Well guys, ya got me here. I now have 300+ people following this horse blog, and I couldn’t be happier to see so. At first, this was gonna be a 250 special, but then a wave of followers came, and now this will be a 300+ special. And to show support, me and the artist will be doing a contest. 10+ people will have their horses drawn by the wonderful artist. 

Rules are absolutely simple. You just need to be a follower, and like this post. And out of the amount that vote, 10 lucky pones will get a headshot. 3 ultimate winners will be awarded detailed headshot, 3 others will get a flat colored headshot, and 4 more will be get sketched headshots. So, test your luck, and see if you’ll be apart of the ultimate winners .w.


And a special thanks to the artist. Without her, this damn blog wouldn’t be here, showing Eli in his prime.