aww this is cuute

Request for @blueberry32 . Thank you for the request, it was fun!

Aww, Sans is so cuute… I want to have a baby Sans xD

Frisk is such a mommy ^^ And… is it Charisk? O__o I didn’t expect this, actually. Well, ok, I’m going to think that the ‘Dad’ is someone else xD

super tiny asanoya doodle

I decided to look up the lyrics to Lussuria’s character song and … 

Even if the sky crumbling down
Even if the world is engulfed by darkness
Those things won’t matter
I will protect you, I IL SOLE
I will melt the frozen heart’s wound
With an everlasting love, I will embrace you
For you I will flow the love that begins the morning

Aww cuute. such a good Mama Luss

then a few lines later … 

The unmovable body that rot away and cold
The ultimate physical beauty
My ideal
Come right now, my collection
Resistance is useless, you’re miserable
Yes, lie down, lie down, lying down
I will melt the frozen heart’s wound


anonymous asked:

Hey man can you do a blurb of like 4/4 or whoever you want if you have time where they get scared and you comfort them? Not like scared of losing you but like legit like spiders or heights or thunder or something because there are so many imagines/blurbs of them comforting you but they are all lil marshmallows and aww it would be so cuute <33

okay so i think calum has an underlying fear of bugs and/or spiders for sure and he would try and hide it cause he totally wants to impress you and wants to seem all tough and rough and made of MAN STUFF (idek pls give me a break) but you wouldn’t care cause damn is he cute and into you and you’re into him so you guys would have been dating for a month or two, not all that long but it would still be super cute and you guys would be hanging out at his house or your house and snuggling up on the couch and he would excuse himself to get something to eat or drink and he would go into the kitchen and out of nowhere you’d hear an “oh, shit!” and something falling and so you’d get up to go check on him and he’d be in there with a hand over his chest and breathing kinda heavy and at first you’d be concerned because what the fuck and he would point to the corner where next to the open bottle of coke would be this tiny little spider and at first you would giggle because macho man calum isn’t so macho now but you would look at him and he’d look pretty shaken up (cause surprise attack spiders aren’t fun ok) and so you’d quickly get rid of the spider with a paper towel and walk over to him and wrap your arms around him and he would hug you super tight and put his head into your neck and take a moment and aw i wanna snuggle with scared cal shucks

yo luke would hate thunderstorms and he would be kinda like calum in the sense that he wouldn’t want to show it too much because he didn’t want you to think he was lame or anything (even though little fears like that are super cute ok) and it would be the middle of the night and it would be storming and the thunder would wake him up and catch him by surprise and he would be kinda scared and would have a real tough time falling back asleep so after a while of laying there he would gently prod you in the side trying to wake you up and at first you would brush him off and try and go back to sleep but he would poke you again until you turned to face him and he’d be looking at you with big eyes and you would say “are you okay?” and he would just mumble really quietly with red cheeks “m’ kinda scared” and you’d immediately know why so you would pull him into a hug and grab a flashlight from your nightstand and pull the covers over both of your heads and you guys would talk about everything until the thunderstorm was over (and the sun started to rise)


mymisstina  asked:

Hi, how would they react when you see them freezing and (want to) give them your coat?With gifs if you could?Thanks.

Aww this is really cuute~

Seokjin/Jin: Jin would be shy; thinking that it’s a gentleman who should do these kind of stuff, but would be really flustered and thankful to you. He’d worry about you, but you’ll say something along the lines of ‘You need it more than I do. Besides, I love the cold weather.’

“Omo, kamsahamnida, Jagiya”

Yoongi/Suga: Suga would be surprised and at the same time blushing at you taking care of him silently, being embarrassed as he should be the one doing this, but he’s just too sensitive to the cold.

“I’ll make it up to you, Jagi”

Hoseok/J-Hope: Hoseok would insist that you should keep the coat but if you won’t listen to him, he’ll just settle on having the coat and keeping you warm himself.

“If that’s how you want it, fine. Come here" 

Namjoon/RapMon: Rapmon would totally find it cute, knowing that you’d offer him your coat but it’s too small for him, so he’d just say something along the line of..

"Why don’t you keep me warm instead?” 

Jimin: Jimin would giggle uncontrollably as he tries on your coat but wouldn’t be able to put it well then you’d scold him saying he was just supposed to wrap it around him, not tear it apart by insisting that it the small coat fits him.

Taehyung/V: As you were handing your coat to V, he’d take it from your hands and wrap it around you. You’d protest but he’d just smile and hug you tightly.

"I want a human heater/warmer” (mind of an alien wanting a human xD)

Jungkook: You’d be handling a stubborn Jungkook who also wants you warm, not accepting your coat because he thinks about you.

“But Jagiyaa~ I’ll be fine, don’t worry. Wear your coat now.”

-Admin Minjung ^^