aww his nose


“Love actually” + 13 years later

161124 Dongja art hall Fansign 

Taemin said to be careful of Onew rather than the cold weather because he has the flu and he kept blowing his nose 

Cr. moneyplzT_T, trans cr. omggminho

A fan was crying so Jinki took out a tissue from the tissue box he was using to blow his nose for her  

After the fansign Minho lightly threw the mic at Key who caught it well so fans were impressed then Onew and Minho started juggling tissue boxes

cr. sweeeeton, trans cr. omggminho

Jinki was about to speak but fans were all sad & pitying his cold

O: ahh 

fans: oh oh 😣

O: My nose is blocked 

Fans: oh 😣~

O: what? I’m not speaking then

cr. starru525, trans cr. omggminho

F: oppa I bought this for u so you won’t catch a cold 

Jinki: it’s already too late, (teasingly) I won’t accept it 

F: eung there’s a tofu 

J: ohoh 

cr. evershining525, trans cr. iloveviewsh

I did this as a kind of a memorial for my recently deceased cat, Spike. He had the most beautiful white socks and, yeah, I just loved him a lot. This was pretty therapeutic and I like to think he’d like it if he saw it ahah