aww you little adorable thing

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Hiiii , your blog is awesome *hugs* Can I have a gif reaction ? Bts react to you trip and fall in front of them ? Thank youuu ♥

Awwwwwww thank you <3 and also thank you for your request!! Enjoy :)

RAP MONSTER: “Is my god of destruction rubbing off on you?!?!”

SUGA: “Really babe? Really”

V: *Laughs at you before helping you up* “Its ok we all fall sometimes”

JIMIN: “……Shit jimin dont laugh…hold it back….hold it….I CAN’T!!” *Dies of laughter then helps you after”

JHOPE: “Awww hunny are you ok? can i laugh now…c-cause im really holding back..”

JUNGKOOK: *Laughs*

JIN: “Aww you are so adorable little clumsy thing!”

Hope you liked it!!!

~~ Admin Abbie

Imagine spamming Woozi with pictures of cute baby animals just because you find them adorable.