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Derek Hale fluffy smut!!!!

Derek Hale fluffy imagine!
Scott and Stilies come over to the loft and you over hear the guys talking about sex and you hear Derek mention that all he will share is that you treat him well and he treats you well.

Hope you enjoy!

“You got a few marks on your neck there Derek” you here stiles say in his usual smart tone making you blush but also happy making you think about last night. “Shut up Stilies” derek says sternly “you and y/n having some time to yourselves lately?” Stilies adds smiling and Scott lets out a small laugh “yeah Stilies we have” derek says and you get excited inside thinking about derek. “What about you Scott?” Stilies says “you and Allison have some time together?” He adds and Scott smiles and nods “yeah we get enough time, it’s been busy but lately some time has cleared up” Scott says and you smile thinking of Allison “what about you stilies?” You hear derek ask “me?” Stilies says surprised “yeah how’s your sex life?” And you giggle at your boyfriends comments “okay okay I get it” stiles says “make fun of the guy who isn’t getting any” he says and Scott laughs “I’m just you know having a grown up discussion with my guy friends who see some action because we all know I don’t see any” and you see derek smile and Scott laugh “all I’m going to tell you stilies is that y/n treats me very well and I treat her very well” derek says and you laugh at your boyfriends confidence in his work but you don’t mid because he does treat you very well. Stilies smiles “what do you guys have sex like everyday?” Stilies asks surprised “stilies” derek says sternly “okay right sorry” stilies responders and Scott laughs “yeah Allison is amazing and I think she likes what I do she always tells me she does and she definitely seems too” Scott says. You smile and decide to walk out in the living room and say hi to the guys. “Hey babe” derek says putting his arm around your hip as he is sitting and you stand next to him “she does think you are amazing Scott, keep doing what you are doing” Scott blushes “have you been listening to our whole conversation?” Stiles asks “yeah it was cute but really Scott you are doing well don’t worry she likes it just as much as you do” Scott smiles “does she tell you about it?” Scott asks and you nod “nothing to personal, don’t get embarrassed but yeah i know some stuff” you say sitting down next to derek crossing your legs “thanks” Scott says smiling feeling more confident “so you did that to Derek’s neck?” Stilies asks and derek glares at him “yeah stilies I did stop asking questions I’m not going to give you details on our sex life” you answer shaking your head “like derek told you we treat each other very well” and you feel Derek’s hand go up your back a bit and rub your back pulling at your bra strap making you aware of what he wanted which you were 100% okay with as hearing him talking about you made you just as excited “you all have given us no indentation and I know your sex life is amazing” stilies says and Scott nods “yeah” and derek smiles “okay y/n and I have some stuff to do so you gotta leave guys” derek says and you turn to look at him smiling at how eager he was to have some time with you
“Are you kicking us out to have sex?” Stilies said getting up and Scott getting up as well “get out” derek says again “have fun” Scott says “yeah you too scott” derek says referring to Allison “yeah okay buy” stilies says annoyed as he dosnt have anybody to have sex with “by stilies” derek says “see you guys” you say as they walk out closing the door as they wave good bye
“I treat you well huh” you say turning around as he pulls you in and laughs “come on” he says picking you up bridal style and carries you to the bedroom “did you here the whole conversation?” He asks as he lays you down and begins to take off his shirt “wait keep your shirt on for now” you and he stops and pulls it back down “I want to take it slow tonight, come lay with me” you say motioning for him to lay over you and he does “but yes I did hear the whole conversation” you add and he nods “you do treat me well like really well” he says smiling slightly blushing at home much he likes you “and you treat me very very well derek” you say kissing him and you both laugh “when you said that I got alittle turned on by your confidence” you say pulling him down kissing his lips and him kissing you more passionately giving your lip a light bite causing a small moan to escape your mouth “someone’s eager today” you say as he moves down and sucks on your neck and behind your ear a bit “sent Scott and stiles home the minute I said you treat me well” you add breathing slightly heavier now and he comes up and looks at you “yeah when you said it I started thinking and I just got excited and wanted them to leave so I could please you” he says moving his hands to your waist giving them a small massage and you smile slightly giddy at his want to please you and you sit up a bit and he sits back allowing you to straddle him and you begin kissing him placing your hands on the hem of his shirt and slowly tugging. Derek pulls away allowing you to pull the shirt off his head. You attach lips right away and you move to his jeans and unbutton them but derek pulls away “you’re call me eager” he says sarcastically “I mean I never said I wasn’t eager and then you said you waned to please me and well you know very well how much that turns me on” you answer and he nods “oh I know how much it turns you on” he says smiling and you blush at him and how easy it is for him to turn you on “i got turned on just by you mentioning sex, besides knowing how much you like it makes me way more confident when pleasing you” he adds and you kiss him “well good, I love it and you are amazing at it” you say pulling him in more “you know exactly what and where I like it and not to mention you are quiet the expert at rubbing my clit” you say whispering in his ear and you feel him tighten a bit “that’s it no more taking it slow” derek says standing up taking his pants off and you sit up smiling and watch as derek strips down and you see just how turned on he is and you smile. He gets back on the bed and kisses you before pulling away and placing his hands on the hem of the sweatshirt you were wearing which of course was his and you nod and he pulls it off “I like the no bra with my sweatshirt look” you laugh “of course you do” and he laughs and pulls you in “you should wear my clothes more often” he says kissing your forehead and down your face to your lips making you laugh but kissing back he moves down and places his hands in the hem of your pajama shorts and you pull him in kissing him harder this time moving and nipping at his ear and neck as you know how much he likes it and he pulls your pajama shorts down and you lift up allowing him to pull them off and he starts smiling “you are so damn cute” he says and he looks up at you “derek” you say with a slight puppy dog face “I don’t want to be cute right now” you say and he smiles “sorry babe it’s just your underwear have unicorns all over them” he says and you look down and see you have baby blue underwear with unicorns and rainbows on them “damn” you say looking up and seeing his smiling face as you are blushing majorly “I like them” he says giving your butt a slightly squeeze “I’ve seen you naked many time yes?” He asks and you nod laughing “yeah you have” and he smiles “right and even if I don’t find them sexy, which I weirdly do, that wouldn’t make you less sexy” he says holding your arms shaking you a bit “you are naked infront of me about to have sex with me you are sexy” he says roaming his hands up your back and you smile “I just would have perfected you take off my pants and me have on some super sexy red lace panties you know” and he nods “I would love that” he says and you laugh “but these are sexy, you make them sexy! I’m serious they are weirdly turning me in right now” he says unsure why “next time I’ll wear some red lace panties just for you” you say and he smiles “and I’ll wear some short and right grey boxers because I know you like how they make my lower half look” and you smile real big “derek please oh my gosh you in shirt grey tight boxers!” And he laughs “I’m so excited to see that!” You say and you both laugh “okay next time wearing outfits for each other” he says and you nod “okay can we get back to this time because I’m getting really tender and even more turned on and it’s getting uncomfortable” derek says and you smile and place his hands on the hem of your unicorn underwear and he kisses you and pulls them off.
Without a chance to say anything derek begins rubbing your clit and you tighten your grip on his back, moaning and he slowly lowers you down and lifts your legs and releases his hand allowing you to catch your breathe for a second and he then attached his lips to your pulsing core and continues rubbing your clit again and you moan out his name and he keeps it up getting you close to your edge when he pulls away “derek”
You moan “please I’m so close” you say running out of breathe and he nods “i know babe so am I” he says as he lines himself up and beings slowly and then quickening his pace, not long after you cum moaning Derek’s name and the moment you released it sent Derek over the edge as he released.
He slowly pulls out and lays next to you and you turn to face him and he smiles “beautiful” he says making you blush “so beautiful” he adds “thanks derek” you say kissing him “you look beautiful as even too” you say and he laughs “awwh hahaha thanks” he says rolling over “come on let’s clean up” he says and you nod rolling over as well and going to the bathroom “one sec derek” you say shutting the door to the bathroom “let me pee” you say and he nods “right sorry I’m just ready to shower with you” he says smiling stepping back “same” you shut the door and pee while derek takes off the condom throwing it away as you open the door “alright let’s do this” he says and you step in the warm shower ready to lather him up and clean him good!

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