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030715 weibo update: I just saw the news that yesterday someone spent 40,000 to buy a press permit. I know that you want to support me, but next time don’t do this, I always know you guys are by my side. After this, I will find the opportunity to meet with everyone more! So save money and do more meaningful things with it! Also, I heard that a lot of people are questioning my selfie skills???

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☘ “No! En-chan you can’t go to sleep that will defeat the entire purpose of this trip!” Atsushi trekked on ahead of the taller student. He seemed to be in quite a rush, excitedly walking along this strange, out of the way, dirt path. Every step was eager, he had a smile on his face, even in the dying sunlight it was evident that his beep, brown eyes were bright with an internal enthusiasm just waiting to bus forth from his far too slender frame.

“I told you, I want to show you something! It’s really special to me! I want to share it with you!” he turned back, nearly tripping over a stray root as he struggled to walk backward while looking at En. “I never got to show anyone this. I want to show you!” he seemed truly genuine in his words. Though, he had to quickly correct himself to avoid stumbling over.
“It’s not much further… promise!”

“Eh? Seriously?” En followed slowly behind Atsushi, his pace remaining the same despite how quickly the other was hurrying along. A little bummed about being told he couldn’t nap when they stopped he spent a moment trying to think of a way to sneak one in anyway. 

Though he was quickly interrupted by Atsushi’s reasoning behind wanting to show him something, it didn’t take long for En’s curiosity to be piqued after that. If it was something that meant a lot to his best friend then of course he wanted to be a part of it. A small smile twinged at the corner of his mouth and he subconsciously picked up his pace ever so slightly so as to remain near Atsushi. 

“It’s got to be something really important if I can’t sleep right away, so I guess it’s worth seeing.” En admitted after a moment of consideration, he wondered just what kind of place this was to be so special to the blue haired boy.