aww bea :'(

closer •chapter one•

bea’s pov

today is a day of freedom.  today is the day i get to be my own person and no longer have to live by anyone’s terms except mine.  other than the fact that my parents are paying for some of my college.  i worked my ass of in high school and got as big as a scholarship as possible to a school as far away from home as possible – ucla.  so right now my mom is driving me to the airport to take a eight hour flight from the airport in hartford, connecticut to the infamous lax and i couldn’t be more excited.  i never really had any real friends in high school that i would ever want to continue to be in contact with.  everyone in that school basically treated me like shit.  i mean one of my scholarships is for soccer and i had some friends on the team of course but i mainly just focused on school and sports and not the social aspect of high school.  i know i sound like a horribly boring person but now that’s all going to change.   

the flight was long but i mostly listened to music and watched the free movies  which made it go by faster.  when i get to lax and retrieve my luggage, i call an uber and when it arrives it brings me to ucla which takes about another half an hour.  when i arrive at the place i will be spending the next nine months at, i grab my bags from the trunk and make my way to boeiter hall where my dorm is located.  it is in the perfect location because it’s not too far from the soccer field that i know i will be spending lots of time practicing on and near ackerman union where a lot of the food is located on campus.  i use my key card to unlock the room and am greeted with the sight of a girl with a tall, skinny frame and long blonde hair.  when she hears me enter the room she turns around with a warm smile on her face and says, “hey i’m ella and i guess we’re roommates!  do you want top or bottom bunk?”

being a little thrown off by how enthusiastic she is, it took me a second to say, “umm top would be great thanks,” as i tried to give her a small smile in return.  

“and what’s your name?”

“beatrice but i go by bea.”

“aww great well nice to meet ya bea,” she says with another big smile, “how bout i help you get settled in?”

“ya that would be awesome,” i say while putting a fake smile on my face.  i really have to work on the whole opening up to people and not being negative all the time.  so, after all my clothes were unpacked and my bed was set up, my newfound initiative to open up pushes me to say, “do you want to go pick up our books for class tomorrow?”

another of ella’s signature smiles grew on her face and she quickly replies, “yes of course that would be awesome!”  we both grab our purses and sunglasses before walking out the door to the bookstore. most of the freshman college classes are pretty basic and the same for everyone so we both end up buying almost all of the same books other than the separate books we need for our specific majors.  she tells me she is majoring in english literature and all about why she chose it and i do this same.  i’m in med school right now because i’ve always wanted to be a surgeon so that i can do something positive.  after buying our books we head to ackerman union and i try and pay attention to what ella is saying about her hometown but i am distracted by the bouncing of a basketball and distant yells.  when i finally find the source of the noises my eyes are drawn to a group of shirtless guys playing basketball. 

i stare as if in a trance before i’m brought back to reality by ella repeating my name over and over again.  “sorry i spaced out,” i say with a small smile.

“doesn’t look like you were spaced out to me,” she says before giggling, “it looked like you were staring at shirtless boys playing basketball.”

“same thing,” i reply before we both burst out into laughter.  i think ella and i are going to get along well.

once we arrive at the ackerman union  where all the food is located, we head over to the greenhouse.  i get a summer salad and some fruit and ella grabs caprese panini and a side garden salad.  we decide to bring our food back to the dorm and eat there because it is going to rain.  once we arrive at the dorm and begin eating, we talk about sports that we do.  i learn that ella plays volleyball and that she also got a scholarship for the sport she plays.  by the time the conversation begins to wind down it is 10:30 so we both decide to shower so we don’t have to worry about it in the morning.  ella lets me shower first and i am pretty happy considering the fact that showers allow me to think.

as i stand under the burning hot water and begin to shampoo my hair i keep telling myself over and over that this year is going to be better.  it’s a whole new start for me and i’m going to make the most of it.  my mind wanders to a subject that has troubled me the most.  boys.  i’ve had a few insignificant boyfriends and made out with some random guys like any drunk teenage girl but i’ve never had anything meaningful.  i know it’s stupid to think that i can find some boy in college that will want a legitimate relationship but a girl can dream.  i rinse the soap off my body, turn off the shower and get changed into a sports bra and yoga shorts.  while ella is taking her shower i get my books ready for my first class tomorrow morning and pack my soccer bag for after my classes are over for the day.  as i finish packing my soccer bag i get a text from the captain of the soccer team saying that we should meet at spaulding field at 2:00 and be ready to play.  i make a cup of tea with the keurig i brought with me to school and settle into bed to watch grey’s anatomy on netflix before i get too tired and end up drifting off to sleep.  i really hope tomorrow will go well.    

A/N: ayyye bbygirls this is the first chapter of the new book smokingmaloley and i will be working on.  i wrote this first chapter and hannah will be updating you guys soon with the next chapter☺️ thank you so much for taking the time to read this, i know it is a bit bland but we have to set of the characters before the real crazy parts happen so ya love you all and i hope you have a freakin fantastic tuesday❤️