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i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

“Bruce, You’ve got to be more careful.” I say sternly, a hint of care hidden behind it.

A grunt comes from his dry lips, not the answer I was hoping for exactly.

“I’m serious… You can’t keep doing this. Just take a break.” Now vexation started to boil in the pits of my stomach as I reach for another wet wipe.

“You know why I do this. I need to build strength.” His dark eyes catch my gaze. His lips were parted, his eyebrows curving up his forehead.

“Yeah, but, You don’t need to push yourself so hard. You don’t need to be jumping from high places… And punching rough objects…” I peel away the foil of the wipe, retrieving the small sheet.

“Yes I do.  I have to become to the best detective. For my parents.” Bruce mumbles lightly, his head drooping down his shoulders.

Oh no. I didn’t mean to bring down the mood. I take a minute to look at the boy who sits in front of me.

“Please, take a minute to be a kid. You don’t spend time with me anymore.” I gently grab his right hand, gazing over his bloody knuckles.

“I feel like I can’t. I can’t” I felt his eye watch my hands.

Hesitantly, I press the wipe on his small cuts amongst his knuckles.

“You can. I know you can. Just take one day to spend time with me. I miss having you around.” I felt the heat on my cheeks immediately rise. I had a big crush on this child.

No response.

Worst response. I regret what I said.

My now shaky hand, rubs the wipe across his bloodied index finger, my free hand aiding to lift his injured one.

“I… I miss you too. And I like you. A lot. I like, like you.

And there goes my solemn heart beat. I can feel the blood pumping through my veins 10x faster. He really likes me?

“Y-you do?”

“Yeah, I really d- Ouch!” Bruce flinches away from my touch, holding his hands. I hadn’t even realized that I was rubbing his cuts harder, making it more painful.

“Sorry! Sorry!”

“It’s okay.” He lets out an airy chuckle, sliding off the table he sat atop of.

“D-do you like me back?” He stuffs his hands in his pockets, hidding his hands.

“Y-yeah, I do.” I look down at my hands, suddenly becoming interetsed in them. ‘Suddenly.’

“Go out with me.” He nearly deadpans, but that affection in his words is there. His face was straight. Only his brows furrow, wondering about my answer.

I felt like putty. Simple as that. I felt like a spaghetti noodle. My childhood best friend and childish crush, asked me out.

“Okay.” That’s all I  could sputter.

He pulls his hands from his pockets, wrapping his  arms around my shoulders and pulling me close, gently rubbing my shoulder blades. Despite the heaviness in my  stomach, it fluttered at the feeling of my body pressed against his. I sunk into the warmth of his side, appreciative of the simple gesture. His touch made the room warmer and my head spin.

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Could you do something about George and the reader is visiting the burrow and he keeps bugging her because he has a crush on her but she doesn’t know


(Y/n) POV:
We all sit around the Gryffindor table for the eating dinner. Smiles, laughs, and gossip was of course flying around the room. Suddenly an own flies in the room and drops a letter right into my food. “Another howler (y/n)?” George asks laughing. “Not this time.” I say laughing and opening the letter.

Dear (y/n)
Your father and I have recently found out your sister is stuck in a rut in New York. These muggles don’t understand how to get around and one hit your sister’s car! Sadly you’ll have to stay at hogwarts for break. I’m sorry dear I know you wanted to spend Christmas and make your cake this year, but I promise next year will be 1000 times better. Your father and I will pay you a visit soon though. Good luck with school dear, and don’t forget we love you.

Sincerely mum and dad

I slump my head on my hand and read the note again. “Way to go sissy.” I roll my eyes. “What’s wrong love?” George asks with a long face. “My sister got stranded in New York so now I can’t go home for Christmas.” I say playing with my food.

I see Fred slightly nudge his brother. George looks confused then smiles with delight. “Come home with us for Christmas. Mum would love to see you! She hasn’t seen you in a year!” Fred says with a smile. “I couldn’t guys. I don’t want to intrude.” “Nonsense!” The twins say. I smile and hug them both. “You guys are the best.” They laugh as I pull away, and I swear I could see a little blush dancing on George’s cheeks.


Today’s the day! I get to go over to the Burrow for Christmas. I get my trunk onto the train and spend the entire time joking with Fred and George. Though George seems a bit off. A bit quiet actually. That’s not normal.

When we get off the train I run to molly hugging her. “Ah (y/n)! I haven’t seen you in forever! So grown up! My gosh!” She yells over dramatically.

As we get to the warm and cozy crooked house I smell. “Aww having flashbacks (y/n)?” Fred asks laughing. “I like the one where you fall off your broom.” George laughs. “Thanks for catching me by the way.” I wink playfully making George’s face heat up. What is up with him? George then bucks up and trips me as I goes up the stairs. “George!” “Oh sorry love. I just couldn’t help watching you fall for me.” I roll my eyes and get up.

For the rest of the day George kept pinching me, tripping me and just completely bugging me. Attention deprived much?

At dinner we all eat the wonderful meal Mrs. Weasley cooks and then it’s off to bed. Molly let me sleep in the boy’s room because she knows how close we all are. I sit my bag down on the floor and get out my pajamas and shower supplies. “I’m off the shower boys.”

As I make my way out the door I hear them giggling and looking at me. “What?” I ask with a smirk. “Oh nothing. Nothing. Just something Georgie said is all.” Fred says getting a shove from George. I roll my eyes forgetting it for now, and going into the bathroom.

I toss and turn on the cot trying to find a comfortable position, but something keeps running in circles in my mind. George.

I sit up and scoot over to Fred’s bed. I shake him slightly. “Psst. Freddie wake up.” He rolls over and mumbles. “Ugh you’re so difficult!” I groan and hold his nose shut. After a second or two his eyes open and he sits up. “Bloody hell (y/n)! Thought I was drowning!” I giggle and stand up. “Come here.” I say walking towards the door. “What?” “Questions later Fredric now come on.” I pull him up and out of the room to the downstairs.

We sit on the couch Fred looking around in the dark. “Not that I don’t love spending time with my best friend, but it’s 2:46 in the morning.” “Yeah I know, but I just have something to ask you.” “About what?” “George.” I say causing Fred to smile in the dark.

He crosses his arms and smiles. “Finally coming around huh? It’s been long enough. Poor mate having to wait all this time.” I look at him confused. “I’m sorry what?” Fred face goes blank. “Guess jumping to conclusions is what I’m best at. What about George?” “He’s been acting differently. Blushing, getting a little jumpy. I’m just wondering what’s going on with him.” Fred smirks. “Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. He’ll tell you everything tomorrow morning.” Fred laughs as he goes back up to the room.

In the morning I change and hop down the steps going straight into the kitchen. “Molly could I make a cake for Christmas? I was going to for my family, but I’m obviously not there.” “Of course dear! More food the merrier!” She laughs and starts putting breakfast out.

One by one the Weasley’s come down and eat breakfast…but no George. “Where’s your brother?” Molly asks. Fred smirks at his food. “Asleep.” He says chewing on pancakes. “Oh that boy. (Y/n) will you go wake him up please?” I nod and make my way up to George’s room.

I knock on the door waiting for an answer. Yet when I don’t get one I just open the door and strut in. I look over to George’s bed and see him cuddled up in his blanket.

I walk over to him and shake him slightly. “George. Breakfast is ready.” He opens his eyes and looks at me for a second. “You okay Georgie?” I laugh and try to turn away until he grabs my arm.

I look back at him and scrunch my eyebrows together. “You okay George?” He pulls my arm making me fall on the bed with him.

He pushes my hair out of my face and smiles. “Godric you’re beautiful.” I laugh uncomfortably trying to get up. “Oh can I please kiss you (y/n)? Please?” He breaths and sits up trying to get to my lips.

Not that I’m complaining, but he doesn’t seem like himself. “Kiss me (y/n).” George says. I stare at him. I can’t stand it anymore. I smash my lips against his and he immediately responds.

He flips us over so he’s on top. George runs his lips down my neck biting in places making marks. “George.” I moan out arching up.

Then I realize what I’m doing. “George.” He groans and grinds against me. “George.” “What is it love?” “We have to stop.”

He looks at me with sad eyes. “Why?” I get out from under him and stand up fixing my clothes. “George. Breakfast is ready.” George stands up and grasps my hips. “Well I’m hungry for something other than mums hot cakes.” He kisses up my neck and grips my hips. “George. Stop.”

He pulls away with sad eyes again. “I love you…” “George you’re really not being yourself.” I try to go downstairs but he pulls me to him. “I’ve loved you since 2nd year (y/n). Honest to Godric.”

I look him in the eyes and see something. A slight pink sparkle. I sigh and shake my head. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I say under my breath and run down the steps. “Fred!” I scream and end up chasing him around the table with George trying to catch me.

I get caught in George’s arms and Fred laughs. “A spell? Really?” I groan and try to get at Fred. “Oh relax. He’s not acting. The spell makes you truthful. Stronger than the potion actually.” Fred states in a matter of fact tone.

George tries to kiss me again, but I wrestle him to the couch. “Well get him off of it.” “Do you want him to remember what he said?” Fred asks with a smirk.

“Yes. Fred please!” George yells with a lovely smile as he stares at me. “My pleasure.” Fred waves his wand and George stops struggling.

I look down at him and see him looking up at me. I raise up off him and continue to stare at him. “(Y/n)…I’m-” “I love you too.” I say. George smiles and kisses me.


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“Shawn I promise everything will be fine! You won’t break her if you touch her.” You try assuring him for the hundredth time.

Shawn and yourself were babysitting your little cousin, Sage. She has just turned 6 months a few days ago and your lovely cousin was going out of town for work. No one else could watch Sage and you figured why not? She loved you and it would be adorable to see your boyfriend with a baby.

“Y/N she’s so tiny..what if I drop her.” Shawn’s eyes were wide as he watched the small human bouncing up and down on your leg.

“I’m going to make you hold her eventually. Get over yourself…”

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Hi Vivi! I just came to say that we care a lot about you and that no matter what we still here, if you're uncomfortable with something, don't do it, if you don't want to talk about your problems, don't do it. You work so hard to make us happy, you are a good girl and we have a great affection for you, not just for your perfect art, but for the sweet person that you are, and your comfort and health always comes first to us. My favorite dongsaeng <3. - Ur old follow an new anon. -BR anon, maybe?

((W-wow.. I’m.. wow

this message..  thank you so much BR anon

I-im sorry I’m not used to this much.. love hahaa like– wow im very speechless
I’m.. so. speechless.))

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AOS ALPHABET D is for Dramatically Jumping out of Planes
 Your first jump?  Second. First was with Coulson and Lola. It’s a car. It flies. 
…yeah this is my first.

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How would boys confess their love ? I love your headcanons!!!

Aww, thank you dear! I hope you like these ones!


  • He’s never done anything remotely like this before, and is unbelievably skittish.
  • He acts confident though, and invites you to join him for a walk.
  • He then proceeds to waste about ten minutes talking about absolutely nothing at all.
  • You actually have to force him to get to the point and he reluctantly does so.
  • There’s a blush on his face and he can’t look you in the eye, but his words are loud and clear.
  • He’s very patient waiting for your reply, and won’t pressure you into giving him an answer immediately.


  • He doesn’t want or mean to.
  • Ez is very happy keeping his feelings for you under lock and key, but you’re so lovely…
  • You’re laughing, a beautiful sound to his ears, at a incredibly poor joke of his, leaning against him at keep your balance when the words spill out.
  • He’s never been more mortified in his life, and leaves the room immediately.
  • You’re going to have to hunt him down to tell him your answer, otherwise he’s going to avoid you for the rest of time.


  • He’s been trying to tell you his feelings for a week now.
  • But he’s always chickens out at the last moment.
  • This time for sure. He’ll do it, definitely.
  • He asks you to meet him at the beach, but arrives way too early and doesn’t know what to do with himself.
  • So he practises his confession, pacing up and down the beach as he tries to summon the courage to say it you.
  • Turns out he doesn’t have to. You arrived early too, and heard every passionate word.
  • He’s sooo embarrassed, squirming in place as he awaits your answer.

some book of life and undertale crossover stuff inspired by @renrink‘s movie stream

honestly these were supposed to be just doodles but i need color practice so why the heck not