aww he's so adorable~


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*

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HC: The Soukoku being the Shin-SK parent figures go beyond on set, and Dazai and Chuuya often ruin Atsushi's tragic past scenes or Aku's sad moments by either shouting "IT'S NOT TRUE, WE LOVE YOU"/going on scene hugging them. One time during a fight scene Atsushi actually got punched and Chuuya rushed in to pin the guy down while Dazai argued the script asking if those fight scenes were really necessary. Chuuya always takes 20 min reminding Aku it's just a show and they love him.(even if he ok)

aww this is so adorable aahh 

dazai totally overdoing the entire thing and going “OH MY GOD ATSUSHI DID U HURT URSELF ARE U OK” during scenes when Atsushi gets a papercut or someth and Asagiri’s like,, this is the 100th retake dazai pls

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boys meeting their newborns

👣 Darry just looks at you because he’s so happy

👣 “Aww it’s adorable​!”

👣 Steve would be like “How could something so cute have my genes?”

👣 Dally: “It’s so sweet and wonderful. I want to hold it but I might drop it¡!”

👣 Two-bit is literally so giddy

👣 “I'm​ a father. And you’re a mom. We’re going to be a weird family.”

👣 Pony’s all chill

👣 Until he holds it

👣 Probably starts crying

👣 Johnny is super surprised at how small and innocent the baby is

👣 Soda cAnnOt handle the baby’s beauty

👣 “It gets that from me.”

Reve: so twinkle. you have a boyfriend right?
Twinkle: NANI?! *blushing so much* I mean.. H-how do you know?! But yeah.
Reve: REALLY?! Aww! You two are really a cute couple, also how I know is that the newspaper talked about “the most adorable kid” having a boyfriend!
Twinkle: *he was blushing so much that he started to cover his face with his scarf* …
Reve: plus I love your singing! It’s adorable. Also if you wanna be friends than sure!
Twinkle: * he stop covering his face and kinda got excited* Ya I wanna be friends! And thank you!
Reve: *she hugged twinkle close* aww! You are so adorable!
Shad: *he grabs twinkle away from Reve and hugs him fully* He’s is mine adorable marshmallow!
Twinkle: *blushes a lot more* s-Shad?
Reve: now.. That’s more adorable!

(That’s what will happened if twinkle and Reve meet ◕ω◕)
Twinkle/ moi
Shad and Reve/ @a-sinner-insomniac

My instincts when I first saw 80s dudes...vs now...
  • Matt Dillon: *watching The Outsiders..."Oh, he's kinda cute...I mean he's tall, has nice hair, a great smile..and yeah...extremely hot......Dallas is hot....."
  • Now: *watches The Outsiders the 10th billionth time....."MAAAAAAAATT FUUUUCCKKKKIIINNG DILLLOOOOOOONNN!"
  • Michael J. Fox: *watches BTTF..."Aww, he's so cute! Marty McFly is so adorable! I want a guy like him! Back to the Future is now my favourite movie!"
  • Now: *watches BTTF....watched BTTF BTTF Family Teen Light of Bright Lights, Big The Secret of my Stuart Little...goes on Google & types "is Michael J. Fox Canadian?"........goes on Youtube and types "Michael J. Fox interview".....and finally......ALEX FUCKING P. KEATON!"...*sips orange juice....
  • River Phoenix: *watches Stand By Me....."Omg River Phoenix! I felt like I heard about him before?! But, he's such a good actor!"
  • Michael Schoeffling: *watches 16 Candles...."Damn he's cute! Wait...he looks a little bit like Matt Dillon.....shit......
  • Now: *watches 16 Candles.....looks through the window to see if theres a red porsche and Jake Ryan......*sighs...
  • Matthew Broderick: *watches Ferris Bueller's Day Off......."I wanna go downtown on a float with Ferris for a day...."
  • Now: *goes in the shower and starts singing Danke Schoen...while dancing to Twist & Shout!
  • Ralph Macchio: *watches The Outsiders or The Karate Kid..."Ralph Macchio is THE KARATE KID! Don't know where Jaden Smith came from?"

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"M-master look. The boys are playing." Arya whispered as she watched their kittens play together. Callie was in her arms, fast asleep.

Jayden smiled as this was the cuties thing ever “he he aww this is so adorable”

So guess what you find out when you log into Sonic Runners?