aww my poor bb

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Any Pinkberry caretaker headcanons?

Uh yeah I think about them everyday of my life so :/

Caretaker Brooke:

- “aww poor bb are you ok” in pitched voice caretaker. Chloe feels like it’s condescending but she’s just worried

-asks “is this ok?” “Do you need anything” a lot because usually Chloe wants the same stuff when she’s sick but sometimes Chloe is unpredictable

- kind of just accepts that Chloe is bossy when she’s sick. But one day she was really stressed out and snapped at her and they got a little fight that ended with brook trying to apologize and Chloe going “uhm no ok don’t do that, I’m gonna apologize ok?”

-thinks it’s kind of adorable how grumpy Chloe gets when sick

-she knows her bae so well and knows Chloe hates her hair tangled so she softly does her hair for her while they watch reality drama reruns

-she’ll come in with two cups of hot chocolate and some saltines and just sits by Chloe’s bed

- that caretaker who checks your fever way too many times

-completely bullshits the most ridiculous gossip just to see Chloe smile

-“oh come on! It’s not so bad, sure you look like shit but it’s GOOD shit you know!”

-stays awake until she physcially can’t just to make sure she’s ok

Caretaker Chloe:

-isn’t worried even in the slightest nope not at all

-she’s hella worried


-sanitized her hands probably every hour

- “so I brought you a froyo? I don’t know if you want it or whatever but it’s your favorite so :/”

-brooke can get kinda emotional when sick and it gets to her so bad like “no no don’t be sad!! Wanna watch this video of a kid faceplanting?”

- hour long vine complimations

- “Brooke honey I love you but where the fuck do you keep the medicine?” “I think we’re out” “love yourself brooke, please.”

-a lot of things that make brooke uncomfortable go without saying. So a lot of the time no words are extended while she’s helping brooke cool down, or warm up, or fetching her favorite betty boop pajamas

- she tells brooke she made the soup but it’s a ramen packet she took the noodles out of

- she actually doesn’t understand like when a fever is getting too high so one time brooke spiked badly over night and she figured it would be ok and just go back down. So she went to work the next day, only to find out Jenna had to bring brooke to the hospital cause she fainted and Chloe feels So Bad

- “hun…you need a shower. For both of our sakes”

- actually gets more lovey dovey when csretaking. She’ll do sick cuddles and remind brooke that she loves her and sometimes they talk about future plans until they fall asleep

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Boss, my poor Hollstein heart, it hurts. :'(

Aww, bb, I know them feels. Here, this mini-fic might help…

Laura releases a shuttering breath, “I…Carm…I-I love you.”

Carmilla smiles, shaking her head. “It’s about time you said that, Hollis.”

Laura blushes as she lightly shoves the vampire’s shoulder. “Shut up.” She mutters before turning expecting eyes on Carmilla. “Well,” Laura says in an insisting tone.

Carmilla frowns in confusion. “Well…what?”

Laura rolls her eyes. “You’re supposed to say it back!” She replies with a grin.

Carmilla smirks, gazing at Laura with doting eyes. “I love–” an arrow rips through the air and kills Carmilla on the spot.