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It's Dark Inside (Pt. 3)

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Title: It’s Dark Inside

Imagine: Discovering you have a deep, dark ability.

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader. Sam x sister!reader. Castiel x friend!reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Language. Torture.

Note: Little longer. Finally getting to the good stuff. All of the other word in this are being spoke in Latin!!

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Hope you enjoy it!

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“Look, Y/N, we’ve got to get someone down here.” Dean looked like he was debating something in his head.

“Who’s someone?” You eyed him carefully.


You took off running towards your room. Once you reached it, the door slammed behind you. You twisted around. An eerie silence occupied the room.

Walking towards your mirror, you took a good look at yourself. You looked like a wreck. Letting out a deep breath, something caught your eye. The box under your bed.

You slid it out from under the bottom and put in on top. You ran your hands over the surface. A lock hung from the opening. You had lost the key long ago, and you desperately wished for it to show somewhere.

So many items were kept in that box. Personal items. You would do anything to see them again.

Your arms fell around you, surprised at the sudden drop in temperature. Just a subtle hint, nothing like what happened out there. You didn’t know what was going on, but you weren’t looking forward to being inspected by an Angel.

The locked door would only keep them out for so long, but what was there to hide? Maybe Cas could figure out what was going on.

At this moment, a knock fell onto your door. No words, just two knocks.

You rose from your position on the bed and waked to the door. You didn’t open it, you just waited.

Two more knocks occurred after this. You sighed and slowly opened the door. You expected Cas on the other side. The only one who actually has the decency to knock, or you expected a silent Sam there to tell you Cas was here. Maybe even Dean.

What you were met with, was nothing. No one was there. The entire hallway was empty. You stepped back and thought, if someone was there, they couldn’t have ran, it would have made noise. They couldn’t have walked, the hallway was too long.

You felt your heart rate increase slightly. The chill in the air, remained. In fact, the bunker was awfully quiet.

You became worried. Taking a step out of your room, leaving the door cracked, you headed back down the hall toward the library.


You walked throughout the entire place, no one was to be found. The impala was still parked out front, though. The only place unchecked, was Dean’s room. Sam’s was empty, but you were almost frightened to visit Dean’s.

You stood in front of the door leading into his. Just when you went to reach for it, you felt a tap in your shoulder.

You raised your hands in defense, ready to attack, but you saw Dean.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you and Sam! Where have you been?” You threw your hand up in the air and expected some kind of apology.

Dean didn’t speak. He motioned for you to follow him and you were hesitant, but ended up following.

A, silent, trip through the bunker was very awkward. You didn’t even try to talk, you knew if you did, Dean wouldn’t respond. As the longer you walked, the louder the voices got. They were, momentarily, blocked out by you, but now, you were nervous and they didn’t seem to be helping.

They seemed to be doing the exact opposite. The voices sounded panicked. That definitely was not good.

You finally realized that the location, you had been walking to, was the dungeon.

You stood outside the closed doors of it. Dean stopped and turned towards you. His features still held cautiousness. You glanced towards the doors.

“What is this?” You asked.

No reply.

Dean knocked two times on the door, then proceeded to push them open. Nothing could be seen, but you followed him in.

As soon as you made it in, the doors slammed behind you. You twisted around and Sam and Cas stepped out from the shadows. Dean stood behind you, trapping you in between them.

But as soon as you looked at Cas, it was like sirens went off in your head.

The voices combined into one loud noise and began screaming. You felt a weakness grow, you saw black spots and you backed up until you hit the wall.

Your breaths became heavy and you raised your hands. New thoughts came to your head, thoughts that weren’t yours.

“Angel,” The voice wasn’t yours. It came out of you, but it was darker, deeper.

Your brothers froze in their tracks. With what little vision you had left, you saw Cas’ eyes go wide. You saw a rekindled fire in his eyes. Something once forgotten, was back to fight another battle.

You felt locked away. A prisoner in your own body. You had been possessed before, this was worse. You felt so close to the surface, but every time you tried to gain control, you plunged back under.

Whatever this was, it wasn’t trying to hurt you, but keep you down just long enough to do it needed. Maybe that was one of the voices. Or The Voice. The one you kept hearing.

“Regina,” Cas’ voice came out toxically. His eyes bored into yours. The crystal blue, of his eyes, turned a darker color. You felt your body go forward a few feet and you saw Sam and Dean go on edge. You could see the gears struggling to move, in their heads.

“Miss me, Angel?” ‘Your’ voice came out with a wicked laugh. You saw your eyes move around the room. You felt your body charge up with the same feeling you felt before. The lights started flickering again, but this time they began to pop and explode.

“Regina! No!” Cas pushed his hand out and you felt your back hit the wall. A loud crack was heard throughout the room. A groan was audible from you.

“Dammit, Cas! Y/N is still in there!” Dean’s voice made its way to you. That’s the first thing you heard from him. Cas released a little, but still restricted you.

“Aww. You listen to them, Angel?” ‘You’ let out a laugh again. Your hands were now bound against the wall because of this.

“Go, Regina. Now,” Cas’ voice came out as a growl. “Leave Y/N unharmed.”

“I’m not the one doing the harming now am I, Angel?” You felt her move your arms, showing him she was not attacking you, he was.

“Leave, bitch!” Dean’s voice echoes through the room. He held an Angel blade in one hand, but she scoffed at it.

“Careful, Dean. You don’t know who you’re talking to,” She smirked and faced back to Cas. An eyebrow rose on your face, silently challenging him to do more.

Cas twisted his hand slightly and you felt like your body was being ripped open. She let out a horrid scream, but so did you.

“Cas! Stop! You’re hurting Y/N!” Sam panicked at the sight of you in pain. Possessed or not, it was still your body, and you were still in there.

“Stop it, Angel! You’re hurting her!” She mocked Sam.

Just like that, she pushed you off the wall and forced out both hands. Sam and Dean flew into the walls and she turned to Cas. A evil smile filled your face.

“Pray, Angel. Pray for misericordia.” You raised your arms and began turning your hands.

Abi veneficae, in omni castitate et lucem tenebras expulit. Cave ne forte egrediatur inferno peccatorum tuorum in aeternum!“ Cas said it so quickly. Those word caused you so much pain. A pain worse than what happened a few seconds ago.

You fell to the ground in pain. Screams escaped your mouth. Before she was gone completely, she managed to get out own last sentence.

Videte, et reverti!” Her voice took over yours, coming out in another language.

It felt like you had a fifty-pound boulder lifted off of your shoulders. You could see clearly, and move faster again.

You remained on the floor, still trying to catch your breath. Sam and Dean fell to the floor as well, but quickly ran over to you. They surrounded you on both sides and hugged you, ignoring what had just happened.

“What the hell was that, Cas?” Dean growled.

“That was someone who I thought was long dead. Regina Tenebris. Or as you may know her, by her preferred name, Queen of Darkness.” Cas’ voice shook slightly with every word.

“Is she a problem?” Sam asked.

“You have no idea.”

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