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【他来了,请闭眼】 Love me if you dare 04 - 薄靳言的沉默

I just watched a table full of dude bros totally strike out with a hot waitress, only to have that same waitress start chatting up a girl two tables down

The highlight tho was one of the dude bros going “aww cute, thats great” and im like yeah man i like you

Day 3 - Wedding/Proposal

It was unfair to say that Hanzo didn’t like omnics when the truth was Hanzo didn’t like anybody. In fact, it was much shorter to write out a list of who Hanzo did like. Which Genji did once, and it went as follows:

  1. Genji (Best Bro)
  2. Mei (Book Buddy)
  3. Hana (Pokemon Buddy)
  4. Satya (Gossip Buddy)
  5. McCree (Cowboyfriend)

So when Genji saw Hanzo speaking with Zenyatta it was less ‘that’s weird, Hanzo hates omnics’ and more ‘that’s weird, Hanzo hates everyone’. That wasn’t true, there were also a few people who Hanzo really hated. Which Genji also wrote up a list for:

  1. Genji (Also Sometimes Worst Bro)
  2. Zenyatta (Too Chill)
  3. Junkrat (Too Explodey)
  4. Reaper (Made McCree Cry)
  5. Hanzo (Aww Bro)

Which, now that Genji thought about it, made it very weird that his brother was sitting next to Zenyatta in their normal meditation spot up on the roof of the Watchpoint. No, scratch that. What made it weird was the fact that Hanzo was clearly laughing. Enjoying himself. Part of Genji knew he should stop hiding in the shadows and go over there to join his brother and his wonderful perfect monk boyfriend. The rest of Genji, the part that spent the first twenty-something years of his life in ninja training, wanted to watch from the distance to spy on the pair.

Was that weird? It was probably weird. Totally weird. But then Zenyatta’s orbs suddenly started spinning faster in the air after Hanzo nudged him (one of Zenny’s classic tells of being embarrassed) and Genji was pretty sure he had to go murder his brother. He had his ninja stars out at the ready but, thankfully for all those involved, Hanzo was suddenly distracted by his phone playing the opening bars to Dixie Chick’s ‘Goodbye Earl’. Genji watched as his brother pardoned himself, answered his cell, and wandered off speaking in that sickeningly cute ‘talking to Jesse’ voice Hanzo swore he didn’t use.

“I don’t think your brother is coming back, Genji. I overheard the phrase ‘movie night’.” Zenyatta didn’t bother to look over at the shadow Genji was hiding in. He was always understanding about Genji’s ninja habits.

Genji sat down next to Zenyatta and, with a little shuffling, rested his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Was he messing with you? Do I need to stab him?”

“No stabbing is necessary, my dear Sparrow.” Zenyatta said as he placed a hand on Genji’s thigh. “He was simply asking if I could officiate his and Jesse’s wedding ceremony.”


“I agreed, of course. You know, I do think I’m becoming an expert at marrying off members of Overwatch to each other. Ana and Reinhardt, Jack and Gabe, and I’ll gladly marry Junkrat and Roadhog if they’ll ever admit their feelings.”

Genji let out an undignified snort. “Now that’ll be one hell of a reception.”

“Indeed. Hmm. Although…”

The tone in his boyfriend’s voice made Genji lift his head up. “What is it? Is something wrong? Do I need to stab-”

“No stabbing.” Zenyatta squeezed Genji’s thigh. “I was simply wondering who was going to officiate our wedding when the time comes.”

“Huh.” Genji rested his head back down and closed his eyes. “Maybe we don’t need one? Just exchange vows? Or Ana might be able to do it?”

“Ah, good idea my lovely Genji. I will ask her later.” With that Zenyatta’s body softly hummed, a sign that he was slipping deep into his mediation.

Genji did not follow, at least not directly. Instead he let his body drift off as he found peace with the warmth and white noise of his boyfriend. Sweet, wonderful Zenyatta. He almost fell asleep before his brain caught up with what just happened.

“Zenyatta?” Genji opened his eyes, “Did you just propose to me?”

“I-” Zenyatta’s body went ridged. “Oh. Oh dear. I did, didn’t I?”

Genji was silent a moment before he let out a loud, barking laugh. “Yes! Yes you did! But don’t worry, I think I accepted? What I said counts, right?”

“I believe it does.” Zenyatta took Genji’s hand within his own. “I can ask in a more traditional way, if you wish.”

Genji shook his head. “Nah. Never been one for tradition. That being said we are totally having a huge traditional wedding and reception.”

“Agreed. It wouldn’t be an Overwatch wedding unless Reinhardt cries during the vows and McCree passes out under a table during the reception, after all.” Zenyatta leaned forward to press his forehead against Genji’s. “I love you, my Sparrow.”

Genji lightly kissed Zenyatta’s faceplate, his heart truly at peace with the world. “And I, you, Zenyatta.”

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #523
  • Natasha: *(about Selvig)* Loki has him under some kind of spell. Along with one of ours.
  • Steve: What kind of spell? Is it Legilimens? Riddikulus? Slugulus Eructo...?
  • Thor: What?
  • Steve: I've been doing some reading.
  • Tony: *(rolls eyes)*
  • Tony: Cap...none of those are...
  • Steve:
  • Tony: ...Appropriate to the situation.
  • Steve:
  • Steve: Expelliarmus!
  • Tony:
  • Bruce: *(whispering)* Just do it.
  • Tony: *(sighs)*
  • Tony: *(fake-faints)*