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BTS Reaction to: You Doing A Concept Like Stellar’s “Sting”

Anon: A REQUEST PLEASE like maybe bts reacting to you doing a concept like stellar’s sting? esp the dance (if you haven’t seen the video stan them!!)

a/n: I’d never heard that song until now, it’s got such a cutesy beat ~

Jin: He’s completely enjoying the MV, your outfits and dancing, until the male dancers come out. His jaw drops and he looks accusingly at you.

“You danced with other men? Even though you have me, Worldwide Handsome who just so happens to be an incredible dancer? I can’t believe you would disrespect me in this way.”

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Suga: He was so hype and supportive of your comeback, focused more on the song than the MV until he realized how short your short shorts were.

“Do you think my butt would look cute in something like that?” he jokes, wanting to tease you for the sexy outfit.

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J-Hope: He’s in the studio, working on his mix-tape when the dance version of your song drops. He can’t wait to go home and watch it with you so he watches it then and there instead.

“Aww, my baby is so good at dancing. Truly, the perfect match for me - Wait, there’s guys?! Why are there guys, I wasn’t aware of this!”

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Rap Monster: He’s known to have been possessive and jealous in a past relationship so he swears that he’ll be different this time. He tries not to let the sexy outfits or male dancers effect him. Instead he focuses on the song, the rhythm, your fluid dance moves.

“Damn, you helped write the lyrics? I should get you to help me write songs too!”

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Jimin: He’s so extra and excited for your comeback. He had been since the day your company dropped teaser clips. Then the MV came out and now, finally, the dance version. (He’s still waiting on a dance practice so your company better drop that quick ⌚⌚👏)

“Whoa ~ Look at the colours! Wow, your band-mate dances well but NOT AS WELL AS YOU! LOOK AT YOU SHINE! Wow, I can’t believe I get to call you mine. Such beautiful legs too - WHOA I was not prepared for that close up, my heart is racing!”

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V: “Tae,” you gasp, “Where are you going?”

“To have a word with your company for not giving you more lines.”

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Jungkook: He thought he was ready for this comeback but then BAM your dance version and sexy closeups hit him hard and he’s forgotten how to breathe he wasn’t ready, it turns out.

Are those .. booty shorts? Is that .. a butt close up?

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can i see you again?

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not requested I’m just soft for him

genre: fluff

summary: you met yoongi by chance and things happen

Yoongi was someone I met by accident, more like fate actually, well that’s what I like to believe. We were both on our way back to Seoul after working abroad, I knew he was super famous and whatever the fuck but you know, I had a flight to catch and fame or social class no longer mattered, as I was trying to hurriedly make my way to the terminal. But to my dismay, the flight was delayed by 10 hours, 10 hours! Do you even know how long that is? That’s my whole day on lazy days. In order to kill time I decided to do a little shopping around; all I got was some food before I gave in to the wait and sat myself down, two seats away from the closest person.

“You waiting for the flight to Seoul?”, a somewhat drunken voice asked me. “Yeah, umm…sorry this may be a little invasive but are you drunk?”, I awkwardly asked when I turned my attention to the owner to the owner of the voice, it was Min Yoongi himself, I couldn’t help but admire his dark locks that contrasted his pale, soft looking skin, even though the guy had never interested me before. “No, this is just my voice, so you’re not an Army, huh?” “Like one of your fans? Nah, I’ve heard some of your stuff because of my friends back in Seoul who are obsessed with BTS but yeah I wouldn’t be able to recognise your voice like they could.”, I told him, causing him to chuckle lightly. “So, you know my name, it’s only fair if I know yours.”, he smiled as he shifted somewhat closer to me.

“I’m ___, ___ ___.”, I proudly said. “Wait, aren’t you a YouTuber? I swear Jungkook is obsessed with watching your videos.” “Well, it’s kind of just a hobby.”, I laughed. “I’m actually an aspiring actress.” “Ah, an actress, yeah, I can see you doing that.”, he smirked. “What? You have an eye for showbiz or something?”, I joked. “No, but I have my eye on you.” “Wow, smoothtalker.” “What can I say?”, Yoongi chuckled. “So, what were you doing here in London, Yoongi?” “I was you know, meeting people to collab with and you know, music stuff.” “Sounds like even you don’t know what you’re doing.”, I teased as I reached for the burger I had just bought.

“Well I do, I just don’t know how to describe it.” “Ah, I see. Also, aren’t there like 7 of you guys? Don’t you guys normally travel together? Like you’re in a pack.”, I replied as I took a bite out of my burger, no shame at all. “A pack?”, Yoongi couldn’t help but laugh at the way I had described them. “A pack… oh yeah, normally we work together but I was the only one who needed this trip, I pretty much begged for it so only I went.”, he said as he stared at you burger.

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I've been following BTS since WOH Era and lemme just say that I saw the mv on youtube, clicked on it and was graced by Namjoon's beautiful face as the first thing I saw... And then he rapped and I was jamming along to it and then !!! He did that thing where he looks through his fingers at you and I was literally so gone I melted into a puddle. I didn't have an ideal type before I saw him so he literally defined it with his beautiful smile and dimples. He's so underappreciated :( - Stripes anon

Aww this is so cute ♥

  • *MAMA era
  • chenmin shipper : aww, they're so cute~
  • lumin shipper : aww, they're so cute~
  • *Growl era
  • chenmin shipper : where's xiumin-- oh. *sees Xiumin with Luhan
  • lumin shipper : *sees xiumin and luhan laughing together O MY GOSH I CAN'T HANDLE THIS COUPLE THIS IS TOO REAL JUST GO MARRIED!
  • *Overdose era
  • chenmin shipper : *looks chenmin photos from MAMA era I MISS YOU GUYS *cries
  • lumin shipper : where's luhan-- oh.
  • *LMR era
  • chenmin shipper : OUR OTP! THEY'RE BACK! LOOK AT THIS *screaming *typing many ffs in one day after watching LMR MV
  • lumin shipper : nononononono should I ship chenmin too? NO! *looks lumin photos from MAMA era I MISS YOU GUYS *cries

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What made jikook and vhope go from just a ship you ship to your OTP? For me, with vhope it was when they had to reenact the secret garden scene, and for jikook it was the video of the backstage little swaying dance jikook had where jungkook was holding Jimin. I actually shed tears lmao. I also think Run era overall made me ship jikook and vhope so much more since there were so many moments. I'm kinda rambling at this point I'll end my ask here lol

(okay so first of all when i got to the end of this ask i went like aww you’re cute so that’s that)

now, i need to go back in time a bit for this– 

i started shipping vhope ever since their kiss on rookie king lmao, so i started paying attention to them, rookie king was a blessing with lots of small moments, but i think the turning point was this:

bc it’s so cute and loving and tae is like pursing his lips like ????

war of hormones era was also amazing lets not forget this

the beautiful mv was also a blessing bc hoseok is literally all over him altho he’s supposed to be all over the girl??? 

like look at this cute, tae is holding his hand and shit

okay i got lost in track, anyway i think they quickly became my otp in 2014 when i noticed how much Taehyung craved Hoseok’s attention, and he still does tbh. the secret garden scene had my heart jumping !!! like hoseok seems so calm like?? his gaze screams lust like i really thought he was gonna kiss him for fucksake

Jikook is another story. I already shipped them back in 2014, and read fanfics and stuff and i honestly can’t remember much except for the fact that i really liked their push and pull relationship? and anytime jungkook would initiate anything i’d scream bc he barely did, ever. but I don’t think they were really like my otp yet back then, vhope only was.

now, the backstage dancing vid is a major factor that caused me being hardcore jikook trash until this day, but i think i already started before that. like danger/woh era was already precious because that’s when it started getting really obvious that although kook pushed jimin away, he was really fond of him because he always shyly smiled through it? you could literally see that he was shy. but subtle touches. i mean. hey.

but i think they really became my otp in i need u era, because of this:

and this:

i will never stop about those goddamn bedroom eyes he’s giving and that smug smile and that neck scratching like shoot me please.

so i got a little lost on the way but lmao who cares its vhope and jikook !!!! and yes run era was a huge blessing to both of us vhope and jikook shippers :) (fire era jikook tho)

thank you for asking anonie <3 you can ramble to me anyday

Seventeen Reaction to you doing a Girly Cute Concept when your Usually an Alluring Quiet Girlfriend - Request

A/N: Hiiii! I hope you enjoyed the request that was awaited for quite awhile… I’ve been quite busy and lazy for awhile and now I’m finally no longer beating around the bush this time around. Please request again, thank you so much! 


I can see S.coups being even more attracted to you, seeing another side that he’s never seen from you. He’d be very much impressed by how you’re aegyo was so adorable he just wanted to squish your cheeks saying that you were extremely cute. 

imagine the amount of times you would hear him teasing you about that pose


He would be very much pleased since he’s always asked you to do aegyo but you never have done so to him. When he sees your concept in your mv, he’s very much captivated to your cuteness, impatient to see you again to tell you that you looked extremely cute in the new concept you were doing. 


Using words such as “aww” or “ooo” he would be googly eyes on your new appearances. He was into your quiet and alluring self but when he sees that you can be a different person too, he’d definitely love you even more, not missing out to compliment you endlessly. 


Cursing to himself for not being able to watch your new mv with this concept, he’d be sad that he couldn’t give you the hugs and kisses. Seeing this new concept on you, really did fit you, getting texts from Jun saying that you were extra adorable in your new concept. 


When you tell him that your new mv was published, he would immediately watch it, seeing your cute cameos throughout the whole mv. The concept would kill him to see you as he would call you saying that he wanted to meet up very soon. When you two do, he’d be telling you that you really fit the cute concept, causing you to blush. 


Seeing that Wonwoo is quiet too, he would love to see another side to you. When the new concept photos come out, he’ll immediately go to your photos, seeing you doing the adorable poses that you declared you would never do in front of him, the smile on his lips never leaving when he sees the photos. 


Aww, this guy would be going crazy by himself, seeing you so adorable in both the mv, photos, and teasers that came out. He’d be fanboying, saying random stuff about how cute you were to himself, calling you up saying that meeting up right now would probably be great as he couldn’t wait to shower you with the love for a new comeback and new concept. 


Telling Seokmin that the photos representing the mv’s concept was published, he’d definitely go check it out. Seeing you doing aegyo, he would accidentally scream, causing his members to groan in dissatisfaction. He’d softly apologize as he’d continue on with looking at you, seeing you pouting so adorably. 


This giant could not stop staring and replaying to your cameos because of how amazing you looked. Seeing the choreography was also quite cute while you did aegyo in your scenes, Mingyu would probably be dying by himself, so disappointed he couldn’t watch it with you. 


After seeing the photos, behind the scenes, mv, and teasers, he’d definitely be extremely happy to see you having an amazing comeback, not to mention how amazingly cute you looked for this comeback. He’d ask you when your live showcase was and probably surprise you that day. 


This guy would be head over heels for your new concept. His long awaited cuteness that you hid was finally shining brightly. He would ask where you were since you knew that today was the day you had a break and he would explain all his “fanboy feels” to you, causing you to blush furiously in embarrassment. 



He’d be very much pleased with the new concept, loving the new you. He’d love to see more of the cute version as it was a new style that he’s never seen you in. Proud, he would call you up, congratulating you on making another comeback but also adding a few cheeky words about your new comeback, able to make you blush through his words on the phone. 


He would be expecting a chill comeback, only to see the cute background and cute girls (including you) in the mv. When he checks out the photos after, he’d be all over you the next day he sees you, telling you that he wished you showed this side sooner as he found you extremely adorable, seeing you just made him want to bear hug you.

Yehet Prince's Birthday!!

Basically my reaction when I first saw Sehunie~ 



OH~ Sexy~


He’s so cute! his reaction to lay picking him for his prepo game partner xD

OMFG. look at his perfect fact. 

Sehun’s super power, Wind

Dancing Genius




Wolf pose~


this sexy hoe!

Thank you camera man~ Hello view!

His skin is just AFGSK!

Prince Oh 

Cool Jamin’

V Sign Cutie!

MID photo shoot! Your concept is too cute!


I love you! Look at that laugh so beautiful!


No!  Go away!

*Flips tables*

We all know baby~


Oh Omo. U lil piece of.

That  Aeygo! Shit


*He’s thinking about me!*


He’s complementing him self, chanyoelie’s cam!

Being Perfect during Shinee’s Everybody~



Our adorable Maknae!

You little cutie!



Giyomi song~ Aww! Kiyo!


Debut Era Sehunie~



Stap it!

His Mv solo’s!










*Ovaries explode*







Dumb Maknae! 



Got7 Reaction: when they see you (a former idol) doing a video reaction to their MV and they're your bias.

Aww thank you! I hope you enjoy it! <3


Bambam: “I should send her a picture via IG. What should I do? How about this?”

Jackson: “That’s right! I’m her favorite!”

JB: *decides to send a cute video message to you to reach out and talk*

JR: *becomes completely embarrassed when asked about it in interviews*

Mark: *gets his brothers together and makes a homemade music video to you and puts it on youtube*

Youngjae: *he becomes so excited and tries to get your attention during interviews and things like that so you too can start talking*

Yugyeom: *becomes over confidant on everything and thinks he is the best looking out of the group*