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It seems that chapter 131 will be 28 pages, not 38. Did they change their minds or smth? Well, tumblr bloggers, especially your blog makes being fan of Kuroshitsuji so much fun. It also helps me relieve the stress we've been feeling because of the new chapters and 2CT. I have a fun theory, if you want to hear. Undertaker overthrows the Queen, and becomes a King. Now, laughter is used instead of money as a payment. Ciel has to work for him, now. Sebastian isn't very happy.

Aww, thank you, your messages are always so sweet. <3

I think Yen Press may say ‘38 pages’ as a default page amount for Kuro if they don’t know the exact number of pages yet. And then they change it when they do know. Because I think they said 38 pages before when it changed afterwards in other chapters, too.

Hahaa, imagine that if UT was the King. Sebastian would finally quit. XD But wait, wouldn’t that be the perfect plan to save Ciel’s soul? UT becomes King and makes Sebastian’s life hell by ordering him around through Ciel, so Sebastian leaves willingly. XD

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Hi! I really love your artwork! :) Could maybe draw a cute TurnFree (Meg and Gavin, in case you didn't know) thing? Sorry if it isn't specific enough. Thanks so much in advance!

aww thank you, that’s sweet! :3 yes i do know turnfree, and think they’re just about the cutest thing! hahah. i wasn’t sure what to draw but happened to see someone reblog their matching pillow photo again, so… here ya go! i’m still experimenting with this artstyle… hope this is alright? :D

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