aww cutey :)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster Appreciation Post

Aww he looks so cute

I wanna give him cuddles

I really love his hair in here 

Let’s not forget his silly playful side

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Now that we got this out of the way….

woah HELLO



Okay but this is legit one of my favourite gifs of him

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Okay that was the last one hhahah

I just want to say that to me, Thomas is a talented actor as well as an amazing person. I seriously look up to him for his modesty and his passion for acting. He truly deserves all the attention, love and support he’s receiving, if not more. He’s a kind-hearted soul doing what he loves and I know that I’ll be supporting him through his career and for the many years to come and I’m sure all of you can agree. 


Jackie Burkhart x Steven Hyde // Can you imagine these two at Six Flags !!?!

  • walking around holding hands
  • going on rides 
  • holding hands 
  • sharing food
  • Steven winning Jackie stuff (aww)
  • being super cute

I would have loved to have seen more of their interaction as a couple alone because they were perfect but the interactions we did get were gold, ”say flowchart again”… unless they were out of character 

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4/4 blurb about how he always has to see you when you guys have sex.. like your face or something!

I’m not sure that I quite understand this but I think I do… I did this like how he feels about sex with the lights on cuz with the lights off, there’s not much to see. (and tbh lights-off is more fun but y’know, some people prefer lights-on)

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I have a headcannon that Denmark once wore his hair down on Nor's birthday. When Ice saw him, he continually questioned each of the other Nordics who the new stranger was. Sweden and Finland replied "I don't know" and Norge replied "The handsome Lego King"

aww that’s so cute

i headcanon that denmark actually looks a lot like sweden with his hair down, so sometimes as a joke he’ll smooth it down and put on glasses and growl at people, and some nations who aren’t particularly close with the nordics actually fall for it