next to Zendaya, a scared expression planted across your face. “You don’t think he means it, right?” You said as you shifted position so you were facing Zendaya. “I don’t know Y/N, he seemed pretty serious”. “Well yeah, but maybe he doesn’t mean it. Maybe he’s just saying that to scare me”. “Could be” she said as she shrugged her shoulders and looked at you, “then again, when has Tom not been serious about revenge?” She lied back down, and so did you. All you could think about no was what would Tom do to get his revenge, and more importantly, when. The rest of the afternoon you felt uneasy. Every time Tom came around you would just look sit down, just waiting for him to pick you up unexpectedly and throw you into the pool. But he never did, which made you even more scared.

The sun was now setting. You went inside and took a shower. Zendaya had left, but Harrison was still around. He and Tom were just chilling in the porch, when you had already taken a shower and changed into something comfy. You decided to watch some TV in the living room. After a while, Harrison left to run a last minute errand, and Tom went inside and sat at the kitchen island. You felt him stare at you. You had caught a glimpse of him from the corner of your eye. He just sat there, a grin across his face. He made you feel uncomfortable, and he knew that. In fact, he was doing it on purpose. It’d been a while like this. Each now and then you moved uncomfortably, but through it all he never took his gaze off from you. Finally, he got up from his seat to take a place next to you. He’d been playing basketball, and the heat was too much he’d decided to take off his shirt. And here he was, sitting next to you, shirtless. It was getting harder for you to concentrate on the movie you’d been watching. He was still staring at you, which made this whole thing a lot harder to ignore. He shifted positions, and was now facing you. You noticed your breathing had gotten faster, and your heart was now racing as well. As he got closer you started getting kind of nervous. He brought his hand and put it under your chin, moving it so you were facing him. He looked at you with his gorgeous brown eyes. You felt like if you were going to melt, giving the fact he looked so hot right now. He had that ‘i want you right here, right now’ kind of look. You were so lost in his eyes you didn’t notice he moved you so you were now sitting across his lap. He took your face in his hands and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. You broke off the kiss and looked at him questioning his every move. “What?” he said kissing you again. “Nothing, it’s just that-” you were cut off by him closing the gap between you too again. “You were saying” he said a cheeky smirk on his face. “I was waiting all day, and nothing” “what do you mean?” of course he knew what you were talking about. You were talking about how you’d waited all day for him to get back at you, and nothing. “Well..” you said as you fidgeted with your fingers. “Back at the pool, after i…um…after i pushed you into the pool… you said you’d get back at me….and so far….well, nothing” he let out a chuckle. “Right….right..Forget about that, i was joking”. “It doesn’t seem like you were joking”. Again he laughed. “What?” you said seeing how he’s just reacted. “Well, Y/N, don’t you think that if i wanted to get back at you, i would’ve already done that’”. “I don’t know”. He smiled at you, gosh he thought you were cute. He would have re-thought his whole plan, but he wasn’t giving in. He placed his hand on your cheek. His hand felt warm against your skin, until finally he kissed you again. This kiss just as sweet as the other, except now full of desire. While he kissed you, and making sure not to break the kiss, he picked you up bridal style. You didn’t quite notice until you tried to break the kiss, but he wouldn’t let you, making you fall back into it. You didn’t notice where he was taking you, until you felt the fresh air. Oh no, you thought. He broke off the kiss, but you didn’t had enough time to stop him. Before you knew it you’d already hit the water. “TOM!” you screamed. You couldn’t believe him. As you surfaced you saw him there, not even containing his laugh. “Yes dear?” he said resuming his laughter. You let out a grunt, “I fucking hate you” you said looking at him as mad as you possibly could. “Aww, and I fucking love you”. The water was freezing so without a doubt you got out of there. Tom stopped, he looked at you. He thought you looked so freaking adorable when you were mad, especially if it was at him. Because deep down he knew you weren’t really mad. You walked over to him. You stood in front of him, soaking wet. You were so mad right now, but that feeling was slowly fading away, since he just looked so cute with that cheesy smile plastered on his face. It was then when you came up with a great idea. You moved towards him, until you were close enough. And then you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a tight hug, making sure to get him soaking wet as well. “Oh, Y/N” he whined. But he didn’t care. He hugged you as tightly as he could, slightly picking you up at the same time. When he finally put you down, he smiled at you like a lovesick puppy. “What?” you asked. “Nothing, you just look so cute, love” You couldn’t help but blush. And in that instant he pulled you in for a kiss. “Awww” you both heard someone say from behind as you stepped away from each other. It was no one else that Harrison, and he was standing there looking at the both of you. Again you blushed, which only made Tom pull you close to him. You quickly hid your face in his chest. “Come on, let’s get you inside before you catch a cold”, Tom said as the three of you made your way back inside.

Drunk Larrie #1
  • Lewie: c'mon baby lets go home
  • Harrie: heyheyehey don't. touch. me
  • Lewie: harrie, come on
  • Harrie: please please get back right now I haev a boyfrend and he has a really cute bum too
  • Lewie: awww *proud of his baby boy*
  • Harrie: u look like him
  • Lewie: *laugh* I am him
  • Harrie: oh hi lewie, this other guy tried hitting on me and he looked exactly like u
  • Lewie: god ur so cute
RFA + V + Saeran Cuddling Headcannons

jjonghugs said:

Hello! I am loving your mystic messenger headcanons! Could I please request what everyone’s kissing style and cuddling type they would be? Sorry for being greedy and asking for two. You can choose to blend them if you want. :) xx

My first fluff request!! (you guys are sinners my whole request box is filled with smut requests but im the biggest sinner so i highkey love it)

Hope you enjoy!


  • Both big and little spoon
  • he will literally cuddle you anywhere 
  • anytime
  • LOLOL cuddles
  • when he doesn’t pay attention to you and plays video games when your needy you just climb onto his lap and cuddle with him there. 
  • he’d feel a little shy but he loves cuddling so he’s down 
  • he would play with your hair and just look at you, eyes full of admiration. 
  • occasionally stealing a gentle kiss
  • he’s also a pretty cuddly person
  • you gotta expect the spontaneous cuddle sessions


  • He would look at you and make sure you weren’t doing anything important even if you were he’d pull you away bc needy™
  • if you weren’t he would hug you from behind nuzzling into your neck with his arms around your waist
  • or if he sees you alone on the couch he will lean over you, laying you on your side, sliding behind you to spoon you 
  • pillow talk is his favorite 
  • he will literally lay with you talking about nothing forever
  • he also loves to kiss
  • he would just constantly give you little pecks here and there on your forehead cheeks and lips


  • he would cuddle while watching a movie or tv
  • but it’s always subtle cuddles 
  • except at night
  • he will crush  embrace you with cuddles at night
  • he’s always got his hands on you whether you’re spooning or you have your head on his chest.
  • at night he would love to just hold you and look at you with the most gentle eyes only thinking about how much he loves you and nothing else.
  • he would watch you fall asleep in his arms, drawing circles on your body with his fingers before falling asleep himself
  • he could stare at you for hours and think it was only a few seconds 
  • “fuck it’s already 4am”


  • soft cuddles™
  • she would love when you laid on her chest and so would you honestly bc titties 
  • she is so gentle what an angel
  • she usually cuddled you at night during a movie or if one or both of you are particularly stressed out 
  • but she’d be down any other time if you initiated it
  • soft kisses™
  • she would trail her fingers up and down your back as you settled into her chest
  • she’s smile down at you even if you couldn’t see her because she just loves you ?? so much?? 
  • she’s want to hear everything about you, was anything bothering you lately? jaehee will listen and offer emotional support 
  • if the mood was lax and you were both pretty sleepy she would keep it silent just enjoying falling asleep in each others arms


  • cuddles everywhere
  • to the point where saeran is like “the fuck ??” but he low key likes seeing saeyoung happy he just wont ever say it
  • late night cuddles outside watching the stars
  • sitting in his lap while he works 
  • and basically cuddling for no reason 
  • he would love to spoon (most of the time he’s the big spoon but occasionally he wants to be the little spoon)
  • he would also love to lay his head on your chest bc comfy titties
  • and vice versa
  • he’d talk about literally anything 
  • or nothing at all
  • he would also be like jumin in the sense where he just feels all this live but saeyoung has no filter so he will just confess it all to you tbh
  • It would kinda fluster you but he justs loves you so much??


  • protect him
  • he loves to embrace you
  • he treats to like a work of art sculpted from glasses
  • he holds you so gently 
  • usually opting to bury his face into your neck because he loves your fresh scent 
  • you just smelled like freshly picked roses and he cant get enough lowkey you were a little worried if you smell bad or not
  • spooning master
  • also he’d love to cuddle while facing you so he can see your beautiful features …wait
  • backspace
  • he’d use a single finger the ring finger since it’s the most gentle to trace your facial features, memorizing as he goes
  • it’s usually silent as you two cuddled because the mood was just so right
  • he doesn’t need anything other than you in those moments


  • he won’t ever ask for cuddles bc it’s too embarrassing 
  • he’d either wait for you to initiate it or he would move so slowly until you finally get the hint and lean up against him. 
  • he also likes to lay his head on your chest but he won’t admit it
  • he would just walk up to you as you laid on the couch on your back and just plop on top of you 
  • “awww you want to cuddle~”
  • “no i’m just bored and tired and you look comfy.” he doesnt look you in the eye and his face is kinda red because you found his secret
  • but as he says that he adjusts his head comfortably and slides his arms underneath you
  • you just pet his head and run your finger through his soft hair relaxing him
  • he’d fall asleep most of the time it’s so god damn cute that you have to stay still because you didn’t want to wake up his cute ass face. even if you really had to pee.
  • that’s true love


This one is from @carolyn4 and it said:  “Hi, could you please write something, about Sana being bullied or something, then he appears, defends and comforts her… Or something like that, please 😊😊”

First of all thank you so much for trusting me, I hope you like it !! 

I have to say that in this fic the fight and the kiss from 4x05 didn’t happen, I just wanted things to be okay with sana and yousef in this fic.

Also WARNING: This fic is about bullying so if you think you can be triggered in any way by that, please don’t read it. Also it contains insults and cursing. I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or upset so I think you should know that before deciding if you want to read it or not.

Also, I’m sorry for the messages from “the bully” that you’re going to read, they’re nasty and even I cringed while writing them ‘cause I really hope no one ever writes things like that to anyone. 

Well, I leave you now with the fic. It takes place in a few days so I’ll be indicating the days. (All screenshots are from Sana’s phone)






Four days. She had been receiving those texts for four days now. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, she had already been through this kind of stuff back in middle school so it wasn’t like it was anything new. That didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. It did. A lot.

But she just didn’t see the point on telling anyone. It was just some silly boy or girl who was bored and decided to pick her as a target. Eventually they would get tired.

It was Saturday and the boys were at her house hanging out with Elias. Lately she had been getting closer to Yousef. They would hang out sometimes, he would even pick her up at school on Mondays, his free day. That meant that whenever he was with his friends she would try to avoid them ‘cause as much as she loved those boys, they were really annoying with the teasing.

But she was feeling a little down because of the texts, even if she didn’t want to admit it, so she decided that she could bear a little teasing if that meant she could get to talk with him for a bit.

She went downstairs and stopped at the living room’s door. She looked inside and saw the boys playing video games.

“Hi” Sana said smiling

All the boys looked at her, greeted her and returned to look at the screen focused on their game, all the boys except Yousef, of course. He kept staring at her with a huge smile on his face, a smile that matched the one on hers. He was so focused on her that he wasn’t paying attention at all at the game, in fact, he had stopped playing which meant that in about 3 seconds he was going to lose.

“Yessss!” Elias and Mutta said high fiving.

“Damn it Yousef!” Adam, who was on his team cursed him, while Mikael who was taking a rest at the moment laughed at them. “Stop flirting man, we’ve lost because of you”

“Flirting? What are you talking about?” Yousef said offended

“Oh come on boy, you two are giving each other heart eyes nonstop every time you’re in the same room” Mikael said

“Hey, don’t be like that. He made us win, he can flirt all he wants” Elias said laughing

“Yeah? Well, we’re playing again and now Yousef is on your team” Adam said

“What? No, not as long as Sana is in the same room”

“Hey!” Sana said

“It’s true Sana, no one wants to be on Yousef’s team” Mutta said

“Come on guys!” Yousef whined.

“Leave the poor boy alone, it’s not his fault that he sucks at videogames.” Sana defended Yousef, well, kind of.

“Awww look at my sister defending his boy”

Both, Yousef and Sana instantly blushed at that comment.

“He’s not my boy” Sana said with a small mouth

“Suuuuuure” Adam laughed.

“Aww, you’re so cute!” Mikael said

She rolled her eyes at them but was smiling. Suddenly her phone beeped. She looked at it and her smile faded

She quickly put her phone back in her pocket and tried to act like nothing happened but Yousef was already looking at her with a suspicious expression. She forced a smile to calm him.

“Well, guys I think I’m going to let you play, so when you lose you won’t be able to blame me” She said turning around without any other look and going to her room.



As every Monday since a couple of weeks ago, when she got out of school Yousef was waiting for her. She said goodbye to her friends and approached him with a big smile

“Hi” he greeted her


They both took a couple of seconds to stare at each other, if there was something that they did a lot, was staring, maybe the boys where right about the “giving each other heart eyes every time they were in the same room/place” thing.

“Shall we go?” he asked biting his lip

She nodded and started to walk by his side.

“So, how was school today?”

“It was okay, I got an 5.6 on my biology test”

“That’s my girl!” he said proudly

She looked at him raising an eyebrow

“Not like you’re my girl…what I meant is that I’m proud of you, ‘cause you’re smart and…” he stuttered

“I get it, relax” she laughed. “So, what do you have planned for your kids tomorrow?

His face lighten up, he loved talking about the kids from the kindergarten and he loved it when Sana would ask him about it, he liked that she was interested in it.

He started talking about how he had spent the whole morning preparing some songs and videos and drawings for the kids. Sana was listening at him attentively when her phone beeped. She was a little bit scared about looking at the message, she knew what kind of message it would probably be. She took a deep breath and opened it.

She felt her stomach sank, if the previous messages had upset her, this had hit her right in her heart. This was like reading her biggest fears. It was one thing reading messages saying mean things about her but it was a totally different thing reading stuff that she was actually thinking.

“Sana? Are you listening?” she heard Yousef asked, she hadn’t noticed that he had stopped talking.


“Who is it?” he asked pointing at the phone

“No one” she said putting it back on her pocket

“Are you sure? You seem upset and I think it’s because of the text you’ve just received”

“I’m fine, it’s just school stuff. I just realized that I have an assignment due for tomorrow and I didn’t know it”

“Do you need any help?”

“No, it’s okay. I just need to get home and get to it”

“Oh, fine. Let’s go then” he said a little disappointed, he was hoping they could spend some time together.

She nodded and they walked in silence for a while

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked worried

“Yes, I’m fine.” She said, then she changed the subject “What were you saying about the kids?”



It fell off as soon as she opened her locker before leaving the school that day. She picked the paper from the floor and read it. Her heart started to beat faster, her hands were shaking, she needed to get out of there.

She left school without saying goodbye to her friends, she was too scared and overwhelmed for that. All she wanted to do was be safe in her house.

She spent the whole way from school to her house looking back to see if someone was following her, not stopping at any moment. When she finally reached her front door she heard steps behind her, steps that were getting closer and closer. She froze; she could feel someone standing there. She turned around without even thinking and yelled.


In front of her a very confused Yousef was looking at her

“Sana? It’s me, it’s me” he said but she wasn’t listening, she was breathing too fast and shaking “Hey, hey, Sana look at me, it’s me, you’re safe”

She finally focused and saw him, really saw him. She was on the edge of a panic attack but she couldn’t allow herself that, she needed to seem strong. Yousef was looking at her with fear and concern in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I just, I thought you were someone else” she said as calm as she could, which wasn’t much.

“Who? Sana you’re shaking, who did you think I was?” he asked

“No one, just a mugger”

Sana, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, I told you, I made a mistake” she tried to defend herself

“No, it’s not just that Sana. I’ve seen the way you’ve been acting lately. You jump every time your phone beeps and your smile fades and right now you almost had a heart attack because I approached you. Something is clearly going on”

“It’s nothing, okay?” she said moving her hands exasperated.

It was a bad choice ‘cause her movements made the letter, who was still on her hand, fall to the floor. She tried to pick it up but Yousef was faster than her. He opened it and read it.

His head snapped up instantly, his eyes looked like fire, angry and worried at the same time

“What’s this?” he asked pointing the letter towards her “Sana, what’s this? Who sent you this?”

“It’s nothing” she whispered

“It’s not nothing, damn it Sana. Someone is threatening you, who is it?”

“I don’t know, okay?” she said clearly shaken up.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m just worried Sana. How long has this been going on?” he said in calm tone, or he tried

“About a week”

“A week? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It’s just someone being bored”

“Sana this is a threat, this is not someone being bored”

“That’s the first threat I’ve received. The other were just texts about me wearing the hijab or saying that I should leave the country or that you…” she stopped herself before continuing

“That I what?” he asked “Sana, that I what?”


“Sana, please, trust me”

She sighed, he was not going to let it go.

“They said that I wasn’t good enough for you and that you would find some pretty Norwegian girl eventually. It’s fine, it’s not like I haven’t thought of that myself”

“What?” he took a step closer to her “Sana, are you believing those things?”

“No, I mean, I don’t care what they say about me being muslim, but I also know that it’s not like I’m the prettiest girl or the smartest or anything like that”

“Sana, listen to me very carefully okay?” he said looking at her eyes “I’m not even going to pretend that you don’t know I like you ‘cause I think we’re way past that point already, so I’m just going to say it like it is. You’re the most incredible girl I’ve ever met and I would never, ever, change you for any other girl, Norwegian or not Norwegian. Understood?”

She looked at him surprised.

“Sana?” he whispered “Please, don’t believe any of what those people are saying. Please, don’t let them get to you. None of that it’s true, okay?”

She bit her lip and nodded slightly.

“I’m going to find who they are and they’re going to hear me”

“You don’t have to do that” she said

“Of course I do. I know a guy, if you give me your phone he can find out who is sending them”

“Okay” she said handing him her phone a little reticently. “Are you going to read them?”

“No if you don’t want me to. I can give the phone to him and I won’t read them” he said

“You can read them if you want…now” she said

He nodded and opened the conversation. The more he read the sicker he felt. He couldn’t believe that she had been through that this past week and that he hadn’t done anything about it. He looked at her after he read them all.

“Can I…Can I hug you?” he asked her hesitantly.

He really wanted to comfort her. She was surprised at first at his question but then she nodded, she could really use a hug.

He took a step closer and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Everything is going to be okay” he whispered in her ear “I’m here for you”

He felt her nodding against his chest and he hugged her tighter wishing that he could stop the pain she was feeling.




She saw him as she finished school on Friday. He was waiting for her, or at least that’s what she thought but as soon as he saw her instead of approaching her he approached a group of blonde girls that were standing a few meters from him. She instantly understood what was going on and she walked over to them.

“Hi, girls. How are you doing?” he said with a big smile

“Hi” one of the girls, the one that seemed the leader of the group, said.

“I’m sorry to bother but I just wanted to ask you something”

“Sure, ask it” the girl said playing with her hair

“Well, I wanted to know if your life is really that miserable and empty that the only way for you to have fun is by bullying this girl” he said pointing at Sana who had just joined them

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” the girl said rolling her eyes

“Don’t you? Aren’t you Emmelie, Agnete and Krista? Isn’t this your phone number?” he said showing them his phone with all of their information

“Where did you get that from?”

“Next time you want to bully someone you should know that it’s very easy to track a phone”

“We’re not bullying anyone. If she” Emmelie said pointing at Sana “is getting texts and letters is none of my business”

“Who said anything about letters?” Yousef asked raising his eyebrows.

Sana felt herself smiling proudly at him

“I just assumed…” Emmelie, who was the only one doing the talking, said “Besides, how do I even know that you did in fact track my phone?”

“Well, that has an easy solution. We can go to the police and let them track it, see if they find the same.”

“We’re sorry” Agnete said quickly

“We didn’t mean to, she made us do it” Krista added

Both of the girls looked really scared while Emmelie just looked at them with a death stare

“Please don’t go to the police” Agnete begged Sana “My parents will kill me, I’m sorry”

“Me too, please forgive us, we’re sorry” Krista said

“You’re pathetic” Emmelie told her friends rolling her eyes

“Is she? Or are you the pathetic one whose friends would throw under a bus at the first chance?” Yousef said

“Whatever” Emmelie said trying to act cool, but she was actually really scared about the police thing.

“We’re not going to the police…now. But if she receives any text, any letter, anything at all, you can be sure that we’re getting the three of you arrested. Understood?”

The three girls stayed silence, kind of afraid of him.

“I asked you a question. Understood?”

They nodded and quickly turned around and left.

Wow” Sana said as soon as they were alone


“That’s my boy” she said smiling

“Your boy, huh?” he teased her

“Don’t get too cocky, Acar. I’m still cooler than you”

“I have no doubt of that”



Well this is it!!!

I hoped you’ve liked it and that it hasn’t upset anyone! 

I’m sorry if it’s too long, I got carried away haha

Thank you so so much for reading♥

Also, I got a prompt related to today’s clip, I know that I always write the prompts in order of the date I received them but I think that it’d made more sense if the next prompt I write is that. Hope you don’t mind

Haechan as your boyfriend

Originally posted by neotechs

A/N: I made this especially for my lil bby haechans birthday. i cant believe he’s 5.. i mean 17 :D  or 18 in korea.. so i made this just for him and all the haechan stans out there. sorry if it’s bad.

  • so the way you actually meet is kinda complicated
  • actually not
  • okay so you meet in a park
  • pretty basic
  • you’re sitting on a swing thinking about life
  • and then you see an ice cream truck and wanna get an ice cream
  • so you go there and get your ice cream
  • then you come back to a boy sitting on the swing you sat on
  • ‘Hi? yes hello i sat there first’
  • ‘well there weren’t anyone sitting here when i came so now i’m sitting here’
  • ‘well can i get it back’
  • ‘no’
  • and that’s how you met
  • and now you look back and be like awww remember when…
  • it was like two weeks ago bc you just started dating
  • okay but haechan is the sweetest boyfriend ever??
  • like he is shy at first because he’s a baby and doesn’t know what love is
  • ok but skinship isn’t there at first because everytime you come near him he’s like ‘oh shit gotta go’
  • and you just talk a lot at first trying to get to know each other more than you already do
  • and slowly you’ll open up to each other
  • there’s cute hugs and cheek kisses and holding hands
  • omg i’m suddenly swaying
  • he’ll blush so much after he kissed you on the cheek for the firs time
  • like he will go to mark and be like ‘what did i just do’
  • ok but your first real kiss
  • awkward~~~~~~~~~~
  • you don’t know what to do because it’s your boths first kiss
  • so i just like a quick peck
  • but first he accidentally bumps his head into yours 
  • idiot
  • but when it finally happens it’s so sitff and awkward
  • you are both gonna have this stuck in your head the rest of your lives
  • also the members are gonna love you sm
  • especially mark
  • at first he was like ‘i don’t trust you’
  • but then he see how you are personally and loves you
  • you’re like a mother for the dream kids
  • even though your the same age as haechan
  • ok but you will be the prank couple (poor mark)
  • when Taeyong suddenly gets hot pink hair it’s time to run
  • ok but otherwise
  • you will be the cutest couple ever
  • like there will be a cuddle day
  • yes you have a cuddle day
  • and its amazing
  • you just gonna lay in the dorm not moving at all just hugging each other
  • and if the guys have to get haechan or something they gotta fight to get him
  • but you will support him through his tough times and he will support you through yours
  • omg i’m ded what did i just write

Question: should i make this for all the members?

okay so that’s it! i hope you liked it and thank you for reading throughthis bad bullet post!!! Thank you :D

random ponyboy headcanons

-he has a really short attention span

-doesn’t like cats, but he really wants a snake???

-he doesn’t need glasses but wants them bc he thinks they look cool

-he’s always holding back that one legendary roast that could destroy someone’s life

-girls friendzone him all the time but he doesn’t notice

-his favorite color is purple

-he loves cuddling but he gets hot easily


-like modern pony definitely supported Bernie and actually convinced several of the gang members to do the same

-modern pony also loves Kendrick Lamar

-he likes vegetables but hates fruit

-hes actually really good at pranks but he doesn’t want to get in trouble so he feeds his ideas to soda, who will actually do it

-like hes an evil little shit sometimes, never play truth or dare with him

-his favorite movie from the 80s (it cant be The Outsiders haha) is probably St. Elmo’s Fire

-look under his bed, there are at least thirty notebooks full of unfinished stories and sketches

-no one knows where he gets all those notebooks

-he forgets everything

-he will accidentally wear the same socks for like 3 days then realize it later and be TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH HIMSELF

-like hes scatterbrained but for some reason its kinda funny and cute

-he definitely has dimples FIGHT ME

-he has a baby face so he looks younger than 14 awww

-but he had a growth spurt at like 15 and when he came back to school after summer everyone had to look up to him

-hes really social and has a lot of friends at school, girls and boys (some of them have crushes on him, shhhhh)

-Ponyboy Curtis is adorable and that is it