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Hey can you do a 5sos preference where you and him have a baby and he's on voice rest or something like that and the baby doesn't understand why daddy isn't speaking to them and they get upset or something? Please

aww this is soo cute :)<3 thx lovey


Your daughter had just turned two last week. She was a spitting image of Luke dimples and all and you couldn’t be happier about that. The second you told him about the pregnancy he was wrapped around her little fingers. It has got exponentially worse the more time he spends with her. Her daddy was a total sucker and she knew it. 

The boys had been in the studio this week recording but your husband had been sent home. He’d been fighting off a cold the past few days and the virus has won. He was put on vocal rest to prevent any damage to his vocal cords. The second you daughter herd the door open she bolted from the bathroom where you were preparing to give her a bath and hid behind his legs, the top of her head barley coming to his knees. 

“da no ‘ath!” she pouted up to him. He smiled down at his little girl and picked her up. He handed the munchkin over to you, gave you a kiss on the cheek and a look you translated to ‘good luck’. 

You wrestled her into the bath, her only complying when you told her she could cuddle with daddy after. She pouted a bit but let you wash her up and dress her in a fleecy onesie that matched one her daddy had. The zipper was at mid chest when she deemed it good enough and ran to Luke.

You went into the bathroom and started mopping up some of the water she got everywhere. You were almost done when you herd her start to cry. Walking into the living room you was saw baby girl red-faced and in tears and your husband not far from it himself.

‘da no 'ove me!’ she wailed. You walked over to her and picked her up, slowly rocking back and forth to calm her down. 

'what do you mean hunny, of course he does,” you reply rubbing circles on her back.

'No 'alk to me’ she says pouting through her sniffles.

'Baby, daddy’s not allowed to talk for a while. He needs to save the sound so he can sing for you some more.’ you say hoping it’ll calm her down.

'Daddy can still cuddle though, would that make it better?’ you question, knowing her answer. She starts wiggling for you to put her down.

She runs across the room and drags him to the couch. The second his rear hits the cushions, she’s in his lap telling him,

'I just say 'nuff for us’ with a smile nuzzling into his chest as his arms wrap around his baby.


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  • me after (stage 3): AWW THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER~~ soo... what's a good ship name for them :3