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“What beautiful gardens, Monsieur Poirot. It is so good of you to escort me.”
“I wanted to bring you somewhere that was worthy of you.”
“You mustn’t flatter me, Monsiuer Poirot. You will make me cry.”


Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.01.08 - Ariyoshi just wants the four-member NEWS to love themselves!!

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I'm not sure if you've already written a separate post about this, but I'd be interested to hear what you thought they messed up most with Ike in Fates.

this is something i’ve ranted extensively about on twitter but, i think it’s high time i posted about it here too. strap yourselves in, we’re talking about tumblr user regalsword’s Pet Hate™: mischaracterising ike  

fates ike has exactly one character trait: he loves to pick fights with strong enemies. When you summon an amiibo unit to your castle, corrin has a few conversations with them before you’re able to battle and recruit them. Ike’s first conversation is mostly just introductions, and is fine. It’s from the second conversation onward that things start to get bad. He talks about his motive for fighting, which is now apparently seeking out and battling strong foes for the thrill of the fight itself (which he remarks as “not exactly the most noble of motivations”. no, it isn’t). As someone who knows ike’s character like the back of my hand, this is all complete news to me.

One particularly egregious exchange involves him asking you whether you strive for peace or revel in conflict, should you choose the former he acts as though that’s not the choice he would have made, suggesting you shouldn’t “long for battle” the way he supposedly seems to now. Another has him talking wistfully about the constant battles in the world he came from, and how much he misses them. 

Once you defeat and recruit him, corrin jokes that ike only joined them for the opportunity to fight tough enemies, which ike then sheepishly admits to be true. ugh.

all of this is so out of character and wrong on so many levels

ike is a character motivated by duty, not something as selfish as the thrill of combat. Duty to his employer, duty to his friends and most important of all: duty to his father and living up to his expectations. While he enjoys sparring and friendly contests of strength, he has no love of battle and avoids conflict whenever possible. This is the guy who at the end of the game, grumbles that he’s had enough of battles to last a lifetime. Remember when a black dragon joined the enemy side and his reaction was “are u fuckin kidding me” not “aww yeah another worthy foe to fight!”. the only time he seems to show any kind of desire for conflict is with the black knight, and even then that’s for deeply personal reasons. If you’re going to reduce a character to one personality trait, then at least make sure it’s a trait they actually have? 

i’m just… very confused as to how they managed to screw up so badly with ike. It’s implied that these are the smash bros incarnations of the characters, but that doesn’t explain why the other amiibo units were faithful to their original characterisations (marth is a little iffy, but nowhere near ike’s level of ooc) while ike’s is almost a complete fabrication. I’d expect this kind of mischaracterisation in smash bros fanfiction but not a canon fire emblem game. It’s a real kick in the gut after being excited about his inclusion in the game for so long, especially when he was exclusive extra content that i had to shell out a premium for.

ike is such a commonly mischaracterised character as it is, so it’s infuriating to see intsys themselves adding fuel to the fire. I only hope next time they decide to include him in a game they leave the writing to somebody who can show they actually know anything about his games at all.  

Check out this character profile from Codename Steam, another game where ike is an amiibo exclusive character: 

“While Ike is not of high birth, his talents are those of a professional soldier, yet he is never eager to raise a blade. When asked, he simply replies that war has cost him dearly, and he hopes by his efforts to keep others from losing what he has lost”  

if a non-fire emblem game can nail his character perfectly like that, fates has no excuse. 

Quinx Squad in ch. 40
Lee Hyun Woo Appreciation Post

현우 한테: 늘 좋은 모습 보여줘서 고마워요 ^^ 정말 현우를 사랑하고 그 누구보다 열심히 응원할게요. 앞으로도 좋은 연기 많이 보여주고 대박나세요!! 언제나 건강하고 행복하길 바랍니다~♡

Before I start, I would like to dedicate this post to my dear Minhee unni, thank you for the inspiration haha >< 사랑합니다 언닝~♡

Epitome of perfection..?

After the whole 20-cut-to-16-episodes saga with global teen drama Moorim School, I somehow have this inexplicable urge to write about our male protagonist Lee Hyun Woo, who in my opinion is largely underrated and wholly undervalued. I will herein affectionately call him Hyunwoo, since he has a perpetual baby face that seemingly never ages and I’m sadly a noona (albeit only 1 year but still extremely saddened) :( 

To make it brief, after the premiere of Moorim School and even more so after the 4-episodes cut, our Hyunwoo has been facing a relentless amount of negative criticisms. Of course, none of them was about his acting, which is undeniably exceptional for a boy his age, but rather it was about how terribly he chooses his projects, in particular dramas. While I do agree that Moorim School might not be the best drama around, it is definitely not the worst, and more than anything, we should appreciate the amount of hard work and effort put into making this drama. 

An apt picture of Hyunwoo shielding himself from the rain of criticisms..

Argh are tattoos really a vice?

Hmm.. I don’t know what will become of this write up but I would really like fans to know that although it is inevitable that comparisons to his same-age colleagues will often be made, our Hyunwoo shines brightly in his own way. That said, I shall give a quick summary of his acting accreditations. 

Our boy started off as a child actor at the mere age of 9 (or maybe 10, I’m not particularly sure). In his early years, he played child roles in a myriad of large-scale historical productions such as The Return of Iljimae, Queen Seonduk and Gyebaek. Through his teenage years, he further built his resume by supporting roles in a handful of dramas and films, with God of Study and To The Beautiful You being more popular productions. As he approached his 20s, Hyunwoo focused more on films, many of which boasted heavyweight casts and were critically acclaimed for their considerable success (more on that later).


I’ve watched Hyunwoo for a long time now and it never really occurred to me that compared to the rest of his same-age colleagues, he is somehow not as popular. As much as I hate to admit this, it is quite true that he never really peaked in terms of popularity. Don’t get me wrong, Hyunwoo is popular, quite so in fact, but the fact that he is currently not as popular as his 1993 counterparts and not surfing atop the Hallyu wave remains a mystery to me. Just to draw some comparisons, the other 1993 actors include Park Bo Gum (Reply 1988), Seo Kang Joon (Cheese in the Trap), Yoo Seung Ho (Missing You) and Jisoo (Angry Mom). 

The strange thing is despite being in the industry wayyy longer than most of them (with Yoo Seung Ho being the exception), it conflicts me when I have to decide what drama or film to attach to his name. Even though Hyunwoo acted in popular dramas and had various successful movies under his belt, somehow there just isn’t one super defining moment that shouts Lee Hyun Woo. To put it simply, I always pause and hesitate as to which project I should put in brackets behind his name.

The thing about Hyunwoo is that he has always been there doing great things but there is just no one character that properly defined him as an actor. I attribute this to casts that boast either heavyweight or popular names. That said, he is inarguably an A-list actor and to me, possibly the best actor in his age group. As much as I love Park Bo Gum (!!!) and Seo Kang Joon like crazy, I’ve got to say that Hyunwoo wins hands down. In fact, he and Yoo Seung Ho pioneered the 1993-line actors, with both being crazy talented and far more experienced. 

Alright I said I will talk more about his movies, so I shall do so now. Sorry, I know the layout of this write up is all over the place. I don’t really have the most organised mind and my write ups are mostly written spur-of-the-moment and very much alike word vomit LOL. Anyway.. In recent years, our Hyunwoo has been taking up roles in various well-received films. In the past couple of years, he filmed 3 really great ones - Secretly Greatly, The Technicians and Northern Limit Line. I’ve watched all 3 more times than I can count and oh my.. I don’t even know how to get started. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers~ ^^

Secretly Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게): Hyunwoo plays a young North Korean spy disguised as a high school student. The cast includes Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From the Stars) and Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask), who are North Korean spies as well. This film broke various South Korean box office records.

The Technicians (기술자들): Hyunwoo plays an elite hacker who works with 2 others - Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs) and Go Chang Suk (Rough Cut) - to steal diamonds from a safe vault. His character is supposedly fond of betraying his teammates.

Northern Limit Line (연평해전): Hyunwoo plays a medical officer on board a patrol boat that is being deployed to the Northern Limit Line. Cast includes Kim Moo Yeol and Jin Goo, both of whom are household names in South Korea. This film is based on the real-life events of the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong during the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea. FYI, the Northern Limit Line is a line that cuts across the Yellow Sea, thus defining the boundaries of South Korea and North Korea.

Northern Limit Line poster. Please watch this, highly recommended.

Some may disagree but I’m of the firm belief that within his age group, Hyunwoo has quite strong footing in the film industry. He clearly has a knack for choosing films, but not so much luck when it comes to the small screen. To The Beautiful You had immense international success but was not as well-received domestically, whereas Moorim School (despite only being in its third week) has been dubbed a B-list show marked with slews of negative criticisms. Furthermore, although his films had met with substantial success, it is quite clear that Hyunwoo had been overshadowed by the other big names, thus depriving him of having more time in the limelight. 

Looking at this photo.. I can pretty much say life is complete lol.

Despite my flittering fangirl heart, Hyunwoo will always be and remain special to me. Whatever role he takes on, he never fails to make his characters believable, and that’s the thing about Hyunwoo - you don’t see him acting as someone but you see him as the character himself. His facial expressions and body language make his characters so real and relatable, it’s hard to believe that it’s just acting. In fact, Hyunwoo is one of the rare few where viewers don’t refer to him by his real name but by his character’s name. 

As much as I always have a preference for my favourite stars to have a manageable fan base size (à la now), I really want Hyunwoo to heighten his popularity and achieve the fame he rightly deserves. I’ve never seen such a versatile actor like him - so young yet so mature. With his unparalleled acting and vast experience, coupled with looks to die for, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he makes it to the top, and this noona fan here will forever be there to support him :) 

To end off on a sweet note, here are some aww-worthy photos from Hyunwoo’s Korean fan sites!! Hmm.. I don’t particularly like posting fan photos simply cos I didn’t take them and hence they are not mine to share, but I think just for this time, not posting them would probably be a crime LOL. Contrary to popular belief, such high quality fan photos are not that easy to come by, and I’m super thankful to these Korean fan sites for making it so much more accessible than most others (ahem Park Bo Gum fan sites are.. ahem ridiculous -.-). So please do me a favour and properly credit these photos by not cropping the logos or editing them. Thank you and yes yes, I know you love me~

Hyunwoo plays soccer for FC Avengers~

Aww.. ^^

In case you didn’t know, Hyunwoo hates doing cutesy stuff like giving out hearts.. This is SO RARE.

I found 2 heart photos. I’m the best. But the point here is the EYE SMILE.

Ackk so cute!!


Okay BYE ^^

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I read one of Joe's fan account (not sure if it was taylor fan who created a side blog) say that his film was pending for release in UK only in early 2017 and when Taylor sings in NYD about toast or failure she is referring to whether his film success taking him to places ("toast of the town") or not ("strike out and crawling home") she is going to be there for him. I found that whole analysis "aww" worthy.

Yeah there’s still a huge chance that directors and peers could love him but he might never be some big box office guy. But if he has perspective in life, that might not matter. It’s rare to make a career of doing what you love.

through the years

I just really love this idea: it takes you through the ages you’ve been together and it’s just sooooo aww worthy :))))


c/l/n = crush’s last name 

m/n = your mom’s name 

d/n = your dad’s name 

c/m/n = crush’s mom’s name 

c/d/n = crush’s dad’s name


4 years old:
today we moved into a new house. the yard is fun, the house is big, and I have my family, but it’s still not that yellow house back in California. I sit down at the at the window seat and look outside at the afternoon sun.
“wanna go for a bike ride?” dad asks, setting down a box he was holding.
I nod, a grin growing on my face.
we head out to the garage where mom and s/n are, and grab our bikes.
“y/n, aren’t you glad you don’t have training wheels anymore?” dad asks.
“of course!” I giggle, kicking back the kickstand.
we head out down the road and turn at the corner, gliding down the next street when we see a family at the corner house.
“hi!” the mom says when we’re in front of their house, “are you guys new here?”
“yeah, we actually just moved in today.” my mom replies with a smile. “I’m m/n l/n.”
“it’s so nice to meet you, m/n! I’m c/m/n c/l/n. and this is my husband, c/d/n.”
“I’m d/n.” my dad smiles, and they all shake hands.
“oh and here’s c/n and c/s/n.” mrs. c/l/n says as they run over to us.
“I’m y/n!” I tell her with a huge smile on my face. “and that’s my big sister, s/n.”
“y/n, how old are you?” mrs. c/l/n asks.
“well isn’t that perfect.” she smiles, turning to c/d/n, then back to me. “c/n is 4 as well! say hi c/n.”
c/n waves to me from his dad’s side.
“hiiiiiiiiii.” he smiles. “do you know how to play tag?”
“yeah! you’re it!” I giggle, and run into his yard with him behind me. eventually he tags me, then I tag him back, and so on, until we stop and crawl up into his treehouse. almost immediately, I hear my mom call me.
“y/n! we’re leaving!”
I look at c/n sitting criss cross apple sauce near me.
“bye, c/n!” I say, and crawl back down. he peaks his head out the window once I’m on the ground.
“bye!” he waves, and I run back to my family.

age 6:
“mom can c/n and I have our birthday party together?” I ask eagerly, running up to her while making dinner.
“does c/n want to or just you?” she asks.
“no, he wants to, too.” I assure her. “maybe you can call his mom and we can have a party together! we’re only a couple days apart.”
“let’s do it.” she smiles, wiping her hands off on a towel.

“alright, y/n, you have the cake and present for c/n?” mom asks as we get into the car.
“yep!” I say, nodding my head with my pigtails bouncing.
we get to the trampoline park and I run inside.
“hey y/n!” c/n says as he sees me enter.
“happy birthday!” I say, handing him the wrapped Lego set we got.
“thanks! you too!” he laughs, and runs over to the table to get my present.
“here ya go.” he says, and tosses it to me.
“thaaaaaanks. can we go on the trampolines yet?”
“it’s our birthdays we can do whatever we want.” he shrugs, and we bound over to the main area.
“hey look! Joey and Jack and Lily are here!” he says, and we dart over to the door.
after a while, once all our friends have arrived and we’ve bounced enough times, mrs. c/l/n calls us over to have our dinner and cake and open presents. she sits us both at the head of the table and puts a party hat on c/n.
“come on, mom.” he says, taking it off. I blush a little when she puts one on me, too.
“oh, it’s just a picture, it’ll take one second. put it back on.”
“ok, one is done.” he jokes, and she takes the picture as we’re laughing.

if being with 17 hyper 5 and 6 year olds isn’t already enough, add some cake and it will be. Jake and Olivia get *a little* crazy but eventually calm down once we open presents. and as everyone leaves, c/n and I take one more bounce.
“I bet I can bounce you higher than you can do to me.” he says.
“noooo!” I say. “you lie.”
it turns out that he could, in fact, bounce me much higher than I could bounce him.
“you’re taller!” I say, “that’s why.”
he shrugs and laughs, “still better!”

age 10:
“do you have the s'mores stuff, y/n?” mom asks as we walk outside.
“yeah. graham crackers - check. chocolate - check. marshmallows - check. skewers - check.” I say.
“ok, let’s go!” she says, and we walk to c/n’s house for a neighborhood campfire.
“S/N, YOU COMING?” I yell.
“yeah I’m right here!” she laughs, and I turn around.
“oh.” I giggle, and we walk over.
“and dad’s meeting us over there when he gets home?” I ask.
“you got it.” mom says.

once we get to c/n’s house I see Emmy and Ryan.
“hey!” I say.
“y/n, convince Emmy to play ghost in the graveyard. pleeeeeeease.” he begs. “she’s so stupid and doesn’t want to.”
“Ryan!” Emmy yells, “I never said that!”
I laugh as the twins argue. we make our way over to the fire where zach and c/n are already sitting.
“who wants s'mores!?!?” I ask, setting the tray down.
instantaneously we’re all huddled around the fire with our marshmallows roasting perfectly.
“DARN IT!” c/n yells as his starts burning.
“SAVE IT SAVE IT TWIST IT BLOW IT OUT S-” we all scream as he desperately tries to revive his marshmallow. then it drops into the fire and we burst out in laughter.
“here.” I say, tossing him the bag. “just don’t waste all of them.”

“alright, 2 people are the ghosts, everybody else looks for them.” Ryan says. “are the little kids playing too?”
“nah…” c/n says, “they’re inside.”
“ok! nose goes!” Emmy says.
“y/n, c/n, you’re the ghosts.” zach laughs.
“come on that was cheap.” c/n complains.
“nope, we’re counting now.” zach laughs, and
we go to hide.
“where should we go?” I whisper.
“wait! up in a tree! not the treehouse because that would be hard to get down quickly but like climb a tree and then jump out of it.” I say eagerly.
“ok!” he whisper-shouts, and we run to the nearest tree.
“12 o'clock, midnight, hope we see a ghost tonight!” we hear the others chant, and then set out.
“Emmy open your eyes!!” I hear Ryan say, followed by laughing.
“do you think they’ll find is or should we just like hop out and scare them?” c/n asks with a devilish look.
“let’s see when they get over here.” I smile, and we wait until they’re right beneath us.
“3, 2, 1…” I mouth, and we hop down.
“boo!” we giggle, getting a scream from Emmy and award winning jumps from both Ryan and zach. we tag all of them.
“no fair!” zach laughs.
“how… what… where… wha-?” Ryan starts.
“in the trees!” I whisper, and run back over to the campfire.
“I think that deserves another s'more.” Emmy smiles, and we settle back down.

15 years old:
because I’m crazy, I love running. running in the morning is best because there’s hardly anyone out - just the few people walking their dogs or the women obsessed with their gardens who water their flowers multiple times a day. but besides that, it’s just peaceful and relaxing. and since today it’s 62 degrees, it’s literally THE best running weather. I turn on my music and head out. my watch gets the signals and I press start. after 20 or so minutes, I hear something behind me. I whip my head around quickly to see c/n on his bike.
“y/n, I’m faster than you are! pick up the pace!” he jokes, gliding next to me.
“why are you out so early? and why are you riding your bike this early? shouldn’t you be sleeping?” I huff out.
“I could ask the same to you.” he smirks. “but I have practice in like a half hour so I woke up and saw you run past. I don’t understand how you like running, anyways.”
I smile and shake my head.
“it’s fun, that’s why!”
“I’m sure it’s better with me here.” he says, smirk still plastered on his face.
“actually I slowed down.” I laugh.
“…more enjoyable I should say.”
“nah, it’s better when I go faster.” I say, playing it out.
“well then, y/n, I’ll make you go faster.” he speeds up a few feet ahead of me.
“stay with me then!” he smiles, and I speed up to run alongside him.
“h-” he starts.
“shhhhhhhh… it’s hard to talk when I run.” I tell him.
“ok, miss drama queen.”
I laugh and trip, but regain my balance.
“well that was fucking embarrassing.” I giggle.
“no it was cute.” he smiles, “you didn’t fall!”
I blush a bit. oh, how I hope how sweaty and hot I am covers it up. we’re silent for a minute before he says,
“ok, well I gotta go to practice now. see ya later, y/n.”
I wave as he turns back around.
“fuck.” I whisper. I actually do like him.

“I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!” I say, running over to c/n holding the piece of paper.
“woah there,” c/n chuckles, “slow down, crazy.”
“sorry I’m just so excited.” I breathe out, bouncing a bit.
“I get mine tomorrow.” he says. “let’s make it a game.”
“how so?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.
“whoever gets more points has to pay for the other one’s ice cream. and the one who gets less points gets to drive there.”
“are you asking me out on a date, c/n?” I wink.
“no, simply starting a challenge.” he winks back.
“deal.” I say, sticking out my hand.
he grabs my hand and we shake.

“I hope you passed.” I say as he walks up to me. “I’m really looking forward to that ice cream.”
“well…” he starts, “if you consider this” he holds up his paper, “passing, then yes I did.” a grin spreads on his lips.
“good job! that’s so exciting!” I say, a grin just as big as his on my face.
“how many points?” I ask.
he frowns. “well say it on 3.”
“1, 2, 3!” we both say.
simultaneously we say our score.
“22!” I whisper.
“wait.” I say. “21?”
“yeah I literally almost failed.”
“I feel ya, I got 22!” I giggle.
“well it looks like I’m the one who scored.” he winks.

we go over to the table by the window.
“wanna try mine?” I ask.
“sure, thanks!” he smiles.
“you can try mine, too.”
“no thanks, I don’t like chocolate ice cream.” I smile.
“you don’t know what you’re missing.” he winks. “oh, and the winner also gets one more thing.” he says.
“and what would that be?”
he leans over and places his lips on mine, then pulls away. I must have a weird face on because he says,
“I am so sorry, y/n. I , I didn’t-”
“no it’s not you! it’s the chocolate!” I giggle. “I, the… I loved everything else.” I smile.
“oh thank god.” he sighs, a smile growing on his lips.
“so…” I say, taking a spoonful.
“so…?” he asks.
“is this a one time thing or…?”
“I’d say more than that…”
I glance up at him. “that works for me…” I wink.
“and next time I promise I won’t get chocolate so we can share.”
“stahhhhhhp!” I laugh, “you don’t have to be perfect.”
he winks, “but it’s my specialty.”

18 years
as I toss my cap into the air, I catch sight of c/n, rows ahead of me. even though we’re going to different colleges, it doesn’t mean we have to separate in all factors. yeah, we won’t see each other as often. we’ll have more friends and different friends. we’ll go to different parties and meet other girls and guys, but we’ll still have each other, and nothing can break our bond. everyone says we should break up, we should start fresh in college. but it doesn’t feel right. we’re just so compatible, like adjacent puzzle pieces just fitting together perfectly.
time passes and we head out for pictures. I find my family but catch c/n in the corner of my eye. he sees me and smiles. I smile back like the first day we met.
“y/n, smile!” mom says as she snaps a picture of me.
“go find c/n, he’s part of this family too!”
we meet in the middle. his hands find my waist, my hands find his neck. our kiss is captured on camera by not only both our families, but by everyone’s eyes. I stick my foot up like in the movies, and we part.
“y/n, I love you.” he whispers for the first time.
“I love you, too, c/n.” I say without hesitation.
we finish our pictures and head to our cars.

“so when’s the wedding?” my grandma asks as c/n weaves his fingers between mine.
“still a few years down the road.” he winks, causing me to giggle.
“y/n, he’s a keeper.” grandma says with a smile.
“oh grandma, I know.” I smile, and at that moment I’ve found happiness.

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Frank asking Laurel to marry him.

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The hard part isn’t realizing that he wants to marry her.

No – that’s the easiest part, actually. It happens late one night as they lay naked and tangled in his sheets, her body curled up against him and her head on his chest. Laurel’s breathing is slow and steady, her features the perfect picture of serenity. He could watch her for hours, just like that.

And it hits him right then, out of nowhere, that he can’t picture himself being without her. Ever.

That’s when he knows he wants to marry her, and the thought doesn’t even scare him, honestly. He loves her. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her, only her, and every day, if he can wake up next to her, he knows he’ll be happy. No – not just happy. Like… really damn happy.

The hard part isn’t realizing that he wants to marry her. The hard part is actually figuring out how to ask her.

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That time Bernie Sanders appeared in a low-budget ‘90s movie

Before he got supporters to #FeeltheBern, the Democratic presidential candidate caught a bit of the acting bug. Sanders played a rabbi in the 1999 rom-com “My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception,” where he made a wedding speech that focused mostly on baseball (but also had a few aww-worthy moments).

Sneak peek at 'Vikings' season 3: fights, more fights and then someone dies

Panel: History Channel’s “Vikings”

Who was there: Writer/producer Michael Hirst, vice president Scripted & Non-Fiction Development & Programming Julian Hobbs, actors Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) and Clive Standen (Rollo).

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Andrew Garfield Spending Time With His Smallest Fans is Aww-Worthy

Andrew Garfield’s role as Spider-Man has garnered him tons of popularity with kids and adults alike, but we especially love seeing the actor use his Spidey senses to appeal to the little ones.  We’ve rounded up some of the cutest pictures of Andrew spending time with his smallest, most excited fans in honor of his 31st birthday on Wednesday. Keep reading to see them all now.

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.16

HISH-ree-ah. HISH-ree-ah. HISH-ree-ah. If anything comes from this episode, it’s that I now know how to pronounce “Hijriyyah.” I’ve spent weeks wondering how you say that damn word.

We begin with the latest news brief from CNN, or what feels like it. The center of this week’s always-timely Madam Secretary is a rescued boat full of refugees. Watching Elizabeth, Conrad and Russell discuss what to do with the 200+ people who were willing to risk their lives for the remote hope of simple securities in a foreign land was like watching a presidential debate. Do we keep them? Do we send them back? What if they’re terrorists? Is it worth the risk? Granted, this incident had special circumstances because of Moussa al-Mukhtar’s claim to know where Jibral Disah is, but in general, this is a debate many countries are being faced with. Throughout the episode, Elizabeth dropped several truth bombs, including the extensively exhaustive asylum vetting process, the fact that only a minute fraction of refugees admitted to the U.S. have ever been arrested on terrorism charges and that the dirty bomb from 2.14 was perpetrated by an American-born citizen. She also brought up the plaque on the Statue of Liberty (give me your tired, your poor, etc…) and basically shut down any argument with “These people matter and they’re not going back.” BOOM. That’s my Elizabeth! Yes, I’m an unapologetic social liberal.

This situation leads to quite a first day on the job for Henry. Can we talk about how I cheered in a room by myself when he walked into “Murphy Station” and I saw not only Jill Hennessy but Molly Price, as well? Talk about a room of badass chicks. Of course like everything else, my excitement was literally blown up about 10 minutes later, but what a glorious 10 minutes that was. Henry, tasked with finding Disah, spent most of the episode trying to determine if al-Mukhtar is a true informant, a jihadist or is merely trying to buy more time. With his background, it makes sense that Henry should be in that position, but the jury’s still out about how I feel regarding this career change. There’s something slightly off about it. When Jose said, “We do our job right and a whole bunch of men are gonna die” and Henry responded with “All in a day’s work,” I wasn’t buying it. The religious scholar and ethics professor can’t simply shake off the death of anyone at his hands, despite their potentially violent intent. Russia proved that. He takes everything to heart, failing to separate his personal feelings from the professional lines that need to be drawn. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It actually makes me appreciate his character. However, it’s setting up more mental ping-pong for a dude who has yet to deal with repercussions of his former job. Or radiation poisoning. Or his father’s death. You get the point.

Further proving that point, when Mimi met an untimely yet predictable death (why can’t we have nice things?), Henry took it to heart. Who wouldn’t, honestly? Before flying over for the interrogation, Mimi personally asked Henry how confident he was in his assessment that al-Mukhtar wasn’t radical. Jose even chimed in with “You better be right, professor.” Of course he wasn’t and Molly Price is off to guest star fabulously on yet another TV show while Henry beats himself up. He obsesses about what happened so much, even Elizabeth tried to reason with him. I counted at least 3 “babes” that came out of her mouth, and we all know that word is only used when she’s desperately trying to connect with or reassure him. Like with Russia and Dmitri and Ivan, Henry is internalizing his guilt, even keeping Elizabeth at an arm’s length. She could be an invaluable resource for him emotionally not only as a wife, but as a former CIA operative. She knows how he’s feeling, relates to why he’s obsessing and understands the toll it takes on a person. They briefly hit upon it while snuggling in the windowsill during “Catch and Release,” but he’s still not fully opening up. She even tried to take him to bed (FOLLOW HER, HENRY!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??) and instead was left to watch her love beat himself up by looping a traumatic video countless more times. Even though they can finally talk about their work with each other, they’re not truly communicating about it and the ramifications. They’re close, but there’s still distance between them. Can I just get a Henry breakdown before the end of the season? And Elizabeth joins in? And they just sob themselves stupid about all they’ve encountered and lost? Is this too much to ask? *taps mic* Is this thing on?

Of course the dynamic duo working together does provide some aww-worthy opportunities. Whether in the Murphy Station or the Situation Room (still odd to see Henry in there, by the way), the two gravitate towards each other like magnets. Yes, I realize a lot of it has to do with camera blocking, but let me have my fun. Elizabeth sweetly touched Henry’s elbow before she left the room. They grasped each other’s hands while watching the live stream of Mimi. Little touches that almost appear automatic, grounding each other, reassuring each other. It’ll be interesting to see how Elizabeth reacts to Henry heading overseas… because we all know a McCord getting a stamp in their passport is never a good thing.

The McCord kids had some play this week, mainly Stevie and her quest for love. Admittedly, as long as Stevie isn’t causing issues for her parents, I’m fairly ambivalent about her dating life. However, even Jareth and his British accent won me over…. despite his name. (Apologies if you or someone you love is named “Jareth.”) With this guy, Stevie is proving true the stereotype that people date someone who reminds them of their father. Jareth gives off serious Henry feels. He knew how to prod and lead Stevie about what was bothering her without pushing too hard, much like Henry does when Elizabeth is upset. He was gentle and comforting and didn’t run when their relationship got a bit messy. He even made her laugh when she was crying and promised a brighter tomorrow. If that isn’t the swoon-worthy Dr. McCord at play, I don’t know what is. My only criticism of Jareth is that he didn’t realize Henry and the kids were at the conference during the bombing. That would’ve been front-page, lead team coverage, top of twitter, trending on Facebook news. He just…. didn’t know? I’m not buying it, but I also don’t care enough to focus on it. As for Alison and Jason, there’s something bugging me about them. Alison seemed uber stressed, more than even a perfectionist student should be for midterms. Jason continues to be a bit on the angry/hostile side. I think the entire townhouse needs to burn some sage.

Even as the world is literally blowing up around them, Elizabeth and Henry prove that first and foremost, they’re parents. While watching an extremely tense operation go down live halfway around the world, Elizabeth asked, “Did you remember that Jareth dinner tonight?” to which Henry replied, “That was tonight?” Just another example of how two people are trying to make it work, despite their stressful, high-profile jobs.

Can we have a moment of appreciation for the perfection of Elizabeth McCord in the kitchen? Perhaps I’m overly invested in the constant nod to her lack of cooking skills because I’m a disaster in that room myself. The way she smashes eggs? Me. Dropping stuff all over, creating a bigger mess than what’s needed? Me. Tossing food on a plate and not giving a crap about presentation? Me. It was like looking in a mirror, so much so, a friend (you know who you are) even texted me: “Elizabeth was all you in the first shot.” My lack of skills are that notorious. “Should I cook? Of course not. What should we order?” I’ve personally had that little one-woman conversation countless times. If someone dies or is in the hospital and needs meals, I’m the person who donates money instead of food. My approach is that if you already feel like death, my cooking doesn’t need to push you over the edge into the abyss. You’ve suffered enough already. However, in Elizabeth’s world, she’s making an effort as a wife and mother. “Make sure your father finishes his breakfast.” I adore her for it.

“Is it still our sacred duty to protect the American way of life or am I missing something?” Russell, I’ve never liked you more… except when you opened up about PTSD in the McCord kitchen.

Senator Morejon: “I’m guessing you know the answer to that.”
Elizabeth: “Of course I do. I’m the Secretary of State.”

Elizabeth: “Hell, your boat made it here. What do you care, right?”

All the bloops in Bloopville at those two exchanges. Elizabeth single-handedly took down the senator much like she did the governor of Texas last season: slyly, expertly, peacefully. She even ended their exchange with “You have a great day,” which I like to think is Elizabeth speak for “Eff off, jackass. We all know who just won this.”

Other things:

–Elizabeth’s British accent. It was so bad, it was good. Add that to Elizabeth’s face when Stevie asks if Henry is coming to dinner, the way she closes the wine refrigerator and how she mouths “He’s hot” to Stevie. Téa’s slight comedic touches during drama bring such realism to the show and her character.

–I laughed at Jane’s and Henry’s faces when he snarked about not having to take orders from her anymore. Slight smirks and knowing grins. It felt like a Tim and Jill moment, rather than Jane and Henry.

–“So code names, not your gift.” – Henry

–“It’s press conference o’clock.” I’m stealing this and using it at work. Thanks, Blake.

–The coloring of Stevie’s shots on campus seemed blue-ish. I understand this show has a major love affair with that color, but the poor girl looked frostbitten or on the verge of death. Or maybe my TV coloring needs adjusting.

–Was there a kiss cut out or am I just desperately making this up? I’m talking about when Elizabeth and Henry were in the kitchen after they discussed dinner with Stevie and Jareth. I swear they were leaning in and it cut away to the next scene. Now I spend my entire day rationing every second with reporters and editors, so I understand how critical every single one can be. But don’t cut a kiss! Cut out…. anything else. I’m sure Conrad sighed and looked quizzically off into space at some point. Cut that instead.