aww i loved this!! :'3

weegiroll  asked:

I just had what could be the worst idea ever- an AU where Luigi's Sm4sh recolors somehow gain sentience and their own personalities too-I even drew them as one big happy squad <3

aww thats a really cute idea! I love Luigi’s alts, esp the one thats a homage to his 80′s anime appearance!

cmdeguzzi  asked:

This is like very random???? but I just kinda wanted to say that I really love you and your blog and practically everything and I hope that you had a very good day/week/month. Preferably month bc you deserve that. You also deserve a lot of hugs bc you're amazing and okay I'm gonna leave sOrry (much love <3)

aWw,, my dude,, <3


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie

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reigen buys the gang ice cream. mob eats it in licks and brainfreezes easily. teru's favorite part is the waffle cone and he gets tons of toppings on the cone itself. ritsu eats it with one of the spoons he carries around everywhere even though its in a cone. shou eats ice cream with his front teeth and it horrifies mob