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V Headcannons

In ode of the upcoming V Route (since in some areas, IT’S AUGUST WOO) I’ve decided to address some V Headcannons that I personally think are completely plausible and holy fuck I love this man here we go

•He loves to cuddle. He’s not used to it, but he sure as hell loves it. Fight me on this I want my boy to be hugged and safe and warm and-

•V probably has sloth merchandise. He likes the way they live and finds them extremely adorable and thank the gods for this pure man and for these pure animals Jesus fucking Christ

•V’s pictures each have #Aesthetic names like, it’s canon one of the names are “Her Shadow” and another “Hope’s Beginning” so fuck yeah he’s aesthetic as hell


•V wears a lot of overalls and sweaters while traveling abroad to take photographs. He likes the feeling and likes how he doesn’t need to wear a belt. I love this man holy shi

•He has a dream journal… if anyone read it they’d be weirded out smh this boy has some weird ass dreams lemme tell you


•Remember how V tried telling Jumin he had terminal cancer in Baehee’s Route? Yeahhh I really hope he faked being sick so he could stay home sometimes during his schooldays. In those days he’d prob take pictures or stare at a wall and think about sloths or smth

•V used to have a cat when he was younger so maybe then he could finally get some pussy
Oh my fucking gods just pour bleach in my eyeballs now fucking hell

•When his sight began to fail, V bought so many sunglasses holy shit he probably has those steampunk sunglasses or even those cheesy five dollar ones with the bright colors and weird shapes. But he probably also has a small collection of fucking expensive as hell sunglasses that are probably worth more than my college tuition jfc

•V tips like a champ like for real he probably tried tipping 200% once and nearly made the waiter faint because it was a multi hundred dollar meal with Jumin who you fucking KNOW eats that expensive good good

•V’s phone battery is probably higher than your stoner cousin rn because he never knows when he doesn’t have his professional camera on him and needs to take a picture of like a flower (or a sloth)

•I stg V probably has read Harry Potter a fuck ton of times no joke and has merchandise and owns all of the movies. If you say a quote, he’ll probably tell you the book, chapter, page, paragraph, and sentence tbh what a dork

•I really hope V had an emo phase and when he first looked at Mint Eye!Saeran was probably thinking “yo what the fuck did Rika show you my old facebook account or what” even tho he’s too nice to say that shit out loud

•V hates chiffon cakes

•I really hope V likes camping for his photography. Like, you won’t hear from him for weeks (lol I bet whenever V goes AWOL the RFA just thinks he’s camping) and once nearly got mauled by a bear trying to take a picture of it (Yoosung’s favorite picture jfc)

•V uses contact lens and one time tore his right lens while swimming and started crying because that was his last right lens fucking hell

•V is such a fucking cutie when it comes to dates like holy shit what a gentleman. Like he’s vanilla af to dating (like do you really think he would date around?) so he tries his best to swoon the MC and it fuCKING WORKS TAKE ME

•He likes to wear eyeliner and once wore sparkly fingernail polish because he’s glitter af

•Doesn’t really watch anime that much, but probably has like a top ten that he likes. He once tried to watch Attack on Titan and nearly cried what a soft boy I love him

•He likes left Twix because Jumin likes right Twix and he thinks it’s funny what a cutie <3

•He likes planting flowers randomly in his house. One time he planted a sunflower next to his head and woke up to a butterfly on his nose aww
Long story short he sneezed -o-

•Alongside his sunglasses collection, you fucking bet your left titty that he has a flower crown collection. Rika tried getting rid of them while they dated, but he hid them and wears them while he goes camping. Smol flower boy uwu

•When he was younger he wanted a fantasy-like wedding but now our smol boy just wants to be loved by someone who won’t FUCKING SCRATCH HIS EYES OUT UHHH

•Used to be a crybaby when he was younger, now he knows how to cry on the inside more 
Someone please pet this boy’s cotton candy hair and tell him it’s gonna be alright ;-;

•You know those kids who would wake up hella early to watch cartoons?
V wasn’t one of them bye

•V wore reading glasses when he was little fight me on this

•V has a blog to help aspiring photographers and totally gives them #1 tips and is uber sweet abt it and holy fuck take my soul

•Once confused a fox and a cat while his eyesight was shit. He brought it in his house and everything. Jumin visited the next day and guess what he thought it was a cat too. It took a surprisingly long time for them to realize cats don’t look like foxes.
Hint he took the fox to the vet and found out after the secretary screamed

•Hates killing bugs but hates bugs

•V’s the kind of person who’s always buying lip balm but always losing them too like if you look under his couch he probably has like twenty down there

•Probably doesn’t take a lot of selfies, but when he does he looks bomb af and makes Zen reconsider his entire life

•Wanna bet my college savings that V has a really cute back tattoo?

•Once milked a cow. He asked permission and was uber polite to the cow, even apologized to it because he thought he was hurting it. Pet its baby and hugged the smol cow. V thinks cows are pretty.

•Once he came home after visiting Jumin and took a shower. Somehow his drain was filled with white cat hair.

•Once gave Saeyoung a kazoo. He regrets it.

•V is probably the type of person who leaves the empty cereal box in the panty and an empty carton of milk in the fridge. He means well but sometimes he just stares at it and decides somehow it’ll be easier to put it back instead of in the trash bin. He lives alone so it’s not like he’s being mean to anyone lol

•Cut his thumb with a spoon once (actually happened to me once, to this day I wonder how the fuck did I manage that) so V only has nineteen spoons now.

•Has a weird scar on his head from a shelf breaking while he was under it. Jumin had a professional interior designer plan out a “safer” living room for him. V was too nice to tell Jumin that it was silly and too embarrassed to admit that he’s just bad at installing things.

•Not a headcannon, just wondering. Do you think V has blue armpit hair?

•Has flower pillowcases but otherwise has plain sheets. Flower boy -3-

•Has a hobby of photoshopping Jumin’s face onto cats. He once accidentally sent it in a chatroom with Zen in it. Freaked the hell out of Zen and apologized, even though he found it kinda funny.

•Every once in awhile, he likes making cool shapes with his smoking pipe and shows them to Zen, smoking bros.

•He doesn’t play video games, but used to indulge himself in a few of Yoosung’s talks about LOLOL. What a sweetie

•Likes crunchy things, probably has like a lot of crunchy, dried fruits and vegetables in his pantry. Him and Zen snack between V using Zen as a model for photos. ZEN has V recommend him brands and his favorites.

•V tried chewing gum a few times, but always ended up swallowing it by accident so he decides he’d rather not. He also doesn’t like how sweet a lot of the brands are.

•A total dork and probably has a lot of movie dates with MC. They probably eat some of his crunchy fruits I mentioned above and drink champagne out of mugs. Once V got scared during a movie and spilled his drink on MC (and in the fruit but he doesn’t care about that) and offered to let her wear some of his pajamas. Nearly had a nosebleed when he saw (ha…) her

•Kinda wimpy when it comes to horror movies, but likes watching them in a big theatre so he knows he isn’t alone.

•Did I already say he is a cuddlebug? Yeah? Too bad, I love this dork and he needs cuddles -^-

That’s basically all I can manage rn if I have any typos it’s because I’m too lazy to proofread.

I learned something while writing these headcannons. It takes a special talent to write them, a talent I do not have but whatever they’re fun to write.


thirty days of skam fic: day six

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


One time Even and Isak get high with their friends as they move into their new home, and one time Even and Isak get high just the two of them, watching the sunrise.

Isak had mostly been joking when he snatched the weed away from Even at the Christmas party.  He worried, sure, especially after what Sonja had said about smoking being bad for Even – but at the same time, taking Sonja’s words for granted was something he knew he shouldn’t be doing anymore, and Isak had read a lot about bipolar disorder since Even’s episode; he knew there were some bipolar people who actually found weed really helpful medicinally.  And anyway, if it was bad, it wasn’t Isak’s place to control what Even did.  If Even wanted to get high once in awhile, Isak didn’t have any moral high ground to tell him he shouldn’t.

It did seem like Even was cutting back, which made Isak happy.  But he joined the guys to smoke in the bathtub at a couple of house parties they all went to together over the next few months, and on the day Isak and Even finally move into their own flat, with all the guys helping, nobody is anything but pleased when Jonas pulls out a joint halfway through the unpacking.

“Screw this fucking Ikea dresser, man.  Maybe if I get high I can become one with it and finally figure out where these stupid half-screws are supposed to go.”  Jonas flicks one of the loose screws across the floor, where it careers along the floorboards and bounces off Isak’s toe.  

“Yeah, and you guys have way too much shit to be doing this sober,” Mahdi adds, as he throws a couple of empty bags across the room.

“I had like, three boxes!” Isak protests, but he’s already settling himself down onto the bare mattress on the floor, immediately discarded the half-unpacked bag of clothes he’d been sorting through for the last half an hour.  “Even’s the hoarder, take it up with him.”

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What if a small breasted female s/o found their Matsu's porn stash and asked them if their Matsu wanted her to have the "assets" the girls in their Matsu's stash has?

Osomatsu would grow a smile and chuckle, both relieved you weren’t getting on him for his porn and tickled at the fact that you really wanted to please him in that way. “Aww, babe!” He’d rub his nose and wrap his arm around your waist, “You don’t have to worry about that! I love whatever you got and I’m lucky to even get any of it, so really, don’t sweat it!”

Karamatsu would look absolutely stunned–not because you had found his wanton collection of magazines, but because you couldn’t see the beauty that he was witnessing before his very eyes. “M-My angel!” He’d exclaim, tears almost forming in his eyes as he earnestly takes your hand into his, “You’re absolutely perfect the way you are! Please forgive me for unintentionally making you feel that you are any less than that! I promise, I won’t rest until I have made it up to you…!“

Choromatsu would almost shriek in disbelief at the fact that you had located his secret stash, but when he comes back down from his initial shock he’d realize what you were truly upset about and would try to assure you that there was absolutely nothing for you to worry about. “W-Wait no I don’t care about any of that, Y/N! I only care about you, s-so…please don’t be feel bad about it!!”

Ichimatsu would be completely taken aback a moment, not believing that someone as perfect and amazing as you could ever feel insecure against one of his dirty magazines. After that, he’d internally berate himself for unconsciously making you feel that way and would do his best to tell you that you were so much more than any of those models. “Y/N…” He’d place his hands on each side of your shoulders and look you in the eyes with an intensely serious gaze, “You’re fine just the way you are, and trash like me couldn’t feel any more fortunate to have you stick around them. You’re perfect.”

Jyushimatsu wouldn’t even notice the fact that you had discovered his porn collection and would instantly exclaim in surprise, “Ehh?? But you’re so beautiful Y/N, you don’t have to worry about that!!” He’d immediately jump to your side and wrap his arms tight around you in a warm hug, “I love Y/N just the way they are!!”

Todomatsu would almost pull the face at your finding of his indecent stash of magazines, but upon hearing your true reason for confronting him about it, he’d instantly soften his expression to that of genuine surprise. “What?? ‘Assets’?” He’d then let out a little giggle and turn to you with a smile, “Y/N, I don’t care about that, you’re cute just the way you are and that’s what I like about you!” He’d then pull you in a light hug and wink, “And believe me, I know cute when I see it~!”

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My other prompt was Puck getting Sabrina a detention in the Ironically Speaking verse.

AN: So yeah idk what this is but here you go! 

Puck Goodfellow was the most infuriating boy Sabrina Grimm had ever met, but she had decided that Moth Fürst was the most infuriating person. Digging her history book out of her backpack, Sabrina watched, out of the corner of her eye, as the petite girl perched on the edge of her desk and complained shrilly about something that had happened in a previous class. Her long brown hair swinging, Moth kept throwing expectant glances toward the doorway, crinkling her nose in disdain every time her eyes passed over Sabrina. Sabrina ignored her with difficulty. She would have liked very much to tell the haughty girl off, but she refrained. It would only give Moth another excuse to sneer at her.

As Sabrina lifted the heavy book out of her bag and clunked it on the desk, Moth glanced at the door once again, and her eyes lit up possessively—which meant the thing she had been waiting for had appeared. Sabrina glanced round automatically, and sure enough, Puck was striding through the door. His eyes fell on Sabrina, but before he could say a word, Moth slid off her desk and caught him by the arm. “Puck, have you entered your name in the election yet?” She asked immediately, her voice as piercing and her brow as furrowed as ever. Puck squirmed out of her hold and flopped into the seat next to Sabrina, folding his hands behind his head. “I don’t care about that, Moth, I told you.” he said in a bored voice. Moth’s frown deepened, and she opened her mouth to reply, but Puck turned to Sabrina.

“What’s up, Grimm?” Sabrina wanted to give him a frown of her own, but as Moth irritated her more than Puck, she smiled. “Just a whole lot of homework.” Puck gave her a look of mock horror.

“You actually do your homework?” Sabrina just rolled her eyes, but Moth broke in

“Puck, you have to get good grades to be on the student council!”

“Don’t you like to have fun, Grimm?” Puck asked, ignoring Moth.

“Uhh hello, pretty-boy, you can do your homework and still have fun.” Sabrina retorted, then nearly clapped a hand over her mouth. Puck grinned, eyes twinkling, and Moth looked furious. She leaned forward, blocking Puck and Sabrina’s view of each other, and laid a hand on Puck’s arm.

Please reconsider running for student council president.” Reluctantly, Puck glanced up at her, wrinkling his nose. “Aww, lay off, Moth. I already told you I’m not gonna do it.” Moth stood up sharply, crossing her arms and gritting her teeth. “Alright, Puck.” She said with false sweetness. Puck was looking back at Sabrina again, his face almost serious for a moment as if he were too busy calculating something to maintain his signature impish grin. Sabrina looked away and flipped open her history book, determined to end the exchange. But then Puck said “Hey, ugly.”

Sabrina jerked her head up, face burning. She wasn’t sure if she was more flustered by Puck’s inside-joke flirtation or humiliated by what would be perceived as an insult to anyone listening. Moth looked shocked and gleeful. Puck was smirking. Sabrina changed her mind. Puck was more provoking than Moth, and this time, she was not going to take it, no matter the consequences. She slapped him across the face.

A short while later, Sabrina slumped into a chair in a nearly empty classroom while Puck scrambled on top of a desk facing her. She crossed her arms, glowering at him. “You got me detention.” she spat. “That’s great, Puck, just great. For the record, though, I don’t regret slapping you.” The corner’s of his mouth were twitching. “Well, it seems everything went according to plan.” he said.

“W-what?” Sabrina stammered, taken aback. Puck shook his head, unable to contain his smile any longer. “Well, Grimm, ironically speaking, getting quality time with you away from Moth was the last thing I wanted.”

Preference #55  - Children Spend Time With Their Newborn Siblings

A/N - I haven’t written a preference in suuuch a long time! Leave me some requests please🙈👑✨


Rocking the newborn baby girl back and forth in his arms, he yawned sleepily. Ashton had only slept for the maximum of 4 hours in the past day or so. He couldn’t help but smile though; you were currently resting in bed, healing your sore body leaving him alone time to bond with his new daughter.

“Daddy!” Your three year old daughter Molly exclaimed, bounding into the room and clinging onto Ashton’s leg.

“Shh.” He chuckled, reaching a hand down to stroke her curly hair, identical colour to his own. “Hi monkey.”

“Do you have the baby?” She asked, trying to reach up.

“I do, do you wanna see her?” He replied, as she shyly nodded.

Ashton knelt down next to her, pulling the baby pink blanket away from the newborns face so her sister could see her clearly. “Isn’t she pretty? Do you like her?”

She nodded and smiled, still not saying anything.

“You can talk to her you know love.” He chuckled softly, wrapping his free arm around her and kissing her temple.

“No Daddy, have to be quiet.” She whispered, pressing her finger to her lips. “Baby is sleeping.”

“Oh, okay. You’re just like your Mummy, you know that? Do you think you can help me take care of your sister when Mummy isn’t around?” He asked, her face lighting up. He knew you’d go back to work eventually then he’d definitely need help from Molly.

“Yeah. I love her.” She grinned, kissing her tiny forehead.

“You’re adorable baby girl.” Ashton smiled, his heart bursting with love as his two baby girls interacted.


“Shh, you’re gonna wake your big sister and Mummy up.” Calum murmured, rocking the week old baby boy in his arms.

The microwave made a noise as it heated the milk up, Calum trying to pass time as he moved around the kitchen, trying to comfort his baby boy.

“I know you’re hungry but Daddy’s fixing it and I’m right here, you’re alright, yeah?” Calum said, holding him again his chest, the sound of his heartbeat calming the newborn.

“Daddy?” Two year old Alesha entered the kitchen, carrying her blanket, dummy in her mouth and rubbing her eyes.

“Hi sweetheart, are you okay?” He asked, bouncing the baby boy in one arm as he scooped up his daughter with the other. “Did we wake you up sweetie?”

She nodded and rubbed her eyes, resting her head on his shoulder. He swayed the two of them, feeling like he could fall asleep himself.

“I’ll feed your baby brother then we can have a cuddle, yeah?” He said, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“Can I help?” She asked and Calum grinned, happy at the fact that she wanted to get involved.

“Of course baby. Are you gonna give him some kisses? I’m sure he’d love that.” She reached down as he spoke, pressing her tiny lips to his nose. “Aww, good girl!”

The microwave finally beeped and Calum tested the milk against his wrist, making sure it wasn’t too hot for the week old boy. He pressed the nib of the bottle to his lips and he latched on, drinking the milk contently.

It was 3am, he was exhausted but he wouldn’t change anything for the world.


Luke rolled over and yawned, his sleepy gaze meeting your own as you continued to cuddle with your two week old daughter, Daisy. She was pressed against your chest, her soft, delicate, toffee coloured hair tickling you.

“Morning my loves.” Luke smiled, kissing you then reaching down to kiss his baby girl on the head. “She is so gorgeous. Thank you for giving birth to her.”

“Thanks for helping me make her.” You winked, kissing him again. “She looks a lot like you, she’s adorable.”

Emily wailed from her crib at Luke’s side of the bed, waiting to be held. “Daddy! Daddy!”

She had recently turned 2 and was still trying to get used to sharing you and Luke with the new baby, she wasn’t enjoying it so far.

“Come here my cutie pie.” Luke reached over to her and lifted her out, ticking her sides in the process. Her blonde curls were sticking in all directions and her blue eyes were wide, happy to see her Parents.

“Daddy! Mummy!” She half squealed half mumbled, dummy clinging in her mouth. “Baby sister!”

Emily snuggled down into the warmth of her Dad’s chest, looking over curiously to the small baby curled up now sleeping again on you.

“Did you sleep good?” He asked her, pressing kisses to her forehead. She nodded quietly, not taking her eyes away from your baby sister.

“Baby?” She asked. You and Luke chuckled, knowing she still didn’t understand the concept of another baby in the house.

“Yes. You’re both my babies!” Luke exclaimed, ticking her sides and lifting her in air, making her laugh louder than ever and Luke’s heart burst with love. “How did I get so lucky?”


“Can’t I stay with you Uncle Luke?” Four year old Ella pouted, clinging onto Luke’s leg, not wanting him to leave.

“Aw, sorry babe. I think your Mummy and Daddy want you to stay here with your new baby brother.” Luke replied chuckling, rubbing her back. “I’ll come and see you tomorrow though, yeah?”

“Come on love, time for your bath! You can help me wash Noah, yeah?” Michael asked, as Luke said goodbye again and left the house.

“No Daddy, don’t wanna.” She said stubbornly, crossing her arms and refusing to move.

“Why not sweetheart? Don’t you like your new baby brother?” He asked, already knowing the answer. He knew she was jealous but he wanted to her to tell him herself.

“You love him more than me.” She said sadly, Michael’s heart breaking.

“No no no, darling! Daddy loves you so much! He just needs more care than you, because you’re a big girl now.” He reassured her, pulling her into a hug.

“Pinky promise?” She said, cuddling into him and holding her pinky out to him.

“Pinky promise baby girl.” He replied, kissing her cheek and linking fingers with her. “Now do you wanna go help us bath him?”

She nodded and followed Michael upstairs, helping to get out the towels and baby soap. She helped to fill the small bath and then washed her baby brother, being more careful than Michael could’ve imagined.

“Good girl! Your baby brother loves you lots.” Michael grinned, kissing her proudly.

“Love you baby brother.” She said, pressing kisses to his wet hair as you and Michael watched fondly.

One hand ties the other. Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings, rated Explicit. 4935 words. Michael accidentally kisses Calum onstage in Nashville, and Luke has more feelings about it than expected. Commissioned by Kayla, thank you! Also on AO3

“I can’t believe you kissed me, bro,” Calum says, which catches Luke’s attention, being the first he’s heard of Calum being allegedly kissed by any bro. His worries about how his voice had cracked a bit during Heartbreak Girl vanish as Michael slings an arm around Calum’s neck and pulls him close, smacking multiple kisses over Calum’s face and then his hands as Calum giggles and tries to push his face away. 

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Glad We Waited *Harry Styles One Shot*


We sat in Harry’s room studying for something I wasn’t sure what. This always happened when we studied he would be all intense into his work and I would get distracted by anything. Mostly him. We’ve been together for around six months now and we’ve never done anything. Harry is what he would call a nerd. I hated when he would say that but he always said it didn’t bother him. People thought I was stupid for dating him but he was really sweet and he cared a lot about me. I liked that we had never done anything I felt like we were closer because of it. We didn’t rip each others clothes off every second, we actually talked we were like best friends. Best friends that occasionally made out. Okay so maybe we weren’t ripping each others clothes off but his lips were a big distraction for me. “(Y/N),” Harry said waving his hand in front of my face. “Yeah?” I asked looking back at him. “You’re doing it again,” he said laughing. “Doing what?” I ask my head tilting to the side. “Getting distracted and then distracting me,” he says smiling. “How does me getting distracted distract you?” I ask turning on my side. “You get this look on your face and that is what’s distracting,” he said leaning forward to kiss me. I smiled into the kiss glad that I could be distracting. I deepened the kiss pressing myself closer to him. I could kiss him all day everyday. He pulled back slightly, “What’s wrong?” I asked worried. “N-nothing, I was just thinking, we’ve been together for a while now,” he said and I wasn’t sure where he was going with this but I nodded my head. “I-I’ve been thinking maybe we could move our relationship to the next level,” he said sheepishly. “So you want to have sex,” I said bluntly smiling at how innocent he was being. “Y-yes,” he said nodding his head slowly. See I knew harry was a virgin but I wasn’t so I wasn’t really awkward about these things. “Okay,” I said shrugging. “A-are you sure?” he asked. “Harry I love you, so yes I’m sure but your the one who’s giving something up here. The question isn’t if I’m sure its if your sure,” I said seriously. “I’m sure,” he said confidently, “but I’m not really sure I would know how to do any of this. Could you sh-show me?” he asked blushing. “Aww,” I said kissing his nose. “Oh don’t do that I’m serious,” he said pouting slightly. “okay what do you want me to show you?” I asked. “I want you to show me how to please you, I understand how sex works but I want to know what you like and what I need to do to please you,” he said seriously. I nodded my head. I understood what he was asking but I felt slightly awkward about this. Yeah I had sex before but I wasn’t one to take the lead and the guys I had been with before knew what they were doing I didn’t have to show them. I pushed my feelings of awkwardness aside and leaned forward to kiss him. My lips molded with his and slowly he leaned me back laying me down. “Do what you think is right when we get there I can walk you through it,” I whispered while he kissed my neck. He nodded slightly still moving his lips. He knew this part well we had been this far before. This is as far as we have been. He’s never been brave enough to try and take anything off of me. His hands pushed my shirt up running his hands over my sides. He slipped it over my head seeming rather confident in his movement. He let his lips trail down my chest ajd stomach. He wasn’t as clueless as he let on. He unbuttoned my pants fumbling slightly becoming nervous suddenly. He pulled my pants off and sat back. I sat up deciding I would take over from here. I crawled over to him trying not to giggle as he swallows hard his eyes wide. I straddle his waist and kiss his lips I pulled hims back down stripping him of his shirt and pants. I pulled off my bra and he froze, “Just stay calm you’ll do fine,” I said smiling. I kissed his lips and he pulled back slightly, “What do I do now?” he asked. “Touch me and kiss me anywhere you want, you’ll know when you find the right spot,” I said wanting him to figure it out on his own but also wanting to help him. “How will I know?” he asked cautiously. “Don’t worry if I have to I’ll tell you,” I replied giggling. I kissed his lips again and he moved his hands up my sides again. His lips trailed down my neck and he sucked on the one sweet spot he had found in the whole six months we were together. Everytime he kissed this spot I tried not to moan, but right now that didn’t matter. His hands got closer to my breasts and I arched my back hoping he would get the message that I wanted him there. He brought his hands up timidly and began to gently rub my breasts. I moaned again mumbling encouraging words to him letting him know that was a good spot. “Harry, take my panties off me,” I told him. I was dying to feel him touch me. He did so hesitantly and then looked back at me wondering what to do. I ran my hand down, “Like this,” I whispered rubbing my clit slowly. He nodded his head intently bitting his lip slight. I removed my hand and waited for him to move. He reached forward using his thumb to rub my clit. “Yes, just like that,” I moaned gripping the sheets. Fuck his hands were amazing even if he thought he didn’t know what he was doing. When I first got with him I won’t lie I wanted to sleep with him but as we got to know each other that didn’t matter so much I was glad we waited. I was so close I didn’t want it to stop. My breathing picked up and I was sure my knuckles were turning white at the grip I had on the blanket. I panted as I came down from my climax, “You can stop now,” I whispered still feeling like I was on cloud nine. “Did I do okay?” he asked smiling. “Very good,” I said pulling him up to me. I kissed his lips lightly and reached down to slip his boxers off of him. “Wait,” he said pulling back quickly. He opened the night stand and pulled out a condom. I watched as he pulled his boxers off and opened the condom. He rolled the condom down himself and he leaned back over me. “Just go slow at first,” I whispered running my fingers through his hair. He nodded his head and positioned himself ready to enter me. He pushed his hips forward and began to streatch me. It was slightly painful sins the last time I had sex was about seven months ago. He was slow to start just like I told him bit he gradually began to pick up the pace. He was close I could tell by his moaning and grunting. His hands gripped my hips and he thrust hard into me releasing into the condom. He panted loudly pulling out. He let some of his weight fall on me holding up enough to not crush me. He kissed my lips and brought a hand to my face he ran his fingers over my cheek and smiled down at me. “I’m really glad we waited,” he mumbled a smile permanently painted on his face. “I am too,” I whispered snuggling into him.