aww yeah men in the kitchen

They say this should feel something like fire

Could you do a Kellin Quinn smut where you’re his girlfriend and the rest of the band and the rest of the band comes over and pierce the veil comes over too and you guys play truth or dare and its sexual and Kellin gets jealous and then when the guys get drunk Kellin takes you to your room and have rough sex and he’s like: we need to have them over more often
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The doorbell echoed loudly through the house as everyone arrived for the party. It was to celebrate Kellin, your boyfriend, and his bands success with the new album that just came out. You ran over to the door and opened it to find lots of guys, a couple of girls, and lots of paper bags full of booze.

“Hey Y/N!” They all screamed.

“Hey guys! Come in!” You beckoned them in to the kitchen. Gabe, Justin, jack, and nick were here with their girlfriends, Pierce the veil and Of mice and men were on their way. Kellin made his way down the stairs and greeted all of the guys. You pressed play on the stereo and the whole house was filled with loud music.

“Hey baby, dance with me!” You said as you dragged Kellin into the cleared out living room to dance. He smiled and held your hips as you swayed back and forth to the beat of the music. A couple of the guys came in to dance with their girls with you, until you had to get the door for PTV. They had all brought along a couple of friends along with them, but hey, the more the merrier.

“Guys! Hey come in come in!” You shouted happily at them when you opened the door. You lead them to the kitchen that had all the alcohol in it. You fixed yourself a drink and went back into the living room. Kellin and jack were slow dancing to a slow song that just came on. Kellin saw you and jokingly stuck his tongue out at you, causing you to laugh. You went back into the kitchen and started talking to Jaime about future tours and shit.

“So, do you enjoy touring?” You asked him.

“Yeah, but i get really home sick and I miss Jessica a lot. On ten world tour Kellin was always complaining about how much he missed you.” He said with a grin.

“Aww I missed him too.” You had to end the conversation when some of Of Mice and Men arrived. It was just Aaron and Alan.

“Hey guys! Where’s the rest of you?” You said. You were slightly tipsy by now, so your words were slurred a bit.

“They’re on their way. Now let us in!” Aaron said playfully. You laughed and let them in. You didn’t lock the door so the rest of the guys could just come in whenever.
By about 2 am, everyone was either drunk or passed out. The rest of OMAM were here, but Alan and Tino were passed out on the couch together. Jaime and Vic were lying next to each other on the stairs and Gabe was lying in the bathroom. You hoped they were all still alive.
Everyone who was still awake were gathered in the living room. Austin suggested truth or dare, and everyone wanted to play.

“I’ll go first because I suggested it.” Austin said.

“Mike! I dare you to…… Lick Phils ear!” Everyone laughed and Phil looked at Mike terrified. Mike pinned him down and licked his ear, while Phil screamed in disgust.

“Austin I hate you.” Phil said after mike got of him. Austin laughed loudly.

“Okay It’s mikes turn!” Tony said. Mike grinned and looked at Aaron.
“ Aaron, take a body shot off of,” he paused, looking around the room. His eyes settled on you.“Y/N!” He shouted Gleefully. Kelvins eyes darkened a little, but he didn’t say anything. You lied down onto the table and Arron put the lime, salt, and shot into place. He placed the lime on your neck, the shot on your stomach, and the salt right under the lime. He probably didn’t want to make Kellin angry. He quickly kicked off the salt, downed the shot, and ate the lime while everyone else cheered. You got up and went to go sit next to Kellin. He pulled you into his lap and wrapped his arms around you protectively.

“Aaron! You go!” Jack shouted.
The night continued on like that, with gross or sexual dares being given to each other while the others laughed or cheered. A couple of people, including yourself, had been dared to take off articles of clothing. You were shirtless, along with Austin, Mike, and a girl you didn’t know. Kellins arms were getting tighter around you, he was very protective. You weren’t sure who’s turn it was, but whoever it was dared you to either kiss a sleeping Alan, or take of your pants. You were thinking it over when you felt yourself being lifted up and carried over someone’s shoulder. It was Kellin. He was pissed off. He carefully stepped over the sleeping Vic and Jaime and carried you up to your shared room. He threw you onto the bed and pulled his shirt off. He unbuttoned your pants and yanked them off hardly. He pulled his own pants of and climbed over you.
“You were getting a little too friendly down there.” He growled, hovering over your core, becoming wetter every second. He slipped his fingers under your panties and ripped them off. You stifled a moan as you felt the skimpy fabric off of your body. He spread your legs and licked a fat stripe up your heat. You moaned loudly, hoping the people down below you couldn’t hear anything. He began pushing two fingers into you, quickly thrusting at a fast pace. He was sucking harshly on your clit and moaned onto it, sending shivers up your spine.
“Kellin! Fuck me!”
You were getting very close to euphoria, and could barely keep your eyes open. You arched your back and screamed his name loudly.
“That’s fucking right. Moan my name.” He said as he pulled your bra off and rid himself of his boxers. He flipped you over so that you were on your stomach, and pulled your waist up. Your head was down in the sheets and you were waiting for him to do something. He shoved himself completely in and began thrusting, without letting you adjust. You screamed out his name and grasped at the sheets.

“Oh fuck yes!” He groaned behind you. “Say my name.”

You were being given so much pleasure that you couldn’t say anything. He slapped your ass and said again,“Say my name.” You yelped and screamed his name.

“Louder.” He growled.

“Kellin!!” You shouted.

“Yeah that’s right! Scream my name and only mine.” You were very close to your high and you could he was too.

“I’m so close baby!” You moaned.

“I am too.” He moaned. He hit your spot with one hard thrust and you came undone, spilling yourself onto him. He was still thrusting, causing you to ride out your high. He finally came with one last thrust and let himself shoot into you. When you both came down from your highs you lied down in the bed, exhausted.

“Damn we need to have them over more often.” Kellin panted out. You laughed and fell asleep in his arms.
“OH MY GOD ARE THE FUCKING?” Austin yelled loudly soon after you two had left.
“EWWW” shouted Mike Fuentes when he heard your moans.
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