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Hey i really like your blog, i just want to ask you, what's your blog about, i mean there's blog like yours here that all share the same things (peach/bees/sunflowers/art&doodles/kanken backpack/books/..) i would like to know that, u r very beautiful btw ()*

aww thank you lovely! to be honest I don’t really know what my blog is about.. I just want my blog to be a positive and calm space that people can look at when they need a pick me up! I also want my blog to be a way that I can communicate and make friends with people all over the world 🌱

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Hi, I tell you about my crush. My crush is a cute Philippina, she's super funny, makes me always laugh and has amazing lips. But she's kinda weird when it comes to romantic stuff (kind of just like me) and I don't know if she likes me this way :(

aww i’m so happy that somebody actually sent one of these. this sounds adorable and i suck at giving advice especially about romance but try mentioning something about romance in a conversation jokingly or maybe play something like 21 questions or truth or dare (yes i’m a 7yo child) and ask what her type is or if there’s someone she likes. but she sounds really cute and i wish you all the luck <3

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Your body & height?? Seriously I think you're really fucking fit and I'm genuinely confused what you hate about your height hahaha

Aww thank you that’s made my day xxx

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Wait, guys! Don't convince her too much! If she's still undecided she might post pictures of the outfits to get more precise opinions and A: we get to see her looking cute af in BOTH outfits, and B: we gt to tell her EXACTLY how great she looks in both of them but especially in the first one because we're all in agreement that it's the right choice. 😂 (This is meant to be cute and playful, I really hope it doesn't come off as sleazy and manipulative.)

Hahaha Aww well thank you Anon! But worry not! I’m still planning on taking pics and posting them just for official results ya know? It’ll probably be around 11:30-ish after the PPV tonight! But as of right now yall are making me lean towards the longer neckline one!

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If Dany go to winterfell in s8. I hope she pets Ghost. Like Jon supposedly going to pet Drogon this season.

Aww me too, anon! Drogon and Ghost are both such integral parts of their masters’ identities and personalities. I think that each interaction will be really symbolic and hint at their future. 

I hope that Dany is just immediately impressed with Ghost and walks up to fearlessly pet him. After all, she’s brave enough to ride dragons haha.

And then Jon will be so touched and take it as a good sign that Ghost likes and trusts and welcomes her :’)

Prompt: “Keep it up because if you do, you don’t get to come into my blanket fort.”

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“I do not snore!” You insisted with a pout, looking at Finn like he was crazy.

“Yes, you do Y/N! I woke up last night because it got a little loud.” Finn replied, giant smile on his face.

“You’re such a liar.”

“I swear on my life, Y/N. It’s okay, baby, we all snore every now and then.”

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😍 the cutest!

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Loud little gremlins! This is their unique way of asking for attention 🐣
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