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A bit of a Baby Batcat GIFspam just ‘cause! ♥

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I became irrationally excited when I finally saw this scene in the episode because I felt like I was so familiar with it from vids, lol! ;)

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D’aww, bb!Bruce is growing up so fast but he still has that awed way of looking at her. ♥_♥

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It’s hard to believe just how young they were (and still are) yet they had such chemistry straight out of the gate! *applause*

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I haven’t gotten to this scene yet in my Gotham Binge-watch (that’s more like a “Gotham watch around Real Life stomping me into the ground” :S ) but I can hardly wait!

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Bruce, totes playing it cool when it comes to his feelings for Selina, lol… ;)

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He knows her so well! ;)

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Mah adorable bbs! ♥♥♥

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Baby Batcat out! ;)

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Headcanons for how Revali realized he liked his (current) s/o? I love your blog sooooo much btw :)

Aww thank you bb!

-Mod Pinks

Realizing he likes s/o (Revali)

  • He actually starts off feeling rather grumpy towards them
  • They don’t really respond to his showing off, his boasting doesn’t particularly impress them, and despite being the best warrior of the Rito, they seem really ambivalent towards him.
  • One day he confronts them about this, wondering why they act like he isn’t worth their time.
    • S/o is hella confused, and explain that they like him just fine, just that they prefer his personality over his feats
  • Revali thinks things over, and realizes that the reason he gets grumpy towards them is because their opinion matters to him.
    • Add the fact that he now knows they like him for him, and well… he’s more than a bit flustered