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heyy just wanted to say that after reading the quoi stuff you wrote for anon, i am now very much enjoying the label "quoigenic". bc quoi all the things, "i don't know and i'll never know and i don't even want to anymore", "i don't like this question", "it's not that simple", "i directly defy and challenge this model" yep yep yep. a+ good prefix!!!

SWEET yes good yesssssss aww man. yeah quoigenic!! solipsistful stuck that one together and it’s Quality, i’m stoked you agree


DAREDEVIL + one gifset per episode - 1.04 “In the Blood”

They say the past is etched in stone, but it isn’t. It’s smoke; trapped in closed rooms, swirling, changing, buffeted by the passing of years, and wishful thinking. But even though our perception of it changes, one thing remains constant. The past can never be completely erased. It lingers.

Kindergarten AU

I need a kindergarten AU where Levi is the smallest kid in the group and is very shy and quiet. He plays with other kids but has problems asking them to share things, exchange crayons or ask them to play with him. Usually the other kids invite him but he doesn’t talk much when he’s with them.

The taller boys mock him for his height sometimes, telling him he’ll be a dwarf forever and other mean things he tries to deny but they just laugh at him and he eventually just sits in his “corner” (his chair at their tables) and does his own thing.

There is the boy he clings to the whole day, follows him all around and plays with him all the time. Levi really likes Eren because Eren doesn’t mind he’s small and tiny and is the last one picked for “kid soccer”. Eren likes it when Levi tells him about the things he knows about dinosaurs, disney movies and the fishes in his aquarium.

Sometimes when the tall boys pick on Levi, Eren stands in front of him and defends him, often leading himself into a fight and the caretaker has to give the sticking plaster to Levi so he can put it on Eren and “take care” of him for being so brave by getting some scraps on his knees and acting like it’s nothing (in really it is, Eren tries not to cry in front of Levi, he has to be strong for both of them).

They make bff necklaces out of noodles and when they have playtime outdoors they go and explore insects under bushes and end up running away from a black beetle. They hold hands all the time, Levi drags Eren to every corner in the kindergarten yard to show him awesome things and Eren never complies because he likes Levi and feels happy when Levi is happy too.

*Friends to boyfriends when they hit puberty playing in the distance

Look, the person I fell in love with, [modelling] happened to be her job. There were a couple days where it was like, ‘Wow, this seems contradictory.’ It had to pass a harder test than falling in love with just anyone. And it did.
—  Eddie Vedder, when asked whether he apologised to Jill McCormick for the lyrics of ‘Satan’s Bed’.

Intaquam (1969)

“Yes I’m going Mister Sohanlal, to jail for a year. But twelve months is not an entire lifetime. For a year you may forget me Mister Sohanlal, but I will remember every moment of that one year. And I swear by God, I will make you pay for every one of them! Every single one of them! Yes, every single one of them!”