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who should you fight - monsta x edition
  • Shownu - who wins: Shownu
  • I have to ask - why would you do this to yourself? You were walking into failure. Not even God will fight Shownu. And you want to try? Not only will Shownu win, worst of all, he'll sit you down after it and say "I'm not angry I'm just disappointed". Now you've upset your dad. Great going.
  • Kihyun - who wins: Kihyun
  • Listen, I get where you're coming from. You probably think you could take him on? He's so adorable and small and aww look at those cheeks and that smol face. WRONG. You would be a fool. Do not forget that Kihyun is a Scorpio. He is a contained bubble of untapped rage. Kihyun will mercilessly tear you apart, physically and verbally, and probably make soup afterwards for everyone else while your bitch ass walks home broken.
  • Minhyuk - who wins: you
  • Please fight Minhyuk. He's fucking ridiculous. This pretty fuckboy will take a selfie mid-fight and just wants to stir up drama so he'll have it coming and needs to meet you in the pit. You'll win and he'll take a selfie afterward because he has no shame. That's just another reason to fight him honestly. No man has a right to look that beautiful after a fight.
  • Wonho - who wins: Wonho
  • I can't see why you'd want to fight Wonho but if you want to you will lose miserably. Have you Seen his muscles??? Do not be fooled by his pretty face, and his sunshine personality. He is ALL Muscle. He will Destroy you and be serving some #looks while he does it. This is just a gym exercise for him. If you must fight him I wish you luck.
  • Hyungwon - who wins: you
  • Not only can you fight Hyungwon easily but you'll win. He's so tall you could probably knock him over like a particularly attractive domino. But why would you do that? What did he do to you? He was probably sleeping and you just decided to throw down? What a hollow victory. What are you trying to prove?? What did he do wrong you monster?
  • Jooheon - who wins: tie
  • It would be an even match (as long as you don't involve his thighs in which case, good luck). On your side you have the element of surprise, on Jooheon's side he has the advantage of.....being able to roll yarn really fast. Either way it'll be exciting.
  • I.M - who wins: tie
  • I mean, my first question is why though. Why would you fight him what has Changkyun done wrong??? Was he TOO cute??? Were his raps TOO good??? Did he make a bad pun??? Wait if it's the last reason, you DEFINITELY have to beat his ass. It has to happen. Either way, it'll be a close match. Fair warning though, if you win against him, you'll have to fight all the other members afterwards who will not hesitate to protect their beloved maknae.

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HC: The Soukoku being the Shin-SK parent figures go beyond on set, and Dazai and Chuuya often ruin Atsushi's tragic past scenes or Aku's sad moments by either shouting "IT'S NOT TRUE, WE LOVE YOU"/going on scene hugging them. One time during a fight scene Atsushi actually got punched and Chuuya rushed in to pin the guy down while Dazai argued the script asking if those fight scenes were really necessary. Chuuya always takes 20 min reminding Aku it's just a show and they love him.(even if he ok)

aww this is so adorable aahh 

dazai totally overdoing the entire thing and going “OH MY GOD ATSUSHI DID U HURT URSELF ARE U OK” during scenes when Atsushi gets a papercut or someth and Asagiri’s like,, this is the 100th retake dazai pls

The story behind Jonghyun’s sombrero

140404 SHINee at Zocalo in Mexico
SHINee members were walking when Jonghyun saw the sombrero he told managers about it but they ignored him.
At that time shawols tried to talk to him, they were beckoning to ask what he wanted and he pointed at the sombrero.
Shawols immediately bought it and called him, he turned and pushed his bodyguard to grab the sombrero, he quickly put it on his head that’s why no one took it off , when he grabbed it he said so excited “oh thank you”, and he made a funny face.

chocolates and roses — justin foley

prompt: justin comes to your house with your favourite goodies in attempt to make you feel better.

request: you have a bad/stressing day and justin tries to make you feel better?

warnings: justin’s cuteness

today has been very tiring, you have been given stacks of homework and you spilt your coffee all down your white shirt which you were certain that won’t come off in a hurry.

all of these things were fogging up your mind, you couldn’t even think clearly. your most craved action was to go home and unwind, perhaps run yourself a bath with one of your favourite lush bath bombs.

you had just finished your shift at monet’s as you begin to walk home and just your luck, it had began to rain. you rolled your eyes before hurrying home, your clothes became soaked and your hair was wet too.

can this day get any worse?

you attended to your phone, your boyfriend justin had texted you asking if your day had gone okay and you of course replied ranting about how bad it was.

justin: how was your day, baby?

you: terrible, i spilt coffee all over my favourite shirt and i have so much homework to do and my clothes are soaking because i had to walk home in the rain and i am just so stressed. :(

within seconds he replied with the most mood lifting text ever.

justin: i’ll be there soon princess:)

you walked into your bedroom and got changed into some more comfortable clothing, the doorbell rang as you skipped towards the door to reveal justin holding multiple bags of food and some chocolates with a bunch of roses.

“justin…” you squealed, peppering his face with kisses as he laughs.

“i couldn’t stand knowing that you were sad.” he grins as you engulfed him into a bear hug, you collect some of the food and lead him into the living room where to put on netflix and slumped down onto the couch.

justin sits down next to you as you tear open a bag of chips, you both share the bag and then begin feasting on the chocolates that he had bought.

“honestly, i don’t think that caroline should’ve married stefan. she’s better off with klaus and stefan deserves a happier ending.” you protested as justin chuckles, he looks at you the way every girl wants to be looked at —it was sometimes so surreal that justin was actually yours.

“aww, you’re so adorable.” he pinches your cheeks as you giggled, he begins to tickle your sides as you let out uncontrollable laughter.

“justin, stop!” you whined as he eventually stops, your head was resting in his lap as he begins to play with your hair which you loved.

“i love you justin foley.” you whispered as he leans down and pecks your lips, your eyelids became heavy as he continues playing with your soft locks.

“i love you too y/n y/l/n.” he replies as you smiled slightly.

you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else other than justin, he was your everything and you wouldn’t change that for the world…

Such a joker (10/?)

“(Y/n). Can I come in?” I stir caused by the knock on the door. “I got your favorite. 2 blueberry pancakes, and a full cup of coffee.” I spring up at the words of my favorite breakfast foods. I open the door to see my father with a box of take out from my favorite diner. He smiles and places the box on my desk.

“You never bring me breakfast.” “I know, but it’s the perfect time 7:00 am, and you’re probably hungry. This is an I’m sorry gift. I’m sorry for yelling and treating you like a child. After your mom, and now Barbra I just can’t take the chance of losing you. I’m sorry (y/n).” Everything just crushed down on me.

Jerome will most likely get caught knowing my fathers work, and if he’s gone dads all I got. I let a tear slide down my cheek and I hug my father. Something I haven’t done in a long time. “I love you daddy. I’m sorry that I’ve been so distant. I just… Your work, and then Barbra, and I just-” “shh it’s okay. I know I understand. I love you too.” He kisses my head and hugs me tighter.

“eat. We’re going to be checking phone records, and then tomorrow we’re going to look at the crime scene. Are you in? We can get ice cream after.“ I laugh and pull away from him. “Of course I’m in, but only if it’s Peggy’s Icecream. It’s my favorite.” “Just like your mothers.” He kisses my head once more and exits the room letting me eat my breakfast.

As I exit the room with an empty box I see Jerome slumped in one of the uncomfortable wooden benches just staring off into space. Aww he looks so adorable. I walk over the the trash can which is conveniently place right next to Jerome. “Hey. How you holding up?” I ask as if we just met seeing as other officers are around. He smiles slightly he shrugs looking up at me. “I’d a lot better if you’d keep me company.” “I wish I could, but a girls gotta work, but how about after you leave we meet up at your place? Movie, cuddles, and kisses?” “Perfect doll.”

I wink and walk up to the top level ready to talk to chief. “Whoa whoa back up. You did what?” She asks with a shocked face. “They let the snake out. The have amazing sense of smell.” I say making my presence known. “Huh. Well now I know.” She says with a smile.

“And your prime suspects are a clown, and an acrobat?” “Yep.” My father says hugging me to his side. “Ain’t this one a doozy?” Harvey asks in a joking tone.

Suddenly Ed, and Lee walk in. “Your victim Lila Valeska was killed by a large knife or hatchet, multiple blows to the head, and upper torso. Hello Ms. Gordon.” Ed says smiling at me. “Hey Eddie.” He smiles and walks a bit closer to me. “How do you spell a pretty girl with only two letters?” I tilt my head thinking “uh I don’t-” “Q.T.” Ed smiles blushing slightly. I laugh and smile as him. “Good one.”

“She was killed at 3:00 yesterday afternoon.” Lee jumps in. “From 2:30 to 4:15 both Grayson and Loyd were in the ring for the matinee.” My father says. Shit come on J please get away clean.

“Well how precise is that time of death?” “Give or take 45 minutes.” “Still possible then, but cutting it close. Very impressed you guys but keep looking.” Chief says. “Yeah boss. We’re going to the crime scene later. We’re checking phone records now.” Harvey says walking out with my father and I.

“Alright! We’re going to send the rest of you home now, but the investigation is on going. No body leaves town. And listen up! No more fighting. Look where your friends are. What good is this doing you?” My father yells to the crowd of clowns, acrobats, and Jerome.

“Hey dad I’m going to go out with Steph. She says she has a bit of a problem. Probably going to sleep over there. You got everything for right now?” “Yeah. Do you want me to come get you when we go to look at the crime scene?” “Uh no. I’ll just meet you there.” “Okay, but first I want you to meet someone. (Y/n) this is Lee. She’s the woman I’ve been-” “dating yeah I know. Nice to meet you.” I extend my hand out for her. She smiles sweetly, and shakes it. “Pleasure is all mine. I’ve heard so much about you. Your father is very proud of you.” Lee says still shaking my hand. “excuse me.” My blood runs cold at his voice.

I turn my head to see the blind fortune teller. “Am I speaking to detective James Gordon?” “Yes.” My father answers stepping forward. “Then this must be Dr. Thompkins the medical examiner, and this is your lovely daughter (y/n).” He says.

“I’m sorry how do you know who we are?” Lee asks. “My name is Paul Cicero I’m a physic. Lila Valeska was an old friend of mine.” “Physic. I see. How can I help you?” My father asks obviously believing he’s a scam.

“I sense that you don’t thing either of your prime suspects guilty.” “You must be physic.”

“In which case you might what to hear the message Lila sent me from the other side.” “Thanks Mr. Cicero, but we’re not quite looking at the other side yet.” “As you wish. I’m merely a messenger.” Paul starts to walk away till Lee speaks up.

“What was the message?” “Lila said that the servant of the devil lies in the garden of the iron sisters.” “The iron sisters? What does that mean?” I ask in curiosity. “I don’t know.” “We’ll get right on it.” My father says turning away. “I don’t think sarcasm is your mate here James. Take the message as you will. Good day to all of you.” He says and leaves.

“Okay well then I’m gonna go. Later dad. Bye Lee.” I say walking out and to my car. I grab some clothes from my back seat and change quickly. I can’t stand wearing the same clothes for two days.

I drive to the circus and carefully make my way to Jerome’s trailer. I just walk in not seeing the point in knocking. I walk in to see him sitting at the table shirtless eating a piece of toast. “Well good morning handsome.” I laugh kissing his food filled cheek.

“Hey there babydoll.” He says sitting me on his lap. “So Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street?” He asks holding up the two movies. “Seems like you’re in a murder mood.” “Call it getting inspiration.” I laugh kissing him and resting my head on his. “Surprise me.” I say smiling at my love.

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So guess what you find out when you log into Sonic Runners?