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The Department of Impossible Cuteness may never recover from potency of this awesomely adorable video of peacock jumping spiders getting into the holiday spirit.

“No matter how big you are (or how many legs you have) we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

This ridiculously pleasing video was made by Snake Buddies, a Utah-based reptile conservation and education group, using footage shot by entomologist, and friend to jumping spooders, Jürgen Otto (previously featured here).

[via Laughing Squid]

Because sometimes what you need most is your own personal boxer crab cheerleader, smiling and waving their little sea anemone pom-poms to raise your spirits and urge you to always do your very best:

The boxer crabs and sea anemones have an awesome mutualistic relationship. Although the anemones are not required for their survival, the crabs use them for personal defense and in return the anemones get a free ride that increases their chances of snatching tasty morsels of floating food. Some crabs have been known to live without anemone friends and others use sponges or coral instead. Still, the image of a brave little crab waving two stinging sea anemones about is supremely cute and literally quite cheering.