aww how sweet :')

for some reason i ship ochako and izuku like this:

 izuku’s crush on ochako: aww. that’s really sweet how his initial infatuation filled out with a solid basis of friendship, respect, and trust. 

 ochako’s crush on izuku: i’m crying over it right now. look at how she’s slowly realizing that he stirs her heart. look how, as they grow closer, she sees in him reasons to carry on, be true to herself, achieve her goals. look at the softness he brings out in her - sweetness that’s gentler and more intimate than the outgoing cheerfulness she presents to everyone else. everyone around her can feel the warmth she has for him, it’s radiating from her like rays of sunlight. her crush is angelic, thank you and goodnight.

Match Made in Heaven (Wonwoo x Reader)

Admin: Mimi

Prompt/ask: Could I have a scenario where SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo and you like each other and pretty much everyone knows but the two of you so the other boys plan to get you two together? Thanks! (:


Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader (female)

Warnings: danger? I guess, but other than that, none!

Word Count: 5494 (got a bit carried away lol)

Authors note: Ahh thank you so much for the request! My first one! And for my bias from Seventeen, no less! I really hope you enjoy this ^^ I got a bit carried away writing this, but I hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated, so don’t be afraid to talk to us! This is quite long so it’s under the cut!

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you & nurses.

TFLN: What he does while groggy from anesthetic is entirely not his fault. (This was a lot better playing out in my head)
Harry || Y.N


“Hey, you finally woke up, was starting to worry. You okay?”

“Don’t think I am fully awake still…. so..uhm… gotta tell you somethin’”

“Uh oh, what is it?”

“I thought the nurse was you and may or may not have flirted with her…" 

"You flirted with your nurse?”

“It was not intentional… I thought it was you. Whatever they gave me is pretty strong.”

“So, that’s what you think about when you wake up, flirt with me?" 

"You’re always my first thought, even while doped up in a hospital bed." 

"Aww how sweet, so how are you?" 

"Disappointed that you’re not here, dressed as a nurse to make me feel better." 

"That’s what your nurse is for ;)”

“Don’t think she’s coming back, didn’t seem too thrilled with me." 

"Damn, you couldn’t work your charm on her?”

“I guess not… Are you coming to see me, or do I have to loathe in self-pitty by myself?" 

"Depends, are you going to flirt with other women? ;)”

“What happens while I am a little out of the loop is not my fault. I was thinking of you when I did it… I’m kinda lonely here.”

“I am getting off work now, try not to flirt with all the nurses on the floor, you need someone to check you hourly when I’m not there." 

"I am not going to live this down, am I?" 

"No chance, sweetheart." 

"You told Niall… Now I am getting dirty nurse jokes." 

"Am I that boring you have to think of me as a nurse?" 

"Damnit, No! I… well, fuck. I can’t wiggle out of this. I’m sorry… Can you come keep me company, I promise I won’t flirt with the nurse, they rotated and it is now a male.”

“Is he cute?" 


“I’m on my way up, x”

“Try not to flirt with the nurse in the hallway, he might be better at flirting than me.”

“WHat’s taking so long? Are you flirting with the nurse? Y/N? 

"Did you get lost?”

“I’m coming! The pretty nurse you flirted with was telling me all about your flirtatious mumbles.”

“Really sorry. Xx”


Elena Fisher (Uncharted) - Requested by @im-elated

”Aww, how sweet. You want me to be your decoy?”

Overwatch Chatroom: You’re The Bomb

Got a request out! It was for general junkrat x reader, so I just went with what a lil conversation might look like if junkrat had to leave for a mission. Anyways, for my first chatfic and x reader I think I did pretty solid! Expect maybe a few more as the week drags on… we’ll see how it plays out (and maybe a self indulgent fic with symmetra lol)

-Mod Bigfoot


Y/n started a private chat room.

RatJunk logged in.

RatJunk: wassup ??

Y/n: I wanted to know how your mission was going :)

RatJunk: oh ! its fine… tough without you here though …

Y/n: aww! how sweet, jamie

Y/n: you know I would have gone too if I could’ve

RatJunk: yea doesnt mean i miss ya any less

RatJunk: so howve you been ?

Y/n: its been fine here, not much has happened… keeps beating me at video games lol and I’ve been training with 76

RatJunk: and hows that ?

Y/n: I knocked him on his butt today

Y/n: you should have seen the look on his face lol

RatJunk: thats my lov !! doing the good work of annoying gramps while im gone ;)

Y/n: someone had to!

Y/n: it’s quiet when you’re not around…

RatJunk: maybe i should stick around next time then

Y/n: then who would they get? you’re the best pyrotechnic specialist we have

Y/n: in other words… you’re the bomb ;)

RatJunk: rlly ? you flatter me lov <3

RatJunk: even though that joke was trash…

Y/n: you could also say it was junk ;))

RatJunk logged out.

Newcomers Pt 18

Cathy awoke rather abruptly feeling ill and quickly rolled over and vomited into a bucket that Hopkins had placed there earlier when he had come to check on her. That was hours ago and it was now the middle of the night as no sunshine passed through the gap in the tent. She sensed Hesky awake and send his concern through the Link and she responded with the sickly feeling and reassurance to let him know she was okay. He was still worried about her though and she could easily sense it even if they were not in the Link. She ached, her whole body did and the doctors could not figure out why, the symbiont had been working overtime to try and combat this infection whatever it was and was almost trying to dig itself into her body. She hit it as if to tell it to stop which only made her feel worse. She was not the only one though, a few of the others had gotten ill too, Karen among them although Cathy seemed to be at a more advanced stage. Many were thinking this could be the body rejecting the symbiont but there was no sign of that. What was odd was that only the woman were falling ill. Because of this the Human military advance across Bento had come to a halt while they dealt with this issue, Kiev’s force had been reporting the same thing with their female soldiers and even some of the men where feeling the early effects.

“Ah I hate feeling like this” she moaned to herself, she hated being ill she liked to be up and doing things, which was probably why she hated being pregnant. That thought made her laugh since she had had the desire for another, that made Hesky awake once more as he felt that desire in the Link and she sent humour to quell his fear.

She then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep again, if not a bit sweaty.

The next morning everyone was woken to the sudden shock of Cathy through the Link, she screamed and shouted and called for help in the Link making everyone aware something was wrong. Not just in her camp but on the planet and in the fleet.

Hopkins was the first in her tent and what he saw was nothing short of insane.

Cathy had changed.

Her features were sharper and more defined and her ears elongated like that of a mythical elf, her eyes were larger and a sharp purple colour that seemed to see everything. But what was most obvious were her legs, it was as if the foot had lengthened to create another knee joint that bent backwards adding to their already incredible power. At the base of her spine was now a tail, not quite a mammal one and not a reptilian either.


“Help me” she breathed.

Hopkins stared at her not sure what to do before finally getting down and helping her back into her bed.

“Cathy? What happened?”


“Where is your symbiont?”

She placed her hand on the back of her neck and felt only flesh, the symbiont was gone.

“Get a doc-”

“You called!”

“Dammit Cassion don’t sneak up on people” Hopkins shouted.

“Who was sneaking?”

Cassion sat next to Cathy and looked her over, by this time a crowed had gathered with people asking questions and even those in the Link demanding to know what had happened especially Hesky. It was an hour before they had even an idea.

“So?” Jenkins asked Cassion who was looking at some of her blood.

“Well in my expert opinion…this blood is red”


“Fine fine” he said putting it aside “She is in perfect health”

“And my shit doesn’t stink” said Hopkins who was sitting next to her holding her hand.

“It’s true she is now cured of all the natural ailments you would normally expect to find in a normal Human and even her diabetes is cured”

“You were diabetic?” Jenkins said to Cathy.

“They would not have let me join if they knew, Cassion agreed to keep it a secret” she said quietly.

“CATHY!” shouted Hesky

“Oh no” Hopkins said about to go to the tent entrance but was hit aside the moment Hesky appeared having already struck several guards. His eyes rested on his wife and his face rested with joy of seeing her. He ran to her side “Cathy, I’m here”

“You shouldn’t have come I didn’t want you to see me like this” she said tears filling her eyes as she looked at her legs now misshapen.

He turned and glared at the Conduit standing next to Jenkins and went for him but Jenkins and Hopkins stopped him.

“What have you done to her!”

“We have done nothing” it replied.

“No Hesky they are not” Hopkins said making him face him. “Search the Link you know that they are just as shocked by this as we are”

Hesky calmed for a moment as he did so, it was true in the Link no lies could be told and the Gal kept themselves open. They were just as surprised as anyone. He went back to her side and kissed her.

“You are still as beautiful as the day I met you”

She smiled “Where is Depit?”

“I left him with a friend on the ship, he is fine but misses his mother. He tried to suckle my tit last night”

Cathy laughed at that, she always loved that he could put a smile on her face.

“Aww how sweet, well my work is done” Cassion said getting up.

“You stay there!” Hesky shouted.

“Why? Does stuff still need explaining?”


“I do have other stuff to do you know, I am not just here to explain random plot points”

“Oh yeah, what else do you do?” Jenkins asked him.

Cassion stood there for a moment saying nothing but thinking heavily his eyes looking around.

“Fine” he said taking a seat “I hope you readers appreciate this”

Everyone looked to where he was looking, seeing nothing.

“Who are you talking to?” the Conduit asked.

“Errrrr don’t ask him you wouldn’t believe him anyway” Hesky said quickly.

“As I was about to say” Cassion began “This seems to be the natural course of the symbiont”

“How do you know?” Hopkins asked.

“Because two others woke up in the same state in Kievs camp this morning, they are too both fine…and both female it seems this will affect the females first before the men” he said holing up a com.


“Because all babies start off as female in the womb and then if they have the Y chromosome become males. This works the same way” Cassion said fiddling with his nails.

“So this will happen to all of us?” Jenkins asked.

“Yeah, it will affect some sooner than others but yes, gentlemen..and lady and whatever the hell you are, I present to you the new Human race”

No one spoke.

“But is she okay?” Hesky pressed pointing at Cathy.

“Yes she is fine, a bit of bed rest and she will up and about in no time and still kicking your ass in the sparing cages. Now if you excuse me I have other plot points to prepare for explanation” Cassion straightened his jacket and left and subsequently disappeared as the writer did not need him right now.

“I really hate that guy” Hesky said before looking back at his wife, he looked down at her legs and grinned. “It’s a good thing I’m a leg man isn’t it?”

This news was met with a mixture of reactions, some were horrified at the thought that their bodies were about to undergo a drastic transformation and in a sense no longer be Human. Others were intrigued by the thoughts that this had cured the ailments of those who had undergone it and for those who suffered genetic disorders this was nothing short of a god send. Others simply thought it looked cool and were fine with it. Cathy was up and about within a few hours, she went through a few physical exercises and it was found she had completely absorbed the effects of the symbiont, in fact the symbiont had liquefied and become part of her genetic code now. Cassion had to explain further to his annoyance that this was probably what Humanity would look like if the comet carrying the Gal original genetic code had crashed on Terra all those millennia ago. This was in fact a natural evolution if not a bit sped up. So over the next few weeks humanity began to die out and in their place a new race emerged. Everyone was not really sure what they should call themselves since they were now becoming something else but in the end they thought it a conversation for another day. By this time the symbiont were making their way to Terra itself along with this new information. It was not as warmly met and it took a lot of scientists a lot of time to explain it before people began warming to the idea. It was mainly because the terminally ill leapt at the chance to save their lives and once they were seen enjoying life and what their new bodies could do public opinion swayed. It was never forced on anyone though, it was always said form the beginning that the symbiont would be subject ot the personal choice and beliefs of the individual. But, soon those without a symbiont were vastly outnumbered by those who did.

It was not just their physical bodies that changed, the Link was stronger than ever, they could now hear each others thoughts and send full messages to one another with distance meaning very little.

But then it all changed when the secret the Gal had been wanting to tell the Humans for so long but had been unable to, was finally revealed.

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 12

I start trying to get back in shape when one of Lotor’s generals points out that in my current condition, I would never be able to hold my own and as a consort of someone with such a high status, danger could always be present. Really, I agree. Doesn’t make my sudden use of the training room any less brutal. I didn’t really notice how much weight I’d gained until I started to sweat ten minutes into stretching.

Of course, when I ask Lotor, he exclaims that he would love me in all shapes and sizes, that he has no preference. At this point, I’m pretty sure that’s his honest answer and he’s not just trying to avoid hurting my feelings. However, this is more of a matter of self image, mostly. If I maintain a regimen like I had back at the castle, I probably wouldn’t have to stop eating whatever I want, just cut back on the portions. Really, I have no clue what’s in the food I’m eating since it’s just replicas of Earth food. Plus, I think the jewelry and pretty clothes would look better on a thin model than a chubby one.

Maybe the royal tailor would be glad, not having to make a better fitting wardrobe for me every time I gorge myself like a pig. I’m steadily learning more intricate details about the Empire, Lotor sparring with me every free moment he has, whenever I request it. It’s getting a little boring, honestly. The only real excitement is the rise and fall in my own moods at random and seeing how animatedly he reacts to the changes. Of course, I could easily explain that it’s not his fault sometimes I go from happy to annoyed with anything that moves, but really… where’s the fun in that? Watching the way his features shift, trying relentless to find out what he did wrong. Maybe the anxiety is from the abusive parents.

I’m trying to keep track of the days, but I’m losing it all, it becomes a constant cycle of receiving more gifts, fucking, and going on missions. The Galra empire is consuming most of the universe with my leave in team Voltron. I believe it’s only a matter of time before we reach planet Earth. I wonder what will happen then. So far, Lotor has not harmed any of the planets he’s gained loyalty from. He’s improved them, in fact. Shared Galra culture and technology with them in exchange only for their alliance. The only one that will be harmed is Voltron, who are fleeing so passionately like rats. So cowardly. Refusing to except their fate of imprisonment and death.

“You’re quite… bendy.” Lotor comments when I pull my leg behind my head. “It’s very remarkable, Lance.”

I hum. “Yeah, I always have been. Sucks I have the arm strength of a malnourished six year old, though.” For some reason, I immediately picture a skinny, child Keith. He’s an orphan, right? All orphans are depicted as starving. Oh, orphan Keith. I smile at the memory of his gross sobbing. Good times. “But, hey, I’m not complaining. It’s good for those unusual sex positions, yanno.”

He smiles and flushes. “Indeed! With your exertion you’ve been practicing continuously over the course of these last few… months, I believe humans call them? It’s improved your stamina tremendously! It’s very… satisfying.”

I grin. “Aww, how sweet.“

He tilts his head. “Sarcasm, I presume?”

I shrug. “Kind of.” I tug at my dangly gold earrings. I smile. “We should practice that change in stamina though, baby.”

So, the schedule presumes.

We’re straying closer to the Milky Way every quintent, and at some point in between another battle with Voltron, and practicing my sharpshooting abilities (Lotor recommends that although I’m still remarkable, I should continue to hone them. He’s also helping me to become a better pilot. I’d like to think I’m helping him between a normal person, outside of his royalty), I take a moment to look in the mirror and freeze. At first, it was just a moment to admire the straight lines of my body and the slender muscle building at my abdomen and arms, but then I pinch the brown flesh beneath my eyes and pull.

Throughout these times, I’d kept my skin care regimen flawless. It was one part of my routine that had never been altered or tampered with in the slightest, though Lotor had provided me much better products instead of my makeshift once. It made my skin much bouncier, though not as peachy as the expired food goo had. You win some, you lose some. Other than that, I didn’t really look in the mirror, didn’t observe as closely as I once had. But, now, I can’t looking as this awful feeling of ice cold dread curls up in the pit of my stomach. I’m pulling until the pinks of my eyes are exposed, except they’re not pink and the whites are not white.

My inner tissue is going purple and my eyes are fucking yellow.

Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. For some reason, I can’t stop shaking as I drop my hands down in front of me, just clutching my chest over my heart that’s suddenly beating way too fast to be healthy. My other hand instinctively flies to cover my mouth because really, I feel like throwing up. I drop to my knees, there are sure to be bruises from the force because I drop my entire weight limply on my knee caps. This means no offense to the Galra Empire, Lotor, or anyone Galra for that matter. I just don’t want to fucking be one. I’m… I’m human. I’m human. I’m human. I’m human.


How could this be happening to be? I’m not Galra and I haven’t been absorbing massive doses of quintessence and I’m 100% sure Galra doesn’t fucking spread like some disease. I huddle into the corner in the fetal position to panic for a while. Holy shit, am I like Keith? Am I like… half and half? But, my family has been around my entire life and there was nothing odd going on. We were all normal. I couldn’t possibly be Galra because my parents are my parents and they aren’t anything space related, Galra or other. I’m not adopted, because I obviously resemble my mama and papa, as well as my nine other brothers and sisters, and I have plenty of baby pictures to prove I’m not.

So, why in the ever living hell are my eyes turning yellow and my tissue purple?

There has to be some reasonable explanation for this, but I’m hearing none of it and immediately strip to search for more symptoms of whatever condition I’m suffering from, whatever messed up disease my stupid body is harboring and failing miserably to defend me from. Well, any scar I have has gone from white or pink to purple. I pull my cheeks away from my teeth to see they’re sharpening and there’s violet splotches on my tongue. I redress and inhale. Okay, so I’m turning purple on the… inside? And my pupils and irises are still there, bluer than ever.

I’m not sure what to make of this, so I try to ignore it as best I can, but when Lotor asks how I’m feeling, I snap at him. Immediately, I’m gone from panicky to aggressive and my mood shifts have always been quick, but this was like a switch had been flipped. For some reason, my body’s too desperate for food, not in a way that I’m just hungry, in a way that if I don’t eat, my worst memories come to mind immediately and anything I’ve ever wanted to avoid is ensured if I don’t eat.

It takes another week and a half (I think) to figure it out, but when I do, I’m fucking livid.

So, I grab Lotor by his royal mane when we’re finally alone in the ship (give or take a few guards stationed just outside) and I growl into his ear, “There’s quintessence in the fucking food, you scum.”

He swallows and knits his brows. “Whatever do you mean?”

I give a harsh yank and he bites his lip. “You know exactly what I mean, yesterday I sliced myself open and healed completely in the same day, my eyes are yellow and if you try to play dumb, I swear on God’s green Earth, I will slit your throats and watch you bleed out without anything other than a smile.”

I honestly have no clue where all of these dark thoughts are coming from or how they’re just spewing out when I claimed to love Lotor so deeply, when I know how obsessed he is with me. It’s all just coming up like a word puke I can’t swallow back down.

“Calm down, this can be resolved, my love!”

“My insides are purple, asshole. You’ve been poisoning me for months when I trusted you with my life that you might have just permanently altered, and I’ve been wanting to kill someone for a very, very long time. You’re seeming like the perfect opportunity, Princey, so start saying words that make sense before I get mad!” I let out laughter, of which I have no clue where it came from.

“Darling, it was just for your safety! Humans are genetically weaker than most other species, and to be my equal, be so high in this oligarchy - I couldn’t risk you being unable to defend yourself if I was ever incapacitated!” His voice is getting higher in pitch with every word. I let go of his hair for a moment, just pet him for a moment. This violent display is unnecessary, right? He’d lay down and die for me.

I could question him with nothing but his heart in my hands and he’d crumble to my will. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that’s fucking awesome, so I’ll keep him around.

That sounds like a dark thought, but my thoughts are almost all dark. That’s the least of this blackness consuming my mind. This love started out pure before it was tainted, because now I know how much control I could wield and no matter how much I’ve feigned it, this is the first time I’ve ever had confidence.

A grin stretches across my face and it’s sharper than Lotor’s, even. “Okay, well, I guess it’s no big deal. As long as these changes can be reversed. But, can we just get something straight so that we never have to talk about it again?”

He’s shaking, now, and nods as I grasp his chin and gently tug his lips down towards mine, his eyes are fluttering closed. I miss his lips, however, and pepper kisses along his cheekbone all the way to his pointed little ear. I refuse to acknowledge how mine are slowly becoming like his. “If these God awful changes can’t be reversed, you fucking incompetent, twisted nutcase,” I hiss, revealing in the full body shudder than rolls through him, “I won’t kill you. I’m your Blue Prince, so you know I’m too kind to just kill you like that. I’ll leave you, go back to Voltron and I think that’s much more painful than death. To live without me, right?” I grip the collar of his shirt in my fists, sucking a bit of purple flesh between my teeth as I wait for a reply.

“S-So much more painful. I’ve wanted you for so long. You’re so unhappy there. How could I ever m- make you so miserable here that you’d like to return to Voltron?” His voice is quiet and shameful. It’s so cute. I could drink it up like good wine. Damn, it’s been so long since I got drunk.

“You’ve poisoned me with your filthy fucking drugs.” I growl low against his throat. “Tried to make an excuse, but it’s not working and my blood is riddled with your insecurities and dumb fear. You wanted me to be pliant, easy to control, and an obedient concubine like your soldiers, but not even the manipulated blood in my veins could ever make me obey you. You’re mine, I could leave you and survive, but you’d be reduced to something less than worthless.”

“Indeed, my love. I’m… yours.”

“There’s plenty of options for someone to please me on team Voltron. Maybe I’d try them all out and see which one makes me feel better than you ever could. You know, the red one thought he owned me too. And we saw how that ended, Princey.” I can hear his breathing getting unsteady, press closer to him so that I can feel his exposed teeth against my neck. “It makes your blood boil, thinking of anyone other than you fucking me? Well, it’s happened. Over and over,” his hands are on my hips and I trace shapes into the back of his neck with the pads of my fingers, “and over and over again.”

“I hate that. I hate it so, so much. I want to be the only one to see you in that state, the only one honored to touch you.”

“Yeah?” We kiss, its rough, teeth clacking, its gross, spit running down his chin and I want to wreck him. Want to be wrecked? Same difference, I guess. He’s breathless and presses me to the wall, I wrap my legs around his waist. “Step the hell up, then, Princey.”

It’s so strange how much of a mess I can make with just my words, but it makes me melt every time.

“You’re my whole universe, darling.”

“Then act like it, Princey.”

“I never want anyone else to touch you ever again.”

“Then make me never want anyone else’s touch.”

“You’ll allow me that chance?”

I let my head drop back against the wall I’m about to get fucked against, looking up at the high ceiling, feeling delirious because I’m wanted, no, not just wanted, because I’m worshipped. I’ve come a lot way and it feels like it’s been years since I’m cried my blue heart out because I’m not worthy of my position, because I’m worthless and replaceable, it feels like it’s been decades since Keith has been cruel to me. Sure, I’m becoming something my pathetic self would have hated, but does that matter when I’m on top of the universe, reigning supreme with a loyal dog at my side? I don’t think so.

“Lotor, you fucked up.” He latches on to the column of my neck and I can feel his guilt through his bite. “And I think I might be very, very wrong in my head right now. And I’m very sure that this will end up bad. But, I’ll give you something I didn’t give Voltron even when they were sobbing and begging for my forgiveness, because this is your first offense.”

He looks up at me expectantly with sharp yellow eyes, framed by white lashes. He kisses the underside of my jaw. “And what is that, my Blue Prince? That you will give to me, even though I’ve taken your humanity?”

This isn’t you, my Paladin. This isn’t right.


I know this isn’t me. I just don’t care.

Chapter 13:

Tarot readings

I don’t know about the rest of you tarot readers but I find relationship readings so hard to do. Sometimes you pull a pleasant card and are like “aww how sweet! ” and then other times you are like, this card can’t be right… I don’t want to tell them this is what I drew.