aww i love when he says with you guys

adrienette headcanons no one asked for
  • Mari and Adrien don’t really try to keep it a secret but they aren’t exactly making it public either (but everyone knows)
  • whenever someone asks if they are dating they just kinda go, “hmmm yeah.” and then smile really lightly (and then everyone dies of adorable)
  • Whenever they are at someones house they are just tangled together on the couch
  • they are constantly touching 
    • brushing hands/shoulders walking next to each other
    • always sitting really close
    • holding hands
    • heads on shoulders 
  • Adrien has been planning his “i love you” for a very long time
  • it involves dinner and flowers and the eiffel tower 
  • one day they are talking on the phone 
  • and it kind slips out as they hang up. Mari says it back like nothing really happened. 
  • Nino’s like, “aww that’s cute when did you guys start saying i love you?” 
  • and adrien FLIPS OUT. he had a plan. that wasn’t it.  
  • so he calls Mari back immediately and she starts laughing
  • they didn’t even notice it was a different thing they had never said before
  • Chloe and Mari start being friends by poking jokes at Adrien
    • “has he slipped into Chinese yet?” “yeah that fucking nerd, i don’t even know that much Chinese”
    • “Don’t let him drag you into Ouran” “Hmm, too little too late. I think he thinks he’s tamaki.” “He is tho” 
  • Mari and Adrien aren’t exactly totally into PDA
  • Like yeah they are affectionate but they don’t really kiss in front of people
  • in fact, Alya has never seen them kiss
  • she therefore believes they have never kissed
    • “I know you guys haven’t kiss, you shouldn’t be afraid, blondie, just go for it”
    • *in adrien’s mind* if that’s not kissing what the fuck is.
  • then she and nino walk in on them high key making out and alya wishes she never saw anything because they are sweet and innocent they shouldn’t be doing that 
  • even though that’s exactly she wanted
  • they quickly become a fucking power couple (but not as big as LadyNoir)
  • everyone’s coming to them for relationship advice and they are just like, “I don’t know? Love each other? Is that not what just happens?”
  • they are just light and happy and adorable and supportive of each other and stable and loving 
  • they love each other
Reaction to Your Cousin Saying You Should Get Married and Have Kids. . .

Anonymous said: heyyy, i absolutely love your reactions. i feel like you get all their personalities on point. ;) so, if requests are open–i know you get a lot, but i’m hoping they’re open–then i would like one for monsta x where youre babysitting your little cousin, and she/he says you guys should marry and have kids for him/her to play with. i see this one a lot, and i love it, but not for mx so im hoping you could make one for them pretty please!^^ love you Eonni!

Reaction to Your Cousin Saying You Should Get Married and Have Kids…

A/N aww thank you for the sweet compliment Anonie,,, i try . hope you love this reaction too!

Key: Y/C/N = Your Cousin’s Name


You two would be playing with your four year old cousin in the living room when you have to go tend to the food in the kitchen. You get up and make your way into the kitchen, leaving Shownu and your little cousin alone to play with blocks together. Your cousin would look to your boyfriend and smile while saying in his sweet little voice, “You and Y/N should get married and have two kids, so then I can have friends to play with!” Shownu would practically choke on air, his cheeks heating up too much for his liking. “T-two!? Why two?” He would ask, laughing in embarrassment, causing his sweet eye smile to appear. “So then I can have one boy and one girl to play with.” Your cousin would answer simply. Shownu would be at a loss, not sure how to respond to this large request from a four year old. He would end up laughing, this situation just seeming so absurd. When you come back into the living room with the food all prepared, asking what’s going on, Shownu wouldn’t be able to look at you without thinking of the process of having kids, his cheeks once again heating up, still unable to control his laughter.

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You would be helping your little cousin build a hut out of pillows while Kihyun sits to the side watching with an admiring smile on his lips. Loving the sight of you in what seems to be your natural habitat. However, this sweet moment would end when the hut is built, but your cousin stands there with a slight frown. “What’s wrong?” You would ask him, gently placing a hand on his back as you crouch down next to him. “This would be better if I had friends who could fit in there with me…” He would reply, his bottom lip puffing out in a pout. He would turn and look to you, then to Kihyun behind you, then back to you. A smile grows on his lips as he speaks his next thoughts. “Couldn’t you and Ki get married and make a friend for me?” He asks in the most innocent manner. There’s a silence, Kihyun and you stunned and at a loss for words. Until Kihyun breaks that silence with a loud laugh. Kihyun would quickly step in, asking questions to diminish the shock and distract your cousin, “What is this hut for Y/C/N? Are you going to use it as your secret lair?” Smiling sweetly, eventually making your cousin forget all about marriage and kids. However, this would stick with Kihyun, the thought never really popped up in his mind, but he realizes that the feelings he has for you are close to those of two people getting married and starting a family, and that wouldn’t bother him in the slightest. He would proceed by taking this suggestion very seriously, entertaining the idea of spending the rest of his life with you and starting a family.

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He would find this hilarious, but like, would also become very flustered. But because he’s so flustered, he would end up laughing really hard about this. Making the situation worse. You would need to kick Wonho out of the room to collect himself while you try to distract your cousin who is now repeating; “You should get married! You should have kids!” In a chant-like fashion while laughing as well, copying Wonho. You would finally get your cousin to relax by putting a movie on while you walk into the kitchen where your boyfriend is standing with a huge smile on his face. “I’m sorry Jagiya, but that really caught me off guard, I… I was really flustered about thinking of… Doing that stuff with you… I’m sorry…” He would apologize while running a hand through his hair. This would be a memory that stays with Wonho, the silliness of it being a big factor, but also the thought of marrying you and having kids one day exciting him, making the moment even more memorable.

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This would also be hilarious to him. He would think your little three year old cousin is a riot. He would end up loving your cousin like his own from this day on. He would smile widely to your cousin while leaning in and whispering, but like, not really a whisper ‘cause you could hear it, “Shhhh, you’ll ruin the surprise!” While smirking at you so as to tease you more, but like, he was only half joking. He had no plans to let you go no matter how much he drove you crazy at times. Later when you ask him why he got your cousins hopes up he would answer like, “Why do you think I was joking, Jagi?” With that cute smile of his.

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The moment you let him play with your cousin, he knew something was gonna happen, he just didn’t know what. However, your cousin didn’t give him much time to contemplate what could happen when he asked your boyfriend an unsuspecting question. “When are you going to marry Y/N and make kids for me to play with?” I.M. would break into a shy smile while a slight chuckle escapes his lips. “Um, I’m not sure yet Y/C/N.” ‘Yet’ being the key word that stuck out to you. Later when Y/C/N is asleep and you and I.M. are cuddling, he would look down to you and with a completely serious expression, not giving away any emotion as he asks, “So, what do you think about Y/C/N’s suggestion?” Giving you a teasing nudge while flashing a look that sends butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach.

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Hyungwon would be completely struck by your cousin’s innocents in the question. Because of this he would be more occupied with your cousin and laughing at how adorably he looked up at Hyungwon rather than the actual question itself. He would burst out into laughter at how impossibly cute your three year old cousin can be. Later when Hyungwon is laying in bed, thinking the day and about your adorable cousin, he would try to recall what he had even asked. When he remembers the actual question he would lay there like ‘oh shit…’ then become overcome with shyness at the thought of you bearing his child–it being be too much for him to handle.

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His first instinct would be to get out of this conversation as soon as possible. He would laugh, but try really hard to hold in his laughter, and try to distract your cousin from such ideas. He would look to you with a huge smile though, because the thought is really tempting. Later, he would joke about it with you, asking if you talked to your cousin about thoughts like these, and if that’s where your cousin got the idea. However, he would let on that he liked the idea of being with you and only you, but wouldn’t be able to look at you full on because he’s still a shy baby about it.

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Cuddling With Peter Parker Would Include...

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Request Are Open!!!

  • Being super nervous when you first start cuddling
  • Both of you are kinda stiff because you’re scared that you’ll hurt the other person somehow
  • Holding in farts
  • Having little awkward moments that would end up with the both of you laughing
  • After a while you both feel more comfortable and make a cuddle a everyday thing
  • You would probably cuddle while watching Star Wars but end up talking about everything and anything, including the really weird things
  • “What would happen if a turtle and a cat had a baby?”
  • “They would call it a catle! Get it because cat and turtle put together makes a catle!”
  • “You’re such a dork”
  • Aunt May being your number one fangirl and always ends up taking pictures of the two when you both fall asleep
  • It would probably go to the point where Aunt May wouldn’t have any storage left on her phone because of all the photos so she takes your phones
  • Peter inhaling your scent without you knowing
  • You knowing about it but don’t mind
  • Him playing with your hands or drawing patterns on your stomach 
  • Him letting you hog all of the blankets so that he could see you smile 
  • Probably making a mess when you eat and cuddle at the same time
  • “Peter you got popcorn butter on my shirt!”
  • “Well you got some on my new jeans so we’re even”
  • So many forehead kisses and nose kisses
  • Stroking the other persons hair when one of you falls asleep
  • Peter memorizing ever single detail of your face so that he could always picture in his mind when things get tough
  • Looking in each others eyes in a comfortable silence
  • When one of you is upset the other doesn’t say anything and you both just cuddle until the person feels better
  • Peter being an addict to cuddling
  • When Peter felt confident he would do something cheeky
  • “Peter did you just grab my ass?”
  • “I was massaging it”
  • One of you would sometimes be pushed off the couch or bed 
  • Most of the time you would be the little spoon but when Peter felt sad or vulnerable you would be the big spoon
  • “I love you”
  • “I love you too”
  • “Aww you guys are so cute!”
  • “Really Aunt May!?”
Dating George would include...

Requested- i loved the draco one! could you do a “george weasley showing his affection would include..” please? + Hi! Can you please do a ‘dating George would include’?

A/n- I combined both of the requests for this :)

- - -

  • him surprising you with sneaky kisses
  • always as caring as he could be
  • taking you everywhere with him
  • stuffing food to you
  • him taking your hand in his 24/7
  • being super mad when he hears someone talking trash of you
  • standing out for you
  • with reddened cheeks (aww)
  • “I dare you to say that again, punk”
  • “George, it’s fine! No, George!”
  • then he punches the guy in the face
  • ending up having one week’s worth of detention
  • being good friends with Fred and the rest of the Weasleys
  • visiting the Burrow with him
  • meeting Mr. and Mrs. Weasley
  • Mr. Weasley asking you tons of questions about Muggles
  • “So do tell me, what is the exact function of a rubber duck?”
  • you sighing and laughing on Mr. Weasley’s attempt on doing Muggle impressions
  • “Dad, stop, you’re embarrassing me.”
  • Fred embarrassing George even more by telling you tales of George’s crush on you
  • you chuckling because those stories are freaking cute af
  • deep kisses when alone
  • you drowning in his scent
  • cuddling a lot in the common room

request // masterlist

Monsta X reaction to you fangiring ovr Mino’s M/V

From Anon

Just found your blog and fell in love! Are reactions open? If so Monsta X for the mino music video one! If not, you can delete this!

Aww thanks love! I hope me not being able to post for so long  hasn’t turned you away T-T! Hope you enjoy!


Says nothing, but just wait he’ll catch your lips by surprise. He’s the only one you should be fawning over, the only one you should be calling sexy

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Game. On. Tries to take atention away from the video as much as possible. Why watch some guy on the screen when you have him?

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attempts to be sexy so you’ll fan boy over him, but it’ll just end up being cute.

Originally posted by beastdw


Sexy is something he isn’t exactly skilled, but he can do cute. He’ll turn the M/V off and whines cutely. Be prepared for a lot of kihyun. He doesn’t hold grudges and won’t get angry he just want to show you he’s just as deserving of your attention. “Jagi~ your baby needs attention too~!”

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“Ew, him? Really?“His jealousy level is over 9000. He doesn’t like to share his girl, even if it’s with someone on a screen. He might actuality get a little petty and fanboy over a girl group. He wants you to understand how he feels but doesn’t want to blow up about and start an argument.

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It could go one of two ways. 1) He’ll get really pouting and will whine. “Jagi~ I’m good looking too, fan boy over me too!” Or 2) He’ll get really serious. “I’m the one who loves you, so why are you looking at him?” (Stan this child please)

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He understands fully that it’s just a part of being a fan. However he is just a little jealous…

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Astro says “I love you” for the first time...


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JinJin tells you he loves you… kind of by accident? You two had only been dating for a few weeks, and though he’s loved you from day one, he doesn’t want to move too quickly. This sleepy koala bear was up all night practicing, so you bring him his favorite coffee and a box of doughnuts to split for breakfast. He’s so grateful for your kindness that the words just kind of slip out…

“Thank you, jagi! I love you so much…” *realizes what he said* “I mean-!”

He has no regrets in saying it (because it’s true <3) but his first concern is to make sure you aren’t uncomfortable. Once he knows you’re okay with it though, he starts to tell you he loves you much more often~


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MJ has been saying everything but “I love you” since you two started dating. He sings songs about your smile, compliments you 6000 times a day, and stares lovingly into your eyes whenever he can. You’re slightly hurt that he hasn’t said it yet, but you can’t really blame him, since you haven’t said it either. One day, you two are making chocolate dipped strawberries, and MJ asks you if he can eat the berry you just decorated. You agree and hold it out to him. He grins and mumbles the words casually…

“Thanks, I love you jagi~”

He then stuffs the strawberry into his mouth acting innocent to your questioning. MJ knew exactly what he was doing sly dog and made sure to wait for the perfect moment to say it. He really just enjoys seeing you flustered~


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Eunwoo has thought a LOT about this! Ever since he realized that he loves you, he’s been trying to figure out the best way to tell you. He wants it to be memorable and romantic bc he’s Eunwoo and he’s been wracking his brain to come up with the perfect solution. When he finds out he’ll be an MC on Music Core, a light bulb goes off in his head. He texts you before the show starts and tells you to make sure you watch him on TV. At the end of the show, he wraps up with some very special ‘thank you’s…

“Before we leave, I’d just like to say thank you to our guests today, to the other MCs, and to Y/N… I love you, jagiya~”

The audience and MCs all burst into applause and choruses of “awws” and “ohhhs”. Eunwoo winks into the camera and throws a heart, and waves goodbye. When he gets back to your place, you tell him you love him too, and he’s so thrilled that he showers you in kisses~


Originally posted by mamaeunwoo

Moonbin literally just forgot to tell you that he loves you;;; smh You guys have been dating for a while, and during lunch at practice, he realizes that he’s never actually told you he loves you, and almost chokes on his food. Well, that’s not gonna fly! He calls you up immediately and you answer…

“Jagiya? I love you. Did I ever tell you that? I feel like I’ve never told you that, but that can’t be right… can it? Because… I do.”

You inform him that he hasn’t, in fact, told you he loves you up until this point, and he face-palms in utter embarrassment. He can’t believe that he never told you! He assures you that he meant to ages ago, and continues to berate himself until you tell him not to worry, and that you love him too~ He blushes and tells you that if he could kiss you over the phone, he would, and you promise to make it up to him the next time you see him~ <3


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Rocky is very straightforward with you about his feelings for you, and he always has been. So when he first tells you he loves you, you know he must mean what he says! You two are on a date when he brings up the topic rather suddenly…

“So… do you love me, Y/N? Because I love you.”

You’re a little flustered at Rocky’s boldness, but you assure him that you do indeed love him~ He’s relieved by this and explains to you that he was worried his relationship with you was a little one-sided, since you hadn’t told him you loved him yet. You point out to him that he hadn’t told you either. He laughs and admits that that’s true, then he kisses your cheek and promises to make up for all the times he wished he had said “I love you”~


Originally posted by parkminhyuksdf

Sanha never thought saying “I love you” was that big of a deal in the first place. It’s just a way to tell someone how you feel, like saying “that’s cool” or “I’m hungry”. Not that there isn’t much more emotion behind the words when you tell someone you love them, but Sanha isn’t the type to have any sort of internal struggle about it. Once you’ve broken through the initial awkwardness of dating, if you both clearly love each other, why not say as much? So, from early on in your relationship, Sanha has told you he loves you very often…

“I have to go to practice now, jagi!” *kisses the top of your head* “Bye-bye, I love you~” 

He tells you whenever he has to leave you, whenever he texts you, whenever you do something he finds cute, whenever you do something nice for him… You’re not sure when he started saying it, but you never have to question this beagle’s feelings for you~

Special 100-Followers Scenario! ^o^ Thank you guys, I love each and every one of you~ <3 Nessa

Requests are Open!

A/N I hope this hasn’t happened to you because I will personally defend your goddamn honor with these hands -mod cozy <3


-he loves every part of you unconditionally

-like any s/o fucking should

-so when he hears that someone would disrespect you???

-he goes from puppy yoosung to guard dog yoosung real quick

-“Who said this mc?? When did you last see them??”

-may be plotting their murder but that’s not important

-what’s important is you

-so much reassuring, he loves you for you and not for what someone else thinks you should be


-she doesn’t even really care for looks and she loves yours

-so when she saw you were upset about them???

-nonono honey

-you’re gorgeous

-hugs you really really really tightly and makes sure you know she loves you

-will make sure to drop kick and lecture anyone who tries to insult you again


-thinks you’re beautiful (you fucking are)

-knows what it feels like to be degraded for his looks

-so when he hears that it happens to you???

-he’s like, personally offended


-kisses everywhere

-he wants you to KNOW how much he loves you

-won’t hesitate to passive aggressively trip or glare down anyone who offends you


-oh man oh boy

-god save the poor man (or woman, or other) who offended his princess

-juju is about to ruin.




-blocked, reported, EXPOSED

-makes sure they lose their job probably, trust me when I say this will never happen again

-he thinks your absolutely stunning and perfect the way you are

-not afraid to show you (wink wonk)


-it’s similar to jumin trust me

-the second anyone hurts his honey (Buddha)

-he’s gonna ruin them

-bank account: hacked

-also that awful picture of them???

-that one they hate??

-well it’s viral now


-you guys cuddle the rest of the day awwe,

- he makes sure you know how much he loves you AND your curves and tummy and everything in between


-it takes a lot to make this boy angry

-but he’s a little peeved rn not gonna lie

-impromptu photo session??? Yes please.

-he’s going to show you how beautiful you are,

-the whole thing is super fluffy, kisses all around

-highkey will “accidentally” trip anyone who insults your appearance with his cane

-“Oh I’m sorry, I can’t see very well haha.”


-ready to throw the fuck down

-he loves you no matter what you look like????

-thinks you look gorgeous anyway????

-how dARe someone think otherwise????

-honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually tracked and confronted the person

-a little slug to the face

-and some strongly worded insults

-alright that should do it

-they won’t be fucking bothering you again trust me

-they won’t be able to see out of their left eye soon either

-it’s swollen shut

-that’s the joke


-not a word is uttered by vandy

-lots of hugs and kisses though

-they love you a lot and think you’re stunning

-never want you to feel self conscious about your weight

-they just aren’t good at expressing it verbally

-so hugs and kisses are the next best thing

-also the perpetrator is never heard from again

-no one knows what happened to them


Your Dad, Uncle Sam and you end up at a bar, surprise surprise, you thought, realising how desperate your Dad was getting for…well.
Your Dad swaggered off to find some girl to chat up and you found your fake ID so you had something to drink. It’s not that you particularly drank much, it just felt nice to be treated like you were older than you were. Otherwise people look at you funny and the bartender often subtly teases you about the fact you were underage.

Sam sat with you and you spent most of the time laughing at and complaining about your Dad. The usual. He left to go to the toilet and so you ordered another drink and grimaced at your Dad’s attempts.

You then felt someone staring at you and noticed a rather tall and muscular man towering over you. Clueless, you smiled and slid up your stool to give him room to sit down. Of course you didn’t think anything of it, it’s not like you were at your own table, just the counter.

He sat slightly more closer to you than you’d hoped and so you slid up a little, allowing a gap between you. He chuckled and slid up again and you cringed before speaking “Look-”

“You don’t have to speak, darlin’.” he winked and with that you took your beer and stood up abruptly. “Playing hard to get I see.” He continued to press and you sighed before turning on your heel to face him. “I’m playing impossible to get. Please leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you.” You say, taking a sip of the beer and heading towards your father.

“Did you just say no to me?!” He spluttered in anger and shock, loud enough to start getting other people attention. Your Dad still hadn’t noticed yet, you considered calling for him but figured you could handle him.

“Yeah I did. Problem?” You call back, noticing Sam coming back along the corridor. 

“You, bitch!” He snarled. 

Your Dad, Sam, and just about everyone else turned around to see the commotion.

“Sounds about right.” You grin, unaffected by his insult.

“Hey!” Sam and your father call in unison, striding over to the guy.

“You leave my daughter alone you son of a bitch or so help me I will not hesitate to end you.” your father growled.

“Just leave.” Sam agreed.

The guy noticed it was now two against one and seemed to back down. Slamming his money on the counter, he left in an angered rush.

You sigh, why do they always leave you alone if another man demands so, but when you do, it’s called flirting and brushed aside? 

“Y/N? You okay?” Sam looked over to you, noticing your stern eyes.

You sigh again “ ‘m fine…thanks by the way.”

Requested by two anons

Can you do a one shot where you’re Dean’s daughter & someone (Who doesn’t know that you’re his daughter) badmouthing you in front of him & Sam & they get super protective? Like maybe you reject some guy in a bar (You’re not drinking but you have a fake ID.). or something & he ends up talking to the Winchesters when they go up to get a drink & calls you a bitch or something & they get pissed? So sorry for the length, but I’ve been looking & I can’t find a fix like this, & you’re one of my fav.. 

Aww thank you! Such a lovely thing to say aha

Can you do a one shot of some annoying/pervy guy trying to give you his number/hit on you in a bar/diner & your brothers intervening? Love your blog btw, sorry for the length….
Oh no don’t be sorry! It’s fine ;P And thank you so much!

I do not own these gifs

You pepper his face with kisses and when he asks why you’re doing it, you say you love him (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups:-since it was his birthday you thought you should just surprise him with your love as your lips were everywhere on his face before he woke up. So when he opened his eyes you planted one on his lips before pulling away. He asked why you were being all cute and you simply told him it was that you loved him a lot- “wow um that’s a pretty good reason then isn’t it”

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Jeonghan: -it was something you started recently as you sat on his lap you’d randomly attack his face with kisses before kissing him hard on the lips. After pulling away he gave you a look of confusion before you told him you loved him a lot- “I love you too jagi, how often would you be doing something like this? I quite like it” 

Originally posted by sungjaeandnanashusband

Joshua: -it was something you always did before he went to practice but after you kissed all over his face you, he always asked why you did it and you finally told him you loved him before you had to leave for work. That was the first time you actually said it to him- “wait Y/N come back I didn’t get to say it back. You can’t just do that to me”

Originally posted by hoshuajong

Jun: -you always seemed to be kissing or at least that’s what the boys thought all you guys ever did was cutesy crap with eachother, and you decided to keep it too. So when you started kissing his face infront of them all he asked you what you were doing. You told him you loved him as the others groaned- “aww baby I love you too always will”

Originally posted by junhuiw

Hoshi: -you did it to get his attention when he hung out with the boys he would be all boyish and not wanting to be overly affectionate. But you began kissing his neck then parts of his face he stopped talking and asked what you were doing, and you gave him the I wanted to say I love you. Before getting up and walking out of the room- “if you guys will excuse me I’ll be going somewhere with my girlfriend”

Originally posted by shikai06

Wonwoo: -it was one of those lovey moments before he had to preform that you kissed him all over then a light peck on the lips, he always asked why you did it and it was because you’d always said you love him- “I love when you do this baby I always feel ready to go”

Originally posted by v-ollet

Woozi: -you did this everytime before you left you didn’t live far away so he always walked you home before the two of you stood at your front door being cute.  You gave all of his face cute little kisses before he asked why you did it because it was the first time and you told him you loved him- “I love you too baby. I want you to sleep well for me ok”

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

DK: -he have you a light kiss on the forehead as the two of you laid together but then you climbed over him and started kissing everywhere on his face before bury your face in his neck. He asked why you did it and you told him it was a nice way to show him how much you loved him- “can you like do this more often I really like it”

Originally posted by hoshis-got-me

Mingyu: -you did it to get back at him for not kissing your earlier, you kissed him everywhere but his lips before you told him you loved him and headed to the door. But he rushed to block it- “no no no jagi you’re staying right here I’m sorry I didn’t kiss you earlier”

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

The8: -he loved when you did this because he always wrapped his arms around you as you kissed him everywhere before you kissed his lips. You looked at eachother lovingly before he asked why you did it cause he always loved the answer you giggled as said you loved him tons- “I love when you do this to me babe”

Originally posted by dokzi

Seungkwan: -you did it to annoy him because he only kissed you on the lips and you wanted to do cute kisses but he never wanted to. So you did little kisses here and there on his face before hovering your lips above his, he asked why you wouldn’t just kiss him on his lips and you said cause you loved him enough not to- “babe that doesn’t make any sense. Why would you do this to me?”

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Vernon: -you two weren’t dating but you were so happy when he said you could go to the concert they were doing that you jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck before kissing all over his face. He asked why you were doing this before you said you loved him then jumped off of him and ran off- “this girl, I hope she means it”

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Dino: -you two recently started getting really couply infront of the others, so before practice you were saying cute things to eachother. He gave you  alight kiss on the lips as you kissed him on every inch of his face before grabbing his head and pulling him in for one more kiss. He asked why you did that and you told him it was the fact you loved him a lot, you gave him a wink before leaving- “you heard that right, right? She said she loved me”

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Sleepy Cuddles (Josh request)

“Alright here we go” You say, pushing the disc into the TV and returning to your seat beside Josh.
He opens his arms and you lean against his chest.
“Snacks are ready!” Conor grins, carrying in four bowls full of treats.
“Don’t get too scared and drop the popcorn Conor” Josh chuckles.
The older rolls his eyes and sits on the couch, “I feel like such a third wheel” He grumbles.
“Aww is someone missing Jack?” You laugh.
Before Conor says anything the film begins and it is already tense. The stupid guy that goes completely the wrong way. The mysterious killer you’ll later find out was a protagonist all along. The cheating couple. That one guy that survives right to the end. All the classics of a horror film.
“No no don’t kill him!” Conor squeals, pulling the blanket over his face to shield himself.
You are not fazed by it, having always loved them. Sure, Josh jumps a few times when regular people do but Conor is bloody terrified.
“How can you watch this?” He exclaims, not daring to look at the TV.
“This isn’t even bad!” You roll your eyes with a chuckle.
“Ooh like we didn’t see that coming” Josh laughs as another guy dies.
“Aww no I liked him” Conor sighs, taking a handful of popcorn.
“Conor one rule of horror films is never get attached to a character” You comment.
A tense scene begins again, the low droning music, the steady beat that increases as they get nearer to danger and then… the anticlimax. A bird flies out. Conor screams and spills the popcorn all over him.
“It was a bloody bird!” Josh cackles.
“Shut up Josh.” Conor glares at him, “I just flinched.”
You exchange an ‘oh please’ glance with your boyfriend before continuing to watch the movie.
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Night Conor” You say as you walk past his room, tying your hair into a ponytail.
“Night” He replies and you flick the switch off to leave the apartment on darkness.
You pad through to your bedroom where Josh is already laying in bed and climb in yourself, wrapping into his embrace.
You two talk as usual every night, it is finally a point when neither of you are busy and there are no distractions. Except tonight.
“Umm guys” You hear a familiar voice and look up to see Conor’s silhouette at the door.
Josh reaches over and flicks on the light on your bedside table, “What is it?”
“Do you guys keep thinking about that film?” He asks, fiddling with the material on his jumper.
“You can’t sleep because you’re scared?” You question with a slight laugh to your voice.
“Okay it’s easy for you. You two have each other” He points out.
“Is Conor feeling lonely?” Josh pouts jokingly.
“Shut up” Conor glares.
“Alright fine come here” You sigh, shuffling over and pulling Josh with you so there was room for Conor.
“What?” Josh frowns, surprised that you were agreeing to letting a guy in his twenties sleep in your bed because he was scared.
“If it will get him to go to sleep then that’s fine by me” You yawn, tugging Josh’s arms around you from behind and soon falling into a slumber.
~~~Jack’s POV~~~
“So yeah I had a good day. Very busy so that’s why I decided to vlog most of it” i pause as I walk into the apartment, “I have to be quiet as its 3am and I think they’re all asleep. Lemme check”
I creep through, past the lounge and into Josh and (y/n)’s room where I am surprised to see three people.
The sight makes me laugh but I try to keep it in to stop from waking them up, “Okay looks like Conor got lonely tonight as I’ve come back to find them all in one bed. Cuddled up” He turns his vlogging camera to you three to show Josh’s arms tightly around you and Conor’s arm resting over Josh.
That would be good to make fun of in the morning…

“Is there something on my face?”

Request from anon: Hey, could you do one where Sammy meets a girl (and falls for her) where she’s self conscious, does not believe in herself, has self confidence issues and never done anything (not even held hands) with a guy. And Sam just tells her that he loves her ? Thanks love ! Your writings are amazing and help me a lot to get through life these days ! ❤️ Aww thanks boo! I hope your days are getting better now. Remember to smile big and bright every day, even when you don’t want to! Love you beautiful! 

Sammy’s POV

“UMF,” I ran into something or someone, while walking in a coffee shop, staring at the menu not knowing where I was going, “I’m sorry.” I looked down, hands on the person I just bumped into. “It’s okay.” She says quietly, smiling, picking up the item she dropped when I bumped into her. “Wow, there’s a long line today.” I tried making a conversation with her. She just nods slightly. I look down at her again, observing her, hair in a messy bun, side bag full of books and a laptop, book in her hand, glasses. I saw her play with the book in her hand, “I’m Sam.” I stuck out my hand to her. She does the same, “Y/N.” She smiles big, showing her teeth. “Wow, you have really straight white teeth!” I say to her. She quickly covers her mouth in embarrassment, “No no, it was a compliment! Don’t worry.” I assured her, pulling her hand away from her mouth.

While still in line, I tried getting her to talk but she didn’t say much. Once we got to the front of the line, she ordered her drink, and I quickly swooped in, order mines and paid. She looked up at me, “You didn’t have to do that..” She said quietly enough for only me to hear, “But I wanted to.” I hand them the cash,  “Come on.”  I grab her hand in mines, and pulled her to an empty table and sat both of us down. “Uhmmm..” She looked frightened. “Why are you,” “Is it a bad thing if I wanted to get to know you?” I raise an eyebrow at her, smiling so innocently. I see her melt at my stare, and gives in smiling, “Sure. Thank you for buying my drink too.” “Any time. So, tell me about yourself.” 

She started telling me about herself, her life, her future plans. I felt her starting to loosen up to me but from time to time I see her tense up whenever other people would look at her. After an hour of us talking, a couple girls came up to me asking for a picture. Y/N sat there awkwardly smiling. Once the girls got what they wanted, they turned to look at Y/N and she waved at them but they started being rude, “Wow, you’d think Sam would have better taste.” They scoffed and walked away. I saw her drop her head a little, playing with her fingers. “Y/N,” I tried to put my hand over hers but she quickly got up, turning her face, “I’ll be right back.” She made her way to the women’s restroom and I just sat there. 

She was in there for a while. She didn’t just leave I know that, her stuff is still here. I got up and stood outside the women’s room. I saw no one walk in or come out so I just knocked, cracking the door open, “Y/N? Are you okay? I’m sorry about those girls. Don’t believe what they said. You’re a beautiful girl. They don’t know what they were saying. Please come out here so I can talk to you.” It staid silent in there. “Y/N, if you don’t come out, I’m coming in.” I demanded. “1.” I started counting. “2.” I really didn’t want to, “3.” Right when I was going to push the door open, it swings open revealing Y/N. She looks at me softly and smiles, “Thanks Sam. I appreciate it.” I saw her eyes were a little red and puffy meaning she was crying a little. I lightly grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. She was tense at first but I felt her body sink onto mines. “Come on,” we walked back to the table. I ordered 2 hot chocolates to make her feel better. 

“Can I asked you something?” I asked. “Hmm?” “This whole time here together, I was observing you. I saw the way your eyes lit up at some conversation topics, but it slowly went away after a few minutes, and then you apologized for getting so excited. I saw that every time a pretty girl or a good looking guy would pass by, you’d get tense. I also realized that you don’t talk to much about yourself physically or when you talked about your future plans, you constantly said hopefully. Why is that? What happened to you to make you be like this?” She looked at me with sad eyes and sighed, 

“I grew up insecure, annoying, hopeless.” She says. “You used to talk about something you were passionate about but someone told you shut up about it. That’s why you apologized for getting so excited, for talking about it, you thought I didn’t want to hear it. You thought you were being annoying.” She slowly nodded her head. “Yeah,” She whispered. “What about getting tense when basically other people are near you?” “I grew up with no confidence. I grew up with criticism from my parents, my siblings, my cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers. They would always say, ‘You have a belly. You should get rid of that.’ or ‘Your cheeks are too chubby.’ or Your thighs are jiggling.’ Growing up with those kinds of comments, gets to you. Because you heard it so often, you think EVERYONE is judging you to themselves about what I’m wearing, my body shape and size, everything. Especially the people who show self confidence. The girls with the nice bodies, or the guys with nice muscles. I get tense because I get scared about people judging me.” She started playing with her fingers again, shaking her leg this time too. 

“And your future plans? Why always say hopefully?” She goes inside her bag and takes out books and papers and tests, “My dream is to be in the entertainment industry. But I’m not good enough for that. And my parents would disapprove of that future saying it’s a waste of time. But I stay hopeful one day I can. I’m in school. I’m not the best at hitting the books. I fail here and there. I have other dreams, but it’s hard to achieve them sometimes. For some people, if you put your mind and heart to it, they can become what they always dream of. Me? I have to put in everything, my mind, heart, soul, body, money, everything, to TRY to even be close to what I want to be. No one has ever supported me to fulfill and continue. To work hard, to be better, all of that. I’m a lone wolf. And it’s hard doing it by myself. So I don’t say, ‘Yeah, it’ll take me 2 more years and I’ll be blah blah blah.’ I say, ‘I hope I can become blah blah blah.’ It’s better to hope than to assume and fail.” 

“Hey,” I grabbed her hands in mines, “If you want to talk about something you love, I’m here to listen to it, for hours long end. If you need a confidence booster, I’ll be there. But you don’t need it. You are beautiful, inside and out. No one can tell you you’re not because you are. If you have a dream, achieve it. Prove people wrong. Show them what they should have been there for. Succeed to laugh in their face for not supporting you in your come up. If someone tries to tear you down, or you fail a class, get back up and try again. But I’ll be there to achieve your dream. I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. I got you. I believe in you.” I said sincerely to her. I lifted up her hands and kissed the back of them. She smiles just then, our hot chocolates get brought to us. 

I watch her take the top of the cup and takes a sip, leaving a little whip cream on her face, making me laugh. She looks up, “Is there something on my face?” I took my napkin and wiped it gently on her face. I made eye contact with her and I melted looking at it, making me weak to my knees. “What?” She snaps me out of my gaze. “What? Oh, nothing, nothing.” I smile, taking a sip from my drink. 

Living with Luke would include :

~Always stealing his hoodies
~Trails of clothes around the house
~A blanket on the couch for when you guys cuddle
~Him coming home from work every day and kissing you aww
~Sharing everything you own except your toothbrushes lol
~Leaving notes for you on the kitchen counter before he leaves for work that say things like “I hope you have an amazing day baby” or “You look stunning love”

stop it ugh

Best Man

Sherlock - The Great Game

“I’m not ignoring it, I’m putting my best man onto it, right now.”

John “Who’s that?

John is oblivious to the fact he is Sherlocks best man. Little mirror in the future there!

Sherlock - The Hounds of Baskerville

“No, I can’t leave London at the moment, far too busy. But don’t worry, I’m putting my best man onto it.”

I love the little pat when he says this!

John still baffled.

Sherlock - The sign of three

“So in fact……I’m your best………..”       

John “……………man”

Sherlock describes John as his best man twice, before John asks Sherlock to be his. Its so sweet he still has no idea that he is Johns best friend till this point.

Thanks Michael (Ashton)

Requested by anon - Imagine where you’re on the tour bus with the boys & one night on the way to the next city you wake up with a stomach ache & throw up in the bathroom but your boyfriend is still sleeping & you start crying from the pain so you go to the lounge area on the bus & another boy comes to comfort you & your boyfriend thanks them for helping you in the morning😊 fyi you guys are hella fabulous and I love you all v much like you guys do what you want you’re all punk rock✌️xoxo thanks beebz

Aww! Thanks for thinking we are hella fab! I’m sorry that this one is so short but I hope you like the way it came out!

“Y/N?” Michael says from the doorway. When I look up, he is rubbing his eyes and squinting in the light. 

“I’m sorry Michael, I was trying not to wake anyone up” I say through tears. He crouches down and pulls my hair away from my face before flushing the toilet.”

“How long have you been in here?” he asks. I close my eyes and breath in through my nose and out through pursed lips. 

“I’ve been nauseous for a couple hours but I just started to” I grab my stomach and groan. 

“What’s wrong? What can I do?” Michael sounds close to panic but not quite there. 

“There is nothing left to throw up” I sob into his shoulder. “My body wants to throw up but there is nothing there.” He runs his hand up and down my back. 

“I should go get Ash” he tells me but I grab his free arm. 

“No, please let him sleep. He hasn’t been sleeping well” I beg. Michael helps me up to standing and walks with his hand on my lower back into the lounge. 

“I’ll be right back” he tells me and he grabs a small trash basket and a wet wash cloth from the front room. I lay down on the couch and he sits so that my head is rested on his lap. His hand runs up and down my back again as he holds the wash cloth to my forehead. 

“I really didn’t mean to wake anyone, Michael” I say to him. 

“It’s not a big deal, it happens.” 

“It’s not fair that you are still up though, you can go back to bed and not worry about me” I try. 

“You hardly had enough strength to get back here to the lounge Y/N. I’m going to stay up and take care of you and that’s that” he says back. I sigh and decide that he is right and I don’t have the energy to fight him even if I wanted to. 


I am partially awakened when I feel my head being lifted from Michael’s warm lap and placed onto a cool pillow. I stir but only enough to get myself comfortable again. 

“I didn’t even know she was getting sick” Ashton says with a hint of sadness in his voice. 

“She told me not to wake you up” Michael says back. My bunk is right by the bathroom so I heard it, you are on the other side. I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even want anyone to hear.”

“Thanks for taking care of her bro” Ashton mumbles. 

“Nah, it’s all good. It’s like finally having a little sister” Michael laughs a little. 

“She is older than you” Ashton points out. 

“Details, details. I wouldn’t wake her up though. This happened at like 3 am so she has got to be exhausted.”

“You should go to bed too. I can’t imagine that sleeping while sitting like that was very comfortable.” 

“Far from it” Michael chuckles and I hear him walk away. I hear a shuffle and assume that Ashton is leaving the room so I put my arm out towards him and make grabbing motions with my hands. 

“Cuddle” I mumble and I hear him laugh lightly. 

“Who am I to deny you after you insisted I slept last night” he says softly. He lays himself behind me on the couch and wraps his arm around me but I turn to face him. He kisses my forehead and makes a worried face. 

“What?” I ask worried. 

“You’re burning up, maybe we should take you to a doctor” he says. 

“Maybe I’m just hot from sleeping on Michael’s lap all night” I wink as I try to act normally even though I feel horrid. 

“Don’t make me go beat him up” he teases. “I really do think we should get you to a doctor.”

“When we get to Boston I will see someone but I don’t want to make you stop and screw up the times” I answer. 

“Okay” he conceeds. “But if you get worse, I will pull this bus over” he tells me back. I know he means it which is another reason I didn’t tell him about me getting sick last night because I knew he would want me to get looked at and I can’t risk that. I can’t risk that when I know that there is a strong possibility that I’m pregnant. I can’t risk him finding that out, not yet.


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Hello , can I try to reguest a gif reaction of EXO members hearing their girlfriend talking with her boy best friend & telling him she loves him ( in a friendly way ), but EXO members missunderstands that ?

Exo gif reaction when you say I Love You (friendly way) to your boy bestie and they misunderstand.

y/f/n= your friend name. Hi anon sorry for the wait I hope you and everyone else likes it though; I tried! -Ocean

Exo K
You are on the phone talking to your guy bestie
“Aww I love you (y/f/n)!!”
y/f/n? that sounds like a guy’s name…
Would look at you worried trying to convince himself that you truly only love him

Already planning your friends’ death only to later discover that you meant it in a friendly way
“As long as it remains that way he will live”

Would just stare at you wondering just who you are talking to
“So do you just say I love you to me or to everyone jagi?”

Wouldn’t really do anything if he heard you say I love you to your guy friend but when all three of you are together he will give you so much attention to show your boy best friend that he is yours and you are his…even though your friend already knows that. (you are d.o)

“I thought you only loved me”
*Sad puppy activated*

Wouldn’t worry nor misunderstand because you honestly love him and only him. Why? Because he is Oh Sehun! (I’m sorry I just had to!)

Exo M
“I love you!”
“I love you too babe-“ “Not you Kris I’m talking to (y/f/n)”
“Wait what?”
Would start question everything and questioning why you would say I love you to your friend and not him. (ignore xiumin)

“Aw (y/f/n) I love you so much!”
“Say what now?”
Would instantly try to eavesdrop on your conversation to see what the hell you’re talking about.

Judging you from a distance ft Lay.

Lost and confused unicorn

You were on the phone with your guy buddy “Thanks again (y/f/n) I love you!”
Grabs your phone and starts talking to your friend. “Why hello I’m (y/n) boyfriend; who are you and why is my girlfriend saying I love you?”

“You would rather love him than me?! Look at me I’m fabulous!”
Would be dramatic not even letting you explain anything.

EXO Reaction when they overhear you on the phone complimenting them

Aww this one is too cute! Thank you for all the requests guys! With love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “What is she saying? I have a big.. what?!” *Blushes*

Kris: *Actually believes he is the man with more swag in the world*

Sehun: “Whoa.. I didn’t expect less from you human” *Perfect Sehun*

Tao: “She really knows what she is saying..” *Fabulous*

Kai: “I will reward you tonight woman!”

Xiumin: *Can’t function properly all day*

Baekhyun: “She is really telling her bff about that time… Why the rough one Y/N?!” *Can’t actully believe you tell your friends that stuff*

Luhan: *Dances all day* “She said I am trully a man!”

Chen: *The guys are talking while he tries to listen to what you are saying* “Let me hear!”

Kyungsoo: *He won’t look into your eyes all day, he is feeling really flattered*

Lay: *You look up and see him standing in the doorway* “Thank you sweetie”

Suho: *Doesn’t understand you are talking about him*

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incredibly lucky to have had the chance to meet louis like 2 yrs ago 31.7.13 :) i have a thing called cerebral palsy and i make uncontrollable movements and shake and it was pretty bad when i asked for a picture and i was nervous bc i wanted a good pic -obviously- but he just held my phone and took like 7 pics for me even tho people were waiting and he's just so patient w/ his disabled fans and he makes me so happy :)) people say he's rude to fans but louis tomlinson is the sweetest guy ever xx

Aww this is a lovely story! I’m so glad you got to meet Louis and have such a good experience with him. :) I think fans have been afraid to meet him in the past due to the image they built around him (particularly with the bullshit tweets that targeted fans), but almost every fan’s encounter with him is positive. The only times I’ve heard negative things really is when stalkers and other fans are outside Louis’ hotel or somewhere else where he isn’t able to stop for them, which in my opinion is perfectly reasonable.

BTS react to hearing your cover of their song

jesskuu said:

I’m not sure if you take these kinds of requests, but I would like a reaction of VIXX to one of my covers. That would be pretty cool to read xD Especially to this one –> /watch?v=7cNvKc9ZrNU and of BTS to this one –> /watch?v=w2fXBI8ZssQ If two is too much, feel free to pick. Or split them up. Or just ignore this if you don’t do this kind of stuff. Thank youu :3 <3 /girlwiththechickenontopofherhead

Can I just say you guys should definitely go and check out her covers I personally loved them and I;m sure they would too

Jin: He would be looking at random videos on YouTube when he comes across your cover and he would smile through the whole video. Later on he would ask you why you never bothered showing him because your voice is amazing

Originally posted by jimineh

Yoongi: He would be on YouTube when your cover comes out as suggested and he would be curious and end up watching it. He would be in awwe at how well you sing and how good your korean sound,, would probably become a subscriber

Originally posted by jeonguks

Hoseok: I feel like Hoseok would find out through the fans and he would be so hyped to hear you cover. And when he does he would be so happy like he will become your #1 fan in a heartbeat and he would question why you never brought it up

Originally posted by troiskims

Namjoon: Would probably find out because you left your phone or laptop on your channel and would instantly listen to your covers. Would honestly feel happy and proud that you would cover one of their songs and would ask you to do more because you have great talent

Originally posted by armyfanclub

Jimin: I feel like he would find out by one of the members and instantly start looking for your cover and when he finds it he would instantly fall in love with your voice. He would ask why you never decided to sing for hi or why you never bothered to tell him when your covers are amazing

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Taehyung: I don’t how this boy would find out but he just did like don’t question it. But he would be a literal puppy at the sound of your voice. He would be smiling at his phone when you realized what he’s looking at and he would just look at you and smile saying “look at my jagi!!”

Originally posted by jitamin

Jungkook: Would “casually” run into your channel while totally not stalking you. Honestly he would be amazed at how good you sound and how well you hit the notes. Would instantly become a supporter and jam out to all your covers

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

-credit to gif owners

Honestly they would all be supportive and superproud,, they would love your covers and become a fan

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Hii! I love your blog and I'm super excited that the ask box is open! So can I please request a romantic Jungkook scenario? One where BTS is collabing with his crush (also an idol) and he's trying to impress and be alone with his crush? Please, and thank you in advance! ^.^

(Aww love you too~) I kept this gender neutral, since you didn’t specify. Enjoy!~
- Devi ☆(◒‿◒)☆

Originally posted by hugtae

notice me

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krysylyn86  asked:

#4, Sterek

4. “How can I hate someone so much, yet love them even more?”


“Let’s go over the plan one more time,” Scott insisted, earning a groan from the whole pack.

“We’ve been over the plan. The plan is hardwired into my brain. I could do the plan in my sleep,” Jackson drawled. “Can we just go go home now?”

“I agree with Scott,” Derek said, shooting a glare at Stiles. “I think it needs changed.”

“We are not changing the plan,” Stiles snapped, sending his very own glare Derek’s way.

“Oh,” Erica whispered to Isaac. “Are mommy and daddy fighting again?”

Derek gave a warning growl under his breath, earning an innocent smile from Erica.

“People!” Stiles cried, bringing everyones attention back to the meeting. “All of the bodies were found in the park. They were all alone when they were killed so it only makes sense for me to act as bait. I’m the only human. Whatever this thing is would smell all of you and go running in the other direction. If we want the killings to stop we have to do this my way! So, all you will be far enough away it won’t smell you. When it starts to hunt me all of you will swoop in and kick it’s monstery ass. Okay?”

The pack all murmured their reluctant agreement. All except Derek.

“No,” Derek growled.

“And why not?” Stiles demanded.

The pack all seemed to shrink into their seats as Derek and Stiles went at it. Again.

“You’d be in danger!”

“As long as you all rush in and save me there’s no danger to be had!”

“A million things could go wrong!”

“You’re out numbered!”

“I don’t care!” Derek snarled as he turned away from Stiles, roughly ripping his hand through his hair.

“Don’t you want to stop this thing Derek?” Stiles asked in frustration.

“Of course I do! Just not this way!”

“It’s the only way!”

“How long have they been dating again?” Allison whispered to Lydia.

“Two months. I’m giving it one more before they call it off,” she answered with casual disinterest.

“Or kill each other,” Allison added with a frown.

“There are other ways Stiles!” Derek shot back.

“Oh like what?” Stiles demanded sarcastically. “Lure it away and then surround the town with mountain ash?”

“Hey,” Isaac whined. “It’s not that bad of an idea is it?”

Erica just gave his curls a comforting pat.

“I don’t know,” Derek whispered coldly. “But I am not going to let you do this.”

The whole room seemed to suck in a breath.

“You won’t let me?” Stiles asked incredulously. “Well sorry to break it to you big guy, but I do not need your permission! We’re doing this whether you like it or not!”

Derek growled in frustration, bringing his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose.

“How can I hate you so much, yet still love you?” Derek wondered aloud to himself.

All the sound and oxygen seemed to vacate the room. The pack subtly followed it out. Boyd dragged Erica, who wanted to stay and eavesdrop, out by the back of her jacket

“W-What did you just say?” Stiles asked after a few awkward moments of silence.

Derek froze, ready to bolt. Stiles took a hesitant step towards him, drawing Derek’s eyes. They looked scared and vulnerable. Stiles took a steadying breath before closing the distance between them and took Derek’s hands.

“You love me?” Stiles asked, unable to fight back a hopeful smile.

“If you were paying attention, I also said I hated you,” Derek mumbled, trying to back pedal.

“Okay, but the loving me part was far more interesting so you’ll understand why it’s the only thing I heard.”

Unsure of what to say, Derek just went silent and avoided eye contact. Stiles waited patiently until, finally, Derek looked back at him.

“Yes Stiles, I love you. Which is why I don’t want you to go through with this plan.You could get hurt or worse….I can’t lose you, okay?”

“There’s my big ole softie,” Stiles whispered fondly before leaning in to kiss Derek.

“You won’t lose me,” Stiles promised.

“I know I won’t. You won’t be th-”

Stiles cut him off with another kiss.

“Cause you aren’t going to let it near enough to hurt me.”

“Because you won’t be there to beg-”

Another kiss.



“Oh, by the way, I love you too,” Stiles confessed.

Derek blinked, as if Stiles loving him was a foreign concept. Then he took Stiles’ face in his hands and kissed him deeply. Roughly. Dominantly.

“Wow,” Stiles breathed when Derek finally let him up for air. “Been holding back on me huh?”

Derek didn’t say anything, a little shocked himself.

“Where’d the pack go?” Derek asked, trying to chance the subject.

“Oh they fled the room as soon as you dropped the L-bomb,” Stiles told him with a laugh.

“Right,” Derek murmured, looking flushed.

“Aww, don’t be embarrassed big guy. It was very romantic,” Stiles teased.

Derek just glared at him.

“Hey,” Stiles started, unperturbed. “After my plan works, we should have a night out. Dinner. Movie. Mind blowing sex. Whatever you want.”

Derek flushed bright red, earning a shit-eating grin from Stiles, and nodded.

“You’re adorable,” Stiles cooed before kissing Derek. “I have to go though. Dad’s expecting me home.”

It wasn’t until Stiles was almost out the door that something clicked with Derek.


“You agreed Derek Hale! No take backs!” Stiles shouted back as he bounded down the steps two at a time.

Derek ground his teeth together. He didn’t care if he had to hog tie Stiles in the loft. He would not be at that park.

Stiles found the threat kinky.

Stiles was going to be the death of him.