simon-laurent-fanatic  asked:

Simon had some files in his hands,he just got back from his mission and he got grumpy as his cloths were slightly ripped apart ,some burning marks on his face and even hair, all messed up. He was close on just ripping the file apart. But those had to be taken to Jason "Get ya frickn ass up" he stood at the door of the lil office " I have a bad day enough with fucking creatures,So move here to get the files,Moon"

Jason was behind the desk, grumpy that he had been stuck behind it all day and not been out on a mission. He noticed that somebody approaching and sighed when he saw Simon. “Why don’t you put the files on the desk? You’ve come this far and I don’t think a few extra steps will hurt, would they?” He looked up at him and saw the state that he was in and smiled, “Aww… rough day?”