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‘HERCULE POIROT’, women’s dressmaker!
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, chapter 6


“Its summer festival time!”


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Happy 20th Birthday Yuzuru Hanyu!
Congratulations on reaching another milestone! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and may your future be filled with happiness, love and many many more triumphs. I hope you remember to love and look after yourself. Thank you for inspiring me to become better and to always work hard and for introducing me to a sport which is so beautiful.
Congratulations for all the things you’ve done while you were 19 and I look forward to what you will do as a 20 year old!

About to Start a Bar Fight

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Prompt: Rosie do you mind if I send you another idea for imagine darling? Also with poly Hamilsqad x reader. Maybe the boys are in the bar and the reader is out and about with her friends (Schuyler sisters). They see the Hamilsquad and of course the reader comes up to them. They all kiss her (like any adorable poly couple does) and when people see they start calling her a whore and a slut on the street. It really upsets her but then the Schuyler sisters step in and confront the people. Thank you Hun xx

TW: Alcohol, and sexist slurs



You hummed to yourself, watching out the window of the cab you were taking to the bar. It had been a good day at work, if a little stressful, but you didn’t feel any sort of objection when your boyfriends had sent a text to your little group, and the Schuylers, about the possibility of meeting up for drinks that evening. So, four hours later, here you were, watching the passing city lights on your way to meet everyone. Eliza had offered to be the party mom, and drive everyone home. She didn’t like drinking much, anyway, said she didn’t like having her thoughts clouded.

Fair enough, you thought. You, however, felt more than ready to relax, and drink, and unwind with the people you loved at the end of the day. The neon sign of the favored bar ‘The Room’ came into view, and you gave a soft laugh, paying the driver and stepping out with your bag in hand. You pushed open the door, hearing a cheer of recognition from the side of the establishment. There they were, sitting by the window in the biggest booth available.

Aww, they’d started without you!

“Aww, too bad, looks like there aren’t enough seats!! Guess you’ll just have to sit on my lap~” John joked, before Angelica scoffed and scooted over, Peggy doing the same.

“Keep it in your pants until you get home, Laurens! Here, (Y/N), you can sit here.” She smiled, Peggy patting the worn red vinyl of the booth expectantly. With a laugh, you shook your head a bit.

“In a second. Where are my greeting kisses?” You asked, giggling as the boys scooted out from the booth, to crowd around you, and give you their routine greeting. You kissed Alex’s nose, and he kissed yours back. You kissed both of Lafayette’s cheeks, and vise versa, Hercules kissed your temple, and you kissed his chin, because you couldn’t reach, and finally, John gave you a sweet peck to the forehead. Any kisses afterwards were free game. But you slid back into the booth with a smile, so that you were sitting between Eliza, and Alexander, when he sat back down, then followed by John, then Laf, and followed up by Herc.

You hummed, looking up as Alex caught your attention. “Here, we got this for you, right before you came in.” He smiled, setting your drink in front of you, and letting you take a sip. A pleased sigh left you, and you could feel the tension starting to drain from your shoulders after a long day. You felt tired, just a bit, and decided to wait for the second wind to kick in as you sipped your beer, idly listening to the other members at your table talking and laughing, and poking fun at each other. It felt so good to belong.

You heard someone mention something about getting another drink, while you were still working on your first one. Eliza stayed with you, but kept an eye on them as the large group went to the bar to order.

You were content to just sit, and wait, enjoy your peace, and the quiet moments you had. Until you heard someone talking at the booth beside yours. It wasn’t like they were trying to be quiet about it, either.

“Damn, look at the whore! Four different guys, and they all know too! Fucked up relationship, that one’s got. I’d bet they’d sleep with me, if I went up and asked ‘em!” You sank in your seat, staring into the drink you’d been handed. It didn’t seem so appetizing now. You swallowed a little hard, pushing it away as the others came back, with their own drinks in hand, seemingly fighting about super heroes.

“Okay, but who is the confirmed, smartest hero in the Marvel universe? Moon Girl! Lunella Lafayette!” John was saying, Laf looking rather proud, but no one asked,

“Yeah, but Bombshell Batgirl can kick your ass and look great doing it.” Peggy pointed out, taking a sip of her cocktail.

“Okay, but are we going to ignore the real pin up here?” Hercules was laughing already. “Come on, Just look at the Hawkeye initiative. Do you know where that started? Nightwing. Because he posed with his ass on every cover of his comics.

“I am sticking with Aquaman. It seems just dumb enough to work.” Lafayette laughed.

The conversation drew on, Eliza getting involved, saying she appreciated how the new Ms. Marvel was a young, Muslim girl. Angelica pointed out that the new Kid Flash was African American. You couldn’t find it in you to throw in your two cents. You just took another sip of your drink.

“Baby, what’s up?” John finally asked, reaching over the tabletop to take your hand. All eyes were on you now, all of them concerned for your wellbeing at the note that you weren’t participating as enthusiastically anymore.

“It’s…it’s nothing, really.” You tried to smile, and get them off your case, but it came off more as a grimace.

“Darling, it’s okay, what happened?”

The fell quiet to hear your answer, but you just shook your head. And, unfortunately, that was about the time that the asshole decided to talk again.

“Do you think the slut knows what they’re doing is shifty? Or that they just don’t care?” You sank if your seat, and laid your head on the table. It was obvious now what was bothering them, and in an instant, they were out of the booth, making their way over to the three at the booth beside them.

They looked up, and asked what they wanted. It was the calm before the storm.

Like someone had unleashed hell upon them, a fury of yelling broke the atmosphere of the bar. All eyes were on your part, and you sank even lower in embarrassment.

Eliza had a grip on Peggy, who looked ready to throw a punch, while still managing to talk down to them like a mother would a spoiled, unruly child. Angelica was pulling facts from everywhere, glaring them down and demanding to know how they would refer to a man with four women. Alexander was also having to be held back, teeth bared as he promised to write an article about bigots, and ruin them. John was spitting insults back at them, his southern accent burning the ends of his words, like they always did when he was mad, and Lafayette was screaming at them in French. Hercules was the quietest, but the most intimidating of them all, standing behind the group with a dark glare, and his arms crossed, making himself look bigger than he already was.

You slipped from the booth as your party, as well as the other, were escorted from the establishment. You grabbed whatever bags and purses had been left behind, arms laden with them, and met your fuming, panting, furious group outside. The moment the door closed, Peggy threw a punch at the main antagonist of the group. If the crack, and the yell of pain was to be believed, she’d broken his nose. He was yelling and cursing, and promising to sue, while you dragged Peggy away as fast as you could, with her still yelling ‘DO IT! MY FRIENDS ARE LAWYERS AND REALLY GOOD ONES AND YOU WON’T STAND A CHANCE!!’

Once the eight of you were finally away from the yelling, and everyone was calm, they huddled around you, enveloping you in tight, warm holds that made everything feel just a little bit better. You sighed a little shakily, and the hug broke after a few minutes, leaving you wiping at your eyes.

“S-sorry we got thrown out…” You sniffled, and gave a small laugh. “But…it was really nice to see him get punched.” Peggy beamed and rushed over to you, enveloping you in a tight hug and giggling.

“I’d do it again, if you’d let me!!”

“Sorry to ask to go home but…can we call it quits for tonight?” You shrugged a little.

“How about this,” Angelica offered, raising a hand. We drive you to your place so you can get sleep clothes and stuff, and then we all go back to our place, marathon the West Wing, and drink whatever we’ve got on hand, so Eliza can drink too.” The cheers of agreement made you beam. Thank you, Angelica, for being decisive.

You all loaded into the cars, with Eliza in the driver’s seat. You cuddled in to sit beside the window, and John, who pecked your head, and let you rest against him the whole way home. When you got back in the car, Herc pulled you into his lap, despite Eliza’s gentle insisting that that wasn’t safe.

Lafayette pecked your forehead from the very back seat, and you couldn’t help a smile.

You loved your boys. No asshole was going to ruin that for you with a few words.


I really liked writing this one, because I got to think about all the different ways they would get upset at someone, with Peggy being the crown jewel. She’s so cute and wears sundresses, and then will kNOCK YOUR ASS OUT

Love, Rosalie

Hard to Get

AN: Here it is guys, my second ever one shot! Sorry if the formatting is weird. The Microsoft Word to Tumblr transition didn’t come out right. But please enjoy! :)

“We’re received a storm warning from our headquarters. It looks like a cool front is coming in from the northwest and bringing a 80% chance of thunderstorms with it,” the weather man reported.

 A smile flashed across my face at the words ‘storm warning.’  After all, it was my favorite song by Hunter and I had a lot of fond memories connected with it.  Sometimes on bad nights when my anxiety gets to me, Hunt will sing me to sleep with it.  It was one of the first songs we played at our wedding.  I sighed as a warm, fuzzy feeling passed over me.  I really was the luckiest girl in the world to be married to Hunter Easton Hayes.

I could hear keys clinking at the front door and my smile grew from ear-to-ear. He was home – finally. Hunter had been gone on tour for two weeks straight without coming home for a visit. I’ve got a part-time job, the dog, and the TV but it still gets pretty lonely without him around.  Of course, there’s always Skype and text messages every day, but it’s just not the same as having him physically there. I picked up the fashion magazine I had tossed aside and tried to look busy. When the door opened, I didn’t even look up from the glossy pages, which was actually quite hard.

“You’re late,” I spoke up, trying to sound as serious as possible when in reality I was already cracking up into another huge smile and wanted nothing more than to jump into his arms.

From out of the corner of my eye, I could see him cross his big arms and smile big.

 “You look terrible,” he added, finishing up my favorite quote from the Lord of the Rings movies.

I threw my magazine on the floor and jumped over the side of the couch in excitement. His arms were already open, waiting for my familiar embrace.  I buried my face into his warm chest, listening to his steady heartbeat as he kissed me lightly on the forehead.

“You’re such a nerd,” he laughed.

“Hey, speak for yourself, guitar boy!” I laughed, poking him in the chest. His grip around me loosened and I looked up into his eyes. “I’ve missed you.”

“So have I, baby.” He swallowed hard, his eyes brimming up with tears.

I held up a finger. “No no no no no. Do NOT cry! I just put on makeup like fifteen minutes ago and I do not need to ruin my wing-tipped eyeliner!”

I ducked out from under his arms and ran across the house, Hunter close at my heels.

“Hey, I haven’t gotten a welcome home kiss yet! And don’t tell me you spent an hour on your lipstick, ‘cuz I don’t care! I’m gonna get it!” Hunter tried to sound threatening, but it only made me laugh more.

“If you want it, come and claim it!” I called, picking up a handful of Reese’s Pieces from the kitchen counter and throwing them at him. I laughed as he tried to get me and pick up the mini Reese’s at the same time, catching them in his mouth and missing. “You’re such a dork!” I taunted.

Hunter had gotten quicker and quicker lately. Probably all that jogging we had done together when he wasn’t touring. He darted after me, blocking the kitchen exit. I looked at the counter, thinking I might slide over it, but he was two steps ahead of me as usual. I lunged and he caught me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist and spinning me around. Screaming, I squirmed and kicked, laughing as he turned me softly around and planted slobbery kisses all over my face.

“Hey, I didn’t marry you so you can run away from me,” he joked.

“Oh, fine. You win this round!”

I planted my hands on my hips with a mock pouty expression, which made both of us laugh hysterically. Rolling his baby blues, he drew me close and looked into my eyes.

“You can be such a diva sometimes. But I still love you.”

“Oh you do, do you?”

He nodded, leaning in for the warm kiss he really wanted. I could’ve ducked away, but I’m a good girl. Besides, I’d missed his soft lips for too long. Melting into his strong grasp, I sighed with contentment. This was where I was happiest – at home with my favorite boy in the whole wide world. This was where I belonged. He was more than everything I need, all I ever wanted. And there was nothing in the world that could change that.

Pulling apart for air, suddenly Hunter cracked a huge smile.

“What?” I persuaded.

“You said do-do.”

I gave him a quick slap on the head. “You’re such a dork!”

"Yeah, but I’m your dork.”

I gave a low growl to tell him he wasn’t completely off the hook yet. “By the way, I don’t actually look terrible, do I?”

Hunter threw back his head and laughed. “I may be color blind, baby, but I don’t need to be able to tell red from blue to see that you’re drop dead gorgeous.”

“Aww, you don’t look so bad yourself,” I exclaimed, running my hands over his soft, salmon-colored v-neck.  “But if you go around dressed like this more often, you might not be able to keep your clothes on for very long,” I winked suggestively.

“Oh, really?” He raised his eyebrows.

But it was too late. I had already ducked from his arms and run away, laughing.


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