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You’re under arrest for being so flawless and exceptional in all you do! Copy this message to 9 other blogs that are currently in your ‘tumblr crushes’ list. make other blogs feel loved! ♥♥

aww thank you so much cutie. ♥

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I love my best friend (in a friend way, we are both female). She has been there for me when I've managed to push everyone else away and she makes effort to see me and Skype me and helps me not feel worthless all the time.

aww I’m glad you have someone like that :) 

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On the wiki it does say diego is below average height for a male so definitely below 5'6. I also say he's like 5'3/5'2 range. (Whispers he wears taller heeled boots for riding than necessary bc he is smol) I love tiny diego.

aww smol dino wishes to be tol


The way Mitch says “Aww man!” made me smile. Also, someone talk me out of buying $75 shoes. Please.

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//coughs// your voice cover was AMAZING JESUS

D'aww, thanks. I always feel anxious when making a new voice for characters, I’m really glad it came out as well as it did!

Aww I am babysitting this 3 year old kid and his baby brother and the baby started to cry in his bed and the older one started his music pillow to calm him down like isn’t that the cutest thing ever?!?!

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old fish: he's in a 5 gallon cycled tank w/80 degree water, aqueon diet with bloodworms for a treat. he had fin rot when i first bought him but he's never been sick since! he might just be old. think he's got a year or so left in him?

Aww, I’d love to see a pic of the old grump.

Who knows? Most bettas live to be 2-3 years old but I’ve heard of some living to be 5-7! I really hope to have one that old sometime. The oldest one was 2 ½.

I hope the girl I have now, Cwtch, lives a long life. <3

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I ship you and ash because your both so sweet and you'd look hella cute together💕

aww thank u kenzie ♥

ship: Luke

why? DUDE imagine baking w luke??? he would be so clumsy and but way too much sugar and u would be like ‘just stay over there’ and he would pout and but his hand into the flour and then take ur face in his hands and u would be screeching and try to free urself and throw flour at him, too and he’d say ‘i wanna put the chocolate chips in’ and u’d agree and he’d finally let u go and fuck u would have so much fun :-(

blograte at besdeyou!

come and get em :D

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If you receive this you make someone happy. Go on anonymous and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or some you think need cheering up. If you get some back, even better. ♡

Aww, thank you!! Love you, anon! ❤️