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Kira: I’M SO LATE- I wanted to do a present for caretaker!Asriel’s bday but I was so busy and I couldn’t complete it in time T___T BY THE WAY I hope he’ll like it anyway! underpath!Frisk&Asriel gave him a yummy pie (no chocolate involved here) while underpath!Chara is making sure caretaker!Chara doesn’t appear-
Also a lot of love for @caretaker-au Authors!

(Also first time I try coloring with colored pencils, I’m so inspired by the amazing @/georgetheblob but I’m not that good T__T! Should practice more-)

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Hi Cathrel! Your art and AUs keep making me incredibly happy, your work is wonderful, the best of wishes and good vibes for ya! I ADORE KURO! Since I first read him all I could think was Keith+Kuro=shenanigans! Like bonding over bikes and basically all things that make Shiro's forehead vein want to pop out! I'm lmao imagining Kuro's "opps!" face at leaving a tipsy Keith at Shiro's doorstep! But is all good, Keith is a cute drunk.

Hello!! Thank you! <3 AND I ADORE KURO TOO LMAO 

[The Voltron Family] Kuro and Keith got along really well than Shiro would’ve hoped and he was happy about it. They call themselves “The K-Duo” and honestly, Shiro was just a bit endeared. He loved the fact that his family loved Keith as much as he did—well, his ran deeper because OBVIOUSLY. 

His twin brother and Keith shared their love for bikes—Kuro had one too so they would usually drive somewhere together whenever they wanted to hang out and be somewhere else to talk about stuff Shiro couldn’t handle—like Keith’s love for gore and horror (Shiro became a doctor for a reason!). Like tonight, the two men were out and Shiro was left with the kids.

It was getting late and Shiro was worried. So he tried contacting Keith but he wasn’t answering and so was Kuro. He hoped nothing terrible happened to them. Keith knew martial arts and so did Kuro, in fact he should be worried of their victims but for some reason he was so worried about them that he grabbed his car keys and opened the door.

There stood Kuro trying to keep Keith upright. He had his arm around his waist and Keith’s arms around Kuro’s. Keith was drunk.

Kuro: *startled* Oh. Hey! Sup, bro.
Shiro: Don’t sup bro me! What happened? Why is my husband drunk?! *looks at Keith* *tilts Keith’s head to look at him*
Keith: *looks up at Shiro* *is very very red* *smiles* Hey, sex god. You come here often at my house? 
Shiro: *frowns* Keith, I’m your husband. We live in this house. Also, you’re ace and drunk. You don’t—
Keith: Yeah, but you’re not. Not with that body. *scans Shiro’s body* *throws himself to Shiro* Hey, we should cuddle—in bed—and sleep beside each other until tomorrow afternoon.
Shiro: And we’re back to ace Keith. *thankful* *steadies Keith with his hands on Keith’s waist*
Keith: *giggles* Yeah, I don’t do the sexy times. S’not my thing. *slurs* Unless you marry me, then maybe. *plants kisses on Shiro’s face* I’m Keith by the way. What’s your name? *kisses Shiro more on the cheek repeatedly while giggling*
Kuro: Ohohoho *whistles* I have to say, your husband is really entertaining when he’s drunk. 
Shiro: He has no filter when he’s drunk. Which is why he’s banned from drinking unless there’s an occasion. 

Then Shiro spotted something on Kuro’s neck. Red spots of—

Shiro: *mortified* ARE THOSE HICKEYS?!
Kuro: *snorts* Yeah. Got a couple of them. *grins proudly*

Shiro was seeing red. Keith was now kissing his neck softly, murmuring things like “we could bake cupcakes in the morning when we wake up and maybe we can water the plants in my garden. i love my plants. do you love plants? i have a lot of flowers at the back. they’re wonderful. you should see them. hence, we need to cuddle in bed first because i’m sleepy.”

Shiro: *scowls at Kuro* ARE THOSE HICKEYS FROM KEITH?!
Kuro: *eyes widens in fear* Uh—
Keith: *grabs Shiro’s face and stares at him* No, ‘course not. *gives Shiro a peck on the lips* I like you. *giggles* I don’t like… *sneers at Kuro* him. 
Kuro: Gee, thanks, Keith! I thought we bonded! 
Keith: *growls at Kuro* You don’t like Fairly OddParents! Who even hates that show? It’s the best show ever created! *continues sneering at Kuro* *turns to Shiro* Hey, do you like Fairly OddParents? 
Shiro: *smiles* I do. It’s the best show ever created.
Keith: *giggles* I think I’m in love. We should get married! What’s your name? I believe you haven’t told me yet. I’m Keith.
Shiro: *wraps his arms tighter around Keith* *is very endeared Keith wants to marry him* I’m Takashi Shirogane.
Keith: *laughs* Okay, Takashi. Keith Shirogane has a nice ring to it, huh? *eskimo kisses Shiro*
Shiro: *smiles* It does. It sounds wonderful.
Keith: Good. We should—*abruptly stops*
Shiro: *looks at Keith sleeping in his arms* And he’s out. *looks at Kuro*
Kuro: *hands up in surrender* Just so you know I got my hickeys from other women ok! It wasn’t Keith! I swear.
Shiro: *squints suspiciously* *looks at sleeping Keith* *sighs* *looks at Kuro* You’re not getting out of this. We will talk in the morning.
Kuro: I figured. *chuckles* Just so you know, some men and women tried to hit on him A LOT OF TIMES at the bar and he just scowled at them and said “Do I look like I need a man other than my husband?” He’s really loyal to you. It’s sweet. 
Shiro: *smiles so wide* He is. *kisses Keith’s head*

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HC where the Russian team plans a surprise birthday party for Yakov and Yuuri has to distract him for the afternoon