aww arent they sweet


This is interesting… 

I just saw that tweet last night and then I saw that web..
Apparently thats a special made by order - a college ring with a Mickey & Minnie design on it and a Faceted cut Blue Stone on the middle which is looks really beautiful given by Ryouhei-san, Egu-san & Okamoto-san to YONAGA TSUBASA a.k.a TSUBASA MOMMA ~

I mean try to look at the actual Tsubasa momma’s pic, you could see that Mickey only sadly, its looks so cute and (imo) classy at the same time just like Tsubasa momma.

That Ring suits Tsubasa momma PERFECTLY~

aww They are really sweet, arent they? also a little bit insane at the same time < ignore that saying.

well I’m pretty sure who is the master mind of this gift, everyone knew about it too right?

Is this the sign of Nobugnal Project will successfully accomplish? I hope so !!!

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Hello! 👋 I'm kinda stuck in an existential crisis atm, but your art and wonderful personality are always a bright spark in the gloom and doom. (I hope you're doing okay yourself 😊)

AWW!! youre so sweet!! aw man those arent fun but i hope you survive whatever youre dealing with … better days are yet to come!! thanks for including me in the bright spark T_T this message & U are a bright spark in my day :)))