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【Youngster Requests】: (3 / ??)

“Chibi Young Masters, please??”

((If you want to request about Y.Eraqus or Y.X. don’t be shy to send your ideas at the inbox!! ^^))

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Alright, I'm just gonna say, you are one of the people who got me started on all of this Otayuri insanity and I like?? Literally could not be more thankful??? You are a gorgeous human being, and seeing your blog makes me super duper happy every time. Keep being amazing! #yoipositivitymovement !! ~ mediocre-anime-fangirl ❤❤

HAHAH AWW BB IM GLAD IM ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO GOT U INTO THIS HELL THE MORE PEOPLE THE BETTER <3333 im glad i could make ur day a lil better, thank you!!! :’)