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The Classics - CARYL Angst Stew

As difficult as it is to have faith in the writers and their ability to tell this story and honour these characters, I wanted to remind everyone that while Season 6 has been brutal in terms of CARYL screen time, it still followed a recipe TPTBestablished for CARYL from the very beginning.

Angst, Angst, Angst…
Relationship progress, Emotional payoff, Aww factor…

Take a look!

Rick not so subtly tells Daryl that he is free to leave the group - ‘you don’t owe us anything’ - but Daryl chooses to go look for Sophia on his own anyways.
The remark leaves him bristly of course and he makes sure to scuff Rick with the bold - ‘I’m better on my own’ - remark before he leaves.
However all that manly angst leads up to the Cherokee Rose scene, whereDaryl initiates his very first emotional connection to the group and does it to make Carol feel better.
She follows that up with the first forehead kiss to both thank and comfortDaryl after he is injured in the woods.

The fight by the barn causes Daryl to blow up at Carol’s concern for himbut he doesn’t take long to make things right and cleverly uses an entireCherokee Rose bush to apologize.

The aftermath of Sophia’s death Carol and Daryl deal with their grief through a series of angsty moments but ultimately their relationship is solidified because of those confrontations. In fact had the angst not have occurred it is doubtful that Daryl would have stayed with the group at all.

Carol not only made sure Daryl stuck around, she also made sure he thought about what his role in the group should or shouldn’t be.
There were some growing pains there but both of them TRIED hard to find a balance and keep their friendship very CLOSE.

When the farm was overrun, Daryl went back on his motorcycle to save Carol and she stayed with him for far longer than it was necessary. However the closeness was interrupted by a misunderstanding between the two of them regarding who Carol’s ‘man of honour’ truly was.
The season ended on a ‘weird’ note.

Season 3 started off with Carol and Daryl closer than ever.
They fought together, joked with each other and even teased about 'screwing around’. Things looked really good.
Until of course the walkers attacked….again….

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