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hello there~ love your art so much!!!!! it's really cute :3 may I ask who's your favorite member to draw? (could you do a drawing of him, however you like) thank you and FIGHTING!!!!!

These days I really enjoy drawing Tae

Some possibly Spanish person said they needed more Tae with pigtails on twitter so I just-

I felt the need to explain myself.



“Ya. You love me that much?” He swept your hair away from your face and pulled the hood up “that you steal my favorite hoodie?He continued.

“Well it smells like you so? Umm. Uh..”

He would totally lose his macho aura and giggle at how cute you are.

“It’s okay because I steal your panties too” he said bluntly


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Suga wouldn’t really pay much attention to it, but tease you.

“Hey next time ask” he joked but you didn’t take it like that. So you started to remove the sweatshirt and he quickly held it down.

“Nope. Nope. I was just kidding never take it off please” and he pecked you on the nose.

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“Oh look we’re the same size. Who knew you fit men large?” He teased you and what looked like his supreme white hoodie that was clearly too big for you.

“J-Hope!” You laughed and half shouted.

“Just kidding” he said as he pinned you with both his hand against the wall and kiss your lips gently.

“What’s mine is yours” he said as he dove more into the kiss.

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster was scrolling through his camera roll trying to find a picture of J-Hope on his bday to post when he came across a selfie you had taken with his phone wearing his hoodie.

He immediately went and found you. Then smiled and showed you the picture. As you were about to run for the hills he grabbed you chin and raised it while giving you a deep kiss.

“It looked Sexy” was all he muttered

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“Jagiya, explain this?” He held up a picture on his phone clearly taken by paparazzi.

“Umm a photo of me walking down the street? Why?”

“Walking down the street wearing my hoodie?” He smirked

“Umm about that. Yeah sorry” you ran away as fast as possible.

Then received a text

Mochi ~ Don’t worry I’ll get you back at home ;)

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“Wear this. Come here. Hurry. Hurry" before you could protest he slipped something over your head.

“What’s this?“

“My hoodie. A lot of couples do this, I thought it would be cute” he smiled.

 "Aww V you’re so cute” you booped his nose.

He bit his lip and licked them “On second thought it’ll be on the floor soon. Sorry Gucci ;)”

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“LEt mE BoRRow YoUr Hoodies. Pleaseeeeee” you begged

“You know I don’t like people wearing my stuff” he cupped your face and smiled.

“Fine. I’ll ask namjoon-oppa to give me one of his” you pouted and headed towards the door but Jungkook quickly blocked your way with one of his Hoodies in hand.

“Here have 20 if you want” he said fast. “That’s what I thought” you said seductively.

*gif : How he looked at you when you said Namjoon-oppa

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Palette x fell Goth last part I swear

Palette pulled away, looking at Fell Goth’s face. Palette purred in satisfaction and kissed down to his spine, rubbing it up and down slowly. “Baby!~” Fell Goth’s heart beat quickened as his excitement grew more. Fell Goth noticed a yellow glow at Palette’s crotch, a bulge showing through.

Was Palette getting turned on from his moans…? They weren’t that great…. Right..? Fell Goth started unconsciously lowering his hand down to his glowing magic, rubbing lightly there. Palette noticed and pulled his hand away, making Fell Goth whine “Not yet love.”

Palette giggled and kissed his clit softly before going back to rubbing his spine, delicately tracing his fingers up and down his bottom ribs. Fell Goth gasped at the sudden (and much to short for his liking) stimulation on his clit. Fell Goth continued moaning, wanting to pleasure Palette as well.

He blushed at the thought, but..what’s the harm in trying? “Hey…Palette….” Palette stopped rubbing his spine and ribs. “Yeah?” Palette looked him straight in the eyes, showing he was actively listening. Fell Goth looked to the side, but still spoke “U-um…can I… something to you..?” Palette raised an eyebrow at him “What would that be?”

Fell Goth sighed, being to embarrassed to be straight forward with him. “R-returning the favor… You’ve made me feel…really good.. and I want to do the same for you..” Palette thought for a moment before getting what he meant. Palette slowly nodded, backing away so Fell Goth had room to move.

Fell Goth crawled into Palette’s lap, gently pushing him down so Palette was laying on his back. Fell Goth crawled down to his crotch, nervously slipping off his pants. He rubbed the bulge at Palette’s underwear softly, causing Palette to let out a light groan. Fell Goth slowly pulled off his underwear, his cock springing out. Fell Goth hesitantly wrapped a shaky hand around his base, stroking it up and down carefully, like he would break it if he was too rough.

Palette gasped then groaned a bit louder. “Mmm, you’re doing good, hun~” Fell Goth changed his position so he could lean down more, the tip getting into his mouth. While still slowly stroking Palette’s cock, he softly sucked on Palette’s tip, bobbing his head lightly. “Oooh fuuck..~” Fell Goth smiled lightly and tried to take in more of Palette’s length.

He gagged a bit, but was thankful he wasn’t as big as his Palette. Palette gently grabbed his skull, causing Fell Goth to jolt. “Mmmmf baby… Y-you’ve done enough~…..” Fell Goth pulled away from Palette’s dick, bucking his hips. His cloak parted and spread at his legs, letting Palette see his formed pussy.

Palette bit his lip at the sight of him. Fell Goth panted softly and lowered his hand down to his pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down He gasped and moaned at the spike in pleasure he felt. Palette flipped them back over so he was on top again, pulling Fell Goth’s finger away. Fell Goth whined a bit, his pussy dripping a bit for something inside of it.

Palette ran his hand down from his chest down to his pelvis, rubbing around his pussy. Fell Goth arched his back, moaning “P-please, Pally!~” Palette teasingly slipped a bit of his finger inside of Fell Goth’s pussy, groaning lightly at how wet he was. Palette slipped his finger out, licking it clean. Fell Goth blushed immensely and shut his eyes tightly. “Mmm, you taste good Gothy~” Palette kissed down to his hip line, parting his legs so he could get to his pussy easier.

Fell Goth’s eyes widened in surprise “Eeep! P-palette, w-what are you d-doi-!” Fell Goth was cut off by the feeling of something warm and wet prodding against his entrance. Fell Goth let out a shocked moan, snapping his legs closed on instinct. Palette quickly backed away before he got caught in his legs. “Ah, s-sorry.. I-I’m just….n-not used to that…” Palette smiled softly “It’s ok.. Do you wanna try it, or are you too uncomfortable?”

Fell Goth thought for a moment “W-we can try it….” Palette smiled at him “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt~” Palette opened his legs again, massaging his thighs to relax him. He softly moaned and laid back more. Palette kissed from his knee to his clit, licking the entrance slowly. Fell Goth gasped, but resisted the urge to close his legs. His breaths became shaky and Palette sank a bit of his tongue into him.

Fell Goth let out shaky moans, his juices coating Palette’s tongue slightly. “Mmm, you taste even better now~” Fell Goth decided to keep his mouth shut, not wanting to moan to loud. Palette sank his whole tongue into Fell Goth, making him let out a yelp. “A-ahhh!” Fell Goth slapped a hand over his mouth to try and muffle the sounds coming out of him. Palette licked him up and down, increasing in speed.

Fell Goth tasted so sweet, and he was getting addicted to his taste. Palette sucked on his clit, his tongue hitting his cervix. Fell Goth moaned loudly, even with his hand over his mouth. “Ohhh baby!!~” Fell Goth started to feel a ball of pressure in his stomach, making him more sensitive. Palette continued to eat Fell Goth out, making the ball snap and causing Fell Goth to cum. “AHHHHH!!~”

Fell Goth arched his back and spread his legs through his orgasm, moaning Palette’s name. Palette was a bit surprised by his sudden outburst, but gladly swallowed his cum. He pulled away and licked his lips clean. Fell Goth panted heavily, recovering from his orgasm. Palette looked at Fell Goth with new found lust, but still with love and kindness. “Gothy… Do you want me to put it in now?”

Fell Goth smiled and nodded, spreading his legs so Palette could get in. “I want you inside of me~” Palette purred and lined his dick up with Fell Goth’s entrance, rubbing his head against it Fell Goth softly moaned, putting his legs on Palette’s shoulders. Palette slowly pushed it all the way in, making Fell Goth arch his back in a slight sting. Palette kissed his hand, being the closet thing he could reach. Fell Goth took a little to adjust, taking a deep breath and nodding “You can move..”

Palette started his thrusting slow, savoring the hot feeling of Fell Goth’s pussy contracting around his dick. He slid out and pushed back in, grabbing his hips for support. Fell Goth let out shaky sweet moans “Oohhh stars Palette~ please, g-go faster~” Palette sped up his pace, moving Fell Goth’s legs down to his waist. Since Fell’s legs were more spread, he was able to thrust more easily.

He started going a bit deeper, groaning Fell Goth’s name. “Ahhha!” Fell Goth made a surprised sound at the increase in speed “You doing ok Gothy?” Fell Goth nodded and pulled Palette in for a kiss, unintentionally making him thrust deeper. Fell Goth gasped before moaning loudly into the kiss, loving the feeling of Palette inside of him.

Palette went down to his neck, grunting and groaning in Fell’s ear. He got even more wet from the pleasured sounds of his temporary lover Fell Goth attempted to do something, lifting his hips when Palette thrusted in. “Ohhh god Gothy~ you’re so beautiful when you look like this~”

Fell Goth blushed “T-thank, y-You!” Fell Goth stumbled in his words when Palette grazed a spot inside if him that was very sensitive. Fell Goth felt like he was in absolute heaven, he even felt his soul warm up and flutter. He let out even more cute moans from the overwhelming happiness he felt.

Palette kissed his neck, growing to love how sweet and genuine Fell Goth sounded. “You feel amazing baby~” Palette praised Goth sometimes, Fell Goth beginning to love how happy and loved he felt in Palette’s presence. “Ohh baby, I love you so much!~” Fell Goth moaned as Palette thrusted against his g-spot. “Ah baby, I-I love you too!”

Palette thrusted harder into that spot, beginning to feel close to an orgasm. Palette ran his hands over Fell Goth’s perfect body, rubbing his thumb around Fell’s birthmark. He let out a loud moan, clinging tightly to Palette out of pleasure. “Ahh, Pally, I-I’m close!~” Palette grunted and groaned louder as he felt closer and closer to his edge. “Y-yeah, me too honey~ You want it in or out?” Palette slowed down so Fell Goth could answer properly. “Out p-please..”

Palette nodded and picked up the pace. Fell Goth nearly screamed at the pleasure, his limit coming. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna!~” Fell Goth was cut off by an orgasm ripping through his sensitive body. He moaned louder than he ever had, arching his back high into the air. Palette pulled out and spurted his hot cum onto Fell Goth’s trembling thighs, groaning his name.

They both panted heavily, Fell Goth with a precious smile on his face, his eyes closed with exhaustion. Palette had caught some of his breath back, giving Fell Goth a tender kiss “How did you like that?~” Fell Goth was overcome with butterflies in his stomach, making him very cuddly and sweet. “I loved it…” Fell Goth happily kissed back flipping to his side so Palette could cuddle with him.

“You know you have to go back to your universe tomorrow, right?” Fell Goth’s smile faltered a little “Yeah…..I know… But I missed my Palette a bit.. and your Goth can’t stay with him..” Palette nodded, starting to fall asleep. “Goodnight Gothy~” Fell Goth yawned and curled up “Night Palette…” After his words, they both fell into a deep sleep.

FInally I finished it… I wrote over 3,000 words in all….. 3,167 words to be exact..

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DELICIOUS FIC A++++++++++++++++