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A drawing of the parallels between Harry and Albus on their first day going to Hogwarts. Harry an orphan who arrives at the station alone being told he’s crazy and that platform 9 ¾ doesn’t exist left wondering if it had all been a cruel joke vs Albus who despite being nervous about which house he’ll be sorted to and the expectations he has to live up to, is surrounded by family and friends who love him. -A Gryffindor who’s all sentimental again after rereading cursed child

Amy’s notes- aww this made me sad. I reread Philosopher’s Stone recently (to my 5 year old brother) (it gave him nightmares) and I was struck by how terrified I’d be in harry’s place. Man I am Not a Fan of the dursleys. Anyway, I’ll give you 15 points for this, putting gryffindor at 425

“I’ve always loved Kaoru the most because I could relate to him. We both have a sibling that always outshines us, and friends who dont notice how sad we are”

Aww, this one made me sad…this was submitted a while ago, so I don’t know if the submitter will see this, but Kaoru is strong and interesting and awesome independently of his friends and sibling, and so are you!


#16- Winter clothes
[ drakefeathers ]

“And I
Just wish that I didn’t feel
Like there was something I missed
And I
Take back all the things that I said
To make you feel like that
And I
Just wish that I didn’t feel
Like there was something I missed
And I
Take back all the things I said to you

And I give it all away
Just to have
Somewhere to go to
Give it all away
To have someone
To come home to”
~My December by Linkin Park

Aww… That song made me sad… (T⌓T) ANYWAY.

This meme is going to make me end up giving Jason a whole WARDROBE collection. HAHAHA! I’m enjoying it, though. 
And yes… That’s a beanie because I can. And I ALWAYS would give Jason a leather jacket because he rocks it. Heehee!

Here’s the tag for “Draw your character wearing this meme” in case you guys want to give it a go and check out the other prompts!

Nash imagine:

You and been hanging over the toilet all morning since you were woken up with the sudden urge to vomit. Your husband nash was out at work so you had no one to run to the shop and get you something to make you feel better. When you finally felt like you were able to leave the bathroom floor you got changed and headed to the chemist.
Chemist lady- hello how can I help you
Y/n- hi do you have anything that will stop vomiting? I was woken up this morning with it and this is me just able to begin my day it was that bad. What’s best to stop this?
Chemist lady- these or nine months
You look at her very shocked
Y/n- sorry?
Chemist lady- it sounds like you may be pregnant.
She bends behind the desk and hands you a couple tests.
Chemist lady- here take these. Use all 4 of them. The instructions are in the packet. If it comes positive call your GP and get an appointment to see how far you are and how your baby is doing. Congratulation.
Y/n- thanks
You handed her the Money and left the shop. You walked home and raced to the bathroom. You wiped open the tests and done all of them.
They all read positive. You didn’t know what to think. You were finally starting a family with the man you love and have loved for many years. Although you were happy you didn’t know how nash would take it. He is very busy with work and you were worried that he wouldn’t be supportive. You pushed that thought out of your mind and rubbed your tummy.
‘Hello baby. I’m your mummy. I love you now that I know your here. Just have to tell your daddy’ just then an idea popped into your head.

You ran down the stairs careful not to trip and went into on one the cupboards in the kitchen. Right I the back was some baby bottles that your best friend had given you and nash as a joke as part of your wedding present. You opened on of them put one of the tests in it and put it in the fridge. You sat down on the coach and opened your laptop. You quickly found yourself browsing baby sites and looking for cribs and pushchairs and clothes, you slowly got very very very excited.

Nash- princess I’m home
Y/n- in here baby
You quickly shut the laptop and walked through to meet him in the kitchen.
Nash- babe put the kettle on
You reached over and pushed down the leaver and watched as nash went to the fridge to get the milk.

Nash- babe? What is this in here for?
Nash asked In confusion. Them he looked inside it.
Nash- you aren’t?
A smile plasters across your face.
Y/n- oh but Hamilton…I am
You giggled and reached for him giving him many hugs and kisses.
Nash- this is so great! And you are very lucky you are carrying my child or you would be out for calling me that.
Y/n- aww hammy…does that made you sad?
Nash- nothing could make me sad right now. I’m gonna be a daddy.
Y/n- you’ll be a blooming good one too!

If anyone wants an imagine just ask. I just need your name, who you want it about and your kinda plot.

Wish You Were Here

Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Requested: Valentine day with Dylan, that he is away shooting and all YN friends are teasing her about this. And she get a lil sad but when she gets in her apartamnt and have alot of candles and roses everywhere and he is like ‘Heyy’ with a glass of champange

A/N: I just picked some random names for the friends, so you can go ahead and change them.

“Are you sure there’s no way for you to fly back home just for a few hours?” I sighed talking to Dylan on the phone. He was away shooting and of course it ended up having him gone during Valentine’s Day. “Y/N you know I want to be there with you, more than you can imagine, but I have to be here.” I sighed as I slipped on my flats since I was getting ready for a little lunch with a few of my friends. “Yeah I know… I just wish you could be here.” “How about when I get home in a few weeks, we celebrate a late Valentine’s Day together? We’ll go out for an incredible night and just cuddle when we get home.” I couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Alright that sounds good. I’ll just go out for lunch with the girls and watch movies all night.”

“Love you Y/N” I smiled and let out a breath, “I love you too Dylan.” I hung up as I grabbed my car keys and purse before driving out to lunch with my friends. We sat around talking just about life before they started talking about their plans for tonight. “Y/N what are you doing tonight?” I looked up seeing Melissa smiling at me, “Oh um.. Well Dylan’s shooting a movie across the country so I will be sitting at home watching movies and eating chocolate.”

The look on all of their faces made me feel like sinking down to ground, “Aww honey. That’s sad.” I looked away from them and sighed as they started making little jokes. “It sucks that your hot shot boyfriend can’t be here. See this is why you date someone normal.” I looked at Nicole and glared at her, “Oh what, like a cashier at McDonald’s?” She looked shocked, “Some friends you guys are. Have fun with your romantic night with your guys. Don’t expect invites to things anymore.” I got up, leaving my money for my lunch on the table before leaving. I sat in my car, sighing slightly before looking at my phone, sending Dylan a text.

To: Dylan<3
Miss you. Love you. Wish you were here right now. Good luck shooting your scenes today.

I took a deep breath putting my phone back in my bag before driving off deciding to get my nails done and just treat myself. Once my nails were freshly done and I bought myself some cute outfits, I drove back to my apartment ready to just change into my sweatpants and one of Dylan’s sweatshirts.

Opening the door to my apartment I looked up and was shocked. “Oh my gosh.” The floor was almost completely covered in rose petals and there were vases of roses everywhere with candles placed around randomly. I walked into the living here and dropped my bags, placing my hands over my mouth, “Hey Y/N.” Dylan was standing there with two glasses of champagne as I walked up to him, just wrapping my arms around his waist. “You said you had a lot of scenes to shoot today.” He chuckled, gently rubbing my back, “Well that could have been something I just said to make sure this surprise worked out.”