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  • [Viktor after Yurio's Agape performance at the Rostelecom Cup]
  • Viktor: I feel like a proud mama hen whose baby chicks have learned to fly!
  • Yurio: Interesting analogy. Chickens are famously bad at flying.

So i draw another humanized-girl-goth,i drawed it one week before i sent my first fanart to you and after you noticed my artwork’s,i hyped up and make this drawing more clearly and(im so sorry for being annoyingly in your askbox seriously im so sorry 😥)thats it..,bye!

Art by someone who trying to be better( ihaz89 )


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Everytime Ignis cooks something, all I can imagine is his s/o asking him to teach them to cook. That way they can try to cook for him for a change.

Awww ;w; and when they’d finally learn how to make his recipe they’d surprise him with it and he’d be so impressed and tbh he would probably fall in love with his s/o even more because they took the time to do something so thoughtful for him and aaahh can you guys tell how much I adore Ignis? He deserves the world ❤❤ -Admin Mary

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The most we do is lean on each other and poke playfully. But today you kept your knee against mine, and simple as it is I couldn't focus. You leaned against my legs and I ran my fingers through your hair. We traded the sappiest pick up lines and wrote sappy love poems. We hang each others art up and to everyone else we're friends, but we know what we are. We're lovers. -s+w

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It's so annoying when people say that Laucy is PR like do you guys realize they have been best friends way before x factor? Even if they aren't dating (I totally think they are but whatever) they're still best friends. If this was anyone but Lauren, this fandom would be so happy about one of the girls being happy just like Lauren is around Lucy. Just look at Lauren in any picture with Lucy she looks happier than ever, I've been a fan since xfactor and never seen Lauren act like she does w/ Lucy

awww man, you go way back!! i always find it amazing meeting (or not really?) people who has been there for them since the beginning!! hiii!!! (*exaggerate waving*) I just got here post-Worth It era

I totally agree. there’s no legit point with it being PR, like do y’all think Laucy is gonna go all ‘Faking It’ just for fame? Also, I just love how she lightens up when she sees her <3 <3 <3