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reigen buys the gang ice cream. mob eats it in licks and brainfreezes easily. teru's favorite part is the waffle cone and he gets tons of toppings on the cone itself. ritsu eats it with one of the spoons he carries around everywhere even though its in a cone. shou eats ice cream with his front teeth and it horrifies mob

!!Big Thanks!!

I made a wishlist page, and wasn’t even sure if anyone actually looked at it. Well apparently they have. Please everyone give a big special thanks to @metropolisjournal. MJ was so kind to graciously donate a super rare Haining doujin “Ruler Behind the Mask” to the site, even shipped it straight to me to keep as a gift <333 I looked everywhere for this doujin!

@that5thdimension and I will work on getting it translated and set later, so look forward to seeing this beauty coming up.

Once again, please be sure to thank Metropolisjournal, and I also want to say thank you one more time as well!

【Youngster Requests】: (3 / ??)

“Chibi Young Masters, please??”

((If you want to request about Y.Eraqus or Y.X. don’t be shy to send your ideas at the inbox!! ^^))

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Ohmiya ♥ - VS Arashi 2015.10.01