A ficlet for Jin (@jiihn_ on twitter) that I wrote in 10 minutes right after waking up! The prompt was “something cheesy”.


Hanzo was glaring at the colorful paper box in his hands while McCree fidgeted. Was that a sneer? A smile? Goddamn if the man wasn’t as unreadable as a snake sometimes.

“They’re, uh, chocolates?” he ventured. “I tried to make some with Hana but we almost burned the kitchen down an’ Angela pitched a fit, so I bought them, but uh…”

“I am aware that they are chocolates.”

“Well yer staring at them like they’re gonna bite you. They’re not poisoned or somethin’! I just thought… well, it’s Valentine’s Day, an’ seeing as how we… aww shit, Shimada, you’re making me sweat like a dog here. Do you like ‘em?”

Hanzo slowly looked up at him, his head cocked slightly to one side, examining McCree’s flushed face.

“I do prefer dark chocolate. I am surprised you noticed.”

He strode away without another word, leaving Jesse standing alone in the hallway, bewildered and flustered.

A month later, Jesse found a small box of white chocolates left carefully on top of the dresser in his room. It was tied with a gold ribbon.

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Comforting Erin: knowing that one of her kids doesn't know how to ask for affection so she'll sit beside them and just casually ruffle their hair or tug on their arm inviting them to snuggle with her. She's very subtle unlike Holtz who will spot the kid from across the room and yell 'come give your mama a hug you big dope'

aww babes!!!  erin also does small things like “how was your day?” or “oh! what are you reading?” and she always makes her child feel loved and valid and worthy of whatever passion they’re in. she also casually squeezes their shoulder or smiles to them in support omg supportive mum erin makes me so emotional 

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Oh my goodness I have been very down lately and just sad and I spent the past three days just reading as much of your Destiel fluff as possible and it's so good it was just making me smile because of the fluff omg pretty sure I'm your biggest fan

Aww! I’m so sorry to hear that you were feeling down, but i’m glad I could help a little, and I’m sending you lots of love and strength for the future. :) <3

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Hello there! If it is not too much to ask, how would the guys act to finding out MC is asexual (but still romantic)? And if those are too many characters perhaps Louis specifically? Your work puts a smile on my face, thank you and hope you have a nice day <3!

Aww that’s a super sweet thing to say, thank you and I hope you’ll have a great day as well anon ! ♥

I hope you won’t be disappointed with the answer, I just don’t think they would be too different towards their s/o regardless of their gender or sexual orientation and since you didn’t really specify if MC was sex repulsed or not and all that, I tried to keep the answers as comprehensive as possible ~

Ah and I might use s/o more often in my writing, it means ‘significant other’, it’s just another gender neutral pronoun for the MC.

Albert : he’d be curious of what asexuality is and would ask a lot of questions and make a very thorough research on the subject to understand it but aside from that, he wouldn’t mind at all. Whether his s/o was sex repulsed or not, he’d be fine either way, especially since it’s not easy and kinda embarrassing for him to be so intimate with someone + he doesn’t have a high libido anyway.

Alyn : he’d be fine with it but he wouldn’t be too curious about it either, he’d ask what it generally meant so he could understand what would be okay with his s/o and what wouldn’t be and that’s about it. There are times when he might get a bit overzealous during kissing and make out sessions but he’d always stop himself from pursuing his actions any further, unless his s/o was alright with it.

Byron : another one who would make all the research necessary and he would ask his s/o what was alright for him to do and what made them uncomfortable. He’d respect it and would never initiate anything remotely close to sexual unless his s/o asked him to.

Giles : he’d be fine with it but he’d have to find other ways to tease his s/o if they weren’t comfortable with the occasional dirty talk or lingering touches, other than that, it wouldn’t bother him too much even if they didn’t want to have sex. If they didn’t mind though, he’d try to make it as enjoyable as possible for them.

Leo : would be a-okay with it, it’s no big deal to him whether they have sex together or not. He’d be very respectful of this and would also tone down his teasing and make sure to find other ways to show his love.

Louis : despite how 'interested’ he might be in sexual activities, he would never ever do anything to make his s/o uncomfortable so if they didn’t want to be touched intimately or not, he’d respect it. However, he might be a bit distant at first since he wouldn’t know what’s okay with them and what’s not and he wouldn’t want to make them uneasy. Until it’s clearly established, he might be hesitant about touching them, even holding their hand or cuddling and what not.

Nico : he’s pretty big on showing affection through touching, not necessarily in a sexual way, so if his partner didn’t like him touching them, it might take some time to get used to it but he’d never force physical contact and would try his best to mind his actions so he doesn’t do something they don’t like. However, if his s/o was alright with it, he’d slowly try to get them accustomed to some things like quick hugs and hand holding every once in a while.

Robert : I don’t think he’d be very touchy feely to begin with so whether his partner didn’t want to be touched and/or to have sex, he wouldn’t feel bothered by it at all.

Sid : it’ll be the hardest for him since having sex is the easiest way for him to show his affection + he has a pretty high sex drive but he’d still be respectful of his s/o’s sexual orientation, even if they were repulsed by sex, he’d take care of satisfying his desires by himself. They may be times when he’ll forget they might not like being touched and accidentally be a bit too close but he’ll always make it up to them. Same goes with being a bit cranky when he’s sexually frustrated, he always ends up apologizing.

Gosh I hope that’s alright and that I didn’t offend anyone or anything, I know some people are okay with having sex, some aren’t, some don’t like being touched and all that so ahhh

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Hey your comic is so good. My sister is leaving for college tomorrow and I've been fighting back tears all day but when I read the update a big smile broke across my face! This comic can really cheer me up. I hope you know the impact you're having on other people's lives :)

Aww! I know it’s hard when someone close to you goes away, it totally sucks! I’m glad the update could help make you smile :)<3

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Have you ever had a hard time making friends? Im 16 and i dont really have any genuine friends, the kids who i hang with arent very loyal i guess you could say its like they smile in your face and once you leave the room they talk about you. I dont know what to do. Honestly i just want a best friend. Someone i can trust and just be myself with. Is that to much to ask? 😞

Aww my little petal 😔 yes I definitely 10000% understand what you are dealing with. I still go through that to this day. You never know! But I think it starts with just being yourself. Of course I don’t know what to do, but I think that if you’re just yourself and you start initiating things with people who look like good people then maybe you’ll make friends. Reach out to someone who is more quiet or doesn’t have many friends. Someone who is sweet or does something that interests you. Smile at them, reach out and be kind and be yourself. That could be the start to a new friendship 😊

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Kenma and Shoyo for the ask meme if you're still doing them? Thanks and have a great day/night!

aww you have a great day too! :’)

i did kenma here 


1. sexuality headcanon: flaming pansexual. he doesn’t even care about gender like it’s not even a concern at all
2. otp: kenhina, oihina……
3. brotp: kagehina, hinayachi, kurohina
4. notp: ushi//hina
5. first headcanon that pops into my head: he is amazing with children. he has good patience and an awesome imagination from being around his little sister natsu. he is super animated when he tells stories, and it makes kids smile and laugh!! he will play dress up, have tea parties, and can play at the park all day; the kids love to spin him around on the tire swing until he is nauseous.
6. favorite line from this character: “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
7. one way in which I relate to this character: optimistic!! also, we are both pretty oblivious most of the time
8. thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: i can’t think of any atm!!
9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll 

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*Last ship headcannon, I only have two* The first time that Junko smiled since losing her child was when Clownpiece just called her and Hecatia mom. She never smiled nor cryed as much as that day. That's all that I have.

aww how sweet, i love seeing junko happy with her new family, i want her to smile a lot more

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this comic never fails to make me smile!! thank you so much for doing what you do!! these characters are so cute and in love and on bad days it makes me so happy!

Aww haha yay! Thank *you*!! 😊💕 I’m glad they can put a smile on your face~ :)

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Aww Admin K, do you have to go? Even though I'm not very talkative, I'll miss you... The scenarios you and the other writers and admins post here always make me smile on my worst days... so thank you for everything you've done for me, even if you never knew it... Thank you thank you thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this blog, and good luck with whatever life throws at you-I know you can handle it ~glowing anon

“Thank you thank you thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this blog”

OMG BABY WHY YOU TRYNA MAKE ME CRY????? //gross sobbingg

Thank you so much for saying this, glowing anon. I don’t take much pride in anything I ever do, but I’m so proud of getting pocket-ARMY to where it is today. I have worked really hard //weeps. And all the events and the prizes and the chat…I did them all because I love and appreciate you guys so so much. And I take pride in this wonderful little community we have here.

And gosh you don’t know how happy it makes me to hear that I could help you during your down days. I hope that the writers continue to write lovely fluff to cheer you up when I’m gone :’)

I’ll miss you my shy glowing anon♥︎ Please come by to chat during my last weekend! But no goodbyes. Just ‘see you soon’ :)

♥︎Admin K


@xleeleeboox I’m so glad you found some friends!! I hope things went well!!

@k-phoenix aww, thank you so much!! It’s okay to be a little rusty with communicating! A lot of people are, including me! And it does in no way sound weird!! It means so much to me! Today was hell just like I thought it would be and coming home to this just makes me smile. Y'all are the best!

@magicalsis11 I hope your first couple of days are better than mine have been!!! I’m wishing you luck!!

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Friendly reminder that you're an awesome person! Whenever I see your posts on my dash I smile inside and out! I always love hearing about your day and your favorite things from games/shows/etc. Never forget to take some time for yourself because you deserve it! <3

Aww my gosh, you are the sweetest, Danya! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I always adore seeing you on my dash, too. I’m so glad we’re mutuals! Take care. (:

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oh oh ! Today ! Well it happened a few days ago but I had no one to tell and i dont know ..but my close friend called me her best friend...I know that isn't really a big deal but no ones ever said that to me (lol kind of depressing) and it made me really happy and I can't stop smiling thinking about it

awwe I’m so happy for you! you should let them know how much they mean to you too :)

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I like to imagine when Arin is upset or had a crappy day Dan and Brian will be there to cheer him up. Sometimes they'll just snuggle him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear, or just chill and watch some tv or movies together,

Aww this is nice

Sometimes Dan and Brian will play a competitive video game and Arin’s sitting between them watching while curled up in Dans blanket.

He can’t help but laugh as Brian gets so angry cause surprise surprise, Dan is better then him at a lot of games. Arin and Dan are just laughing so hard and Brian secretly smiles seeing Arin feeling good again.

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Hey!! People on my dash are talking about fanfiction appreciation day, and I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your writing is! I don't usually read ff that isn't finished, but I started reading You Smell Like, and I am completely obsessed! I love everthing I have read of yours, and I am so excited to see what you put out in the future! Thanks!

Aww thanks so much lovely! I really enjoy writing so I’m very glad you enjoy reading my fics! Your support means the world to me ❤️😘 xx